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Chapter 30

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

After several confirmations, stutterer find that he wasn’t pretending and really didn’t understand it.

Just as he was about to explain, the stylist came to touch Han Yun’s hair and asked him to wash it.

Han Yun’s hair hasn’t been taken care of for two months. It grows very fast and has grown to the neck. After it’s curled, it would be shorter and hangs down to the chin. After the barber dries it for him, Han Yun looks at the heart-shaped bangs in front of his forehead and fiddles with the bangs with his fingers hesitantly.

His hair is only slightly curled, similar to the natural curl of foreigners, full of a romantic and melancholy atmosphere, very artistic, like a poet, like an aristocrat. And his clean and clear eyes full of juvenile feeling, coupled with such a slightly elegant curly hair, he set off the “sweet” and “lazy” in Han Yun’s appearance to the extreme.

Can’t help to say that he’s good-looking. What kind of hairstyle makes him good-looking? Putting a round glasses, he looks a bit bookish.

Teacher Yin was very happy. When he took a picture, he took two selfies with.

Han Yun didn’t think he was as good-looking as he was when he had long hair. He couldn’t change his aesthetic for a while, so he liked long hair. However, when he heard that it was so troublesome to receive long hair, he was moved.

Teacher Yin kept praising him and said it was good-looking.

The stylist also boasted, “This hairstyle really suits you!”

Several people have said that so when Han Yun looks in the mirror again, it became more pleasing to the eye. He thinks it’s OK. It’s very good.

In addition to being a fashion designer, Teacher Yin is also an online storyteller with tens of millions of fans. He has several marketing numbers on his own, and his stories are often copied by marketing numbers.

After Han Yun finished taking photos, Teacher Yin was showing him his mobile phone and said, “Is this you? There is nothing in your microblog, and there are few fans.”

Han Yun said, “It’s registered by my agent. I haven’t used it.”

“That’s not good. It’s got to be used! The essence of model circle and entertainment circle is the same. They both need to be managed. You are good-looking, pleasing the girls, and fans will be easy to accumulate.” She often contacts with big stars, and her thinking is the same as that of the entertainment industry.

And most of the models are very low-key. Song Lin, for example, has several famous endorsements and many high-end shows. Although he is not the favorite of the fashion industry, he is the leading male model in China.

But Song Lin is very low-key. Yu Ji is curious about him, but he knows that the rules of their modeling circle are different, and it’s not easy to take pictures of others.

After editing the Weibo post, Teacher Yin suddenly thought that the program had not been broadcast and could not be sent, so he saved it in the draft box, “I’ll post it before Friday. You can’t use your mobile phone now, but when the program is broadcasted every Friday, you can watch the live broadcast in the villa.”

The players finished their modeling one after another, and then went back to the villa by minibus.

The staff sent the contestants a book called “Angels and Demons”, written by Dan Brown.

The players guessed whether it was related to tomorrow’s conjecture. After asking, the staff waved their hands and played dumb.

Some contestants really stayed up late to finish reading the book. Han Yun also read it before going to bed. He was lying on the bed with his face pressed on the pillow, he missed Fu Yuan very much.

The next day is a new shooting plan, this time is not a hard photo, but a video clip.

Guan Mengyuan said, “The shooting theme must be very clear to you, “Angels and Devils”- yes, it means literally, didn’t you think of it? Who stayed up to read a novel last night?”

Several contestants raised their hands. They racked their brains to find out the meaning of this book. They thought it had something to do with mysterious cryptography, or Vatican, or religion. But they didn’t expect it to be its literal meaning!

The shooting location is indoors. There is no scene. It’s a pure white smooth background. The director is a foreigner. It seems that the background is very big, and some players are surprised. And the photographer is Russell. He is dressed in black and a pointed hat with elongated height. He looks like Yohji Yamamoto1.

Guan Mengyuan said, “Among the 14 models, seven are in the angel camp, and the remaining seven are the devil camp. I’ll start with some angels and call their names to stand on the left.”

The grouping is different from theirIt seems that in order to show a kind of temperament contrast, Han Yun put on a black dress, which has no special features. Every player wears the same dress. Han Yun’s clothes is more elegant and simpler, with some black feathers on it and black butterflies at the bottom of his trousers. imagination. The one with strong looks is the angel group; the one with pure looks is the devil group.

The makeup artist first gave him a red contact lens. Han Yun wore it for the first time, and it took half an hour to put it on. He shed a lot of tears and finally stopped. The makeup artist began to apply black eyeliner to him again, and Han Yun tried to keep his eyes from blinking, but he still oozes physiological tears. The makeup artist wiped away the tears for him with a cotton swab, and said softly, “Your eyes are so sensitive.”

Everyone’s make-up and hairstyle are different. Some people have horns, others don’t. Han Yun wants a pair of devil horns. The makeup artist says, “No, yours is a black crown.”

