Chapter 40

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Han Yun has not yet linked this matter to Fu Yuan.

Until Fu Yuan took him to move again, Han Yun looked at the house as big as a palace. In the huge space, it was full of royal dignified and elegant furniture. Now, these common furnishings he used to see and never cared about are valuable antiques.

If you take any of them out, they will make a group of experts crazy!

The palace was built in the middle of the mountain.

The yellow glazed tile with double eaves veranda is nine rooms wide and five rooms deep, and each has four double cross four Linghua doors. The whole building specification has reached the level of his Weiyang Palace. There are inner courtyard and high walls outside. There are no flowers in the garden, but swimming pools and even garages. The clear blue water doesn’t look abrupt.

According to the modern calculation method, it covers an area of 70 or 80 mu. Because it was built on the mountain, it was cool in September, and the shadow of the trees was reflected on the surface of the pool. There is no one in such a big palace, but it is clean and spotless.

Han Yun has always known that the national teacher seems to be doing very well, buying a house and a car, but the standard of the palace is still beyond his expectation.

He looked at all kinds of familiar furniture and decorations in the room, with the shadow in his memory. In a moment, he seemed to go back to the past. He was dressed in a yellow robe. As long as he called, someone would some and serve him.

Everything made him feel familiar and comfortable, as if he were in the past.

Han Yun, a little lost, wandered around the room with the subtle ambergris fragrance, and finally leaned on the soft couch, feeling unreal all over.

It’s the modern clothes on him, the mobile phone with Internet in his pocket, and the national teacher in the same modern costume who stands in front of him that pulled him back to reality.

Fu Yuan looked down at him with a smile, “Your Majesty is satisfied?”

Han Yun nodded, but he was concerned about another problem. He picked up the valuable jade and played with it, “Lord Fu, did you steal in my tomb?”

Fu Yuan nodded, “Took some funerary objects out.”

Han Yun’s eyes suddenly brightened, “Then I…” He was just about to say whether he could take something to sell and earn some pocket money. Fu Yuan interrupted him, “These things can’t be taken out in large quantities. They will…”

“Look up the water meter1?”

Fu Yuan said, “Your Majesty, I’m richer than you think so you don’t need to take things from your home.”

Han Yun put down the soft jade in his hand, and talked in the bottom of his heart. He was not willing to take out the things he had used, even if he will net a large amount of money.

Now that there is nothing to worry about, there is no need to do so.

Fu Yuan knows where his mausoleum is, and he can go in and out at will. He can move so many things out of the mausoleum. It can be seen that his ability is against heaven, but Han Yun thinks that after his death… Did the national teacher really bury himself?

Otherwise, how could he be so clear about these details.

Han Yun thinks so, but he doesn’t ask. Some questions can’t be touched, he knows.

However, although the palace is good, there are some inconveniences. It’s a little far away from the city. It takes more time to drive than before, and there is no express delivery. When the express delivery is sent to a collection station at the foot of the mountain, he has to drive down the mountain to get it himself. It takes half an hour to go back and forth.

But the benefits are also obvious. Living standards have improved significantly. Time seems to be slowed down here. Even if you are in a daze in the yard and blowing a breeze, you won’t feel bored.

Han Yun got up in the morning and was ready to go down the mountain to get an express. a paperman who was as tall as half a person, with hands and feet, and his head as big as Tutu sweeping the floor. He was still startled and opened his eyes wide to swear.

But the paperman was more timid than he was. He immediately threw away his broom and pasted himself on the wall without leaving a wrinkle. It was as static as a sticker.

Han Yun: “…”

He went out of the room, and saw two papermen. One was building grass, while the other was cleaning leaves.

These two are very steady, nothing happened, and it looks like they didn’t see the master go out and work on their own.

Han Yun took the express back, and it was the sample magazine sent to him by ShiYin magazine.

The bright yellow cover is a half photo of him, which has a kind of beautiful noble spirit.

The magazine has just been put on sale all over the country, and it is not clear how it will respond. However, the content of ShiYin has always been interesting and its sales volume has always been very high.

As soon as Han Yun got on his Weibo, he saw a lot of mentions @-ing him.

