Chapter 38

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Editor: rillevo

“But you can’t drink, can you?” Guoguo hasn’t forgotten that Han Yun was drinking milk in the bar last time. He didn’t even drink when he was asked to drink, he refused it.

Han Yun waved, “I don’t need to drink. Don’t you like that painting? I’ll give it to you!”

Guoguo laughed, “Han Yun, don’t say you can win the first prize. Even if you do, you can’t give it to me. Do you know how much the painting is worth?”

“Why not?” He heard people nearby say that this painting is worth more than 10 million yuan – but in Han Yun’s opinion, it is not worth so much. It is not that he is not good at painting. He must be better than himself. But he has seen many good calligraphy and paintings. If such ink treasures are worth more than 10 million yuan, wouldn’t he make five million yuan by painting them himself?

He has a new understanding of the price here, but at the same time he feels incredible, “Guoguo, you wait. I’ll show you the first prize.”

She obviously didn’t believe that Han Yun said he wanted to win the first prize, but she was very happy. She said with a smile, “If you want to participate, go and play. If you really win the first prize, I can’t ask you for nothing. My father likes to collect these. If you really win the first prize and you don’t want this painting. Then I’ll buy it according to the market price.”

“No, no, no. I’ll gift it to you.”

“Then you go to the competition. I wish you the best.” She really didn’t think Han Yun would win the first prize, so she just said it. However, she did like Cao Qin’s painting.

Her father loves collecting calligraphy and paintings. The most famous Chinese painting master in modern times is Mr. Cao. However, Mr. Cao never sells his paintings. Instead, he gives them to his friends. Many people like his paintings. A few years ago, the 20 million worth painting of flower and bird were sold by friends of the old man. After tax, more than 10 million were donated to the disaster area.

Her father always wanted to collect one, but he didn’t have the chance to see it. Now she can see it here. How can she not be moved?

No matter who gets the first prize, she wants to ask if the other party has the meaning of giving up.

The self-confidence of Han Yun naturally makes some people who, like them, take part in the club activities for the first time feel overwhelmed.

“The 18-line internet celebrity also want to be number one? Does he have an ability? A fool is dreaming!”

When Han Yun heard this, he raised his head and looked at who is the 18-line celebrity was. He didn’t realize that they were talking about himself. However, few people recognized him. The scene was full of rich people. Others don’t pay attention to the model competition, so they didn’t know him.

He didn’t see the internet celebrity, but Han Yun heard others talking in a low voice.

“I don’t think it’s going to work this time… I’ve heard that the person who used this painting as the prize is Cao Xuan. It’s Cao Qin’s grandson and a founding member of the club. It’s said that he planned this activity. He took Mr. Cao’s ink to make it a prize. Naturally, he has the ability to take it back!”

“This club is really strange; how do you do these arty activities?”

“You don’t know that there were a series of accidents at the top speed racing festival at the beginning of this year. Several luxury cars were smashed and two of them died. Now some members of AA club are still lying in the hospital! Since then, the monthly activities have changed.”

“Do the rich second generation really understand this?”

Someone sneered, “What do you think is the rich second generation? I have learned everything since I was a child. I have excellent talents and skills. I am proficient in several languages. It’s no exaggeration to say that this club is the second generation of elite and rich people. It’s different from other elite clubs. If you want to come in, you can’t just have money, but you have to have the foundation and quality.”

Some people said, “AA club is also called 50 million club, not only because it requires 50 million proof of assets to join, but also because the members of this sportscar club are all young and rich second generation. It’s not good to just have 50 million worth luxury cars, you have to have a recommender to join!”

“Why do you want to join? I don’t get paid, and I have to take part in the activities myself. It’s a waste of time. Do you really think they all like drag racing? The second generation of rich people cherish their lives! It’s just gathering the rich in the name of the club to make friends. As soon as this platform is built, all the people who join the association will be super rich. The more people you know, the more resources you will have.”

“So, in fact, many members of the club buy a sportscar at home, and they usually don’t drive out, let alone drag racing. Who’s willing to die playing drag racing? It’s the second generation of the local rich who doesn’t know how to find that kind of stimulation.”

