Chapter 25

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

Fu Yuan didn’t even ask but just transferred a sum of money to him. It’s not much, but it’s a huge sum of money for Han Yun. He soon paid for the damage to the clothes.

After the car ran for a day, the gas meter bottomed out, and Han Yun immediately drove to the gas station to add up to 500 yuan of oil.

He didn’t think it was wrong to ask Fu Yuan for pocket money. Although he was still a little embarrassed, he was Fu Yuan’s immediate boss, so he had to give him everything he wanted! If you don’t give it, you’re deceiving the monarch!

And today, he taught Luo Yusen a lesson in front of so many people today. It can be regarded as revenge because he kicked him hard. Han Yun didn’t like him since long time ago. Every time he saw this man, he always felt that the soles of his feet were stabbed with needles.

Driving home, he looked up and saw the full moon in the sky. He remembered that today was the fifteenth. The moon was different from what he had seen before. The modern moon seemed to be covered with a layer of gray gauze, but it was not as bright as in ancient times, and there was a kind of scarlet light.

As soon as he got home, Han Yun saw the national teacher sitting in the living room on the first floor. Fu Yuan didn’t like to turn on the lights, he didn’t like light. The room was very dark, but it showed the dim night light outside. It was not as dark as before.

Han Yun was about to turn on the switch when he heard Fu Yuan say, “Don’t turn on the lights.”

Han Yun noticed that there was something wrong with the atmosphere and said, “Oh”. He didn’t turn on the light when he heard him. He followed a little light in the night and walked towards the direction where he was sitting.

Fu Yuan also wore his black and gilded robe, which seemed to be the result of his magic power. Every time Han Yun saw him put on his pajamas, the robe he took off disappeared.

He was curious more than once, so as soon as he sat down beside Fu Yuan, he reached out and touched the corner of his robe.

Han Yun stealthily touched it twice and noticed that Fu Yuan leaned against the sofa, closed his eyes and said nothing. As if he was suppressing some deep pain.

“Xuanzhu?” Han Yun felt strange and pushed him down. “Are you sleepy waiting for me? Let’s go upstairs and sleep.”

Fu Yuan still did not move. He sat down like a wounded beast. Han Yun lacks patience, but for the sake of national teacher, he still bears his own temper, “Are you unhappy or sick? Do monsters get sick?” He stretched out his hand to explore Fu Yuan’s forehead to confirm whether he was sick, but it was seized by Fu Yuan.

Fu Yuan’s palm is very hot. He doesn’t use much strength, but he firmly holds Han Yun’s hand and won’t let him pull it away.

Han Yun began to feel a burning sensation in his hand, which gradually spread to his whole arm. The alarm bell in his heart was loud, and he felt bad immediately. He carefully said, “Hey, Xuanzhu?”

Fu Yuan murmured, but his eyes still didn’t open. He grabbed his hand and put it in his heart.

Han Yun said in his heart: It’s gay-like ah…

“Your Majesty, the minister hurts here.” Fu Yuan’s voice was so low that he didn’t have any emotion. His robe was windless and the corners of the robe swept to Han Yun’s arm.

Han Yun: “….”

He summoned his courage and said, “Then… I’ll rub it for you?”

Fu Yuan groaned in agreement. Han Yun kneaded awkwardly and said, “I saw the news on TV. Some young people stay up late, their heart speeds up, they feel sick, and finally they die suddenly. Do you always stay up? Don’t stay up late. Let’s see. Don’t talk about us, you monsters still having heart problems… “

As Han Yun was talking, his voice suddenly stopped.

After rubbing it twice, Han Yun’s sluggish actions suddenly discovered something wrong, too wrong! How come Lord Fu doesn’t have a heartbeat!

He stopped and felt it for about ten seconds. This time, he finally confirmed that Fu Yuan really didn’t have a heartbeat!

The touch of the hand is still the warm feeling of the skin, but there is no heartbeat, which is really strange.

It’s reasonable to say that even monsters, as long as they are living objects, should have a heartbeat. The national master is a kind of unknown animal. If you cultivate into a human form, one naturally has to breathe, eat, and heartbeat like human beings.

Han Yun held his breath and asked him in a soft voice, “Why? Does your heart hurt?”

Fu Yuan didn’t answer but breathed quietly, as if he had calmed down. Then he opened his eyes to see Han Yun.

Even if the living room with no lights is so black, Han Yun still noticed the scarlet color of Fu Yuan’s eyes that slowly retreated into black. There are too many secrets in his body that he can’t understand, which he can’t pry into. Han Yun saw it, but didn’t ask, just said: “Does your heart still hurt? Otherwise… Go and have an X-ray to see what’s wrong…”

“No,” Fu Yuan looked at him and softened the tight lines on his face, “Much better.”

“Don’t stay up late, you have to go to bed at night,” Han Yun looked back at him with a straight face. “I’ll rub it for you again?”

Fu Yuan said, “Does Your Majesty’s foot still hurt?”

“I’m fine. Compared with your heart disease…” I felt that I could save him. Han Yun rubbed him for two minutes, but his patience was limited. He was tired all day, and was sweating a lot. He wanted to take a bath, so he stopped and said, “Xuanzhu, would you like to go to bed now?”

