Chapter 35

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Han Yun doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with his natural action. He won’t wear it. In the morning, Fu Yuan serves to change clothes for him. But Fu Yuan is taller than himself. Han Yun is already very tall, reaching the average height of a male model but Fu Yuan is even taller. When he leans slightly, his face gets too close.

It looked like they are kissing.

The door was opened, and the magazine staff who saw this scene from outside were shocked.

There are many gay in the circle, especially many, but everyone is very secretive about it. No matter where or in which country, homosexuality is a taboo topic. People talk about it in private, but there are very few male models who come out in public, unless they are covered by such big men as Carl Lagerfeld, the big shot.

They’ve never seen anything so blatant!

At least close the door!

He hasn’t seen such Fu Yuan for a long time. Han Yun still has no resistance to his beauty. All the men want excellent appearance, and he is no exception. His dream was to have three thousand concubines in the harem. Unfortunately, he only accepted three concubines in the end, and he didn’t touch these three women. And these three beautiful concubines Han Yun always thinks that they are too afraid of himself. Every time they see him, they shiver, as if he is a monster, and they all avoided him.

However, although his imperial concubines are very beautiful, they are still very inferior to Fu Yuan in terms of their appearance. Although the national teacher is not very kind compared with women, Han Yun always thinks that Lord Fu terribly good-looking. He is very pleasing to the eye, capable and a good helper in governing the country. It’s a pity. He’s a tall and strong man.

With the development of modern information, even if Han Yun has seen all kinds of beauties on the Internet or pictorial, none of them are as amazing as him.

While Fu Yuan was tying his tie, Han Yun just looked up at his hair. The horn on Fu Yuan’s head did go down, but Han Yun was surprised that the horn was gone. How long were the pieces of hair will hide the horns?

He raised his hand curiously and stopped in the air, “Can I touch it?”

Fu Yuan nodded. Han Yun reached out and touched it. He found that it was no different from normal people. The two pieces of hair that were originally horns were not wigs.

It’s amazing.

Fu Yuan quickly tied his tie, looked down at him and said, “Let’s go home after shooting.”

When they left, the magazine informed Han Yun, “We’ll send you a sample magazine next month before it’s published in September. Please leave your address, Mr. Han.”

In this industry, everyone likes to give themselves an English name, and they also like to introduce themselves by speaking English names. It seems that if they don’t take an alphabetic name, they are out of fashion. Later, after mixing in circles for a long time, English names gradually replaced big names – Han Yun has met many such people.

But he didn’t have this habit.

As soon as Han Yun left, they began to talk about it in full swing. Originally, Han Yun was an ordinary male model with little reputation. At most, he was better-looking than a celebrity, but the one that just came to pick him up is different.

It’s no longer good-looking in the ordinary sense. In other words, his aura is too amazing.

How amazing is it? An assistant said with exaggeration, “When I saw him, I was a little out of breath. How could I feel that he had a terrible murderous spirit? I don’t dare to see more after a look! Otherwise, I feel like I’m going to be killed!”

“That Han Yun is gay. Again, why are there so many gay! Do good-looking male models only like men?”

Han Yun doesn’t know yet that he’s branded as a fag.

Back in the car, Fu Yuan’s horn came back again. Han Yun didn’t see it clearly, so he tugged his arm and asked him to do it again, “Come on, I want to see carefully how your hair grows!”

Fu Yuan started the car and looked at him helplessly, “Your Majesty, don’t play too much.”

However, Fu Yuan performed once, but Han Yun still didn’t understand it. He pulled him and said he wanted to watch it again, but this time, Fu Yuan didn’t follow his will and asked him to be obedient.

It’s a pity that Han Yun can’t touch the horn just to see what was interesting.

He finished his work and got paid successfully. He didn’t have much money, but it was better than having no money. In addition, Fu Yuan was able to show up in front of people. Han Yun had a good rest at home that day, then he took Fu Yuan to drive out the next morning.

Because the destination is Happy Valley, Han Yun no longer wears a suit and tie. First, it’s too hot. Second, Fu Yuan also wears a suit. He will be robbed of the limelight, this… he still has self-knowledge.

Since Fu Yuan is not afraid of heat, let him go.

In summer vacation, whether it’s weekdays or weekends, places like amusement parks are always the most crowded. Fu Yuan stopped the car, Han Yun touched his sunglasses and put them on the bridge of his nose, “The sun is big, this one protects from the light.”

After getting out of the car, Han Yun also opened an umbrella. He was afraid of cold and heat. Now, science has popularized the importance of sun protection. He wears sunglasses everywhere he goes.

The umbrella is not big and it’s crowded for two men. Fu Yuan was a little higher. He reached out and took his umbrella. Most of his shoulders were exposed in the fierce sunlight, but he held it steadily for him.

Two tall and handsome men like this are the center of other people’s sight wherever they go,

Fortunately, there are umbrellas and sunglasses, which will not cause onlookers. It’s just that people keep looking back at these two male models.

When Han Yun went to the gate of the park, he saw a long line of people outside the ticket office with umbrellas. He didn’t want to go in, “When you get the tickets, it’ll be noon.”

Looking around, the dark crowd is very terrible, the sun is hot. Han Yun can only see the heads, even the door can’t be found, a bit hoodwinked. If he only come alone, he would be scared to run seeing so many people.

