Chapter 33

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

Han Yun finally found a thing that made him happier than being an emperor. More and more fans made him feel the joy of stars holding the moon1.

However, he felt that selfie was a bit like selling himself. So he didn’t do it again after his first selfie.

The next day, he drove to the company.

Chi Dong saw that his first reaction was to scold him. He opened his mouth, held back and said, “So you still know how to come to the company?”

Han Yun wants to say that he is here to terminate his contract and pay the penalty. Chi Dong says with dissatisfaction, “Although you have retired from the competition, fortunately you have made a name with the help of the competition. ShiYin magazine calls and says that he wants you to shoot the cover of September magazine for them.” He looked at Han Yun’s fresh young face, full of vigor and vitality. He looked exactly the same as before, and he didn’t have a plastic surgery. Why did he suddenly become so good-looking?

“Congratulations, you have a good start.”

Han Yun seems to be thinking about something, “Shooting the cover…”

“Why, don’t you like it? Now that you’re rich, you’re not going to make progress?”

Han Yun thought he was quite happy, “Can this increase a lot of fans?”

“That’s not it, this is the country’s most popular fashion magazine! Look at how many famous models can’t be photographed. When the new issue came out this August, the cover of the newly released issue became a certain top traffic in the entertainment industry. Now please go. You can be satisfied!”

Nowadays, many domestic fashion magazines began to invite star artists to shoot their covers because most models are low-key. Except for the super models who are very powerful and well-known, who knows the other models?

Han Yun thought about it and decided to terminate his contract after shooting the cover. He doesn’t like to be controlled by others, but he likes the feeling of having fans.

“Okay, I agree. When will it be taken?”

“Shooting starts on the 20th. I’ll email you the specific work requirements.” Chi Dong is not surprised by his decision. This kind of forced cover shooting is a shortcut to improve his reputation, experience, and contacts. Only a fool would refuse.

More than a week before the 20th, Chi Dong continued to take over some jobs for him, such as shopping malls, commercial street auto shows and so on. He just asked Han Yun but Han Yun was not interested. He took a cold glance and said, “I won’t take these.”

The original owner used to take such jobs all the time. After all, Chi Dong is just a small agent with many models. This kind of work is boring and there are many low paid jobs.

That’s why the original owner was not famous for three years.

Chi Dong said, “Your wings are hard? Do you remember the contract with the company? You have no right to refuse all the work arranged by the company!” The contract signed by the original owner is such a clause. Only one elder brother and one elder sister of the company, like Sun Wenyan, have loose terms. Except for the most important work arranged by the company, they can refuse at will.

Han Yun looked at him without any waves, “What if I insist on refusing?”

Chi Dong clearly remembers the terms, “According to the contract, you are in serious breach of the treaty, and you have to pay liquidated damages!” Chi Dong is sure that he doesn’t dare. Han Yun still wants to be in this business. How can he fight against the company? Their company is already at the top of the industry in China.

He didn’t expect that Han Yun would just smile after listening, “How much is the penalty? I’ll pay. I’m going to terminate my contract, too.”

“…What?” Chi Dong thought he didn’t hear clearly.

Han Yun’s tone was not hurried, and he said, “Let’s terminate the contract. Do you have to sign a new contract for termination? How much is the penalty? How do I pay for it? Tell me the price.”

Looking at his overbearing president style, Chi Dong almost thought he was on the wrong set!

He was so surprised that he didn’t say anything for a long time. His tongue seemed to be caught by the cat, “You want to terminate the contract?? You- ” He was very shocked. But on second thought, Han Yun did have the strength to terminate the contract. Today, Han Yun is a rich man, which is different from the past.

Liquidated damages are not difficult for him at all.

Chi Dong couldn’t find a reason to retort for a while, but he was not willing to let him go. He was finally packaged up then he will just leave. Is this fair?!

“You go! And you’ll never have to shoot the cover of ShiYin when you’re gone!” He finally found a decent reason. His voice is several times louder than that of Han Yun.

He felt that Han Yun seemed to be very interested in the cover shooting, and to be honest, the cover of ShiYin is really a good opportunity to raise his status, not everyone can shoot it.

“If I won’t shoot, don’t shoot. Hurry up. I’ll terminate my contract and give you liquidated damages. You don’t want it? You don’t have the right to speak, I’ll go to your boss!” Han Yun decided to terminate the contract and Chi Dong couldn’t stop him.

When he signed the contract, the company evaluated him as a model with more potential, and the penalty was higher than that of ordinary models.

Han Yun didn’t even blink an eye when he paid the money, so he was free again.

Before going out from the elevator, Chi Dong said, “With no company supporting you, where will you go find resources? Other modeling companies don’t have the same situation, only we can hold you in the industry. Wait and you’ll regret it!”

Without the shackles of the contract, he immediately felt a lot more comfortable and relaxed. To be honest, the contract of the company always made him feel as if he was selling himself. If he paid the liquidated damages, he would be redeemed.

After paying the liquidated damages, that Fu Yuan gave last time has been spent. He doesn’t want to feel embarrassed if he were to continue asking him. Han Yun had just come here and has suffered a lot. He knew that there was a lot of money, but he didn’t have the concept of saving money, so he spent it freely.