“In Your Majesty’s bed?” Fu Yuan’s arms circled behind him, and Han Yun was taken into his arms.

“You want to warm my bed again, right?” Letting him hold was a little uncomfortable. Han Yun touched his stove-like temperature, thinking that if it was winter, Fu Yuan, this natural heater would be good for him to warm the bed. He is very happy.

“Does Your Majesty agree?”

Han Yun pondered for a few seconds. When he touched his heart, he sighed and solemnly declared, “Yes, but!” He stressed, “You warm your sleeping corner. Don’t warm my sleeping place, you are too hot.”

Anyway, his bed is very big, and he doesn’t turn over when he sleeps. The national teacher is also a regular person. If they don’t touch each other, it doesn’t matter.

Fu Yuan didn’t speak. He just held him, as if melting him into his body and fill his missing heart.

Han Yun watched TV for a while taking a bath. The TV was connected to the Internet. He started the last competition and opened the bullet screen to watch it.

At this time, Han Yun feels that many people seem to know him. The barrage is all over the screen. Han Yun sees a lot of content related to him. They called for him and said they like him. Of course, there are also curses. However, these cursed sunspots can’t find a suitable place to attack him. They can’t say that he is ugly and has no temperament so they kept on saying that he’s too pretending, Lei Gong can’t even stand it that thunder might strike him!

Han Yun saw a report and gave it a sneer. He soaked in the bathtub for an hour until his fingers were wrinkled. He didn’t finish the report.

After taking a bath, he took the mobile phone he bought for Fu Yuan, turned on the video, and said angrily, “Ai Qing, come on, help me report these people full of feces! Fill in the reason for reporting. This one is deleted the fastest!”

Fu Yuan looks much better now. If Han Yun opens the curtain, he will see that the full moon in the sky has been covered by dark clouds.

There is a dim yellow wall lamp in the bedroom. Han Yun’s head is wrapped with a pink dry hair towel. He leans on his big bed, which is very soft and covered with all kinds of pillows. His fingers mechanically click on the mobile phone screen.

He and Fu Yuan leaned side by side. Fu Yuan was patient and helped him report one by one.

He was sleepy before long. It was too late. As soon as Han Yun put aside his mobile phone, he leaned against Fu Yuan and went to sleep.

Fu Yuan held him in his arms and gently pulled the quilt.

Han Yun was fast asleep, and his slight breath seemed to have some sweet smell.

Fu Yuan lowered his head to smell it. He somewhat wanted to kiss him, but he stopped. Holding Han Yun’s hand, he touched the position of his heart again. There was no heartbeat, empty, as if missing the most important component.

If Han Yun takes him to take an X-ray, modern medicine will find a cognition beyond their common sense – this person has nothing on his left chest where he should have a heart, and there is no wound on the surface of his skin. It’s like that after his heart was removed, the skin on his chest grows well again, and there is no scar at all.

When Han Yun got up in the morning, he found himself sleeping in Fu Yuan’s arms.

Fu Yuan’s big arm just fits the curve of his back neck, so it’s very comfortable to sleep. When Han Yun found that he had his face on his side, his cheek was in his shoulder socket, and his arm was still holding Fu Yuan’s waist, he was totally stupefied.

The curtains were still drawn in the room, and the sunlight penetrated through the gap of the shade, the light and shadow were thinly reflected on the floor.

Han Yun’s first reaction was chagrin. He took it for granted that it was Fu Yuan’s fault. Otherwise, how could he be like this.

He sat up angrily, just trying to scold him, “Lord Fu, you are overstepping the rules like this!” However, he found that Fu Yuan was still sleeping, and his handsome face was completely in his eyes.

Han Yun can’t scold another word.

Fu Yuan had a long-standing pressure on him, which often made people dare not look at him. Han Yun sometimes dares to see him, sometimes he doesn’t dare. He is always afraid of Fu Yuan. When he first ascended the throne, he heard that the crown prince, who died one day after he was on the throne, was killed by the national teacher.

Not only that, Han Yun also felt that this was mostly true, because the servant who told him about it soon disappeared, as if he had never existed.

Han Yun knew this, but he didn’t dare to offend him anymore, and he honestly became a puppet.

Looking at Fu Yuan sleeping like this without any aggression, Han Yun watched him, and his anger disappeared immediately.

He had a strange idea in my heart. A man so kind and has such a wonderful life like Lord Fu, if he was a virtuous woman, then he would definitely marry him.

Han Yun thought about it this way but soon gave up this terrible idea. He could feel the sound of Fu Yuan’s breathing, which was very smooth and even, so he moved very lightly, put his hand into the quilt and went to Fu Yuan’s side.

He wanted to feel Fu Yuan and see if his heart was beating. He wanted to know if what happened last night was just an illusion.

His hand was stretched out when Fu Yuan suddenly opened his eyes, “What does your majesty wants to do?”

Han Yun jerked back his hand and scratched his stomach. His eyes were flickering, “My belly itches.”



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