The crown is pure black. There are some black diamonds on it. It has a kind of low-key luxury. Han Yun can’t figure out how this thing is related to the devil. No devil wears a crown!

There are also models with long black devil claws props glued to their hands and lava special effects makeup on their arms are very realistic and exaggerated.

No matter how exaggerated the make-up is, if there is a good photographer, plus a powerful post retouching, the effect will be amazing.

Before shooting, the last props were added to the models. Some with big cloaks, others with black wings. The wings are very heavy. Every feather is real. It’s hard to move when it’s tied on the back,

Han Yun felt a little silly, especially the director wanted him to stir up his wings.

In the pure white space, his black look is out of place but is wonderfully integrated – black and white is the most classic contrast color matching.

He has a heavy crown on his head and heavy wings on his back. He made a hard work, especially when he wore cosmetic contact lenses for a while. He felt his eyes were all spent. His five o’clock vision became two shortsighted.  His tears made the cosmetic contact lenses fall from his eye sockets, and he was stained with a little mascara and eyeliner. His tears were all black.

Russell likes this unexpected effect very much. He lies on the ground to shoot. When Han Yun could not bear to rub his eyes, he says, “We’re great!”

He grew up abroad, English is his mother tongue. Chinese is later learned, so every time he did not control speaking English, either he was satisfied, or angry and felt that the model was wasting his time.

Obviously, he is satisfied with Han Yun. He thinks, “He doesn’t seem to have learned much about modeling, but he is very talented.”

As soon as Han Yun finished shooting, he rushed to the bathroom and pulled out the contact lenses.

After removing the makeup, he returned to the villa. It was already eight o’clock in the evening. Han Yun was tired and hungry, and wanted to have a massage.

One contestant cooked some white porridge according to the number of people. Because everyone was on a diet, everyone could only get half a bowl. Han Yun smelled the aroma of millet porridge in the pot, and ran upstairs to take down the Lao Ganma, intending to mix it.

The camera faithfully records his eating habits. When people saw that he is actually screwing the lid of Lao Ganma, they all have an unbelievable expression. When they think of his action of taking snacks as meals, they felt even worse – they have to go on a diet to keep fit. How can anyone just eat junk food all day without getting fat?

Han Yun doesn’t care whether he is fat or not. He only cares about his appetite.

He held a small bowl, filled half a bowl of just cooked porridge, holding a spoon directly to his mouth.

As soon as the fire was turned off, the porridge was very hot. Han Yun didn’t expect it to be so hot. He became petrified and gasped, as if he didn’t know what to do. A model next to him quickly said, “Silly! Spit it out! Why are you still holding it!”

Han Yun was badly scalded that he lowered his head and spat the porridge in the bowl. Other players took a cup of water for him, “Drink some cold water quickly.”

It’s a very painful thing for Han Yun to burn his tongue, which he has never experienced before. His meals are served by people, and the temperature of the meals on the table is appropriate. It never happens that he will be scalded to tears.

In modern times, he eats takeout all day, and the temperature of takeout is only cold and not hot.

Han Yun’s tongue was numb. He even poured a few cups of cold water. He didn’t feel like eating anymore and went upstairs.

Before the best hard photos on Thursday, Han Yun could live in this room. He gradually felt that social life didn’t seem very interesting. He wanted to go home.

It’s better to be with Fu Yuan.

Han Yun listened to other players’ suggestions and put a layer of toothpaste on his tongue. Peppermint is also spicy. As soon as he put it on, Han Yun couldn’t bear it so he washed off the toothpaste with water. He went downstairs again, took some ice from the refrigerator and put one in his mouth.

Someone asked him, “There is still a little porridge. Do you want to drink it? It’s not hot this time.”

Han Yun is tired and hungry, but he really doesn’t want to eat porridge. It’s too miserable.

He said, “I’m so angry! Don’t want to!” He went upstairs in a huff and puff, leaving behind the player who had no idea why he was angry with porridge.

He sat on the terrace, put his legs in the swimming pool with constant temperature, and ate shrimp slices in a bad mood. His tongue was numb and painful.

At this time, Han Yun suddenly heard the wind from behind. He immediately turned his head. As expected, Fu Yuan came.

Han Yun quickly lost interests in his snack. Fu Yuan had only left for a few days, and he was not living like a man. He understood that he really couldn’t live without the national teacher.

“My tongue is burned,” he said feeling wronged. “I’m hungry. I want fried chicken.”

Fu Yuan squatted down.

Han Yun often looks at his horns, but this time he hasn’t seen them for a few days. He finds that his horns seemed smaller and become two bigger winter bamboo shoots. As long as he puts on a cap and cloak, he can go out.

Fu Yuan noticed his new hairstyle and said nothing. He held his chin and said, “Open your mouth.”

