Chapter 30

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After several confirmations, stutterer find that he wasn’t pretending and really didn’t understand it.

Just as he was about to explain, the stylist came to touch Han Yun’s hair and asked him to wash it.

Han Yun’s hair hasn’t been taken care of for two months. It grows very fast and has grown to the neck. After it’s curled, it would be shorter and hangs down to the chin. After the barber dries it for him, Han Yun looks at the heart-shaped bangs in front of his forehead and fiddles with the bangs with his fingers hesitantly.

His hair is only slightly curled, similar to the natural curl of foreigners, full of a romantic and melancholy atmosphere, very artistic, like a poet, like an aristocrat. And his clean and clear eyes full of juvenile feeling, coupled with such a slightly elegant curly hair, he set off the “sweet” and “lazy” in Han Yun’s appearance to the extreme.

Can’t help to say that he’s good-looking. What kind of hairstyle makes him good-looking? Putting a round glasses, he looks a bit bookish.

Teacher Yin was very happy. When he took a picture, he took two selfies with.

Han Yun didn’t think he was as good-looking as he was when he had long hair. He couldn’t change his aesthetic for a while, so he liked long hair. However, when he heard that it was so troublesome to receive long hair, he was moved.

Teacher Yin kept praising him and said it was good-looking.

The stylist also boasted, “This hairstyle really suits you!”

Several people have said that so when Han Yun looks in the mirror again, it became more pleasing to the eye. He thinks it’s OK. It’s very good.

In addition to being a fashion designer, Teacher Yin is also an online storyteller with tens of millions of fans. He has several marketing numbers on his own, and his stories are often copied by marketing numbers.

After Han Yun finished taking photos, Teacher Yin was showing him his mobile phone and said, “Is this you? There is nothing in your microblog, and there are few fans.”

Han Yun said, “It’s registered by my agent. I haven’t used it.”

“That’s not good. It’s got to be used! The essence of model circle and entertainment circle is the same. They both need to be managed. You are good-looking, pleasing the girls, and fans will be easy to accumulate.” She often contacts with big stars, and her thinking is the same as that of the entertainment industry.

And most of the models are very low-key. Song Lin, for example, has several famous endorsements and many high-end shows. Although he is not the favorite of the fashion industry, he is the leading male model in China.

But Song Lin is very low-key. Yu Ji is curious about him, but he knows that the rules of their modeling circle are different, and it’s not easy to take pictures of others.

After editing the Weibo post, Teacher Yin suddenly thought that the program had not been broadcast and could not be sent, so he saved it in the draft box, “I’ll post it before Friday. You can’t use your mobile phone now, but when the program is broadcasted every Friday, you can watch the live broadcast in the villa.”

The players finished their modeling one after another, and then went back to the villa by minibus.

The staff sent the contestants a book called “Angels and Demons”, written by Dan Brown.

The players guessed whether it was related to tomorrow’s conjecture. After asking, the staff waved their hands and played dumb.

Some contestants really stayed up late to finish reading the book. Han Yun also read it before going to bed. He was lying on the bed with his face pressed on the pillow, he missed Fu Yuan very much.

The next day is a new shooting plan, this time is not a hard photo, but a video clip.

Guan Mengyuan said, “The shooting theme must be very clear to you, “Angels and Devils”- yes, it means literally, didn’t you think of it? Who stayed up to read a novel last night?”

Several contestants raised their hands. They racked their brains to find out the meaning of this book. They thought it had something to do with mysterious cryptography, or Vatican, or religion. But they didn’t expect it to be its literal meaning!

The shooting location is indoors. There is no scene. It’s a pure white smooth background. The director is a foreigner. It seems that the background is very big, and some players are surprised. And the photographer is Russell. He is dressed in black and a pointed hat with elongated height. He looks like Yohji Yamamoto1.

Guan Mengyuan said, “Among the 14 models, seven are in the angel camp, and the remaining seven are the devil camp. I’ll start with some angels and call their names to stand on the left.”

The grouping is different from theirIt seems that in order to show a kind of temperament contrast, Han Yun put on a black dress, which has no special features. Every player wears the same dress. Han Yun’s clothes is more elegant and simpler, with some black feathers on it and black butterflies at the bottom of his trousers. imagination. The one with strong looks is the angel group; the one with pure looks is the devil group.

The makeup artist first gave him a red contact lens. Han Yun wore it for the first time, and it took half an hour to put it on. He shed a lot of tears and finally stopped. The makeup artist began to apply black eyeliner to him again, and Han Yun tried to keep his eyes from blinking, but he still oozes physiological tears. The makeup artist wiped away the tears for him with a cotton swab, and said softly, “Your eyes are so sensitive.”

Everyone’s make-up and hairstyle are different. Some people have horns, others don’t. Han Yun wants a pair of devil horns. The makeup artist says, “No, yours is a black crown.”

The crown is pure black. There are some black diamonds on it. It has a kind of low-key luxury. Han Yun can’t figure out how this thing is related to the devil. No devil wears a crown!

There are also models with long black devil claws props glued to their hands and lava special effects makeup on their arms are very realistic and exaggerated.

