Chapter 20

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Editor: rillevo

Han Yun had guessed before what Fu Yuan was. He thought about many possibilities. When he saw it, he was still shocked of the visual impact.

Fu Yuan is a monster.

Suddenly, another huge deafening rumbling sound. Accompanied by the strong wind, Han Yun really screamed out, trembled, and immediately shrank into the Fu Yuan’s arms.

Fu Yuan hugged him tightly and bowed his head and said, “Your Majesty, don’t be afraid.”

After the loud noise, there was sound of rain again yet the thunder stopped suddenly. Han Yun got better slowly. Fu Yuan walked fast and steadily. After he put Han Yun on the soft bed, Han Yun grabbed his palm, “Xuanzhu, turn on the light.”

“I’m not afraid of you. You’re not scary. Didn’t you just have horns…” What’s more, although it’s just a quick glance, it seems strange and cute. The two black horns… It resembles something like a Lingyao1. But it’s not terrifying.

Han Yun pulled his arm, and his other hand moved up a little bit: “Let me touch it. I won’t discriminate against you. What kind of demon are you?”

Like a blind man touching an elephant, he slapped the national teacher’s cheek.

Fu Yuan narrowed his eyes.

Han Yun continued to move his hand up while holding his wrist in one hand. Fu Yuan’s voice reverberated in the silent darkness, “Your Majesty, the minister’s horns, you can’t touch it randomly.”

“Can’t touch randomly…” Han Yun said, “If I also have long horns, I would allow you to touch it. You let me touch it, just once…”

The horn is a very sensitive part and also his weakness. If someone touches his horn, he will be offended, but if someone close to him touches it…

Han Yun saw that he didn’t answer. He sulked and let go of his hand, “Forget it. If you won’t let me touch it, then don’t let me.” He was just curious. After all, Fu Yuan was the first living demon he had ever seen.

He was thinking about what kind of animal’s horn it was.

This is different from the Bull Demon King on TV, it’s not the kind of rough looking horn. It’s a different kind, more dexterous and beautiful with a little blue light on the black surface. It’s very similar to antlers, but not as slender as it.

At this time, the thunder had almost stopped, but the sound of pouring rain continued. Han Yun sat on his bed and quietly gazed at the darkness in front of him, “Lord Fu, help me turn on the TV, I will continue watching TV.”

Turning on the TV is equivalent to having a light source, which means he wants to drive him out.

Just when Han Yun thought that Fu Yuan would not let him do what he wanted, he suddenly heard a sigh.

Fu Yuan still compromised, “Only touch for a little bit.”

Han Yun was so happy that he nodded very much, “Just for a moment, I can see it all. Don’t hide and turn on the light.”

In the stormy night, hiding the sky and covering the earth2, the violent sand from all over the house surrounded Fu Yuan. It wrapped his body and limbs, and gradually became a gold-plated black robe on his body.

PataThe light in the room turned on.

Han Yun finally saw it clearly.

The horn was not that terrible, but very cute. It was similar to his first impression. It was really like some kind of precious lingyao, and also had some similarities with deer antlers.

However, the national teacher, like the man in Han Yun’s memory, does not have the slightest difference in his appearance. He is still as amazing as before, his stature’s tall and straight. With the light of his bedroom, he was standing in front of Han Yun, just like an old dream. Fu Yuan’s eyes are as dark as an abyss, with whirlpool hidden.

When Han Yun looks up at him, he can’t help but feel small. Fu Yuan looks like a handsome god, and he looks like a real dragon. However, as a man who has been an emperor for several years, the thunder must be hugged!

He looked up at the corner of Fu Yuan’s head. His eyes seemed to be shining as he stretched out his hand.

The meaning is obvious.

Ai Qing, come and let me feel it.

Fu Yuan looks at him quietly for two seconds. His eyes are deep and there is something Han Yun can’t see through. Then Fu Yuan slowly lowers his head, which seems to be a gesture of submission.

Han Yun didn’t know what this meant for Fu Yuan.

He slowly reached out his hand and carefully touched the pair of black horns, which gave off a sense of desolation. Then he was bold enough to hold his whole horn in the palm of his hand and gently stroked with his thumb.

At the moment when he caught him, Fu Yuan’s calm breath suddenly trembled. He opened his eyes slightly. He felt as if his soul had been caught. The hidden ferocity almost could not be suppressed and rose to the sky.

In a corner where Han Yun can’t see, the corner of his black robe turned into flowing sand, forming a tail-like shape.

The horns are very hard, and the feeling is strange. There is some invisible fluff on the surface which made it very comfortable to touch, as if it is a living thing and can move. Han Yun couldn’t put it down. He wanted to touch it a few more times. As a result, the national teacher brushed his sleeves, his voice became hoarse and he could not see his expression clearly, “Your Majesty, it’s enough.”

Han Yun looks at him and feels that if he doesn’t let it go, something bad may happen. He reluctantly released his horn, looked at him and said, “Xuanzhu, your horn is so good to touch. Can I touch it tomorrow?”

Fu Yuan is very indifferent to this, “Can’t.”

Han Yun raised his face and took out his emperor’s prestige, “I am the emperor. You should listen to me.”

Fu Yuan lowered his head, reached out and touched his head. His voice softened a little, “Your Majesty must be obedient.”

