Chapter 34

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Editor: rillevo

Usually, Fu Yuan doesn’t show up in his robes, but he is tall and straight. When he changes into a tailored suit, he looks very strong and sexy. In addition, his long hair is tied up, and there are two black horns on his head. When facing himself with his naturally cold face, he would let go of his restraint and become more relaxed.

Han Yun was stunned. Fuck, does the suit makes one more handsome? Then he’s going to buy one too!

He couldn’t help but look more. Fu Yuan just looked at him. Han Yun turned his head slightly, pulled the curtain back and asked him, “Did you go out in this suit today? You still have horns on your head.”

Fu Yuan explains, “It can be taken back.”

“Can you take it?” Han Yun tilted his head again and looked at him, “Why is the horn still there? You hide one and let me see.”

Fu Yuan was strangely silent, and Han Yun urged him, “Take it quickly!”

He wants to take Fu Yuan out to play.

Fu Yuan replied briefly, “But it’s not stable yet.”

“Oh,” Han Yun understood and nodded, “That’s better than not being able to see people before.” At least if you blow off the hat, you can hide the horns in an instant.

“Does Your Majesty want to go out and play?” Fu Yuan stood outside the shower curtain, only to see Han Yun’s wet curly hair and round shoulders, “I can accompany Your Majesty to go out.”

“Your horns are unstable. How unstable is it? Can you become human for half a day?”

Fu Yuan thought about it and said in a way that Han Yun understood, “It can last 12 hours a week.”

Han Yun nodded, “Every day plus the rest days… We have an hour.”

Fu Yuan laughed, “If Your Majesty wants to play, I can accompany you all day.”

Han Yun said, “I have a job in two days. When the work is over, shall we go to the park? I want to play.”

“Will this minister accompany you to work?”

“I’m going to work for a day. If you accompany me, ten hours won’t be enough!” He thought about the amusement park in his heart. He had never been to the amusement park in this big life yet. He wanted to go there very much.

Fu Yuan answered, “I’ll drive you there.”

Han Yun said that through the shower curtain, he could vaguely see his tall outline, as if there was no sign of walking. He wondered, “Lord Fu, what else can I do for you?”

“…Shouldn’t you go out?”

“This minister will wait on Your Majesty to bathe.”

“I’m done with it, no need.” It’s been too long and his fingers are already wrinkled.

When Han Yun finished, the shower curtain was pulled open. For a moment, Han Yun didn’t know whether to cover or not. He could only look up at him.

Fu Yuan bent down and pulled Han Yun up with both hands and held him in his arms. His black suit was immediately soaked.

“Lord Fu!”

Fu Yuan didn’t answer. He had long legs and walked quickly as he stepped out of the bathroom. Han Yun felt like a big baby and was carried to bed by him.

Han Yun was not in good health in his last life. When he was young, he had been hugged many times. His father, his mother and his concubines are no longer alive, and his brothers all want the throne. If the national teacher had not protected him all the time, he would have been killed.

It can be said that Fu Yuan is the person he trusts most. So, it’s nothing to hold him but Han Yun thinks he’s 18 years old now… How can he hold him like this?

It’s kind of weird.

ShiYin is the most popular fashion magazine in China, and the studio of the magazine is not small. Han Yun wore a suit that day. He saw that Fu Yuan was dressed a bit too handsome that day, and he could bear it. So he can’t help but flip out and put one.

Han Yun’s car drove outside the studio, and the staff noticed him immediately.

Everyone who watched the show knew that he drove more than one luxury car. The staff took him into the building and took the elevator to the 20th floor.

Han Yun usually wears in a literary and elegant way. But when he suddenly wore a formal clothe, he became handsome in a new height. His always lazy eyebrows are tinged with the taste of masculinity. When the editors of several departments of the magazine saw him, they had a very good impression of him at first sight which was even better than the temperament seen on TV. His looks are picturesque. Even wearing a suit, he had the taste of a romantic young man. He truly resemble that of a man in a painting.

