Chapter 32

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Fu Yuan put on his hat again and looked at him with a pair of smiling eyes. Han Yun also looked at him, “When can your horn become so small?” He made a comparison with his hand. If it could be smaller, he could go out in a baseball cap without looking strange.

“Soon.” Fu Yuan said.

Han Yun nodded, “Oh”. In fact, he really wanted to go out to play. During this time, he learned a lot about modern times. Han Yun wanted to go to the amusement park, the aquarium and airplane.

The airplane is an amazing invention. Since he knew that it could carry people in the sky and shuttle between clouds, he wanted to have a try.

He had never seen clouds at such a near distance.

It must be like cotton candy, maybe it smells sweet.

All these things are what he yearns for, but he dares not go to the plane alone. He still has to wait until the horns of Fu Yuan is taken back and he looks like a normal person before he dares to do these things.

Perhaps because of the absence of the pressure of the game, he slept soundly at night until he was woken up by the phone in the morning.

He left his cell phone on the desk to recharge it. It’s still a little far from the bed. Han Yun doesn’t want to move, but the phone is always noisy. His head is retracted into the quilt, and his hands cover his ears for sound insulation.

The phone is ringing endlessly. Han Yun kicks Fu Yuan in the quilt, “Xuanzhu, let the idiot who called roll away!”

Fu Yuan slept in his bed again last night.

However, the bed at home is very big. Han Yun likes to sleep in the innermost part because it is the safest inside. He ordered Fu Yuan to sleep in the outermost part. Even if they are in the same bed, it seems that there is a galaxy between them, and at least three or four big men can sleep in the middle.

Fortunately, Han Yun has long legs and can reach him.

Fu Yuan got out of bed and answered the phone. Before the other party could say “Thank God, Han Yun! You finally answered the phone,” he uttered the word “roll” coldly.

Chidong: “???”

Just when he wanted to ask “Who are you? I’m looking for Han Yun,” the phone had been hung up.

After the call, no one answered again.

Fu Yuan turned off his cell phone.

When he went back to bed, Han Yun fell asleep again. His face was carefree and his eyelashes were quietly drooping, with traces of some childishness.

Later, Han Yun wakes up and called back. Then Chi Dong blows up his cell phone.

His withdrawal from the competition did not cause much disturbance because the program group completely concealed it. Even the players who had been living under the same roof with Han Yun did not know the truth of the matter.

A contestant saw Han Yun was picked up by a sports car from upstairs last night. He had been gossiping all night about what happened to him. Did he quit the program?

The crew told them, “Something happened to Han Yun’s family. He left but he will come back.”

The players were keen to smell something different, but they didn’t ask questions. Han Yun is so powerful and so handsome. The entertainment industry is not as good as him. How can he withdraw from the competition?

But at this time, everyone expects him not to come back. If he doesn’t compete, he will lose a strong opponent.

At the same time, the director contacted Han Yun’s agency. He went directly to Han Yun’s boss, the current president of OSS Model Management Company in Beijing.

Su is always a strong woman. She has developed such a big model company very well. She is not only one of the best in the industry, but also comparable to some media tycoons in her ability.

Now the chief director of “T-Typhoon” called her because a small player has retired, which makes her very surprised.

The director asked, “Do you know about this?”

Ms. Su did not say it clearly, “I’ll let my secretary ask.”

She manages everything every day but not really every little thing. However, in the competition of “T-Typhoon”, their company is one of the investors, holding 30% of the investment share. Now “T-Typhoon” is popular, even more popular than expected, and has brought them considerable profits. Now, three of the top 13 are models of their company.

Director, “Please, Ms. Su. To tell you the truth, Han Yun is very important to our program. He was supposed to stay in the top three. Who can think that he left last night without a word?”

President Su ordered her secretary to go down and quickly found Chi Dong, the agent of Han Yun. When he heard that Han Yun has retired from the competition, his blood almost came out!

Fortunately, the program group doesn’t care, and plans to persuade Han Yun to go back to participate in the competition again. Last night, it’s as if nothing happened, and even promises to protect him in the top three.

Chi Dong called all morning, only got a strange male voice and a “roll” word.

He was so muddled and impatient that he was constantly contacted by “T-Typhoon”, “This program is going to be broadcasted in the evening, so we must persuade him to come back. If it’s too late, we won’t be able to stop it!”

At eleven o’clock, the phone finally got through.

“Go back to the competition! What’s on your mind?! What’s wrong with you?!”

