Chapter 26

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He then asked Fu Yuan in turn, “Lord Fu, it’s agreed that you will sleep on your side and I sleep with mine. How come you are holding me?”

Fu Yuan didn’t say that Han Yun was leaning on him. Instead, he laughed. He put his hand under the quilt and rubbed it on his stomach. He said, “Your Majesty smells good, the minister was tempted to sleep by your side. It is chen’s1 my fault.”

“Still itching?” He looks at Han Yun.

Han Yun is a bit awkward. He didn’t itch. Lord Fu lifted his pajamas directly and scratched them. His whole body was numb. Han Yun took his hand away, “It doesn’t itch anymore.”

He lay down again. His face on his pillow, avoiding Fu Yuan’s arm, “I’ll sleep a little longer.”

He closed his eyes, but after a while, he still felt that someone was looking at him. He frowned and slightly opened his eyes. Fu Yuan was watching him. He doesn’t know if he was under the illusion that the black horns on Fu Yuan’s head had become smaller.

Han Yun rolled in his quilt, “Lord Fu, what are you looking at?”

Fu Yuan suddenly pressed down and got close, “Looking at Your Majesty.”

Han Yun opened his eyes and pulled up the quilt to cover his face.

Fu Yuan began to laugh and rubbed his head across the quilt.

Han Yun thought that the quilt was too hot and stuffy.

The commentary will be recorded a week later, because the hard photos they took today on the theme of “Ancient and Modern: Intertwined” will be put on the official website after the pictures are revised, so that the audience can vote.

It will also take time.

Han Yun had nothing to do and didn’t even need to go out for the whole week. He had “cooks” at home. Han Yun also hoarded snacks at home, so he didn’t even need to order takeout.

The next day, the revised hard photos were hung on the official website. Each player had a set of three pictures, divided into three scenes.

Han Yun glanced at it a little bit. He doesn’t know whether it’s the photographer’s skill or the reason for revising the picture. The effect of hard photos is OK. Modern makeup and hair with ancient costumes really have a sense of “Ancient and Modern: Intertwined“.

Han Yun’s photos are even more brilliant, with a strong ancient flavor. Even though his hair is not long and very modern, his appearance is very good. Three hard photos showed that his temperament is quiet and elegant. When a layman looks at the model competition and looks at the beauty of the contestants, Han Yun wins from the aspect of appearance.

Not to mention the show’s love for him.

Brushing the following comments, there were very few scolding at a glance, but they were all scolding him, “You heart arsonist” or something.

In fact, even though it’s open voting on the Internet, it’s actually possible to manipulate the voting results internally. Hard photos are also the internal choice and revision of the program group. Which contestant should be eliminated will be controlled all the way from the beginning.

The negative film of Luo Yusen’s is not good. It’s obvious that he’s going to be eliminated.

Every channel starts to publicize, one mobile phone number can vote. Han Yun took two mobile phones and voted for himself.

Chi Dong knew that he was resting and called him, “Have you moved? Where have you moved?”

“What’s the matter with you?” Han Yun was bored and ignored his question.

Chi Dong didn’t quite accept his attitude, but he forbeared, “The company has registered a Weibo for you. I’ve sent your account number and password in Wechat. You can log in later and take a selfie.” He paused. “What… What’s the matter with you and Luo Yusen?”

“You beat him?”

“Yes.” Han Yun is upright and vigorous.

“You, why are you so impulsive?!” Chi Dong simply hated the fact that iron didn’t become steel2. “Do you know how much impact it will have on you when you hit people in front of so many people? If it goes out, you can’t compete in this competition!”

Chi Dong is very clear about these things in the circle, “If you record next week, one of you will be eliminated. I saw the hard photos on the official website of the program group. It’s obvious that they want to keep you. The photo of Luo Yusen can’t be printed at all. What’s with your impulse! It will cause very bad counter-effects!”

Han Yun is still very leisurely and doesn’t take it seriously, “Oh.”

“Don’t take it seriously. If he doesn’t give up…” He sneered like a smile, ” When the time comes, the other party will invite a wave of water army, and netizens’ mouthful of saliva can spray you to death.”

“Just in case, we need to invite public relations now, but the company’s public relations resources… Both of you are contract models of the company, which is difficult to do. Moreover, the company may not be willing to do PR for you for free. It’s necessary to ask PR for you. PR….”

“It costs money?” While watching TV, he went back to Chi Dong’s words.

“Yes,” Chi Dong sighed, “if you didn’t become impulsive, why would you encounter such a thing? Forget it, I’ll go to the public relations department of the company first…”

“How much is it?” Han Yun interrupted him.

Chi Dong certainly doesn’t think he can hire public relations, “Let’s divide the crisis into different degrees. Now the program is hot. Once you are used by someone who wants to do something, it will ferment very much. Remove the hot search, delete the comments and invite a water navy… At least a million.” So Chi Dong thinks that the company is unlikely to do crisis public relations for Han Yun free of charge.

Moreover, if Han Yun gets hot, signing a contract with a public relations company should be put on the agenda as soon as possible.

“Oh, a million. I think… Then do so ba.” He said in a hundred-dollar tone.

Chi Dong: “…???”

Han Yun is so cool. Are you scared? Dad has plenty of money!

Chi Dong thought his brain was broken, “Are you kidding?”

“I’ll lie to you for that money?”

Is Han Yun crazy or is he crazy? Chi Dong is a little confused, “Where are you going to get a million?”

Han Yun said indifferently, “I’ll give money to you, you go to do it. I want Luo Yusen ruined.”