Han Yun has no assistant or agent around him. Several editors and deputy editors all know that he has terminated his contract with the model company and is now a freelancer. Originally, because of the termination of Han Yun’s contract, the shooting should have failed. As a result, President Ruan seemed to be particularly fond of this little model, so she just contacted him and insisted on asking him to shoot.

Seeing the real person at the moment, they’ve realized why President Ruan had insisted.

Han Yun knew the process. Before the photographer arrived, the studio was still building props. An editor of the clothing department asked him to follow him and looked at him curiously, “Dear, have you ever taken a cover before?”

Han Yun was a little uncomfortable when she called him that, but he just heard that the editor called everyone ‘Dear’. It seemed to be a kind of address with no other meaning.

“Yes, but it’s a long time ago.”

Han Yun glimpsed at the work card hanging around her neck. The editor’s surname is Zhou.

Editor Zhou took him to the next floor. From the outside, the building is very high and large. But in fact, the magazine does not have so many employees, so it occupies only two floors in the whole office building.

But on these two floors, there are countless trendy men and women. In this kind of environment, everyone is full of big names, no matter what they say, they work very efficiently. Everyone moves very fast. There is a perfume smell on their bodies but they are different from each other. Plus, it is not the fragrance that can be often smelled on the street.

Editor Zhou, like a guide, introduced all the departments of the magazine to him. Mostly just to talk to him. “Dear, this is the tea room, these are the snacks to eat. Here is…”

They were followed by a small assistant, whose job seemed to be to open the door for them.

Editor Zhou took Han Yun into her own clothing department. Then, in front of him, she opened a door. Under the bright light, there was a large sample room. The resources of the whole magazine were here.

Office buildings are designed to be tall. Some items are placed on the top. There is a narrow staircase to climb up and take down the clothes. The bright light above shines on the sea of gorgeous clothes, making these delicate clothes more expensive.

Editor Zhou pointed to a row of long hangers and said, “Dear, this is a new clothing. It’s specially prepared for your shooting.”

After that, she looked at Han Yun, but she didn’t see any surprise or other emotions from Han Yun’s face. Even if the big stars came, they would be fascinated by their large sample clothing exhibition room.

But Han Yun didn’t.

Before the cover shooting of each month, the fashion editor needs to borrow the clothing and accessories for shooting from the public relations of major brands, so as to have more choices on the day of shooting.

Editor Zhou said, “This time, we have George Armani and Mark Jacobs for you.” She said a few brands and immediately asked Han Yun, “Dear, which one do you like here? I think this is a good one,” she said, reaching for one and looking at Han Yun. “What do you think?”

Their September issue is about autumn, so the borrowed clothes include leather jacket, windbreaker, knitted turtleneck and other autumn fashion items. These are all sample clothes, and no one can see them on the street.

Han Yun’s own taste is also a mystery. He doesn’t know which of these clothes is better, so he nodded casually, “All right.”

“All right, dear, is that it?” She cleanly drew out a few pieces and compared them with Han Yun. “Why don’t you try these?”

He took the mouthful of her dear and Han Yun was a bit brainwashed.

Behind the sample room, there is another door. Inside, it seems to be a very high-grade dressing room. In fact, the decoration of the whole magazine is very simple, just the people who shuttle in it are resplendent. The most luxurious place in the whole magazine must be the editor in chief’s office.

Editor Zhou’s assistant helped him hang the matching suit in the changing room and let him in to change.

He changed and went out again. Editor Zhou’s assistant skillfully took photos with his mobile phone and asked him to change into another set.

Several sets were tossed down when they finally decided what to wear.

Editor Zhou told him, “Be careful with your clothes. You can’t get them dirty or damaged. They are all sample clothes.”

ShiYin magazine is aimed at women. After a long time of hard work, they have summed up a set of experience. The cover is the biggest sales driver of every issue, so they often invite some stars to shoot the cover for themselves, not only the stars, but also the fresh meat.

However, it’s very expensive for these fresh meats to appear, so it’s impossible to invite them every month.

Han Yun changes his clothes, and Editor Zhou takes him back to the studio. The photographer has arrived, and the props are all set up. There is a broad-leaved plant on the yellow background cloth, a drawing board on a red maple easel, and a palette on the ground. Someone kneels on the ground to paint the palette.