Han Yun ascended the throne at the age of 12.

At that time, Han Yun was very afraid of him. Some people even whispered in his ear, “I heard that it was this demon who killed the two former emperors! This monster needs the essence of a real dragon to cultivate into a spirit!”

Han Yun was too young to hide his fear. After becoming emperor, the national teacher asked for a meeting for the first time. He turned pale at the terrible pressure of the tall man.

“Your Majesty is afraid of the minister?” The national teacher took a step forward.

Han Yun was shivering secretly, afraid that at any moment he would eat him.

He will never forget it when Fu Yuan touched his head. As if he can see through his mind, he said: “Don’t be afraid. The minister does not eat people.”

Slowly, the national teacher gained his trust. Han Yun was unable to carry the world, but Fu Yuan assisted him in everything. He was his own teacher and his relative. He was in the royal family but couldn’t help himself, and only the national teacher loved him very much.

Where can you see ordinary people daring to touch the emperor’s hair, only Lord Fu has the courage! Some eunuchs once saw this scene, and they were very frightened. They thought that the national teacher was bold. They raised the emperor as his son! But on second thought, the emperor will be his puppet. Whatever he wanted to do to the emperor, wouldn’t it be easy?

Han Yun thought of these, mumbled, “Granted that I’m young before but I’m not a kid anymore yet you’re still taking me as a child.” He’s been dead for a thousand years!

Although… Seriously, he didn’t live for many years. When he died, he was still three months away from his birthday. If the sudden leap of a thousand years was not counted, he would be a real adult in another month.

Fu Yuan heard his words and laughed, “Even if Your Majesty grows up, you still have to obey.”

He said, “It’s late. It’s time for Your Majesty to wash up.”

Han Yun got out of bed and went to the cloakroom to get a set of pajamas. He also took a new one and handed it to Fu Yuan, “Modern people all sleep in this way…” After that, he realized that the room belonged to the national teacher, and the contents in it were also prepared by him. He must know more than he knew.

He went into the bathroom, rinses his mouth while putting some hot water in the bathtub, intending to wait for a bath. As soon as he turned around, he saw Fu Yuan standing barefoot in his bedroom, changing his pajamas.

His original body, which seems to have been transformed from magic power, has now disappeared. He is naked, tall and perfect. Like Michaelangelo’s sculpture, his muscles are perfect and Han Yun dreams of such a body.

But I’m not bad. I’ve been ill for so many years and now I’ve finally lived healthier.

Han Yun only looked at it a few times, then turned his head and found a new electric toothbrush with toothpaste foam in his mouth. He called him vaguely, “Xuanzhu, come and wash with me.”

Fu Yuan put on his clothes. The robe was loose, and he could barely put it on, but it was tight on his muscles.

Without saying a word, he poured a cup of water and stood in front of the sink to wash with Han Yun. Han Yun bowed his head and took a handful of water, squeezed facial cleanser on the palm of his hand, and rubbed bubbles on his hand skillfully. Both hands began to rub the face.

Now he has become a lot more dependent, and is no longer the waste emperor who needs people to take care of his clothes, food, housing and transportation.

Han Yun washed his face and looked at him: “Lord Fu, what kind of demon are you? Lujing3? Your horns… ” Han Yun suddenly remembered the dragon, the royal mascot. But no one has seen this creature so Han Yun is not sure, “or… Dragon?”

Fu Yuan ignored his speculation. Looking at his long horns in the mirror, he turned his head and didn’t look anymore. It seemed that he didn’t like his appearance. Otherwise, he would not hide and tuck in and keep the little emperor from seeing his face.

Han Yun took a bath and saw that Fu Yuan was still in his room.

He was full of the fragrance of bath gel, his wet hair stuck to his white neck, and there was still water dripping. When he walks, there were deep and shallow water marks on the floor.

Fu Yuan looks at him and his eyes become deeper.

Han Yun wiped his hair with a towel, opened the drawer and looked for a hair dryer, “Xuanzhu, isn’t there a bedroom next door? Why are you still in my room? You don’t have to wait on me.”

Fu Yuan looked at him deeply and said, “I’m warming the bed for Your Majesty.”

“Warm the bed?” Han Yun looked at him, “I don’t need to…” The voice hasn’t fall yet when there was another roar outside the window.

Han Yun: “…”

This is the case in every thunderstorm. The rain will stop and will continue to pour down. After the thunder stopped, it started again.

He went to the window and looked at it. He didn’t know how long would the rain last, whether it would rain overnight.

He drew the curtain and turned to look at the horns of the national teacher.

“Warm ba, warm ba. Let me lie down on the bed.” At least in the middle of the night, he can still feel his horns secretly.



Translation Note:

  1. Lingyao (靈藥 )- legendary magic potion of immortals / panacea / fig. wonder solution to a problem
  2. hiding the sky and covering the earth (遮天蔽日)– Zhētiānbìrì (idiom); fig. earth-shattering / omnipresent / of universal importance
  3. Lujing (鹿精) – 鹿 means deer; 精 means essence / extract / vitality / energy / semen / sperm / mythical goblin spirit / highly perfected / elite / the pick of sth / proficient (refined ability) / extremely (fine) / selected rice (archaic)

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