Chapter 37

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Fu Yuan could understand his meaning naturally. His eyes were full of smiles, and he said in a low voice, “Yes, Your Majesty is very sticky recently.”

Han Yun stares at him eagerly, “Yes, I’m clinging to you, and I’m a little poor at the same time…” It’s shameful to ask the national teacher for pocket money. The first time he was cheeky, the second time he was not so embarrassed. So he speaks in a euphemistic and implicit way, hoping that Fu Yuan can understand his own difficulties.

Although Fu Yuan understood, he wanted him to say a few more good words. There was a burning light in his dark eyes, “The minister also like Your Majesty.”

Han Yun saw that he didn’t understand. He couldn’t help wondering if he was teasing himself. He said so many good things, so why didn’t he give money! He pursed his lips slightly, and his voice was very small, “I like you too, Lord Fu. I’m a little short of money recently. Can I…”

Fu Yuan chuckled lowly, “Your Majesty is really likable.”

Han Yun nodded, and his words became more and more straightforward, “I know, but I’m poor.”

“Well,” Fu Yuan looked at him, “How much does Your Majesty want?”

Han Yun thought, of course, the more, the better. But he still said, “Ai Qing, look at it. It’s a little bit of it.”

Fu Yuan gave him a card, which was more than the money he gave last time. It was five million yuan. He knew that with the degree of profligacy of Han Yun, his money would soon be spent again, and he would have to take care of it himself.

This way of giving a little at a time is very common in Chinese education, and many parents do.

Han Yun was very happy when he got the card. He sincerely took his hand and said, “Lord Fu, I really like you more and more.”

Fu Yuan’s eyes are very warm. When he looks at him, he is always warm, “Your Majesty can play, but you have to play limitedly. Be good.”

Han Yun put the card under the pillow and said yes.

Fu Yuan added, “I have to go out these days. Your majesty is at home alone. If you miss me, please call me.” If there is no accident, he will be able to change his new identity in the next few days.

As soon as Han Yun heard that he was going out and will not be at home for several days, his joy of getting pocket money was weakened, so he answered glumly.

Fu Yuan rubbed his head, “When I’m not here, Your Majesty has to be obedient and remember what I said.” With that, he smoothed down a string of beads on his hand, put them on Han Yun’s wrist, and told him, “Don’t take this off even in the shower.”

Han Yun raised his hand and looked at the beads. They were dark, like the horns on Fu Yuan’s head, with natural spiral lines. The material was not like wood but it’s very hard, with a faint golden glow in the dark.

And after wearing it, there is a sense of clarity that cannot be said.

“It’s not your horn, is it?” Han Yun’s intuition is that this is not an ordinary product. He is used to seeing good things, but he can’t see what it is made of. It must be something that money can’t buy.

Fu Yuan said no, “It’s one that can warden off evil spirits can protect your peace and happiness.”

He said, so Han Yun naturally put it on well.

Originally, as a puppet emperor, he was used to Fu Yuan’s words all the time, but he was at the age of rebellion. His consideration of Fu Yuan’s “limit” was different from that of Fu Yuan.

Han Yun went out for a few days. Guoguo is a girl from a wealthy family and knows many models. She took Han Yun to a party in a sportscar club.

Guoguo said, “Some of my friends who make car models and gave me an invitation letter. I am embarrassed to come by myself.” Although she is a girl from a rich family, she doesn’t have tens of millions of luxury cars. Even if she has an invitation, if she doesn’t drive a sportscar that day, she can’t get in.

Among Guoguo’s friends, Han Yun happened to have a sportscar. Guoguo saw it in the program. She called Han Yun and asked him if it was his car, so she asked him out directly.

The venue of the event is in a closed Bailu Park. You need to verify the invitation letter and record the vehicle license plate number to enter the park.

Guoguo told Han Yun in the car, “This club is not the top one. It seems that the top one needs 100 million yuan to apply. And this AA club only needs 50 million asset certificates, plus a 10 million kind of sportscar to apply for membership. Now the whole club has only 400 members in China. It seems that there are only 50 or 60 members in Beijing.” She turned and said, “Well, do you want to apply for membership?”

“What do you do to apply for membership?”

“In fact, joining the club is to expand the network of people. We hold regular activities. Sometimes the activities are not open to the public, but sometimes we send out invitation letters just like this one. In this case, I heard that in the competition is usually held, and there are more people and more people. The invitation letter for this event says, “Qushui Liuqi1“. I don’t know if it means literally.”

“After all, the members here are either wealthy or an elite. It’s no harm to know more.” Guoguo knows that Han Yun is not an ordinary person, he should be a model only because of interest, but she was very smart and did not inquire about his family situation.

Han Yun asked, “What are the regular activities?”

“Well I’m not sure. It’s said that a group of people are driving out to get together, playing cards, and drinking?”

Han Yun answered, not particularly interested.

Guoguo asked him, “Are you still a model?”

“En, but I didn’t take on any work. I’ve been at home alone these two days. No one cares, so I came out to play.”

The park is not open to the public on weekdays and is not well-known. However, it is very large, full of trees, lush and verdant, and even some wild egrets stay at the top of the trees for a short time.

Along the route, Han Yun parked his car on the lawn, which is wide with lakes and bridges. As soon as his car stopped, a model in a short skirt opened the door for him and told him, “Sir, the event is over there.”

She pointed to the direction of the bridge and looked at the woman who got out of the co driver’s seat.