Editor Zhou sent him to the dressing room. When Han Yun sat down to do his hair, Editor Zhou carefully told the makeup artist what kind of make-up she wanted. She even adjusted a color on the back of her hand with various lipsticks on the dressing table, “I want this kind of pumpkin and maple leaf color, but it shouldn’t be effeminate. So a large number of neutral and naked colors are needed, and the overall make-up is this one.”

The assistant next to Han Yun hangs the suit on the hanger beside him. After shooting, Han Yun can put it on and leave.

When his hair was done, he sat down and began to make up. The makeup artist is a well-dressed woman, she looked down at Han Yun’s face for a few seconds under the light, “Your skin is in good condition, the face is full of collagen.”

Han Yun has heard many times and smiled at this, “My eyes are sensitive and I will cry when there is eyeliner applied.”

“Don’t worry. I have a good technique. I’ll be careful not to hurt you.”

Han Yun closed his eyes, and the makeup artist quickly applied on his face. It was not a grand makeup. After a while, it was over.

At this time, it was almost noon, but no one proposed to have a rest or eat lunch.

Han Yun is a little hungry.

The photographer is specially appointed by the magazine, and Han Yun doesn’t know him, but he seems to be a famous photographer in the circle. Considering that Han Yun didn’t have lunch, he told him, “If the shooting goes well, we can finish at two o’clock, and you can ask your assistant to buy some lunch or get take out from our staff.”

The cover shooting of the magazine doesn’t need much unconventional style. Han Yun is wearing a camel colored turtleneck. Editor Zhou’s eyes are fierce. At first glance, she knows what style he is going, so the clothes selected for him are all about temperament.

The color is very autumn and winter.

The photographer originally expected to shoot for at least two hours. According to his work experience, two hours is the most basic. He didn’t expect that this little-known model has has an extraordinary sense of lens, even the waste film is very good! It was over in almost half an hour, during which time he’s changing his clothes!

At the end of one o’clock shooting, the photographer also sighed, “It’s easy to work with you. Any shot is good for the cover.” On weekdays, when shooting celebrities, it’s horribly pretentious, and they are not on the same channel with himself. They let them go to the left, and stars tend to go to the right. Some big names will play big cards on the scene.

The photographer handed him a business card and exchanged WeChat with each other, “I have worked as a special photographer for many fashion magazines in Beijing and photographed many models. This is the fastest time I have ever shoot. Let’s have a good cooperation.”

“Happy cooperation.” Han Yun thought that he was hungry, and he was in a hurry to eat. Who would take a picture at two o’clock with you? He’s afraid he would be too hungry and faint at two o’clock!

Originally, there was an interview session, but Han Yun was not a big star, so this session was cancelled. When Han Yun went into the dressing room, he changed his clothes without taking off his make-up. When he changed his clothes inside, Han Yun heard some commotion outside, as if he knew who was coming.

Is it the Editor in Chief Ruan who hasn’t shown up all day?

Han Yun put on his suit. His suit is not pure black, but navy blue, with a grey green shirt inside. His tie is a little redder than grey green, like the light brown of withered maple leaves.

He didn’t know how to wear a tie. After several tosses, he gave up.

What a broken tie!

Han Yun directly pushed the dressing room to go out, and the door of the dressing room also opened. The assistant of Editor Zhou blushed and said, “Mr. Han, someone is here looking for you to deliver lunch…”

“En? I didn’t order takeout.” He still had a tie in his hand and didn’t know where to put it. The assistant make way for a little space, behind the door of the dressing room appeared a black suit of tall figure.

As soon as the tall man came in, the whole bright dressing room was darkened by several degrees, and all the colors became dull.

Han Yun followed the crack of the door and saw that many people outside stopped to work and looked here. Each of them was whispering. When these voices came together, they became a little loud. They were talking about which supermodel it was. The aura was terrible. The handsome was a little foul and his legs were too long!

Fu Yuan said, “I’m afraid you’re hungry. I’ve brought you a meal. Is it finished?” He put down his lunch box and came in naturally. He took the tie from Han Yun’s hand and gently lowered his head to tie it for him.


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