Chapter 31

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

Fu Yuan’s eyes are very focused. Han Yun feels strange. He hesitates and sticks out his tongue. The tip of his tongue was burnt red. Fu Yuan holds his chin and blows. Han Yun feels comfortable, more comfortable than putting the ice.

The ice cubes are too stimulating, he prefers this gentleness.

Looking at his Fu Yuan, he saw that he was enjoying himself so much, his eyes were narrowed and darkened.

Han Yun closed his eyes. He suddenly feels that his tongue is licked by something soft. He thinks it’s a finger. He suddenly opens his eyes and sees the nearby Fu Yuan. Han Yun’s eyes are terrified, and his body subconsciously hides back. As a result, he “plops” and falls into the water.

He could not swim at all. He was like a draught duck. Even if the pool was only one meter high, Han Yun was frightened and struggled in the water. His head floated and sank twice in the pool.

Fu Yuan picks him up. Han Yun grabbed the life-saving straw, hugged him to death, and choked with his head sideways. They were standing in the pool. The water was only as high as Han Yun’s ribs. He gasped deeply and his clothes were soaked.

Han Yun coughed a few times and looked up at him with disapproval, “Did you lick me?”

Fu Yuan’s face was unchanged as he answered, “No.”

“No?” Han Yun has some doubts. Is it really just a finger?

Fu Yuan shook his head, bent down to hold him out of the water. Both of them has water ticking down. Han Yun peeled off his wet pajamas and saw that Fu Yuan was also half wet. He said, “Lord Fu, do you want to change your clothes?”

“Take the clothes in my closet by yourself.” With that, he took off his underwear and went into the bathroom.

He has a very good figure. He has abdominal muscles but also a lean waist. He has also two back dimples at his lower back and two white buttocks.

The bathroom door is transparent. As soon as Han Yun goes in, Fu Yuan’s hind foot comes in. Han Yun is stunned. Fu Yuan presses the shower gel on his hand and rubs his back.

It’s his first time to let people serve and bathe while standing.

The bathroom is big but the shower is small. The air is damp and ambiguous that Han Yun can’t see it clearly. The shower nozzle flushes out a line of water droplets from the top while there are thick palms on his back, which makes Han Yun itch a little, and a little impetuous.

He secretly scolded Dr. Zhu in his heart. He blamed Dr. Zhu for not letting him touch women. Otherwise, how could he be so unpromising!

At this time, Han Yun found that the tip of his tongue was no longer painful. As soon as he got better, he was hungry again and began to growl.

“Xuanzhu, please buy me some dinner. I didn’t eat earlier.”

Fu Yuan went out of the bathroom, and Han Yun felt better.

Soon, he ate spicy crispy fried chicken. He ate ten chicken legs and wings, ate two egg tarts, and was full.

Han Yun burps. Seeing that it’s late, he goes to wash his mouth and says, “Are you lonely at home? No one’s there to accompany you.”

Fu Yuan followed his words, “Lonely.” In fact, he has something to do every day. His last identity has been dead for more than ten years. Now he has a lot to do if he wants to appear with a new human identity.

Han Yun was also a little happy to hear his reply, and made a thoughtful appearance, “Then Lord Fu will rest here in the evening. Just get up early tomorrow morning, so you can buy me breakfast again.”

The bed in this room is certainly not as big as the one at home. Han Yun drew a clear line and warned him, “Don’t climb on my side in the middle of the night like last time.”

When he laid down, he stretched out his arm and hit Fu Yuan on the shoulder, “Xuanzhu, turn off the light.”

The room was dark, the curtain is not closed tightly so you can see the pool outside the glass door. Several lights in the pool were reflecting the bright in the water ripple.

Han Yun didn’t fall asleep for a while. He turned over and asked Fu Yuan, “Are you asleep?”

“Not yet. Your majesty can’t sleep?” In the dark, his voice is more mellow and deep, which can make people excited.

Han Yun: “A little…” As if he remembered something, he asked, “Do you know what donkey means?”


“It’s not that donkey,” Han Yun recalled. “It’s used to describe a man, maybe…” He put it another way, “In what way are you like a donkey?”

Fu Yuan fell into silence.

Han Yun didn’t answer, “You don’t know?”

“Your Majesty wants to know?”

“Just a little curious. Someone told me about it this afternoon… Come on, I’m not that very curious. It sounds like it’s not a good thing.”

Fu Yuan laughed. His voice of low smile came into Han Yun’s ears. He suddenly felt that his eardrum is itchy. He wants him to talk closer.

Han Yun was a little tired, and his voice was lighter, “What is Ai Qing laughing at?”

Fu Yuan’s voice which sound near was suddenly far away, “I picked up a treasure…”

“What treasure? Are you going to be rich? Ai Qing, your wealth… don’t forget each other…” Han Yun said that and then fell asleep.

In the villa with closed communication and Internet, the only entertainment for everyone is swimming and fitness. In Han Yun’s room, there is a man who nobody knows. He gives him dinner in the evening, breakfast in the morning and chats with him.

This eased the depression of Han Yun, and his mind of quitting the game was put aside.

It seems that there are several groups of players tearing each other. Han Yun is the only player who did not participate in these tearing forces. Not only did he not participate, he did not even know that other people were tearing each other. The program team hinted at Han Yun several times, but did not know whether he was really stupid or pretending to be stupid. As if he really did not know the truth.

However, the fact that he did not participate in the tearing forces has a lot to do with the fact that he lives alone in the penthouse suite.

