Chapter 28

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Han Yun has always wanted to secretly touch his horn, but Fu Yuan has been avoiding. Leading him not to dare, fearing that something would happen if he touched it.

Usually he only dares to think about it. Now that he drank too much, so he has the courage to touch the tiger’s ass1.

Han Yun touched it, and immediately felt the sudden decrease of the air pressure in Fu Yuan. His eyes drooped, and his thick long eyelashes cast a shadow at the moment. There was a kind of dangerous evil spirit in his body. Han Yun’s eyes were a little dazzled, and even saw a huge ferocious animal shadow behind the national teacher. Just a breath, he found that it was just an illusion.

The animal’s shadow disappeared.

Fu Yuan didn’t speak, but just covered Han Yun with his seat belt.

This almost embrace posture became closer and closer. Han Yun, although drunk, was not confused. He instantly realized the danger, and immediately took back his hand, put it behind his back, and pretends nothing had happened.

Fu Yuan’s breath was getting closer and closer to him. His breath was hitting on his face. Han Yun could not help holding his breath and his eyes were flashing, “Lord Fu…”

They are very close. Fu Yuan presses down his head while Han Yun’s eyes are closed. He feels that the tip of his nose touches his cheek. Han Yun trembles a little then Fu Yuan slowly moves down and his lips move to Han Yun’s neck. Then…

Holding his Adam’s apple, he took a bite.

Han Yun’s whole body became stiff and his heart felt electrified. Then he was relieved. He touched his Adam’s apple. It was okay, it was still there.

The wine fumed his eyes red, and he was looking at Fu Yuan accusingly, “You deceived the monarch!”

Fu Yuan reached out his hand and touched his Adam’s apple. His eyes narrowed and gazed at him deeply, “Your Majesty, don’t be so rash next time… Or I really will eat people.”

Han Yun’s face changed when he heard that. He silently grasped his seat belt, thinking that the national teacher was a monster, and he didn’t know what kind of monster he was – monsters all wanted to eat people, and the national teacher was no exception.

Along the way, Han Yun didn’t speak any more. After a while, he secretly reached out and touched his Adam’s apple, and then looked in the side mirror. There was a circle of shallow teeth marks on his Adam’s apple.

What a dog!

The car pulled into the underground garage of the villa and stopped. Han Yun untied his seat belt but Fu Yuan quickly opened the door on his side and bent over to hold him.

Han Yun took off and cried in a panic, “I can walk! You put me down!”

Fu Yuan was not moved at all. He threw him directly to the bed. When Han Yun was dizzy, Fu Yuan stretched out his hand to tear open his clothes. Han Yun was so scared that he quickly woke up and opened his eyes, “Don’t, don’t eat me…” He scowled, “I’m not good.”

Fu Yuan looked at him deeply, then lowered his head and bit his nose.

Han Yun shook, “Don’t eat from my face, ok…”

Fu Yuan’s long, well-defined fingers pinched his chin and rubbed it a few times, as if he was thinking about where to start. Then he buried his head and began to bite his neck. Han Yun was so scared that he admitted his mistake and said with a slight shiver, “I won’t touch your horn next time. Xuanzhu, I was wrong, wrong…”

Fu Yuan slowly gnawed to the position of his clavicle. Then he stopped, touched his cheek and said in a low voice, “Be obedient.”

“En, I’m obedient, obedient…” Han Yun always knew that Fu Yuan was terrible, but he had never been punished like this. He rubbed his neck with his hand and felt it wet. He was discontented, “Lord Fu, how can you drool so much…” He said, with his voice fading.

Han Yun sat up and did not dare to let Fu Yuan take him to bath, so he went directly into the bathroom.

After drinking a little wine, he slept till dawn.

When he got up the next day, he thought of it again, and still felt strange! Fu Yuan looked very abnormal last night. He said he wanted to eat people. As a result, he bit himself a few times and left a few teeth marks on himself. Isn’t this tricking a child?

But Han Yun didn’t dare to be careless. He had a hard time for several days. Finally, he got the program group’s notice and asked him to move into the villa.

He never had this kind of travel experience. Last time he moved, he only took away the important things. The rest of the things were left in the original residence and discarded together with the past of the original owner. This time, it was different. He had to pack big and small bags.

