Chapter 29

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

He doesn’t know why Fu Yuan is angry. He appeared and grabs his wrist. Han Yun is puzzled. He just wants to drink a milkshake. What’s he so angry about it?

Han Yun said he didn’t want to drink. He only had a drink in the afternoon. Only when Hu Shuang asked him, he said yes.

It seems that this answer makes Fu Yuan feel satisfied, and his strength relaxed. Han Yun got out of his hold and looked down to find that his wrists were bruised.

He found out last time. When Fu Yuan bit his neck, he didn’t use his strength. At that time, Han Yun was afraid that he would bite his neck like a wild animal. He shivered all the time, but he didn’t feel any pain.

Even so, there were teeth marks on the neck, which slowly disappeared after two or three days.

It’s because his skin is too white and sensitive.

Han Yun covered his wrist with one hand and raised his head to his eyes. He angrily blamed him, “Lord Fu, you are the first one who dares to be rude to me.” Not only that, but he also can’t do anything about him.

Holding his temper, he went to sit on the edge of the bed and said, “I’ve come out to live alone. Why are you still following me?”

“I came just to see Your Majesty.” Fu Yuan looked around his new room and found that Han Yun had just arrived but he already had messed up the room. Two suitcases were opened, some daily necessities were piled on the ground. Clothes and underwear were scattered on the bed, and the wardrobe was also opened. It was a mess.

Fu Yuan bent down without saying a word and tidy up things for him.

Han Yun sat on the bed, watching him tidy up very orderly, not like himself. He was a bit awkward, “Xuanzhu, there are surveillance everywhere. You have to be careful not to be caught by the surveillance.”

“Otherwise…” He pursed his lips, “Be careful that the State takes you for research.”

Fu Yuan answered and finished his clothes on the bed. He asked Han Yun, “Do you want to wash your underwear?”

Han Yun didn’t speak. At this time, there was a knock on the door.

“Good, good evening… Dinner is ready. Come down and eat, eat.”

“Immediately,” Han Yun said, “I’ll change my clothes.” Then, with his head down, he grasped the hem of his shirt with both hands and took off the clothes he was wearing today. He sat on the edge of the bed with his underwear. After rolling up the whole pair of pants into a crumpled ball, he threw them to Fu Yuan. After that, he was naked and changed clothes in front of him.

He changed into a casual T-shirt and beach shorts, revealing his long legs. People here like to wear like this. Han Yun also tried it for the first time. After he put it on, he felt that it was not right. As soon as he put it on, Fu Yuan gave him a pair of trousers, “Wear this.”

Han Yun confronted him, “Wearing this is cooler.”

Fu Yuan’s dark eyes glanced at him and walked two steps towards him. Just as he was about to start, Han Yun immediately took off his shorts and changed them into trousers. He reacted quickly to stop Fu Yuan and looked at him.

Han Yun plays roughshod in front of him because he knows that Fu Yuan is very tolerant of himself and gives in to everything. Sometimes, Han Yun is afraid that he will be angry, and he is very cowardly. He stands up depressed and says, “I’m going to eat.”

Fu Yuan took his palm and gently touched his bruised wrist. He put it on his mouth and blew it softly. He watched him seriously, as if he was apologizing.

Han Yun’s heart softened and his anger subsided.

“Does Your Majesty still hurt?”

Han Yun shook his head, “No pain.” Although he still didn’t know why Fu Yuan was angry, what’s so angry about drinking a milkshake himself!

He went down to eat. As soon as the door was closed, the Fu Yuan dissipated like air.

Tonight’s meal was prepared by the contestants themselves. There were a lot of people, so a few show-loving people volunteered to start cooking. This is also for the ubiquitous cameras to record and let them have more shots.

After all, the model is not a chef. She fried some broccoli, boiled purple potatoes and corn, cut cabbage, lettuce, carrot and chicken breast to make a salad. A nutritious meal that looked ok but was hard to swallow. She assigned each player’s plate.

The portion is not large, except for Han Yun, everyone present has the habit of dieting.

Eating such a simple meal, some people used knives and forks, some people used chopsticks. Han Yun saw other people begin to eat it. He first sandwiched a piece of chicken breast, which was pickled with black pepper and basil and fried in olive oil. It tasted dull. Han Yun didn’t like to eat it, so he ate it slowly. He even wanted to go upstairs and take out a can of Lao Ganma1 from the suitcase to have dinner.

Lao Ganma is a good thing.

He doesn’t talk while eating, while the players beside him chatter on and on. It’s not the first time for him to have dinner together, but it’s the first time for him to sit together and talk genially like this.

Even the program group couldn’t help whispering, “Now they are so harmonious. How can we expect for them to start tearing from tomorrow?”

If you don’t tear it up, this form of reality show will be meaningless, and the copyright will be bought for nothing.

While thinking about this, the program group looked at the long table and found that there was a person who was always away from the topic and seemed not interested in what other players said.

He is more elegant than those who eat corn with knives and forks. He is so elegant that he has no affectation at all. Several cameras can’t help but pull closer to him and shoot him, to take a close-up of his pleasing meal.

As the program team knows that Han Yun is a rich man and a second-generation rich person. In the past few shows, he often drives different luxury cars, the expensive ones are 30 million or 40 million, and the cheap ones are several million. However, even if he doesn’t drive a luxury car and just eats at the table, you can see that his family background is extraordinary and his upbringing is very good.

It’s not that they haven’t heard the rumor that Han Yun is a rich second generation, but many people don’t believe it.

At the end of a meal, Hu Shuang brought him a banana milkshake, but she didn’t talk to him, as if she thought he was really a fag.

Somehow, Han Yun was relieved.

Jijiji, it’s better for a girl to dress in cool clothes. When she comes to your room and says she wants to sleep with you, she can’t do anything, OK?