The whole canal is more than 30 meters long. Han Yun sat down with a futon at random. In front of the futon, he put some snacks, cakes, fruit cakes and a cup of hot tea. Han Yun turned around and asked the fruit sitting behind him, “Do you want to eat the biscuits?”

“If I don’t eat it, I’ll lose weight. You can eat it.”

“You are not fat, why do you want to lose weight?” Han Yun began to eat without hesitation. He took a sip of hot tea and slowly began to eat peach crisp.

Guoguo stares at him and laughed, “You are a model. You have to keep fit. How can you eat like this?”

Han Yun also laughed, “I don’t look fat.”

Even among so many people, Han Yun is also very handsome. He is not only handsome, but also naturally noble. Even if he eats well, he can’t hide his bearing. Many people who doesn’t know him, comments on him secretly, “Who is that? Which one is he from?”

More than half of the more than 100 people volunteered to take part in the activities. The river was long and the people were scattered. As soon as Han Yun tilted his head, he saw that the wine cup floated down from the upper stream with the sound of Guqin. It floated very slowly, like a soft leaf, and then stopped spinning.

The man sitting next to Hanyun took a look at it by the neck and recognized it, “That’s Cheng Yangshuo, the son of the boss of Koenigsegg’s exclusive domestic agent.”

Koenigsegg is a super sports car manufactured from Sweden. The super cars produced by Koenigsegg can only be bought for 20 million at least.

“It seems that he founded this 50 million club with the support of his father.”

The second generation of the rich, who had received a foreign education since childhood, grew up tall and big. He was about 30 years old and with a gentle temperament. He stood up and wrote a word in front of everyone.

There is a bit of scholarly flavor in the air, which is the unique smell of excellent pen, ink, paper and inkstone.

Cheng Yangshuo only wrote four big characters on rice paper, which is the theme of today’s activity “Qushui Liuqi”. His writing posture is also good-looking. He raised his wrist in a short time, and quickly closed his pen: “I’m sorry.”

Before his words came out, someone began to clap, “Good words!”

The invitation was sent out casually. Among the people who came in today, some even borrowed their sportscar, just to fish in troubled waters and see how the super-rich second generation cultivate their sentiment. They took a picture and sent a circle of friends to show off. They took part in the activities of an elite club.

Someone is already secretly videotaping and taking pictures.

But more people have different ideas. They can’t join the club if they apply according to the normal steps. But if they can take this opportunity today to catch up with one of the members and get a recommendation, they can enter the club and get to know more rich people.

At this time, two models highlighted his words. The four words were a bit of style and a little bit of meaning. Most of the people here didn’t understand it. The layman looked at it as a good word, and the person who wrote it was the founder of the club. There was a lot of praise, “Well written, good words!”

Han Yun looked at the word from a distance. In his opinion, he really can’t afford the praise of “good” because it’s too general to say… It’s even ugly. He was puzzled and asked Guoguo, who was sitting behind him, “Why do you hold him up and say that he writes well? Those people don’t know calligraphy at all.”

Guoguo is influenced by her family and knows more than ordinary people. She first “Shhh” and said, “Don’t speak so loud.” Then he went on carefully and said, “I have been practicing calligraphy for more than ten years. It seems that It’s not bad, is it?”

She is also a layman, “Forget it, don’t ask me. I was forced to practice calligraphy by my father when I was a child. Fishing for three days and dry nets for two days1, the dog crawling characters gradually became more normal and I can read them. Then I didn’t want to write anymore so my dad let me go. So ah, I don’t know how to write.”

“Han Yun, do you know that?”

“Just a little bit,” Han Yun said. “He doesn’t write very well.”

Guoguo, “You have a good character, haha.”

His voice was not loud, but he was still heard by the man sitting next to him. Han Yun noticed that this is the man who just sneered at a certain 18-line internet celebrity just now. He was in his thirties and had a moustache on his lips. His girlfriend was sitting on the futon beside him. Both of them chose to participate in this activity.

At this time, the man showed his disdainful eyes again. He glanced at Han Yun and turned his head. The moustache above his lips seemed a bit funny, “Conceited.”

Han Yun saw that he was talking to him. He was puzzled, “He’s talking about me?”