Because there are many recording rules for the program group. First, they are not allowed to use mobile phones or the Internet to communicate with each other. Second, they are not allowed to go out freely. Third, they live together with men and women. In the villa, teachers will come to class when they are not shooting, and they can also swim and keep fit… Now, Han Yun’s home also has a small swimming pool, but there is no water in it, so he hasn’t tried it once.

Gregarious life, it sounds very interesting – the most attractive thing for him is to live with men and women.

Han Yun is going to have a look and come back if it’s not fun.

He picked up things blindly, including useful and useless snacks. They were all stuffed into the suitcase, and told Fu Yuan, “Lord Fu, when I’m not at home, you remember to feed the dog, the dog…” Han Yun looked around, but he didn’t find it. He said, “This stupid dog! I don’t know where he’s gone. Anyway, if you remember to feed him, he’ll go home.”

Fu Yuan gave a hum. Han Yun looked up at his smaller and smaller horn and wanted to ask if it would be gone soon, but he didn’t dare to ask.

Up to now, Han Yun still feels numb at the thought of the consequences last time he touched Fu Yuan’s horn.

Even if the tooth marks are gone.

Fu Yuan drove Han Yun to the villa which was decorated by the program team only a few months ago. The staff helped him move down two suitcases and said, “Ten contestants have arrived.”

Han Yun looked up, and sure enough, he saw several contestants lying down beside the swimming pool on the roof, looking down at himself. As soon as he looked over, several players waved to him.

Fu Yuan was wearing a hoodie and didn’t get out of the car. Han Yun was about to go in but he looked back at him and saw that Fu Yuan was staring at himself through the window.

After hesitating, Han Yun turns around, walks to the car and knocks on the window.

The window rolled down. Han Yun was facing the villa with his back. The swimmers in the swimming pool looked down, but they could not see who Han Yun was talking to.

Han Yun put his hands on the window frame and blinked. He seemed reluctant, “Xuanzhu, I’m gone. Don’t miss me too much.” Leaving a word behind, he planned to leave, but his hand was caught by the man.

Fu Yuan took his palm and gave him a kiss on the back of his hand. Han Yun immediately pulled his hand back, turned and ran inside.

When he went in, there were a lot of suitcases in the empty space on the first floor, and Han Yun’s suitcases were also placed there. The staff said, “Sit here first, the room hasn’t divided yet. Before six o’clock, all the players will come up and start recording. Now you can change into swimsuits and go swimming upstairs.”

Han Yun can’t swim. When he just looked up from downstairs, he saw several female models in bikini. They were in good shape. Han Yun didn’t know where to look.

He didn’t like to go up.

In the open kitchen next to him, there is a female contestant working on a juicer. There are apples and watermelons in the basket. Han Yun looks at her and seems to know her face, but he can’t name her. As he pondered over the name of the other side, the player took the initiative to chat up, “Han Yun, what juice do you want to drink? Apple juice or watermelon juice? There are cucumbers and milk in the fridge. You can make milkshakes.”

Han Yun immediately said happily, “Thank you. I’d like to have a watermelon milkshake.”

Before recording and confiscating his mobile phone, Han Yun took out his mobile phone and went online to find out the name of the female model who gave him the milkshake.

The girl’s name is Hu Shuang.

She is not that fair-skinned, but has sexy honey color and good figure. Her appearance is not the pretty girl that Han Yun’s type.

But she’s also attractive.

Han Yun drank the watermelon milkshake made by others, sat down to chat with Hu Shuang, and waited for an hour. When all the players arrived, the staff set up cameras around the room, and Lin Meng came in. Then all the players began to record from the door.

The street lights of the villa light up the pebbles in the front yard.

“Wow, it’s so big here…”

Everyone seemed to be a master of drama. One moment, there’s someone swimming on the roof of the building earlier. Now they entered the house, as if they had come in for the first time, and said, “The villa is so beautiful!”

“Are we going to live in a house like this?”

The first floor of the villa is very wide, with a long T-stage and a long sofa. There is a whole wall with a big TV. There are some pictures of legendary supermodels on the wall. Everyone screams, “Ah! This is my goddess!”

“Wow, the pool is huge!”

One by one it became genuine.

Han Yun was a little bit painful. Lin Meng shows them around the villa, “This is the fitness area. From tomorrow on, you will get up at 7 o’clock and exercise at 8 o’clock. The nutritionist will match your diet according to your amount of exercise. As a model, the secret of keeping fit is more than diet…”

After a tour, Lin Meng took everyone’s mobile phone and said the rule, “Once we find that you use a mobile phone, you are eliminated directly.” And then she said what people care most about.


