Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Classmate, Don’t Scare Me 6

“Xiao Lingling, what’s going on?” Ye Huai’s brain is in chaos. How did Yang Mu know Chu Jiang and Ye Huai? Is this just a coincidence?

“I don’t know.” 520 was at a loss.

“Can you see what Yang Mu is doing now?” Ye Huai asked again.

After a while, 520 said, “No, his whereabouts are blocked.”

“Blocked?” Ye Huai feels that he has caught a key point, but can’t say for sure. “Does that mean he has also a system with him?”

“En.” 520 snorted and stopped talking.

Ye Huai keenly catches 520’s unusual silence. He sits on his chair and asks, “520, tell me what you know.”

After asking the question, 520’s familiar voice didn’t sound. In the room, only the laptop was running, and the sound of the fan reverberated tirelessly.

“I’ve learned about it recently too…” 520 was silent for a long time, and finally said, “When we met, I told you that I was a new system.”

“Yes, you said it.” Ye Huai recalled that long ago, after he was on leave in the hospital, he met 520. At that time, his mood was very low.

“All systems are created by the parent system. I always thought I was, but I just learned recently that I was not created by the parent system, but 007 series.

“Is that your idol you mentioned?” Ye Huai asked.

“Well, it’s the legend of system connection. It helps the host to complete the most difficult tasks!” 520 said.

“You encountered it. Does it mean that he is also in this world? Does it block Yang Mu’s whereabouts? ” Ye Huai also envisioned the system as a human being, which seemed to understand their behavior better.

“I don’t know. It didn’t tell me.” 520 said.

Ye Huai wants to have a cigarette. He opens the page of the book, starting from chapter one.

The protagonist of the book is Chu Jiang. He is an actor who graduated from the drama academy. It is not easy to get a foothold after graduating from the drama academy. He has performed numerous supporting roles before becoming a little popular with a play.

Later, the Chu Jiang fell down and hurt himself while acting. He met a doctor named Ye Huai, an orthopedic surgeon.

In the process of recuperation, Chu Jiang and Ye Huai got closer and closer. When Chu Jiang is discharged from hospital, he suddenly told to Ye Huai, “Move in and live with me.”

So they began living together.

Chu Jiang’s acting career is still rough. His two TV plays were banned for different reasons. After more than half a year’s hard work, his popularity began to decline.

And Ye Huai’s career is booming, he became busy every day.

When one person is frustrated and the other is busy, conflicts arise.

Constant quarrels wear away love. Finally, Chu Jiang received a foreign blockbuster, and he left the country regardless of Ye Huai’s request. In foreign countries, Chu Jiang’s career has stepped on a new level, and his fame is becoming more and more famous, so he simply stayed abroad to develop.

Ye Huai is still an orthopedic doctor in his original place. He receives patients with various shapes and shapes every day. Sometimes he hears news from Chu Jiang from the little nurses at the nurse station.

He heard that he made a new film, took the Cannes Film Emperor, and wanted to return home for development.

One day, Ye Huai was on the night shift, and a traffic accident patient came to the hospital, which was Chu Jiang. Many bones of Chu Jiang were contused. Ye Huai was the main surgeon. After fighting for more than ten hours, he finally passed the dangerous period.

But the Chu Jiang has entered a vegetative state.

The unscrupulous media put all the mistakes on the head of the chief surgeon, wantonly publicized that the doctors were evil and killed the film emperor!

Finally, Ye Huai was dismissed by the hospital, and the film emperor could not wake up in the hospital. Both of them were alive, but they could not see each other again and could not speak.

Ye Huai spent the whole night reading the story. The story starts with a positive attitude and is affectionately sweet. However, from the beginning of the conflict between the two, the tone changes and the final ending is full of abuse!

Most people are scolding the author for fabricating and forcing tragedy!

However, Ye Huai has a deep feeling after reading, all the first scenes are bullshit, but the final result is really true, can’t be true anymore.

520: “Host? Are you ok? Would you like a cigarette?” 520 is a little worried about Ye Huai. He said nothing after reading it. Shouldn’t he scold him or jump up or miss the perfect figure and beautiful face of the film emperor according to his personality?

How strange he is to be so quiet!

“No, I’m fine.” Ye Huai stands up and closes the computer.

After a long time, Ye Huai did not mention Yang Mu again. Although the books on the Internet have been scolded severely, there are countless true love fans who have continued the happy ending for it. It’s just that the film emperor wakes up, proves Ye Huai is not a quack doctor, and tells the world that he has a beauty.

Ye Huai doesn’t want to see any of them.

It’s all bullshit!

He should be in class, taking exams, and living his life like he’s in jail.

Yang Mu has not appeared for a long time.

At the end of the semester, a rumor came out from the school that the professor who would lead Han You astray in the plotline was expelled from the school. The reason is because of spreading bad information among students.