Modern magazines are seamless with the Internet. Fewer and fewer people buy paper magazines. More and more people begin to buy e-journals. Fashion magazines also have e-journals. The sales volume of ShiYin is also the first in fashion magazines.

The content of the magazine is very rich. There are often star interviews, skin care and beauty knowledge, jewelry appreciation, jewelry collocation, cheap brand substitutes, shopping guide and so on. There are many well-known clothes and beauty bloggers who serialize articles and tutorials on it. The content is diverse and professional. Therefore, in the circle of fashion magazines, “ShiYin” is recognized as the “old brand big brother”, and its status cannot be shaken.

The number of its official Weibo fans is also quite large.

【 ShiYin Shion: The cover character of the September issue, the amber youth in autumn sunshine~ Han Yun! 】

Han Yun went in and had a look. There are nine pictures in the Weibo. The one in the middle has typesetting. It’s the cover of this month’s issue.

Under the bright yellow background, Han Yun’s hair is slightly curled, he wears a warm camel colored sweater. A simple half body photo of his side face, no unnecessary action, clean and clear eyes full of juvenile flavor, and his temperament has a kind of casual laziness, which gives people a very comfortable feeling.

As early as he participated in the competition, the judges commented that he was born with a good color. It’s hard to find anyone better looking than him in the entertainment industry. The key point is his temperament. Some stars are handsome, but it’s a pity that they are only 1.7 meters tall, so they can’t beat him at all.

Han Yun is not the same with 1.84 meters height. His temperament is also unique self-restraint.

“Wow, his eyes are amber. So beautiful, like gems!”

“I don’t know this model very well, but he’s so handsome. Does anyone know him?”

“Well… It’s like the model in “T-Typhoon”?”

“The one who quit?”

“Yes!! That’s him!! We carry treasure!!! I’ll give you a beautiful picture of the golden age!!” Some fans lost a hard photo taken during his participation.

“Real people are more handsome than photos! Everyone who has seen the program knows! He’s a good-looking man, but he quit the competition. Wow, I thought he didn’t want to be a model. It’s great to see him again!”

“He’s very handsome, there is a kind of unspeakable temperament, like a little prince.”

He was deeply impressed by the audience who had caught up with the show. They knew that Han Yun was a man of his own way and a super-rich second generation who played with tickets, but he was still very strong. Even if he didn’t powder him, they couldn’t have a bad impression on him.

His withdrawal was unexpected and unreasonable for many people.

The simple sentence “It’s not fun, I want to go home” and then retired cleanly, which is really impressive. It is too free and easy.As soon as he retired, “T-Typhoon” was immediately torn out and forced to sing cool.

In response to his “not fun”, the audience keenly sensed something.

It turns out that he doesn’t want to follow the routine of the program group. Such a real character really appeals to the fans.

Comments gradually increased, and they were all friendly. Han Yun also forwarded the post.

Since his first selfie, Han Yun has never sent any more photos, because he always feels that he is a bit of a betrayer. Although others praise him and the praise is quite useful. This time, he didn’t send out the photos. The nine pictures are still very handsome, so he would forward them with peace of mind.

However, what is popular content is the same as that of popularity. The purchase amount of electronic publications can be seen on major websites. With an accurate number, it has already exceeded 100,000 purchases.

The price of electronic journals is half of that of paper journals. The price is not high, but the content is rich. Many old readers of ShiYin gradually like to buy e-journals. They can read them synchronously on Kdle and IAD, mobile phones, computers and other ports.

People are just habitually buying, and some of them bought for the cover, “Male models are really handsome. It’s rare to see such handsome Asian male models, like European and American male models. I’m going to the newsstand to buy a copy. I want a poster!”

Soon, the number of likes on Weibo broke 5,000, the number of comments was 2,000-3,000, the number of forwarding was 2,000-3,000, and most of them were transferred from Han Yun.

Generally speaking, when ShiYin releases a new issue notice, and the popularity is thousands of comments. Unless the cover is a legitimate top traffic, it is impossible to break 10,000, Even the ordinary first-line actresses cannot do it.

But at noon, the popularity of ShiYin’s Weibo suddenly rose, and even became popular!

