Chapter 36

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In fact, if a model of his level wants to appear on the cover of ShiYin, he usually has to pay for it, otherwise there is no way.

The sale of ShiYin is very large. Taking a cover is equivalent to advertising for models. Many artists’ studios and agents want to grab a cover for their own artists just to seek some exposure and popularity.

Han Yun was specially invited to shoot by the magazine. He not only didn’t post it upside down, but also got some reward from the magazine.

It’s rare.

With a little spare money in his hand, it’s useless for Han Yun to hold it. He wants to save a little more, otherwise how can he go strolling?

The next day, Guoguo texted him. Han Yun thought she was going to ask himself to go out. Unexpectedly, she asked, “Didn’t you shoot for the cover of the ShiYin magazine that day?”

Han Yun replied, “How did you know?”

Guoguo replied, “I have a friend who went to ShiYin magazine that day. He saw you by chance. He wanted to know… Well, who’s the one with a black suit next to you?”

Han Yun didn’t know how to reply.

It must be Fu Yuan.

Guoguo soon sent a message, “Is he a model, too? I don’t mean anything else. My friend is a producer. If he is a model or an insider, this may be a good opportunity…”

Han Yun had to say, “He’s not a model. I’ll ask him.”

Guoguo then sent a message asking him to come out another day to play. Han Yun was a bit shy, but he was also a playful man. After thinking about it, he agreed first, but he still said that he was busy recently and would come out after he’s not busy.

There’s only a little money in his pocket. Han Yun can’t even afford to add gasoline.

He has to find a new job to earn a little, or… Ask Lord Fu for more?

This… I’m sorry to lose.

Unfortunately, Han Yun heard the bad news before the money was settled.

His “father” died on the operating table.

It took several days for Han Yun to learn this from his stepmother.

Aunt Cui, the stepmother of the original owner, actually took the 500,000 yuan Han Yun gave to her father for treatment. Every operation for patients with gastric cancer risks a lot. Aunt Cui never called Han Yun when she got the money. First, her husband would die at any time. At most, it was the difference between early death and late death. At that time, Han Yun was competing and couldn’t get in touch with her. Second, she was selfish and worried that Han Yun would come back to rob her son of the inheritance.

There is not much inheritance, just a small house in their hometown. This is the place where Han Yun’s biological parents lived for several years after they got married. Later, when they divorced, this small two-bedroom house was empty, and now it is very old.

At that time, when Han Yun’s father was in urgent need of money to cure his illness, his family’s savings were all empty, so she came up with the idea of selling the old house. Aunt Cui inquired, “We are in a hurry to sell it. We can only sell it for 500,000 yuan, but it’s enough to cure your illness.”

Han Yun’s father didn’t say yes or no. He lay quietly on the hospital bed with a shadow of death in his face. Even if the sun came into the room outside the window, he couldn’t dispel the breath of dying.

At that time, he was very reluctant to divorce but Han Yun’s mother insisted on going, and finally he couldn’t put it off. Han Yun’s mother left his house and son to him, who was a father. He didn’t take anything and left with the rich man. Later, she never contacted her family again.

To the old house, his heart has been reluctant to give up, as if still looking forward to the good old days in the past.

“Lao Han, your house is old too. You haven’t lived in it for so many years. Don’t be reluctant to sell it! Life matters!”

When people are dying, they will desperately want to live. Han Yun’s father finally gave up after thinking about it for a long time and said, “Sell it.”

When Aunt Cui was going to sell her house, she suddenly heard that the house was going to be demolished next year. If she demolished it, she could not only make a loss of one or two million yuan, but also get a house for nothing!

This kind of time, the house cannot be sold at a low price! But her husband’s illness must be cured. Aunt Cui had to call Han Yun again and again, and even stimulate him with words. She insisted that he take out 500,000 yuan, but secretly told Han Yun’s father, “The house is too old to sell. The intermediary is trying to help us find the seller.”

Because of the fear of Han Yun’s sudden return, Aunt Cui didn’t dare to contact Han Yun at all. In front of her husband, she just said vaguely, “Your son is busy working. He’s making money for you.”

At that time, Fu Yuan caught a Yin Cha and asked. He knew that Father Han’s life would not be long, and he would die in two months, so he readily gave money in the name of Han Yun.

If Han Yun didn’t give the money at that time, and the Cui family didn’t have the money to treat Father Han, when finally, Father Han died, the account would only be counted on Han Yun. Han Yun was simple, and he didn’t understand this kind of philistine calculation, and trouble would follow.

