Chapter 39

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Fu Yuan knows what Han Yun is doing these days, who he’s going out with and what he’s playing with.

His Majesty likes women, of course, because in his growing up experience, all the women around him treated him very well. His mother’s concubines, maids, and even the queen were very nice to the helpless ninth prince. After the death of Han Yun’s mother and concubine, Han Yun was raised by his aunt.

One or two of the women around him are so good. Of course, he likes women.

However, until he ascended the throne at the age of 12, the closest person to Han Yun gradually became the national teacher.

Fu Yuan knew him very well, often connived at his mistakes and was reluctant to scold him. He gazed at Han Yun’s face for a long time, and his eyes were so heavy that Han Yun did not dare to look at him.

“I’m afraid Your Majesty can’t afford the salary I want.” Fu Yuan raised his hand and rubbed his gentle curly hair. “This ten million, Your Majesty, keep your own flowers.”

Is this a dislike of more money?

Han Yun opened his mouth, his face a little red, “I will try to earn your salary!”

He’s a little bit ashamed, speaking of it… Fu Yuan didn’t have a lot of salary, but Lord Fu was so rich. He just took a little money in his pocket and didn’t cover it, how could he be attracted?

Since this is not the reason, why is Fu Yuan unhappy? He was a little confused – he didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

Hearing what he said, Fu Yuan’s expression softened a bit, “Your Majesty is obedient, minister is very pleased.”

“I see…” Han Yun is listless.

Fu Yuan looked at him and said, “Your Majesty likes that woman very much?”

“Which one? Oh, you mean… Guoguo. ” Han Yun seems to understand why Fu Yuan is suddenly unhappy. He told himself not to let go, but he went out on a date with a girl.

But if he doesn’t go out with Guoguo, Han Yun has no other friends to make an appointment with. Fu Yuan is not at home, and no one wants to play with him. He doesn’t know the model friends in WeChat, so he is bored and lonely.

Fu Yuan gave a faint hum.

Han Yun explained with a little guilty, “I didn’t do anything with her. Besides, I don’t think I can do anything…” His head lowered, his voice gradually lowered, “Didn’t you forbidden…”

When it comes to this problem, Han Yun feels embarrassed. He scratched his clothes unconsciously with his fingers. He is still a virgin and has not given away his first kiss. Is he going to be alone…

No way!

Han Yun raised his head and said in a pitiful tone, “Well, it doesn’t matter. Do you agree with me to make a girlfriend?” There are always people in the circle of friends who show their love. When Han Yun looks at it, he feels that his heart is tied and his eyes are greedy.

“I don’t agree.”

“…Oh, so can I secretly date?”

Fu Yuan’s face was quiet, “Your Majesty can have a try.”

“… Don’t try.” Han Yun felt a little unhappy and did not practice any more. When he looked down and saw that Fu Yuan’s words were still written on the rice paper, he was even more unhappy. He put down his brush and left.

As a result, Fu Yuan didn’t pay any attention to him. He didn’t know who he was talking to. He didn’t use Chinese.

He refused to pay attention to himself, and Han Yun had to pace up and down the room, constantly making noises. Fu Yuan was wearing a white household clothes. The clothes were shining in the sunset. The profile of his side face was very deep, with a layer of peaceful light. He looked back at Han Yun but continued to talk on the phone.

“Lord Fu, I’m hungry!” Han Yun shouts from the sofa, glancing at his reaction.

This time, Fu Yuan finally paid attention to him, straightened up and went to him, “What do you want to eat?”

Han Yun looked at him with clear amber eyes, “Go and buy me fried chicken.”

Fu Yuan’s voice was calm, “It’s not healthy to eat fried chicken for dinner. Your Majesty, change it for something else.”

He finally agreed to talk to him. His attitude seemed ordinary, but Han Yun was still uncomfortable, it’s too cold.

He slightly frowned, angry like, “I want to eat fried chicken, if you won’t buy for me, then I’ll order take out!”

Fu Yuan didn’t speak. His eyes were as deep as an ancient well. He looked at Han Yun for several seconds, then turned and left.

Han Yun’s sense of crisis came up and subconsciously seized him, “Wait a minute!”

About a few seconds of stalemate, the two did not speak. Han Yun couldn’t help it.

“…Why do you ignore me?” Han Yun was a little aggrieved. He took his hand and looked at him pitifully. “I’ll listen to you, Xuanzhu. Just don’t do that.”

Fu Yuan turned back. His little majesty was looking at him pitifully, and his heart softened. Fu Yuan knew that although this temperament was not good, can’t he still get used to it? He can’t blame himself.

He raised his other hand and rubbed it on Han Yun’s head twice, “Good boy.” Then he bowed his head, arched the tip of his nose into Han Yun’s hair, and gently touched his ear with his lips..

It’s itchy.

“Hey, don’t kiss me,” Han Yun’s head tilted slightly and murmured, “It’s strange.”

Fu Yuan laughed and said, “Do you still want to eat fried chicken?”