Ye Huai’s task progress jumped to 99%.

“Xiao Lingling, what is this one percent?” Ye Huai put down the book about commercial law and asked 520 in his heart. He has been very calm for the past two months. He has been immersed in his study every day, and has no idea of any of this mess.

“It’s Yang Mu. Yang Mu himself has a wish that hasn’t been fulfilled. You have to help him finish it before leaving.” 520 said.

“Me?” Ye Huai caught the key words, “What I saw before is not really him?”

520 didn’t speak.

“That’s Chu Jiang. Since I can meet him here, he can also meet Yang Mu. Is it the System 007 you mentioned? ” Ye Huai asked.

520 lingered and didn’t know how to open his mouth. Recently, he finally got the whole truth from his idol 007, but if he told the host, it would be torn by him!

“Say, what’s the matter?” Ye Huai said. He has been with 520 for a long time. Although he can’t see it, he feels more and more keen and can easily catch the emotional changes.

“I told you last time I wasn’t made by the parent system. I was made by 007.” 520 sorted out his thoughts and finally reluctantly said, “Every system is built for a reason, but I don’t have one, so 007 created this pile of tasks to let me integrate into the system.”

“I and Chu Jiang are the victims for you to blend in?” Ye Huai felt angry, but could not vent!

“Yu Xinze in the first world, Zhao Changyu in the second world and Yang Mu in this world are all him. Because his crossing with 007 disrupts the plotline and causes major disasters in every world, we need to correct these disasters. With this heavy task, I have value, and I may stay.” 520 added.

Now that everything is clear, Ye Huai has only one last question, “Tell me, does it have anything to do with the fact that Chu Jiang has become a vegetative? When he was sent to the hospital, he had a CT scan of his head, and his head was not seriously injured. The main injury was in his leg!”

“Well, en.” 520 speaks with a little guilt.

“Asshole!” Ye Huai walked back and forth angrily in his room. He had never been so angry. Even though Chu Jiang’s fans besieged the city, even if the media reported his “bad deeds” every day, even if the hospital decided to let him take a vacation, he had never been so angry!

“That’s what your idol does? In order to let you exist, it destroyed our life! Chu Jiang is still lying! I can’t go back to that place! What do you want? If you have some ability, you can destroy other people’s lives at will!” Ye Huai couldn’t wait to tear its idol, 007, with his mouth.

“Don’t be so angry.” After Ye Huai scolded, an unfamiliar voice sounded in his heart.

“007?” Ye Huai guessed its identity keenly.

“520 doesn’t know anything. Don’t yell at it.” 007’s voice is a little cold, only when he mentions 520, he has a little bit of maintenance. “Chu Jiang should have died in that car accident. In order to integrate 520 into the world, I changed his fate track, and also changed yours. If you think this change is not good, I apologize.”

“The loss has been done. What’s the use of apologizing?” Ye Huai is not in the mood to listen to his nonsense, he is now full of boredom after being teased, “Since your goal has been achieved, please let me go back immediately!”

Ye Huai thought it was just a game, letting him escape from the sad reality for a while. But playing with his physical and mental fatigue, finally found out that he was being played hard!

“Don’t be in such a hurry. Yang Mu in this world has another wish. He hopes to ride a roller coaster. You can go with him once and then you can go back.” 007 said.

Ye Huai doesn’t want to listen to it, but he really wants to go back to his original life. Even if he is besieged by Chu Jiang’s fans every day, at least he doesn’t have to be played by anyone else.

“Fine, tell me where he is.” Ye Huai said.

007 tells him and Ye Huai follows its instructions to an amusement park an hour away, and Yang Mu, who has become an entity, is waiting at the door. Without Chu Jiang’s body, Yang Mu nodded politely to Ye Huai. He was a little shy because he seldom contacted outsiders because of his illness.

Ye Huai is in a bad mood. He reluctantly greeted Yang Mu, and Yang Mu responds rigidly. Ye Huai is a bit boring. He misses the former Yang Mu who laughs at him.

Ye Huai takes Yang Mu on a roller coaster. When the ride rushes down from the highest point, he seems to see Yang Mu’s bad smile. He says, “Baby, I’ll wait for you.” After a gust of wind and lightning, the roller coaster stops steadily on the platform, and Yang Mu, beside Ye Huai, disappears.

Plop, the mission progress is 100%. The task, set for saving the world, has been completed. Now it is transmission back to the real world. 10, 9, 8, 7…” 520 opens the countdown and Ye Huai’s mind fell into a coma. He felt a burst of tearing pain in his mind.

The author has something to say:

The next chapter is the start of the story of Chu Jiang and Ye Huai!


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  1. Awww i feel bad for Ye Huai since he got nothing to do with Chu Jiang but worse, he also got played by 0007. But, at least he and Chu Jiang fell in love with each other, right?


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