In order to force Han Yun to participate in the game, the director group also manipulated the results of the review day on Thursday. Originally, Han Yun’s short films could be awarded the best and best of the week, but they also flew away because of the arrangement of the program group.

His short video was only for a few seconds, every frame taken from the screen is an excellent still photo. Whether it is a professionals or laymen, they all saw it as impeccable. Han Yun’s dynamic is more beautiful than static but failed to get the best.

Not only that, the judges said that he ate too much and gained weight. They also made him weigh himself in public.

“Han Yun, compared with the data more than a month ago, you have gained about ten catties, a full ten catties! Starting tomorrow, you will not be allowed to eat after four o’clock. Eat strictly according to the menu assigned by the nutritionist.”

“I also heard the program group say that you eat snacks secretly in your room, don’t you? Those puffed foods are fattening and natural enemies of models! After you go back, throw it all away!”

Han Yun immediately showed a “sky-collapsed” expression.

Teacher Yin was very distressed, and accused the cold-blooded and merciless program group, “Are you really fine like this? He is still young!”

“It’s not a bad habit to eat snacks. Just let him exercise more.”

Han Yun nodded all the time, “Yes, yes, yes.”

The program group is very cold. When they got back in the evening, Han Yun is forced to pack up and went to where one player left. There are still 13 players left, and there are three people without beds.

As soon as Han Yun moved out of the penthouse suite, he immediately fell into a bedless state.

The staff of the directing group, in front of him, mercilessly toss Han Yun’s box of snacks. Han Yun watched his food being thrown into the garbage can outside.

The female staff, who had previously carried his suitcase, secretly stuffed him with a small bag of dried mangoes, “Here, I rescued it. You can hide it. Don’t cry. Just lose weight.”

Han Yun tearfully accepted it, “Thank you.”

He didn’t feel he was fat. Besides, if he was a little fat, he would be a little fat. It doesn’t affect his handsomeness.

Han Yun ate the dried mango, lay down on the sofa to sleep. Then a male model came over. This male model was sent by the show crew and asked him to say a few words to stimulate Han Yun. It’s best to arouse his dissatisfaction and force him to tear other people.

The male model said, “Is the top floor suite comfortable? Is the sofa much harder than that?”

Han Yun nodded and said, “Yes, how did you put up with it before? I think your bed is very hard. It’s not as soft as the sofa.”

Male model: “…”

Han Yun just went to sleep on the sofa, got up uncomfortably and found the staff of the director group, “I want to quit the competition.”

“I’ll pack up and go home now.”

The staff member immediately woke up with fright, “Don’t talk in your sleep!”

“I didn’t talk in my sleep. Can you make up your mind? If you can’t, I’ll just leave directly.” He looks very serious and indifferent. It seems that this decision didn’t waste three seconds of his time, “It’s illegal to go out of this door, right? It will be eliminated, right?”

It’s not too late. It’s only after nine o’clock. The staff quickly contacted the director and said, “Director! Han Yun is going to withdraw!”

The director also yelled out and cursed, “What?!”

Looking at Han Yun who was packing up, the staff said with a sad face, “He wants us to return his mobile phone. Everything is packed up. It seems that he is waiting for someone to pick him up.”

“Keep him! Why did he withdraw from the competition?” The director put on his clothes and went out, “I’ll come there now.”

When Han Yun was waiting for Fu Yuan to drive over, he went into the small dark room where he was interviewed. When he was asked about the reason for his withdrawal from the competition, he said in a serious tone that made the staff feel that he was joking, “It’s not as fun as I thought, I miss home.”

The staff asked him carefully, “Is it because we confiscated your snacks?”

“That’s one of the reasons,” Han Yun said.

Staff member: “…”

He was stunned to hear that. He had worked for many years

with countless program groups. For the first time, he met such a contestant… Such a reason to withdraw from the draft.

It is worthy of being the super-rich second generation who plays with tickets. This spoiled one is not weaned yet! He said that he would withdraw from the competition, and he would without hesitation.

The director came and said, “Don’t you know that you are the most popular player in the audience? You have a bright future. How can you quit now?”

The director knew that he was from OSS model agency, and said, “Surely your agency won’t agree?”

Han Yun didn’t understand his logic, “Others don’t agree to take care of me, can you make decisions for me?”

No matter how persuasive the director is, he can’t keep Han Yun. The director regrets to death! He is very clear what’s the cause of this. Han Yun, a spoiled rich second generation, did not get the first place because of their arrangement this time, and fell to the point of sleeping on the sofa! They were even provoked by the male models they were instructed to do, and the snacks he brought were also thrown away by the program group.

The director watched as he got in the car and left.

Han Yun sat in a comfortable seat, adjusted to a comfortable tilt, and opened the convertible of the sports car. full of darkness. Han Yun grabbed his curly hair, relaxed and at the same time felt a little at a loss. He didn’t know what to do.

Being a supermodel is the original owner’s dream, not his. What else can he do? In this era, where does he go to be an emperor? I’m afraid I’m going to jail!

Fu Yuan asked him, “What is Your Majesty thinking?”

“Thinking…” Han Yun turns his head, and Fu Yuan’s hat was blown off. His long hair is lifted up by the wind. Han Yun immediately forgot what he wanted to say and turned to smile instead. Dazzling Fu Yuan’s eyes.

“Hahaha, Lord Fu, your horn is exposed. Hide it quickly.”

Rillevo: I like that attitude! HAHAHAHA! I would also do something like that if I were him. Like dude… I own my life; you don’t have the rights to control it. But sometimes it depends on the situations, like if someone doesn’t have the power to fight back. :< Nonetheless, we should view the world always with positivity. Hope you enjoy this update!


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