—The reason is that a certain teen idol reposted ShiYin’s official Weibo account, reminding everyone that there is his own interview content on this page.

But the fans are fried.

Zuo Yufei is the one who made the online drama fire. At that time, he played a campus male god in the play and won a lot of fans by taking advantage of this trend. And for the immediate National Day prime time, the first movie starring him is about to be released-a literary romance film called “Meeting You, Meeting Love”.

The original work is an ancient romance novel of, which was once popular all over the country.

As early as more than a month ago, this teen idol tweeted that he wanted to take the cover of ShiYin. However, this tweet was quickly deleted by him, and the content was changed into something else, 【Go to the magazine~ ShiYin Shion [picture] 】 with a selfie take in a car.

But Zuo Yufei’s fans thought that he was going to be on the cover of the magazine. This was their first magazine cover, and fans were ready to pay for it.

As a result…

“??? Who is the cover of the issue? What’s going on?”

“Who robbed us of Feifei’s cover!! Where did the pheasant come from?!”

“Distressed for Feifei! My God, it’s too cheap!”

“Who are these 18-line! I don’t know him! Which internet celebrity is it? Is the level of ShiYin like this now?”

“Click in and there’s no certification, a million fans! Are you kidding?? Hitting our idols in the face??”

In an instant, the style of criticism changed.

In the backstage of a variety show, Zuo Yufei  didn’t respond. He was playing games soundly with headphones on. The assistant beside him helped him with rhythm by landing on the trumpet. He sprayed under the microblog of ShiYin, then under the microblog of Han Yun, and finally on QQ. he issued an announcement in the habitual water army group.

His assistant point into Han Yun’s Weibo, indignant, “Brother, this is that internet celebrity! I don’t know what Ruan Xingbei thinks. Their level is getting lower and lower… “

When Zuo Yufei heard this, he was not worried nor anxious, “Let me shoot the cover, and I didn’t earn any money. This internet celebrity doesn’t know how much he has posted to the magazine.”

At the beginning, he was really mad. With his fame and traffic, the agent who went to the magazine of ShiYin took the initiative to fight for him, and there’s even no reward at all!

It was also his first time to appear in a magazine. He was not happy to hear that he had no salary. The agent comforted him and said, “It’s good to be in a magazine. The exposure is very strong. You’ll be in a movie soon. It’s certainly good. If only you could be on the cover! I’ve already won it for you. The editor of ShiYin hasn’t replied to me yet, but the cover is mostly yours.”

It’s just because the agent said so that Zuo Yufei sent a post that hinted that he was going to shoot the cover of a fashion magazine. Unexpectedly, the person on the cover was not him at all!

“ShiYin” editor replied, “Sorry, we have found a model in the September issue. This time we have to interview Feifei first.”

At this time, a large number of water army are rampant under the official Weibo of Shiyin and Han Yun.

Zuo Yufei is also sure that the other side is not well-known, simply can’t fight with himself. So he just bought water army and suggest fans to tear him.

As a result, a large number of abusive and sarcastic comments poured in, “A wild model with only one million followers actually flew with us to grab traffic? What about bullying!”

“Eyes so big and the double eyelids are cut! The nose is so stiff, it must be whole! The skin is so smooth, the microdermabrasion is too much! It is more than ten grades worse than our Feifei!!”

“It’s said that unknown models take money to post the cover of magazines. How much did Han Yun give ShiYin?”

Unknown passers-by, thought it was an internet celebrity who snatched Zuo Yufei’s cover shot, “But…I alone think this male model is much more handsome than Zuo Yufei?”

“I also think that before Zuo Yufei disappeared, wasn’t he just a Taobao model? The temperament is too bad.”

“What do you like to say? Who knows if it was robbed by others? Maybe the magazine can’t look up to you at all.”

People who speak for him are soon drowned in Zuo Yufei’s brain powder speech.

There are also people who sprayed his forwarded national treasure home that went home.

The content forwarded by Han Yun is, [[doubt] is a spittoon]. Most netizens think that the spittoon is too expensive. Even if it’s an antique, the price of 500 million yuan is really shocking.

The netizens who sprayed him spoke in a tone of extreme contempt, “I haven’t seen the world before, and a small internet celebrity is just a small internet celebrity.”