Guoguo shook her head quickly, “No, no. Don’t think about it. Eat pastry.” There are so many people. She doesn’t want to let Han Yun cause any trouble, but the invitation letter is really casual. Everyone has come. Some female models she knows are taking photos with their mobile phones excitedly.

Before he knew it, Han Yun finished eating the pastry, and the cup was coming here soon. During this period, he stayed for many times. Several people chose to drink, while others performed.

He also heard a sentence, “This kind of occasion, where does this internet celebrity come from? He is the only one in the audience. It’s a shame!”

Moustache’s girlfriend said, “That is, anyone can get in. Just now, he said that he would win the first prize? How dare you say Cheng Yangshuo’s handwriting is not good? Haha, he’s dead.”

Moustache said, “The forest is big. There are all kinds of birds.”

Han Yun confirmed that he was really talking about himself, but he didn’t get angry. He just thought it was funny. It was indeed a big forest.

Guoguo squinted at him and immediately grabbed him, “Han Yun, don’t be so impulsive.”

“Here comes the cup!” The moustache man blurted out a cry, and the cup suddenly stopped, just circling between him and his girlfriend.

Moustache asked his girlfriend to go, “Honey, play a zither. Haven’t you learned it?”

Zither is a very simple instrument with only five notes. You can learn it in two classes, but it is not easy to play it well. Moustache’s girlfriend, who seems to have studied for a few years, can play without wearing fake armor. She uses her finger pulp to play a song “Yunshui Zen heart”, which has won a lot of applause.

Moustache clapped, “It’s so good! Honey, that’s great!”

Soon, the cup was put down again and slowly flowed to Han Yun. After a few seconds, Han Yun reached out to pick up the wine cup and put it on the small plate for snacks.

He stood up. He was 1.84 meters tall and the shoes he wore today had a bottom of three centimeters, making the whole person was close to 1.88 meter. When everyone was sitting, they all looked up at him, “Wow, so tall. He looks like a male model, tall, handsome and fair.”

“He looks like that who, a male model, is he the same person…?”

The man in charge of the competition asked, “Sir, would you drink or…”

“I’ll write.” Han Yun strode towards the high platform with the base decorated with flower windows, and imitated beams, buckets, cornices, and even mountain flowers.

Although Han Yun is not the best among his brothers and is not proficient in all the six arts of the gentleman, “ritual, music, shooting, imperialism, calligraphy and mathematics”, but among them, “calligraphy” is the one he can win the most.

He started with regular script, and extended to seal script, official script and cursive script. He could write anything. He was an emperor to read memorials, and he had to write nonsense all day long, which had never been abandoned for many years.

Han Yun went up, and everyone looked at him. He naturally began to hold a wolf’s hair with ink. His writing posture is elegant and gentle, with such a gentle skin, he has a natural aristocracy – not like the temperament that an ordinary rich family can cultivate.

Seeing him write is pleasing to the eye. No matter whether it is an expert or a layman, they all know at the moment that this is a real-deal. Although some doesn’t know how well he writes, but he is a rare beautiful man with brilliant temperament.

This alone is enough to make people look sideways.

Soon, he finished writing, signed in the lower right corner and stood up.

It’s the same four characters of “Qushui Liuqi”, but the font used is quite different from that of Cheng Yangshuo. His characters are wild and uninhibited. At first glance, it gives people a kind of impact that the writer must be very crazy, and there is a kind of free and easy mood beyond the form. This is not consistent with Han Yun’s writing posture and his own temperament.


“It’s cursive, isn’t it?”

“It seems okay?”

Most of the laymen on the scene doesn’t know calligraphy, so they can only rely on their feelings. But even if they only rely on their feelings, everyone can see that the word is not uncouth.

Zhang Huaijin, a great calligrapher, once said, “The mysterious meaning comes from the appearance of things. The deep reason lies in the dark. It’s beyond the ordinary sense to say, and beyond the wisdom of the world to measure.” That is to say, it is difficult for ordinary people to sympathize with each other and understand the profound truth and the profound artistic conception.

Therefore, the specific level of Han Yun cannot be figured out by a group of laymen.

“The same four words. How about Cheng Yangshuo’s writing?”

“It can’t be compared with Cheng Yangshuo’s words! What’s written here? I have to identify it carefully! What Cheng Yangshuo wrote can be recognized as “Qushui Liuqi” at a glance. How can it be compared with that?”