“You just got water; your whole body got water.”

Chi Dong choked him. He didn’t understand how Han Yun had become so childish now, and he was still the kind of childish that made people just feel funny but couldn’t get angry!

“Don’t you understand what this competition means to you? It means future, it means money…”

“I’m not short of money.”

This time, Chi Dong was so angry that he rolled his eyes and said, “You found a golden master, right! I tell you these things don’t last long. Do you really think those big bosses will love you forever? Dream on! If you don’t have a career and always be a vase, you are only waiting to be abandoned! Do you think it’s so easy for a rich family to enter…”

While he was speaking, Han Yun had been thinking about the meaning of the word “Golden Master”.

Chi Dong is more eloquent. Although he doesn’t know who is behind Han Yun, he must be from a big family if he can buy tens of millions of cars for his little lover.

As he spoke, his mouth was dry. Han Yun suddenly interrupted him with a word, “What do you say? I’m the father of the golden master.”

“He has to listen to me, understand?”

Chi Dong was shocked by his overbearing tone.

“In short, I will definitely not go back to the competition.” It’s impossible to take part in the competition. It’s impossible to take part in the competition in his life. It’s so good to be free and easy. There will still be people calling on me.

When the phone hangs up, Chi Dong can’t persuade him because he doesn’t know where Han Yun lives now. He only knows that he has climbed the great high branch, which is different from what he used to be.

In the evening, the program aired on schedule.

Han Yun suddenly said that he would withdraw from the competition at night and the interview period was edited.

The director group originally estimated that the news of Han Yun’s withdrawal from the competition would cause a certain loss of audience rating, but if they really can’t persuade them to come back, then forget it. It’s not really necessary to have him.

But they did not expect that this withdrawal event would burn themselves like a fever.

Han Yun doesn’t surf the Internet very much. He prefers watching TV and also likes to be on TV. After watching at night, he lost contact for several days and happily stayed at home.

He didn’t know that there was a lot of discussion about him on the Internet. In order not to let his withdrawal affect the program, the program team pushed the whole pot to Han Yun, bought some water army, and began to take rhythm under the official micro blog, mocking him, “You’re too unprofessional, so you can be a model?”

“Speechless. This withdrawal without reason is fortunately tolerated by the program group.”

“I think he is very spoiled. Is it really good for a man to be so spoiled…”

“What’s wrong with the sofa? Can’t sleep on the sofa? I don’t see other players sleeping on the sofa having complaints.”

Not only buying navy in the comments, but also buying some navy in the barrage of the simultaneous broadcast on the Internet. The program group did not mean to blackmail him, so they scolded him gently, and it was purely to clean themselves up.

As soon as the next program is broadcasted, everyone will forget this player. Moreover, although Han Yun has a microblog, he has never sent anything, and even has no certification. With only 100,000 fans, he knows that he can’t lift any water and can’t compete with the program group.

But Han Yun’s one million public relations expenses are not for display.

Moreover, in the previous programs, he actually had a lot of fans. He was tired of watching and selling. The trend of the times has changed a long time ago. They liked Han Yun’s modest super rich second-generation air.

What’s more, it’s hard for the entertainment industry to find out the temperament of a big family like him. At first sight, he is a child from a big family. He hasn’t suffered much. Some small details are not too cute.

His fans can’t find his social media account, so they can’t follow him.

Han Yun’s public relations made a counterattack the next day, pushing the pot back to the program group, “Informed sources revealed that “T-Typhoon” forced the players to tear each other, and the players were angry and withdrew from the competition. I don’t know whether it was true or not?”

The public relations company tried to contact him, but failed to do so, so it began to protect the employer’s reputation subjectively and poured dirty water on the program group.

“It’s so fake. Do you think we audience are idiots? Tiantian is clearly not the kind of human design… “

“It’s boring. I won’t see it.”

“The only good-looking player has been driven away by you. What a fart.”

The dirty water splashed successfully because it was really fake, but it was better than sour, and some viewers still liked to watch it – but the reputation of the program group was completely bad. No matter how much money was spent to hire the water army and delete comments, everyone was mocking the fake program, not only the fake tearing forces, but also the fake rankings.

The audience rating has also dropped a lot, but it has not reached the bottom yet. However, the impact has indeed exceeded the expectations of the program group.

Han Yun didn’t know about it until several days later. He was pulling Fu Yuan around his house looking for the dog.

The person who contacted him was Teacher Yin.