Looking around, there are dozens of sportscars on the wide lawn. At first glance, they are cool. Han Yun doesn’t know much about cars, so he doesn’t study them. However, it seems that his is still the best of all.

There are open-air cafes on the lawn, red wine, desserts and seafood on the table, but no one goes there. Everyone’s direction is the same, and the crowd is walking in the direction of the bridge.

At the end of the bridge, which is about 20 meters long, is a triangular glass house which looks very gorgeous. The outer glass reflects diamond-like light in the sun.

Guoguo immediately took out her mobile phone to take a selfie with fancy, “That building is really beautiful, Han Yun, you help me take a few pictures. I want to send a circle of friends, haha.”

Han Yun stood and took pictures of her. Guoguo said, “You squat and patted me. It makes me look taller.”

When they took photos, a man and a woman passed by and said, “Now any 18-line internet celebrities can participate in the activities of a sportscar club. What qualities do they…”

Han Yun didn’t think much after hearing that. He didn’t take his seat according to the number. He felt that the 18-line celebrity they’re talking was far from himself.

Some of the people who came here today had female companions, some didn’t, dozens of luxury cars, less than 100 people in total.

The cone-shaped glass house built in the middle of the lake is small from a distance, but it becomes very big when you approach it. There are more than 100 people in it, and you can hear the sound of playing Guqin.

The outside of the glass house is very modern, but the inside is an antique teahouse, which is divided into two sides by a narrow river. The river is about 30 meters long, winding more than ten bends, and it is flowing slowly. The sound of gurgling water and the sound of Guqin are blowing in his ears.

The water in the canal is drained from the lake outside.

On both sides of the canal, there are dozens of futons. In the farthest distance, a young girl in a Han suit is playing the Guqin. There is also a high desk on one side, on which there is a desk. On the desk are four treasures of the study, and there are many silk and bamboo instruments, such as Guzheng, Guqin, Huqin and so on.

Han Yun and Guoguo didn’t come early, so they found a seat in the back. Guoguo also felt very novel. It was her first time to take part in such an activity. Before, she just heard that it was different from their ordinary way of playing. It’s not drag racing. The rich play with more style and elegance. Now it seems that it really is different.

She was surprised and said in a low voice, “It’s really like Qushui Liuqi. I don’t know what to play, so let’s just have a look.” As she spoke, she looked over her head and saw some familiar people.

Later, someone stood up and introduced the activity, “When you received the invitation, you should see the word “Qushui Liuqi” on the invitation. Qushui Liuqi is an ancient traditional custom. When the wine is in front of someone, they will perform a piece of improvisation.”

“We have prepared four treasures of study and traditional silk and bamboo instrumental music here today. There are many kinds. If it doesn’t matter, sing a song or drink up the bottle.” He then pointed to a thin jade white wine bottle and said with a smile, “It’s not much, but it’s full of puree. It’s a good thing.”

“Anyone can participate. There are no restrictions on registration. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to register but just watch on the sidelines. But it’s also a competition. Since it’s a competition, there must be a winner. Today’s winner is provided by Mr. Cao. It’s a work of Mr. Cao Qin, a great master of contemporary Chinese painting.”

After that, he carefully opened a painting, which is a landscape painting with ink splashing and freehand brushwork. People who don’t understand it can’t see anything. They only know that the painter is Cao Qin, and Cao Qin is the most famous one among the contemporary masters of traditional Chinese painting. He is the honorary chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, and he is the best at painting flowers, birds, fish and insects. Two years ago, a painting of flowers and birds was sold for a sky-high price of 20 million.

For Contemporary Chinese painting masters, this price is already a sky-high price.

Some people who took part in the activity for the first time were shocked when they saw this picture. Han Yun heard the man and woman he met on the bridge say, “Is it true that the sportscar club usually plays such a big game? The first prize is actually Cao Qin’s painting. It’s worth more than 10 million at least!”

“It’s so great, but it’s not easy to win the prize…”

And it’s not worth the money. It’s more important to win the first prize than anything else! Besides, the painter is Cao Qin, and the person who provided the first prize is Mr. Cao, who is a member of this sportscar club. If you think about it, this person must have something to do with this master of traditional Chinese painting, probably a relative.

The first prize is so, then the second prize and the third prize are not bad. They are all first-class good things.

“If you sign up, just go to the futon beside the river and take a seat.”

More than half of the people sat down, no matter if it’s for the publicity or the priceless first prize.

Han Yun is not as enthusiastic as other people when he sees these. He has been learning these since he was a child. He is bored with playing and others are full of interest because this kind of activity is rare. However, Han Yun feels bored and secretly takes out his mobile phone to brush his Weibo.

But Guoguo liked the landscape painting very much and shook her head regretfully, “But I can only play the piano. Forget it, I’d better not participate. Even if I can kill that bottle of wine, I won’t get the first prize. I’d better have a look.”

“But it’s good to see Mr. Cao’s real work so closely.” She was just curious. She wanted to come in and see what’s different about the AA sportscar club. She didn’t expect that Han Yun, who was dragged by her, actually signed up and said that he wanted to participate in it and will be doing his best.

Translation Note:

1. Qushui Liuqi (曲水流觞) – Lit. Curved water flow; Explanation: Ancient folk customs, every year in March of the lunar calendar next to the curved water set up a wine glass, flow to who in front of, who take down to drink, can remove unlucky.


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