The laymen don’t know, but those who have practiced have a clear mind. Cheng Yangshuo scrutinized the words. He was really startled and immediately stood up.

As soon as he stood up, people thought that he was dissatisfied with the fact that he wrote the same four words as him. Immediately, many people mocked Han Yun’s words without understanding and pretending to understand them, “What kind of broken words do you dare to write?”

“That’s it. What the hell… This–”


“Good words!” These voices were immediately overshadowed by Cheng Yangshuo’s cheering voice, “Well written!”

A group of people who don’t know calligraphy look at each other. The people who just ridiculed the loudest are now suffering the most, as if they were burning.

“Yes, it’s a good word,” echoed the voices from different directions.

“Well, it’s really a good word.”

Sitting in the distance, Guoguo is also shocked. Han Yun’s handwriting is so good? So fierce! She raised her thumb high and mouthed great voicelessly.

As for the moustache who just ridiculed Han Yun, he was now ashamed.

Just as Han Yun was about to return to his position, Cheng Yangshuo stopped him, “I don’t know… This Sir, I’d like to exchange ink with you. I like your painting very much. If you are willing to exchange it with me, I’d also give you an inkstone from Longwei mountain.”

The inkstone is call Sheyan.  It usually takes five to one billion years of geological change to form. This kind of inkstone is praised by the literati of the past dynasties and is a royal gift.

Han Yun turned to see his appreciation and waved his hand, “If you like it, you can take it home, even the Sheyan.”

Cheng Yangshuo looked at the calligraphy with scorching eyes, and then at the extraordinary Han Yun. He wanted to get to know him now and invite him to join the club. However, the activity was still going on. He had to give up for a while and planned to talk about it later.

When the cup reached the end of the canal, they started the second round, “If it stays in front of you again, if you play Guqin in the first round, you can’t play Guqin in the second round. As for friends who choose to drink in the first round, you can still drink in the second round.”

The cup floats slowly, basically everyone will go through the second round. It’s said that Cao Xuan, the painter of today’s first prize painting’s, Cao Qin, grandson, painted flowers and birds for more than ten minutes with great posture. No matter if you understood or not, they all said that he painted well.

In this round, many people chose to drink, and the moustache guy had chosen to drink.

When the cup stopped in front of Han Yun, he stood up again.

Someone said, “Why? He won’t drink?”

“But he can’t write anymore. The rule says no.”

Han Yun said, “I’ll paint.”

Calligraphy is a cultural treasure that combines literature, painting, philosophy, and even performance art.

It is said that people who are good at calligraphy will certainly be able to paint a little, while people who are good at painting and will not be too bad at calligraphy.

But no one could have imagined that this handsome man, who looks like a certain male model, could draw a vivid picture with a few strokes and write a poem on the paper.

The essence of calligraphy and painting is inseparable. Whether he paints well or not can be seen at a single glance.

No one spoke this time, and no one mocked him. They just whispered, “He’s so talented. A really talented man…”

“The writing is good, the drawing is good, and the person is handsome! Since he can come to participate in the activities, he is also a rich second generation… Isn’t it a bit unreasonable?”

Someone compares his paintings with Cao Xuan’s in a low voice. Cao Xuan’s face is as deep as water. He doesn’t say anything, but his dignified face has already represented who wins and who loses.

Han Yun sat down and Guoguo whispered excitedly, “How can you be so powerful?”

Han Yun said, “I’m not that good. I just learned a little. Someone… Is much better than me.”

“Who is better than you?”

“My family,” he said with a smile.

Han Yun looked at the mountains and water, and suddenly showed his hand like this. Guoguo was shocked to see this Han Yun. She was astonished. How could a male model come to participate in this kind of elite club? He not only took part in it, but he also pretended to be so compelling! It’s just showing off!

Guoguo didn’t believe that he could win the first prize. Now she really wanted to believe it. She immediately sent a message to her father and asked him to transfer the money.

In the third round, everyone thought that Han Yun had to drink this time. Unexpectedly, he stood up again. This time, he did not draw or write. He played the zither.

Guqin, also known as Yaoqin, has a wide range, deep timbre, heavy and distant after tone. It is also a traditional musical instrument that many people don’t understand, but whether he plays well or not can be heard by everyone.