“What do you know? It’s an antique! The emperor used it! Archaeologists have never seen such a good porcelain in their life!”

Han Yun doesn’t have so many fans, and seems to have little fighting power. Everyone is very civilized and doesn’t swear, which makes the other party feel more elated. He thinks that his one million fans have moisture.

The navy who sprayed him mainly started from three aspects. One was to imply that he was using money to post to the magazine; the other was to imply that he had plastic surgery; the third was to imply that he had no appreciation level, no knowledge, and no understanding of national treasures.

Han Yun didn’t know at the beginning, and happily showed the photo to Fu Yuan. Then he opened the magazine and said, “These pages are all mine!”

It was his crisis PR that contacted him, that he knew it.

“Mr. Han, did you offend Zuo Yufei?”

“Left… what? I don’t know. Why”

At the other end of the phone, he can understand, “It’s okay, Mr. Han. We’ll handle it properly. Everything is directed and performed by Zuo Yufei. Don’t open Weibo, don’t read comments, and don’t reply! We’ll take care of it!”

“But… Your PR fee may not be enough. The other party has nine million fans and bought the water army. We want to completely crush the possibility…”

“How much?” Han Yun doesn’t know what the situation is, but it sounds like a man surnamed Zuo is asking for trouble. He is worried about how to spend the money in his bag, so the public relations department calls.

The other party said, “Maybe we need to add another one or two million. We have a plan to deal with it. We will publish a video of you and also contact ShiYin. As soon as they clarify, they can say everything else How much did you pay for the cover of the magazine?”

It’s no wonder that other people think so. When shooting a cover for a magazine, they all know that they usually only pay for the carriage. If a model or artist takes the initiative to ask for the magazine, they have to pay for it. Generally, they can’t get any money for the little flowers and fresh meat. Only the top traffic can get the corresponding reward.

Han Yun was at a loss, “What post… I didn’t post any? They gave me 5,000 yuan.”

The other party was also taken aback, and then said, “Okay, this is easy to handle, and an additional public relations fee of one million will definitely be enough.” The other party once again urged, “Don’t read the comments, and don’t reply, it will cause heart to feel discomfort.”

The more the other side said that, the more curious Han Yun was. After he hung up, he first transferred the additional public relations fee of one million yuan, and then opened his Weibo without believing in evil.

Tens of thousands of comments flooded him.

There was a “buzz” in his head.

Han Yun has never seen so many people scold him since he was young.

And one by one, he didn’t have plastic surgery! He didn’t do it! But he really despised his spittoon!!

He stares at the screen for a long time. It is obvious that he has never experienced the feeling of being spurted by so many people. Han Yun immediately forgets all the words that PR calls to warn him, and directly spurts on a large scale.

“The spittoon used by the emperor is a mosquito repellent incense plate in our house!”

There are many insects in the mountains. He doesn’t use a spittoon, so he lights mosquito repellent incense outside. Let alone, it really works. There are no mosquitoes.

Han Yun picks up two and replies. In the end, he’s really angry. He’s so angry that he puts his cell phone away and lies on the soft couch.

From his point of view, you can see Fu Yuan looking at the computer on the book case. Han Yun knows what company he’s busy working on and making money recently. He’s so angry that he can’t speak at the moment, and he doesn’t call him because of the pain in his chest.

It’s not that he can’t stand the blow, tens of thousands of comments scold him, no one can really stand it. Not to mention that Han Yun hasn’t suffered such great grievances since he was a child. It’s all slander!

When Fu Yuan caught a glimpse of him lying motionless on the soft couch, he thought he was asleep. He went to get ready to carry him to the bed. As a result, as soon as he bent down, he saw Han Yun’s eyes were a little red.

Han Yun rubbed his eyes and opened his arms to him. Even his voice was a bit rasped, “You take me to bed. My heart hurts and I can’t walk.”

Heart pain and walking, the two are not related, but he said it like it’s so natural.

Translation Note:

1. Look up the water meter (查水表) – (Internet slang) (of the police) to ask to be let in on the pretext of checking the water meter / to barge into people’s home on false pretences

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