His tone of understatement makes Chi Dong even more full of black question marks. He didn’t know that this was not an illusion until the money arrived.

—Han Yun has turned over.

Chi Dong took a deep breath.

Where did he get so much money? Is it…? No, even if there is a gold master, it is impossible to come up with one million so easily.

When Chi Dong got the money, he immediately found a very professional crisis public relations company for him and made an appointment to sign a contract.

He didn’t eat any kickbacks. He’s not stupid. Since Han Yun can easily take out the money, it means there must be someone behind him. Chi Dong knows something about his family. From his food, clothing, behavior, words and deeds before Han Yun, he can see that his family is not very good.

And Han Yun used to have an inferiority complex. When Chi Dong signed him, he always cheered him up, “Be confident. Look in the mirror. Who can match you?”

As for later, Han Yun was a little bit too frustrated. Chi Dong hinted that he would go to dinner and cocktail party several times, but Han Yun refused to go.

Obviously, this kind of dinner is to accompany someone to sleep.

Chi Dong later signed a large number of new models and left him aside.

Who is to blame if you don’t work hard, but refuse to take a shortcut?

Chi Dong told him in the evening, “Come out tomorrow afternoon to sign a contract with the public relations company. Their process is to help you solve problems. If there is no big problem, the signing fee of one million a year is certainly enough. If there is a big crisis, one million is not enough, then they will contact you to add funds.”

“Where do you live now? I’ll come and pick you up?”

Han Yun said in a he can do whatever he wants with money tone, “I don’t need you, I have my own car. I’ll drive.”

Chi Dong’s heart is full of mixed feelings. It was great. It was great to have money. He even has a car. If he had a house and a car, he could understate and get a million. What kind of big boss did he follow?

The reason why he hasn’t changed his face with Chi Dong all the time is that after Han Yun received part of his memory, he found that Chi Dong was not very bad for the original owner. He had the resources to help him fight for it and kept helping him arrange work.

The next day, Han Yun received his message in advance and drove to his destination on time.

The signing place is in the office building of the public relations company.

Chi Dong and a staff member of the public relations company stood downstairs and waited for a while. He impatiently sent a message to Han Yun, “When will you arrive?”


Then, an arrogant silver Koenigsegg supercar was thrown in front of Chi Dong.

When Han Yun got out of the car wearing sunglasses, Chi Dong thought he had recognized the wrong person. He wiped his glasses and looked again. Isn’t this Han Yun!

He was shocked and looked up at Han Yun – he was totally different.

Han Yun is wearing clothes that he doesn’t know but are very expensive at first glance. The car he drove is also very expensive at first sight. He looks up and down at Han Yun and finds that after he gets rich overnight, he didn’t have the tackiness of the nouveau riche he imagined.

He thought that the first thing Han Yun did when he got money was to replace his pile of fakes with big brands that let people see the logo at a glance. Unexpectedly, he didn’t even know the clothes he was wearing!

Chi Dong’s mood is complicated, and even a little unreasonable.

Not only Chi Dong was surprised, but the female director of the PR company was also surprised. After contacting their company, Chi Dong also sent the information of the PR object, so they knew that the other party was actually a model who was not very popular, but was already a bit well-known and have some fans.

She didn’t expect him to be such a second-generation rich man.

“Hello, Mr. Han.” The director shook hands with him and introduced herself.

“Han Yun, let’s go. Let’s go upstairs and sign the contract.” Chi Dong’s attitude has also changed to a certain extent. He can’t be called a dogleg, but his smiling face is very eager.

Han Yun was not surprised by this change.

When they went upstairs, they heard voices discussing Han Yun before they walked up to a room, “Which one will you vote for? I think this Han Yun looks the best, but is the real person like this? The picture is refined. The real person must not be so handsome. How can he be flawless…”

“When someone comes, you will know?”

“… Cough, cough.” As soon as the director went in, the voices stopped.

Han Yun went into the conference room to sign the contract, and they whispered outside: “The real man is also super handsome, his white skin is better than snow!”

The signing of the contract went smoothly, and Han Yun knew nothing about it, so he signed it casually. As soon as he left, there was a heated discussion in this seemingly small public relations company, “It’s so lavish. He signed without saying a word.”

“Of course, our business level is the top in the whole entertainment industry. Does the rich and the second generation still need to blink their eyes?”

The female employee held her face and said, “This male model is more handsome than any star I’ve ever seen! What’s more, he’s very big and in good shape!”

Compared with male artists, male models usually have less advantages in body shape and general appearance than those who are in line with the public’s aesthetic taste. However, Han Yun obviously refreshes their understanding.

“Asian male models have always been the kind with one eyelid and shallow outline. The more Oriental they look, the more popular they seem to be… Can he compete with European and American male models?”

Accompanying Han Yun downstairs, Chi Dong had a lot of questions to ask. He considered the words and said for a while, “Your car is very cool.”

Han Yun said thank you.

“Your car?”

Han Yun gave a low-key hum.

“That’s expensive…” Chi Dong observed his expression, “Who bought it for you?”

Han Yun squinted and spat out a few words, “A heart-tinged arsonist3.”



Translation Note:

1. Chen (臣) – I, your servant (used in addressing the sovereign)

2. Iron didn’t become steel (恨铁不成钢) – to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (idiom)

3. Heart-tinged arsonist (芳心纵火犯) – As an online catchphrase, this word generally refers to boys who make girls fascinated and tempted. The original words are “I am the one who set fire in the woman’s heart.”


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