If you can’t take the lead in such an excellent performance, it would be tricky.

Han Yun got the first prize as he expected. A painting worth ten million yuan was rolled in the box. Han Yun gave it to Guoguo, “Here you go.”

Guoguo saw that he really wanted to give it away, but she never expected it, “You are crazy!”

Han Yun wondered, “Don’t you like this painting?”

“More than 10 million, how can you feel like you don’t need money? You can’t give it away. You black sheep!”

“You don’t want it?”

“Yes! But I have to give you money. You give me account number, and I’ll transfer it to you. Just now I took pictures. My father asked someone to evaluate it and said that it’s 15 million. If I take it, it looks like I’ll take advantage of you. I’ll give you 15 million, okay? Then you give up the painting to me. “

Han Yun didn’t care. He put the painting in her arms and said, “How much will you give me?”

Guoguo insisted, “I won’t take advantage of you. My family taught me since young to not take advantage of others. If you give me the painting, I will naturally give you money. If you don’t tell me the account number, I’ll still ask.”

She insisted on it so Han Yun also have no way, “Then, let’s forget the odds. Say no more.”

When the painting was let out, Han Yun instantly gained 10 million.

He sincerely felt that the price of calligraphy and painting was really high. He seemed to have found a new way to make money. He wanted to go home quickly and make calligraphy and painting. He also wanted to sell calligraphy and painting!

At the end of the Qushui Liuqi activity, there is another small luxury car show, including Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Ferrari and other luxury cars, with a total of six cars, each worth ten of millions, each equipped with two models.

There is even a Koenigsegg which is a limited model in the world, and only five cars have been produced in the world, making supercar enthusiasts a feast for their eyes.

“There are only five cars in the world? I was on the lawn just now and I saw one exactly the same, but it seems to be silver. Who’s the car owner? Cheng Yangshuo?”

“It must be his!”

It’s no wonder that people think so. The one who asked Han Yun for calligraphy just now was called Cheng Yangshuo, and his father was the exclusive domestic agent of Koenigsegg.

This club, founded by Cheng Yangshuo, with the support of his father, has attracted more than 400 like-minded members of the rich second generation the country for four years.

These members themselves are equivalent to an intangible asset, causing everyone to want to join the 50 million club.

However, this club cannot be easily entered even if it wants to. One has to be recommended by its members. After submitting various information applications, it has to get the consent of all members before one can enter.

Now, this rare opportunity is in front of Han Yun.

“Mr. Han, you gave me a piece of calligraphy and you don’t want my inkstone, Sheyan. I’m sure I can’t ask for your calligraphy for nothing. Would you like to join the club?”

Han Yun asked, “Do you play like this every time?” If they all play like this, then it’s really boring.

“No, it’s not. Last month, we held a drag racing meeting, and the next month’s activity is still undecided. It’s definitely good for you to join the club.” Many people can’t ask for it. But Han Yun’s face is sparse and ordinary, he doesn’t seem to be excited about it.

Cheng Yangshuo said, “I’ll take liberties to ask, is the car with license plate number of the three nines on the lawn outside yours?”

“En, it’s mine.”

Cheng Yangshuo was a little surprised to see him. The limited model, which only produced five cars, he managed to get was through his father’s relationship. He didn’t expect that there was someone with the same model in front of him.

His attitude became gentler, and urged Han Yun. Han Yun hesitated, “Isn’t there any more applications to fill out?”

“No, it’s for outsiders. So, would you like to join our club?”

Han Yun thought about it and said, “Then add it.”

His tone is so common that he seems to only adding a friend on WeChat. It’s not fake and Cheng Yangshuo can hear it. Han Yun is obviously used to seeing good things in his talk. This kind of noble spirit is not raised by ordinary rich families. It makes people feel that he can’t be touched. They have more guesses about him. When they go home, they will ask where is there a Han family with deep cultural heritage.

At the end of the activity, it was evening. Han Yun had dinner with Guoguo and then sent her home. Guoguo happily hugged the painting, “My father loves these things most. I told him that I bought them for 10 million, but he couldn’t believe it. Thank you, Han Yun. If you take this painting to auction, you can sell it for 20 million yuan. As a result, you sold it to me for 10 million yuan… Really, I’ve taken a huge advantage.”

