Chapter 40

Translator: rillevo Editor: rillevo Han Yun has not yet linked this matter to Fu Yuan. Until Fu Yuan took him to move again, Han Yun looked at the house as big as a palace. In the huge space, it was full of royal dignified and elegant furniture. Now, these common furnishings he used to see … Continue reading Chapter 40

Chapter 39

Translator: rillevo Editor: rillevo Fu Yuan knows what Han Yun is doing these days, who he’s going out with and what he’s playing with. His Majesty likes women, of course, because in his growing up experience, all the women around him treated him very well. His mother’s concubines, maids, and even the queen were very … Continue reading Chapter 39

Chapter 38

Translator: rillevo Editor: rillevo “But you can’t drink, can you?” Guoguo hasn’t forgotten that Han Yun was drinking milk in the bar last time. He didn’t even drink when he was asked to drink, he refused it. Han Yun waved, “I don’t need to drink. Don’t you like that painting? I’ll give it to you!” … Continue reading Chapter 38

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