When he ran out of money, Han Yun became stingy when he refueled his car. He only added 200 yuan of gas and went home.

Without money, one cannot make waves. Fu Yuan is not at home while the dog can not be found, do not know where did it run wild. Han Yun was lying on the sofa at home and browsing his Weibo for a while. The more he looked at it, the more he is interested, especially when he saw his fans increasing.

In a few days, his fans have increased by several hundred thousand, which is the effect of the program. It seems that there are not many fans, but they are all live fans who will praise and sell meng.

Han Yun didn’t know much about it. When Song Lin commented on him, he found out that there were two judges in “T-Typhoon” who paid more attention to him.

In the evening, Song Lin contacted him.

When participating in the competition, Han Yun gradually changed him a bit, so he was released from the blacklist.

Song Lin comes to the point, “Have you terminated your contract?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Ruan Xingbei, the editor in chief of ShiYin, asked me if I know your contact information.” He said, “To be honest, I’m surprised you’ve quit.”

He still remembers… Three years ago, Han Yun was clearly not like this. He was very diligent and the most hardworking among all the new models. He was also blessed with beautiful appearance.

So after three years, when he saw him again for the first time, Song Lin could still remember some of his features.

He doesn’t know what Han Yun has experienced in the past three years and how such a big change has taken place. He felt like an independent adult who has gone out of society has suddenly returned to the greenhouse and is so carefree and ignorant of the world.

Song Lin likes him better now. He is hardworking and beautiful, but he doesn’t have much personality. Song Lin took many photos of him in the competition and wanted to keep in touch with him – Han Yun is a very good seed with great talent.

“The editor in chief of ShiYin found me just to contact you. They want you to shoot the cover of next month’s magazine. They heard that your company has accepted the contract. Today, they suddenly told ShiYin that you have terminated the contract and can’t shoot, so they recommended another model to ShiYin. But Shiyin still want you, so they found me and contacted you.”

Song Lin asked, “Do you want to shoot?”

Han Yun thought about it. At the beginning, he was a little interested. Now he’s okay but less interested yet… He thought of what Chi Dong said when he terminated his contract.

“Without the company! You are nothing! It’s nothing!”

Han Yun said, “Shoot.”

“Well, I’ll just reply to Ruan Xingbei. She is the editor in chief and founder of ShiYin. You’ll have to call her Chief Ruan.”

Han Yun answered, and soon got into a conversation with ShiYin magazine. The other party quickly sent the job request in the form of e-mail. At this time, there are only three days left before shooting. He is now a poor man again and if someone asks him to go out to play, he does not dare to go. Even if Guoguo sends him a message, Han Yun always says that he is busy recently.

“Didn’t you quit? What are you doing?”

“There’s a magazine looking for me to shoot a cover.”

“That’s great!” Guoguo said, “it’s worth celebrating. We’ll come out to play when you’re done.”

Han Yun was embarrassed to say that he had no money. He didn’t have enough money to go out to play, so he just answered twice, “When I’m finished… I can come out if I’m not busy.”

Shooting a cover can also make money.

Guoguo: “I saw the show. You permed your hair like a little prince. I want to see it with my own eyes.”

“Well…” Han Yun is shy and said to his heart that you have never seen my long hair. That’s a prince or the prince of a wealthy country. Girls all over the world wanted to marry him.

At 9 p.m., before Fu Yuan came back, Han Yun went into the bathroom to take a bath. After a while, he heard the door opened.

Maybe the national teacher went home.

Han Yun knows he’s busy, but he doesn’t know what he’s busy with.

He didn’t see Fu Yuan for a day, so he called, “Lord Fu?” Then the bathroom door was pushed open. Han Yun was lying naked in the bathtub with a white leg hanging on the side of the bathtub. As soon as he noticed the sound, he immediately pulled close the curtain, “What are you doing in here?”

“Your Majesty called me.”

Han Yun heard the sound of shoes walking around, and he didn’t think it was right.

His voice came from behind the curtain, “I just heard the door,” he peeped out. “I don’t know if you’re home, just…”

When he saw the Fu Yuan standing outside, his voice stopped.

Today, Fu Yuan didn’t wear his usual black robe, but a waist pinching suit that fits his figure. He is tall and straight. His black trousers covered his long and strong legs. He is more fierce and evil than when he wore the black robe. The appearance of wearing a tie is like one wanted hanging up!

In modern times, suit is one of the most common clothes for professional men. Han Yun saw Fu Yuan wear it for the first time, and Fu Yuan wears it differently.

Translation Note:

1. Stars holding the moon (众星捧月) – lit. all the stars cup themselves around the moon (idiom, from Analects)

Rillevo: Fact check… I’m translating for my own convenience and I’m sharing it to y’all because I empathize with you. I also felt what you’ve felt when a person/group suddenly stops translating the novel I am reading. And for those asking… Yes, it is an edited MTL and I’m using different online translator websites. Still learning other languages tho’. Just sharing my thoughts. Have a great day❣️


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