“This weekend, you will make the next recording. Only 13 of the 14 people will be left. There are six male models and eight female models. There are only two double beds and five single beds…”

The players quickly calculated in their hearts that only nine people had a bed to sleep, and the remaining five people could only sleep on the sofa and lay on the floor.

“There’s a private suite on the roof with a garden and terrace, a red wine cabinet and a private swimming pool – the only area of the villa that’s not monitored.”

“The player who got the best hard photo last week can stay in the suite until Thursday.”

Thursday is commentary recording day, and the best hard photos are also released on that day.

Hearing this, they turned their heads and looked at Han Yun.

Han Yun began to lose his mind when everyone began to act. When Lin Meng spoke, he was also wandering outside the sky. When he looked at himself, he was also at a loss, “Why?”

Lin Meng smiled, “Congratulations, Han Yun. Before Thursday, you can live in the terrace suite on the top floor.”

Han Yun nodded, his attitude was sparse and ordinary. He didn’t seem to be surprised and excited at all.

Standing next to him, stutterer said, “Wait, I’ll come here… May I, I have a look?”

Han Yun gave an “En”.

As soon as the room opened, everyone rushed to grab the bed. Han Yun leisurely picked up his suitcase and planned to lift it to the top floor. Next to him came a little girl, who was a member of the program group to help him but Han Yun said, “I’ll do it myself. How can I let you work hard?”

The girl blushed but helped him carry the small box.

The box is light and full of snacks.

The players snatched beds while Han Yun entered his own room. The room was really big, but it couldn’t compare with home, it was just fine. The bathroom had a transparent glass door, the terrace was covered by vegetation, and there was a small constant temperature swimming pool.

Han Yun’s door was open, and he was opening the suitcase to put things. Then he rushed to several competitors. They stood outside the door and asked, “Can we come in and have a look?”

Several people came in to see it, which was much more real than their previous reaction when recording. They looked envious, “I must take the best hard photo next week. I also want to live in this room. The private swimming pool is great!”

Han Yun hung a few clothes in the open closet. He was a little lazy and didn’t want to continue to clean up.

Stutterer said, “They are cooking. I’ll call you when they’re ready.”

As soon as he left, Hu Shuang, the female model who made milkshakes for Han Yun, went to the door of the suite again and poked her head, “I want to see this room.”

Han Yun nodded, “Come in.”

Hu Shuang pursed her lips and laughed. When she came in, she kicked the door closed. She changed into a dress and it’s an oversized boyfriend’s shirt. It looks like she doesn’t have pants.

Han Yun began to sort out his wardrobe one by one. Hu Shuang sat down on the pool side of his terrace, unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her black bra.

She sat with a hair dryer and said, “It’s very comfortable here, I want to swim with you here.” She looked at Han Yun with burning eyes, “Can I sleep with you in the evening?”

Because there is no monitoring in this room, she has no scruples in speaking thus showing her ambition.

Han Yun hasn’t noticed this female model before. If she hadn’t made his milkshake today, he still didn’t know her name, but this request…

If the request came from stutterer, he will kick him out immediately even if he doesn’t want to.

Han Yun was a little embarrassed, but he couldn’t control it. Hu Shuang looked at him and said, “Is the milkshake good? I’ll give you another drink later.”

He didn’t know how to answer but nodded and said it was good to drink. Then said while scratching his head, “I don’t like sleeping in the same bed with people. I don’t sleep very well.”

That’s a rejection.

Hu Shuang said nothing but stood up, “What else do you want to drink? Do you want a banana milkshake?”

Han Yun said, “En. Thank you.”

She went to the door, “You are really gay.”

Han Yun opened his mouth. This time, he didn’t deny it. He carried the fag’s pot bitterly.

When Hu Shuang left, Han Yun immediately locked the door. He patted his chest and regretted that he had missed a good opportunity to lose his virginity.

As soon as he turned around, he suddenly ran into a strong body. Han Yun’s nose hurt, and he quickly distinguished who it was from the smell.

It’s Lord Fu, who left in the afternoon…

Damn it… He appeared again.

Han Yun touched his nose. Before saying, “Why are you here again?” Fu Yuan grabbed his arm, and Han Yun frowned. “You want a milkshake?”

Translation Note:

1. Touch the tiger’s ass (摸老虎屁股) – Offend an influential person


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