On the contrary, it’s not the same for a half million yuan. It can avoid trouble to the greatest extent. It’s not necessary to play filial son sincerely, and it’s not necessary to squeeze out tears in front of a strange hospital bed. Because Han Yun’s own son gave the money, even if he didn’t go home to see his father for two months, it’s not unreasonable. If Father Han died of illness, the Cui family would not dare to contact Han Yun because of the house demolition, fearing that he would come back to fight for his son’s property.

Now that the first seven days are almost over, and things can’t be kept secret, Aunt Cui calls Han Yun and cries, “Han Yun, your father died on the operating table.”

Han Yun didn’t know that there were so many twists and turns in it, and he didn’t know that he was confused and avoided a series of big troubles. When he heard the news, he didn’t think so much, “Do I have to come back?”

The other end of the phone quickly said, “Auntie knows that you are busy with work. If you don’t have time to come back for the funeral, you don’t have to come back specially.”

“That’s… not so good. I’d better… ” Han Yun naturally has no feelings for the father of the original owner. When he first got on the body of the corpse, the feelings left by the original owner had the greatest impact on him, but with the passage of time, these things gradually could not affect him.

“Beijing is so far back, don’t come back! I mean- it’s thousands of dollars for a round-trip air ticket. It’s not easy for you to collect the 500,000 yuan. Do you have to pay people back? Forget it, just… You don’t have to come back. It’s not easy for you to work and earn money.”

She didn’t watch TV and didn’t know the current situation of Han Yun. She thought he was the one who borrowed 500,000 yuan to give his father an operation.

She is not close to Han Yun at all and plans not to contact him anymore.

Although Han Yun thought her attitude was a little strange, he didn’t think much about it. After all, it was a person who had nothing to do with him.

The one at other end of the phone seemed to be relieved, “You are busy with your work. It’s good for you to settle down in Beijing. Your father is gone and there’s no need to come back in the future.” Don’t contact me in the future, it’s the implication. You go on yours and I’ve been mine. Don’t come to us.

When the phone hung up, Han Yun quickly put the matter behind him. He didn’t pay much attention to it, and didn’t know there were so many twists and tricks in it.

But even if he knew, he would only feel puzzled.

Just as Han Yun hesitated about how to earn some pocket money to go out to play, Teacher Yin contacted him and said, “Han Yun, it’s like this… At the end of next month, I’m going to see the fashion week in New York. I want to find a model to wear the clothes I designed for street photography. As for the reward, although it’s not much, I’ll pay you for your air ticket, hotel and transportation. How about it? Would you like to do it?”

Just at the end of next month, “T-Typhoon” is coming to an end, because the audience rating is going down all the way, and they are all scolding that it’s fake. The program team plans to finish recording early, double broadcasting a week, and stop the loss in time.

Ms. Yin told him, “I don’t mix in the fashion circle very much, but when I do design this year, I always feel that I have a bottleneck and no inspiration. I’m going to see the fashion week, just to learn and find inspiration.”

Although she is a well-known designer, she graduated under the hands of an old tailor. She has never been to a fashion school. Compared with novel designs, she is better at doing some delicate sewing work. Stars line up to find her to make dresses, just for this uniqueness.

In order to design and make a dress by hand, it often takes three months or even half a year.

In this way, in fact, there are few designs that can be done a year, but the progress is minimal.

Han Yun was very interested when he heard it. He said he would like to take a plane long ago, and he also wanted to go overseas to have a look.

Teacher Yin laughed a few times, “I knew you would like to. In two days, you will come to me to take measurement. I have some men’s clothes here. I have to cut them according to your figure. They will be shipped to New York at that time. These are unique designs.”

Although this is a good thing, Han Yun still hasn’t found a quick way to earn pocket money. He’s embarrassed. The reason why he didn’t asked Fu Yuan for money is simple. Now that he’s so old, it’s not appropriate for him to ask for money from his housekeeper, and he has no face.

But now there is no other way, so in the evening, as soon as Fu Yuan comes back, Han Yun waves him to come, and he says, “Darling.”

In his mind, this name is similar to “Ai Qing”, which means cordial, but “dear” is obviously more fashionable. As a trendsetter, Han Yun must follow the trend.

Fu Yuan saw that his face was full of smile, and he also used such a call. He knew that he must have something to ask.

He went over and sat down beside the bed, with a smile on his lips, and said softly, “What does Your Majesty want to say to me?”

Han Yun coughed. Deep in his amber eyes, there were two lights flashed, “Did you find that? I feel strange recently.”

“How strange?” Fu Yuan is willing to hear it in detail.

Han Yun made a very serious appearance, sitting cross-legged on the bed, “Unlike you, I’m poor.” He focused on the last sentence, the first sentence, just to make Fu Yuan happy. If you want pocket money, you must have a good attitude of asking for pocket money.

Han Yun looked at him, “I don’t know if Ai Qing has noticed?”


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