No matter how exaggerated the make-up is, if there is a good photographer, plus a powerful post retouching, the effect will be amazing.

Before shooting, the last props were added to the models. Some with big cloaks, others with black wings. The wings are very heavy. Every feather is real. It’s hard to move when it’s tied on the back,

Han Yun felt a little silly, especially the director wanted him to stir up his wings.

In the pure white space, his black look is out of place but is wonderfully integrated – black and white is the most classic contrast color matching.

He has a heavy crown on his head and heavy wings on his back. He made a hard work, especially when he wore cosmetic contact lenses for a while. He felt his eyes were all spent. His five o’clock vision became two shortsighted.  His tears made the cosmetic contact lenses fall from his eye sockets, and he was stained with a little mascara and eyeliner. His tears were all black.

Russell likes this unexpected effect very much. He lies on the ground to shoot. When Han Yun could not bear to rub his eyes, he says, “We’re great!”

He grew up abroad, English is his mother tongue. Chinese is later learned, so every time he did not control speaking English, either he was satisfied, or angry and felt that the model was wasting his time.

Obviously, he is satisfied with Han Yun. He thinks, “He doesn’t seem to have learned much about modeling, but he is very talented.”

As soon as Han Yun finished shooting, he rushed to the bathroom and pulled out the contact lenses.

After removing the makeup, he returned to the villa. It was already eight o’clock in the evening. Han Yun was tired and hungry, and wanted to have a massage.

One contestant cooked some white porridge according to the number of people. Because everyone was on a diet, everyone could only get half a bowl. Han Yun smelled the aroma of millet porridge in the pot, and ran upstairs to take down the Lao Ganma, intending to mix it.

The camera faithfully records his eating habits. When people saw that he is actually screwing the lid of Lao Ganma, they all have an unbelievable expression. When they think of his action of taking snacks as meals, they felt even worse – they have to go on a diet to keep fit. How can anyone just eat junk food all day without getting fat?

Han Yun doesn’t care whether he is fat or not. He only cares about his appetite.

He held a small bowl, filled half a bowl of just cooked porridge, holding a spoon directly to his mouth.

As soon as the fire was turned off, the porridge was very hot. Han Yun didn’t expect it to be so hot. He became petrified and gasped, as if he didn’t know what to do. A model next to him quickly said, “Silly! Spit it out! Why are you still holding it!”

Han Yun was badly scalded that he lowered his head and spat the porridge in the bowl. Other players took a cup of water for him, “Drink some cold water quickly.”

It’s a very painful thing for Han Yun to burn his tongue, which he has never experienced before. His meals are served by people, and the temperature of the meals on the table is appropriate. It never happens that he will be scalded to tears.

In modern times, he eats takeout all day, and the temperature of takeout is only cold and not hot.

Han Yun’s tongue was numb. He even poured a few cups of cold water. He didn’t feel like eating anymore and went upstairs.

Before the best hard photos on Thursday, Han Yun could live in this room. He gradually felt that social life didn’t seem very interesting. He wanted to go home.

It’s better to be with Fu Yuan.

Han Yun listened to other players’ suggestions and put a layer of toothpaste on his tongue. Peppermint is also spicy. As soon as he put it on, Han Yun couldn’t bear it so he washed off the toothpaste with water. He went downstairs again, took some ice from the refrigerator and put one in his mouth.

Someone asked him, “There is still a little porridge. Do you want to drink it? It’s not hot this time.”

Han Yun is tired and hungry, but he really doesn’t want to eat porridge. It’s too miserable.

He said, “I’m so angry! Don’t want to!” He went upstairs in a huff and puff, leaving behind the player who had no idea why he was angry with porridge.

He sat on the terrace, put his legs in the swimming pool with constant temperature, and ate shrimp slices in a bad mood. His tongue was numb and painful.

At this time, Han Yun suddenly heard the wind from behind. He immediately turned his head. As expected, Fu Yuan came.

Han Yun quickly lost interests in his snack. Fu Yuan had only left for a few days, and he was not living like a man. He understood that he really couldn’t live without the national teacher.

“My tongue is burned,” he said feeling wronged. “I’m hungry. I want fried chicken.”

Fu Yuan squatted down.

Han Yun often looks at his horns, but this time he hasn’t seen them for a few days. He finds that his horns seemed smaller and become two bigger winter bamboo shoots. As long as he puts on a cap and cloak, he can go out.

Fu Yuan noticed his new hairstyle and said nothing. He held his chin and said, “Open your mouth.”

Han Yun thought he wanted to see if his tongue was scalded. He opened his mouth obediently. Fu Yuan said, “Stick out your tongue.”

“…What will you do?” Han Yun looks up at him.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Fu Yuan’s face was very close to him, and now he was looking at him attentively, “I’ll blow it.”

Translation Note:

1. Yohji Yamamoto

Rillevo: I’ve watched the film, Angels and Demons, and it’s so cool. You’ll also love it if you like watching/reading things in this genre. BTW, I have a bit OCD so this’ll be my last update for today. The next one is on February 21, 2021. Thank you!


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