“…Don’t eat anymore, the family dog ​​has lost some fried chicken.” He couldn’t find a shadow of the dog for several days, so he didn’t know where he went.

The next morning, when Han Yun was brushing his Weibo, he suddenly found a hot search.

The national treasure has finally come home.

Han Yun is very concerned about the hot search list. Because he was pushed up by fans, but he was in the middle of the stream. After he went up, his fans rose up to hundreds of thousands, and so many people like him and pay attention to him. Of course, he is happy, so he has to brush every day to see if he is on today.

The reason why this post attracted him was that he was familiar with the national treasure displayed in the video of the official Weibo page of Imperial Palace Museum.

Eh, isn’t this… his spittoon1?

Even if there are gold-plated flower patterns on it, it can’t change the fact that it is his spittoon.

He looked strangely at this second shot video. In the video, his spittoon was polished, and under the high-definition camera, even every detail was shot to the right place. A rich documentary style male voice said, “Expert identification, this national treasure is a precious cultural relic more than 1000 years ago. It is well preserved and the appearance can be called perfect!”

“Two days ago, the lost cultural relics were auctioned at Sotheby’s auction house in the UK, and the final transaction price was 80 million US dollars. The mysterious overseas Chinese buyer sent the cultural relics back to the motherland! And donated to the Bureau of Cultural Relics! Now the cultural relics are stored in the Imperial Palace Museum! Before that, the administration of Bureau of Cultural Relics contacted Sotheby’s auction house, hoping to stop the auction, but it was eventually rejected by Sotheby’s auction house.”

An old white-haired expert burst in tears in the video and says that he has never seen such a well-preserved cultural relic of the great Wei Dynasty, “Thank you very much for these Chinese who have tried to help the motherland recover cultural relics. Thank you for your efforts…”

This post was sent this morning. It’s only two hours later, but it’s quickly ranked the first in hot search. It’s over 50,000 likes and comments are still increasing. Many of the comments are in praise of this mysterious overseas Chinese businessman who “does good without leaving a name”.

“Can spend 500 million to buy cultural relics back to the motherland! This rich businessman has a big future!”

“Five hundred million yuan to buy a spittoon [laugh and cry] the emperor’s saliva is really valuable.”

That’s it!

It really is valuable!

“A cultural relic more than 1000 years ago, this cultural relic has not been oxidized! It is still so well preserved, and the appearance is so perfect. It is not unusual for the price to be sold at such a price. Even the bowls Qianlong used for eating were sold for more than 200 million yuan…”

“Qianlong’s bowl is valuable, but the buyer did not return the cultural relics to the original owner. I don’t know who the buyer is this time, what a good man!”

It can be seen that people have a kind of feeling about “recovering” the cultural relics lost overseas, so everyone likes this post one after another, but after a while, it is forwarded to hundreds of thousands.

Weibo’s traffic is large, and the Weibo that draws cars can forward millions, let alone such positive energy content.

However, there is no lack of some top-notch talents, “Spent 500 million to buy a spittoon! What the hell! If you spend this money, why don’t you donate it to our poor people, or invest in national defense, and buy the emperor’s spitting porcelain? It’s a shame to buy it back!”

There are many experts, and there are also many professionals who accept them, “It’s someone else’s business how to spend their money! I am ashamed to point fingers at you! Have you ever done anything for your country?”

Han Yun brush for a while, not knowing what he should be feeling. Seeing his spittoon being sought after and praised by so many people… His mood is very complex and hard to say. Why don’t netizens come and have a look! The owner of saliva is here! Real person! Alive! And you’re holding his spittoon?!

He doesn’t know how his spittoon went abroad… Is it so valuable?

Han Yun did not know that the spittoon was originally in his mausoleum. After such a long time, it should be oxidized, and it should not be as smooth as before. But the spittoon was taken out by Fu Yuan. He picked up a burial object in the corner. First, he took out the cultural relic and hung it at Sotheby’s auction house, and then he spent 80 million US dollars to buy it.

Naturally, this is to attract attention.

After attracting attention, the cultural relics are sent to the Bureau of Cultural Relics. Of course, it is not free. Fu Yuan is going for a legal identity. It’s easier to pretend to be an overseas Chinese, and then get his nationality on this basis, so that he can successfully change from a black household to a top rich man on the record of the government, who has the property and assets comparable to the richest man. It takes a week for the assets to be listed at the top wealthy people who have properties all over the world.

Where did such a character come from? The staff know that there are many anonymous and hidden rich people in the world, and those rich people who are known to the public now are nothing in front of this person! The staff who handled the identity for Fu Yuan asked curiously, “What does Mr. Fu intends to do in the country?”


“I don’t know which industry is it?”


Han Yun was shocked by the price of his spittoon, as if he had found a new way to make money. He immediately called the national teacher and asked, “Lord Fu, do you know where my imperial mausoleum is? So… Can I steal in my own grave? Is it against the law?”

Translation Note:

1. Spittoon


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