After learning about this incident, he didn’t catch a cold too much. He just thought to himself, calling you black dad to eat your own evil!

Teacher Yin called to ask about his work, “Are you still a model? To tell you the truth, you are suitable for the entertainment industry. I still have some contacts. If you want to film or be a star, I have a way. Han Yun… What do you think?”

Han Yun also likes Teacher Yin. The elder sister often talks about him in the program, never conceals her love for him, and is straightforward.

“I don’t know. Let’s take a break first…”

“Many companies in the industry are asking about you and want to sign you. Do you have a contract now? Then you can’t be a model because you still have a contract. The contract must be overbearing. You have to do whatever the company asks you to do.”

Han Yun also thought of it, but he didn’t care. He said, “I’ll go to the company tomorrow and terminate the contract.” Isn’t it just a penalty? He has plenty of money!

Teacher Yin was also happy for him, “However, you can’t lose your popularity in the competition. Weibo makes a certification, and your fans will go up. No matter what happens in the future, there will be fans to protect you. If something similar happens again, someone will take care of you. You should consider it.”

Han Yun thinks what she said is reasonable. He finally finds the dog and calls the dog back to the house, but the national teacher is no longer there.

While he was talking on the phone, he sat on the sofa, and the dog jumped on him, his head arched in Han Yun’s neck.

Teacher Yin doesn’t know much about the fashion industry, but she knows a lot about the entertainment industry, so some of her suggestions are common marketing techniques are in the entertainment industry. She also said that she can introduce work to Han Yun, who said he doesn’t need it for the time being.

Han Yun was lying on the bed at night, taking a picture of himself with his mobile phone. After sending it out, the comments came quickly.

Although there are not many fans, there are more than 100,000 of them, all of them are concerned with it with suspicion, because there is nothing in this Weibo home page called Han Yun. If it is not for the avatar, it would be like a zombie account.

“My God, it’s really Yunbao!! Yunbao took a selfie!!! Sniff!! Sniff!! I’m bursting in sniffing it!!”

“Boo hoo, truly a treasure ah. I thought it was wrong to pay attention to it!”

“Bao ah! Is your bed an Arhat bed? It looks so big and simple. Mom, it’s bigger than my bedroom!”

Han Yun brushed out hundreds of comments, which are still increasing. He doesn’t know what other people call him. At first, he frowns, but then he slowly stretched out.

“Yunbao” is obviously calling for him. The word “Bao” obviously means treasure. It means that people who call him this way must like him very much and treat him as a treasure.

Han Yun likes this kind of feeling that so many people treat themselves as treasures, and so many people like him. It’s more beautiful than being an emperor.

He was lying on the bed, holding a mobile phone and laughing all the time. No wonder Teacher Yin said that fans are good. It turns out that fans are so cute.

He commented more and more, and his fans got more and more. He kept refreshing.

Just as he was having a good time, Fu Yuan, whom he didn’t know where did he go, came back. At a glance, he saw Han Yun lying on the bed in his underwear, shaking his long white and straight legs. He only wore his coat and underpants. The fabric of his pajamas was soft and smooth, and Han Yun’s legs were so bright and white that people wanted to touch them, especially his two buttocks. When he wears underwear, it is full and round.

Fu Yuan stared at him for a while. Han Yun notices it and turns to look at him. Then he turns his head back. He is completely attracted by social media.

Fu Yuan went to change his pajamas and went back to bed, “Isn’t Your Majesty cold?” He looked at the content on Han Yun’s mobile phone, “What are you so happy about?”

Han Yun said he was not cold, and immediately raised his mobile phone to show off to him, “Lord Fu, you see, I have so many fans! More than 300,000! They all treat me as a treasure.”

Fu Yuan looks down at him, while Han Yun turns his head and continues to indulge in Weibo. Suddenly, Fu Yuan lowers his head and bites the tip of his ear. There is a dangerous desire for control in his voice, “Your Majesty, I’m going to be jealous.”

Han Yun was scared to death, thinking that the national teacher was crazy and wanted to bite off his ear.

Then he reflected that Fu Yuan just bit and held it, and didn’t lower his mouth.

He calmed down in his heart and yelled, “Don’t drip your saliva. Don’t eat it!”

Han Yun didn’t know how attractive his breath was to such an ancient beast like Fu Yuan. He just endured and didn’t eat him.

Rillevo: This update answered my question if Teacher Yin is a woman. Lol. Apparently, she is so I’ll edit my previous posts soon.


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