There’s no need to doubt the authenticity of the painting. It’s Cao Xuan’s work. There’s no need to think about it, it must be authentic.

Han Yun doesn’t think that Guoguo has taken advantage of himself. First, this painting is currency in his eyes. If he hadn’t been lazy when he was studying in Taiyuan academy, he can still draw it to this level. Second, it’s because Fu Yuan’s paintings are much better than this. Han Yun naively thought that if he cheated Fu Yuan into painting one, and then sold it, wouldn’t he get 100 million yuan?

He ignored the issue of the painter’s fame. The price of painting and calligraphy is linked to the painter’s fame. He also thought that he had found a way to make money.

Han Yun went home and bought a set of pens, ink, paper and inkstone online, intending to make a fortune.

When Fu Yuan came home the next day, he saw his majesty lying on the desk, attentively practicing calligraphy.

When he came to Han Yun’s back, he found that on the huge rice paper, there were dense words of “money”. Fu Yuan glimpsed that under this rice paper, there was another rice paper with the word “Xuanzhu”. The handwriting was like casual graffiti, and the ink had been dried up. It was estimated that it was written last night.

He seems to be able to imagine that Han Yun naturally drew his name when he was bored.

It shows that Han Yun missed him.

Fu Yuan, with eyes full of smiles, said in low voice, “Your Majesty has regressed.”

“I haven’t written for a long time,” Han Yun is going to give him the pen, “Otherwise you write?”

Fu Yuan pressed his back and held his hand in the palm of his hand. He taught him to write hand in hand as he did thousands of years ago.

A tall, fiery body was covered on his back, and their hands were touched together. Another word “money” appeared on the paper. It was not the same level as Han Yun’s words. Han Yun himself knew that his mind was not on the calligraphy because he was bewildered… Lord Fu has a good figure and is very masculine. When he is pressed down from behind, Han Yun can feel that there is something touching his tailbone, the size is amazing.

It’s not that Han Yun hasn’t seen it before. Fu Yuan changed his clothes in front of him more than once, but never faced him. However, even with his back to him, Han Yun occasionally caught a glimpse of something looming.

Thinking of this, he immediately felt a little uncomfortable and coughed, “Xuanzhu, have you been upset recently? Have a drink of… Chrysanthemum tea?”

Fu Yuan found that his ears were slightly red, and teased him, “I’m angry with Your Majesty.”

His voice was close to Han Yun’s ear. Han Yun had already noticed that something was wrong. He broke away from Fu Yuan’s arms and changed the topic, “I won’t write anymore, my hands hurt.”

He changed the topic very naturally, “I made 10 million yuan in those days when you were away!”

“I won the first prize in the competition. It’s a painting by a calligrapher and painter. It’s sold for 10 million yuan!” The corner of his mouth was high, and his face was written with ‘I had money’. “But ah, the level of that painter and calligrapher is really average, far worse than you.”

Fu Yuan looked at him without saying anything. In his dark eyes, he was as hot as if he could only accommodate Han Yun alone. There was a strong aggressiveness inside.

Han Yun was a little flustered. He was always afraid of Fu Yuan. Only when Fu Yuan was good to him did he dare to be so wild. If Fu Yuan showed a little bit of his nature, Han Yun would withdraw into his tortoise shell. Now Fu Yuan makes Han Yun instinctively feel a sense of crisis, a sense of great thing will be coming.

Why did Fu Yuan suddenly do this… Has his words offended him?

Han Yun couldn’t help but step back. Suddenly, there was an inspiration, “Then what, Lord Fu, I have not paid you a salary for a long time!”

He remembered that he once said to Fu Yuan, “Don’t forget each other if you became wealthy.”

“You’re welcome. I have money now. How much do you want?” Han Yun is extremely rich, “I’ll give you a year’s salary at one go!”

Translation Note:

1. Fishing for three days and dry nets for two days (三天打鱼两天晒网) – lit. “go fishing for three days and dry nets for two”. Metaphorically do things “no perseverance, often interrupted, cannot be long-term persistence (lack of perseverance)”

Rillevo: I… cannot… How naïve! Naïve! Naïve!


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