Han Yun doesn’t want to be doubted whether he can do it.

When he returned to his room, Fu Yuan was gone. Han Yun was carrying the banana milkshake, took off his clothes and drained the water. The pool on the terrace was constant temperature. It was not so cold, but it was also not too hot. It was a very comfortable temperature.

Han Yun can’t swim. He is a dry duck. He paddles back and forth in the swimming pool. He leaned on the edge of the pool and looks up at the starry night.

The next morning, the program team began to knock at six o’clock. Han Yun always got up early. When the program team came in, he was already awake and was washing his face.

He’s wearing a baby antenna band on his head.

The cameraman walked into his transparent bathroom with the camera and shoot him while he’s washing his face. Next to him was a little girl. It was the one who helped Han Yun carry his luggage yesterday. She was a director who had just joined the program group.

Han Yun is a little uncomfortable. He lowers his head and flushes the bubbles on his face. A plain face that is clean enough to have no pores appears under the camera.

The little girl looked up at him and said, “Han Yun, your headband is on the wrong side.”

Han Yun looked at himself in the mirror, “It’s not worn backwards.”

“On the contrary, the one with pink love here is positive.”

Han Yun said, “…the love is too much.”

Breakfast was made by nutritionists and cooks. After eating, they began to keep fit according to the indicators. In the afternoon, the excellent show director guide the judges that came to the villa for the show.

The day passed quickly.

When Han Yun didn’t know about it, some rumors about him beating people backstage, acting in the competition, and judges’ partiality rose quietly. However, Han Yun’s million was not given in vain, and the scandal didn’t start at all.

At night, Han Yun slept alone, and Fu Yuan didn’t come that day.

He tossed and turned, even a little bit unaccustomed, as if… Back to the time when he rented a house, the most difficult thing for him to accept was not embarrassment, but loneliness. He couldn’t stand being alone.

Han Yun went to sleep in the middle of the night with a quilt between his hands.

The next day, the minibus drove to the door of the villa, and the program team raided in at six o’clock. When the contestants saw that they were going out, they were surprised and were at a loss, “It’s not two days before recording. Why are we going out to shoot today?”

The program team didn’t answer. The players didn’t sleep well and were sleepy. Some of them didn’t even have time to eat breakfast. Han Yun took a few packages of snacks while getting on the bus.

Stuttering did not sleep well, he yawned and leaned on Han Yun’s shoulder. Han Yun silently pushed him away. He unpacked the Oreo and ate it with milk.

He likes to eat these snacks very much. There are many flavors, many of which he has never eaten, which can satisfy his appetite.

The minibus drove for a while. As soon as it arrived at the destination, the players knew, “Is it modeling today? Or a complete change of look?”

In front of the contestants, there is a very famous styling salon. Teacher Yin, a fashion designer, has a cooperative relationship with this salon. His private studio is not far away from here. Artists often come to Mr. Yin to do tailor-made work. They take their clothes and come to this salon to do their hair.

Teacher Yin was in the salon. When he saw the contestants, he said with a smile, “You all know, today, some of you will have long hair cut short, straight hair will be curled, and short hair will be lengthened…”

A girl touched her long hair and said, “No, I can’t cut my hair which has been kept for ten years.”

Some players are eager to try. After all, such a salon, if not to participate in the competition, is very difficult to make an appointment, and the price is outrageous.

Now the program team is fully contracted!

The contestants sat down in front of the mirror in turn. The stylists had seen their pictures in advance and conceived their shapes in advance.

Han Yun took a sip of the scented tea in front of him.

A designer came up behind him, and Teacher Yin also came up. They saw him in the mirror and were discussing something in a low voice.

Finally, Teacher Yin told Han Yun, “We want to have your hair curled.”

Han Yun subconsciously thought of the Teddy dog peeing in the elevator and almost choked on it, “… Perm roll?”

The designer showed him a picture, “Curly hair like this.”

French short curly hair2.

Han Yun was extremely resistant, and Teacher Yin said, “You have to believe my professional vision. Your clean temperament and romantic and elegant curly hair are very suitable for you. Or do you want to shave moxigan3?”

He turned his head and found the stuttering beside him crying, saying he didn’t want moxigan.

The designer showed him what moxigan was.

Han Yun said, “I don’t want to have a haircut. I want to have long hair.”

Designer, “If it’s too long, it’s hard to clean the hair after the haircut. The shampoo can’t wash it clean, and it’s hard to comb it.”

One person, one sentence to promote. Anyway, Teacher Yin plans to communicate, and Han Yun was soon convinced.

He thought Han Yun had sweet features early in the morning, but his temperament was too strong. He had to have curly hair to neutralize this kind of outgoing temperament.

Perming is a long process. After stuttering’s moxigan finished blowing, he went to the temporary studio to take a few photos. He came back to look in the mirror and looked sad.

Han Yun looks at his new style and is not used to it. He has a baby face and with such a hairstyle… He’s starting to worry about his haircut.

Stuttering was sitting next to him, he asked him in a low voice, “I forgot yesterday, to… to ask you. That, that day, the one who came to the bar to, to picked you up… Is that handsome guy your, your man?”

The light was very dim that day. Even so, they could see that the man was very tall and handsome.

Stutterer’s eyes was bright, then he said, “He looks, looks good, isn’t he, isn’t he looks like a donkey?”

“Donkey, what donkey?” Han Yun has a blank face.

Translation Note:

1. Lao Ganma (干妈) – a brand of chili sauces made in China.

2. Something like this I guess?

3. Lol! Imagine HY having this hairstyle… Hahahaha.

Rillevo: Is Teacher Yin a Mr. or Ms.? I’m quite confused lol. Please help, I’ll edit it right away. 😊


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