“I bought an e-ticket. Let’s go.” Fu Yuan held an umbrella for him with one hand, put the other hand on his back, and pushed him slowly and firmly.

Han Yun had to sigh, “Lord Fu’s ability to plan ahead is very strong.”

After successfully entering the park, Han Yun didn’t dare to play that kind of screaming rides. After riding a few rounds on the gentle carousel, Han Yun felt bored. He thought that there was no fun for such a fake horse, the real horse could at least jolt, so he turned to wait in line with the pendulum ride.

This seems to be one of the most terrible rides in the whole park. When the big pendulum swings high, the screech pierces the eardrum. Han Yun looks up and feels a little scared, and felt like retreating.

In front of the line are several groups of high school girls, are eager to try the appearance, said, “Fun is fun. But there are too many people playing and the queue is terribly crowded.”

Seeing that he was so afraid, Fu Yuan asked him if he wanted to go out now.

Han Yun insisted that he would not.

He took off his sunglasses, even his umbrella and shoes are taken off.

Looking for two positions to sit down, Fu Yuan first helped him to press down the shoulder of safety restraint, and then buckled his seat belt. After careful confirmation, he sat down again. Han Yun’s heart beat so hard that he was scared to death. At the same time, he was looking forward to it, because he had never played such a thing.

“Will this stop suddenly in midair?” Han Yun thought a little more, “Will I fall?”

His legs were shaking a little, his hands holding the pressure shoulder from the buckle down, his voice trembled slightly and said, “Xuanzhu, if anything happens, you have to hold on to me.”

Fu Yuan is a big demon. Maybe he can fly so his safety is guaranteed.

After listening to Han Yun’s words, Fu Yuan looked at him in the gap between his shoulders, then stretched out his left hand and grasped his right hand.

He said something, Han Yun did not hear clearly, can only distinguish his mouth talking as, “Your Majesty don’t be afraid.”

This at least provided him with a little peace of mind.

As soon as the pendulum started, Han Yun did not dare to go look out. When they slowly reached high altitude, he looked down and thought it was okay. He could bear it and even shook his legs for fun. But soon, before he could react, he leaned back and went away. Between the twists and turns, there was a terrible sense of weightlessness. There were mixed screams in his ears as men and women were shouting.

Han Yun had given himself a death order, “No matter how… Cannot shout!” As a result, he immediately cried out in fear. He grabbed Fu Yuan’s hand and even pinched his fingers into Fu Yuan’s palm. He regretted it to death.

He’s going down!

He’ll never court death again!

Han Yun didn’t dare to open his eyes during the whole process. After that, Han Yun took his seat belt out of his face and put on his shoes in a daze. His eyes were half narrowed and he went out from the exit. His brain was so dizzy that he was stabbed by the fierce light of the sun. As soon as he went out, he couldn’t differentiate the southeast and northwest. Everything was double shadow. The only thing he could catch was Fu Yuan beside him.

Han Yun couldn’t find an empty bench to sit on. He couldn’t hold on any longer. As soon as he tilted his head, he closed his eyes and fell on him. The surging vomit made him feel like he was dying. He hugged him feebly and said, “Xuanzhu, don’t you feel dizzy?”

Fu Yuan held an umbrella in one hand to cover the dusky sun and heat wave. His other hand firmly pressed the back of Han Yun’s head. His voice rang out in his ear, “I’m okay. Your Majesty, please rest on me for a while.”

Han Yun hung his head, leaned on his shoulder and swore, “I’ll never ride it again. It’s terrible.”

The sequelae of playing with the pendulum, some people only have to rest for ten minutes, and some people have no energy for a day, Han Yun is such. He leaned against Fu Yuan for a long time. This scene should have been eye-catching, but strangely, the umbrella in Fu Yuan’s hand seemed to provide a kind of shelter, and people around him passed them indifferently as if they could not see them.

Han Yun naturally didn’t know about this. After a long rest, his vision was not so blurry, but his head was still dizzy and his expression was wanton, “I want to eat ice-cream.” He noticed that there was an ice-cream stand over there. “Buy two ice-creams, then we’ll go home. I feel terrible…”

Fu Yuan caressed his hair.

Han Yun is very playful, but he often pays for his playfulness. Fu Yuan seldom stops him. He just lets him play under his own wings. No matter how ridiculous he is, he indulges him.

It was a hot day. They went out from the amusement park eating ice cream, and then got on the car. The cream of sea salt ice cream was melted by the sun and seeped from the bottom. Han Yun quickly picked it up with his mouth, and the melted ice cream “ticked” on Han Yun’s chin as it drips.

“Paper, give me paper quickly.” Han Yun asked for the paper while he sucked the last ice cream into his mouth and crunched the cone.

The drop on his chin seemed to slide to his white neck. Han Yun was wondering about the paper. He bowed his head and called, “Xuanzhu”. Then he saw Fu Yuan suddenly approaching. His dark eyes were staring at him. Han Yun was stunned and Fu Yuan tilted his head to kiss him.

To be exact, it was licking from his neck to his chin, rolling the thick and sweet sea salt ice cream into his mouth with the tip of his tongue and licking it clean.

He doesn’t know what the original shape of Fu Yuan is. He always drools like a hungry wolf. Han Yun felt that his chin was wet, which was a suspicious water mark.


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