Han Yun thought he wanted to see if his tongue was scalded. He opened his mouth obediently. Fu Yuan said, “Stick out your tongue.”

“…What will you do?” Han Yun looks up at him.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Fu Yuan’s face was very close to him, and now he was looking at him attentively, “I’ll blow it.”

Translation Note:

1. Yohji Yamamoto

Rillevo: I’ve watched the film, Angels and Demons, and it’s so cool. You’ll also love it if you like watching/reading things in this genre. BTW, I have a bit OCD so this’ll be my last update for today. The next one is on February 21, 2021. Thank you!

Chapter 29

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

He doesn’t know why Fu Yuan is angry. He appeared and grabs his wrist. Han Yun is puzzled. He just wants to drink a milkshake. What’s he so angry about it?

Han Yun said he didn’t want to drink. He only had a drink in the afternoon. Only when Hu Shuang asked him, he said yes.

It seems that this answer makes Fu Yuan feel satisfied, and his strength relaxed. Han Yun got out of his hold and looked down to find that his wrists were bruised.

He found out last time. When Fu Yuan bit his neck, he didn’t use his strength. At that time, Han Yun was afraid that he would bite his neck like a wild animal. He shivered all the time, but he didn’t feel any pain.

Even so, there were teeth marks on the neck, which slowly disappeared after two or three days.

It’s because his skin is too white and sensitive.

Han Yun covered his wrist with one hand and raised his head to his eyes. He angrily blamed him, “Lord Fu, you are the first one who dares to be rude to me.” Not only that, but he also can’t do anything about him.

Holding his temper, he went to sit on the edge of the bed and said, “I’ve come out to live alone. Why are you still following me?”

“I came just to see Your Majesty.” Fu Yuan looked around his new room and found that Han Yun had just arrived but he already had messed up the room. Two suitcases were opened, some daily necessities were piled on the ground. Clothes and underwear were scattered on the bed, and the wardrobe was also opened. It was a mess.

Fu Yuan bent down without saying a word and tidy up things for him.

Han Yun sat on the bed, watching him tidy up very orderly, not like himself. He was a bit awkward, “Xuanzhu, there are surveillance everywhere. You have to be careful not to be caught by the surveillance.”

“Otherwise…” He pursed his lips, “Be careful that the State takes you for research.”

Fu Yuan answered and finished his clothes on the bed. He asked Han Yun, “Do you want to wash your underwear?”

Han Yun didn’t speak. At this time, there was a knock on the door.

“Good, good evening… Dinner is ready. Come down and eat, eat.”

“Immediately,” Han Yun said, “I’ll change my clothes.” Then, with his head down, he grasped the hem of his shirt with both hands and took off the clothes he was wearing today. He sat on the edge of the bed with his underwear. After rolling up the whole pair of pants into a crumpled ball, he threw them to Fu Yuan. After that, he was naked and changed clothes in front of him.

He changed into a casual T-shirt and beach shorts, revealing his long legs. People here like to wear like this. Han Yun also tried it for the first time. After he put it on, he felt that it was not right. As soon as he put it on, Fu Yuan gave him a pair of trousers, “Wear this.”

Han Yun confronted him, “Wearing this is cooler.”

Fu Yuan’s dark eyes glanced at him and walked two steps towards him. Just as he was about to start, Han Yun immediately took off his shorts and changed them into trousers. He reacted quickly to stop Fu Yuan and looked at him.

Han Yun plays roughshod in front of him because he knows that Fu Yuan is very tolerant of himself and gives in to everything. Sometimes, Han Yun is afraid that he will be angry, and he is very cowardly. He stands up depressed and says, “I’m going to eat.”

Fu Yuan took his palm and gently touched his bruised wrist. He put it on his mouth and blew it softly. He watched him seriously, as if he was apologizing.

Han Yun’s heart softened and his anger subsided.

“Does Your Majesty still hurt?”

Han Yun shook his head, “No pain.” Although he still didn’t know why Fu Yuan was angry, what’s so angry about drinking a milkshake himself!

He went down to eat. As soon as the door was closed, the Fu Yuan dissipated like air.

Tonight’s meal was prepared by the contestants themselves. There were a lot of people, so a few show-loving people volunteered to start cooking. This is also for the ubiquitous cameras to record and let them have more shots.

After all, the model is not a chef. She fried some broccoli, boiled purple potatoes and corn, cut cabbage, lettuce, carrot and chicken breast to make a salad. A nutritious meal that looked ok but was hard to swallow. She assigned each player’s plate.

The portion is not large, except for Han Yun, everyone present has the habit of dieting.

Eating such a simple meal, some people used knives and forks, some people used chopsticks. Han Yun saw other people begin to eat it. He first sandwiched a piece of chicken breast, which was pickled with black pepper and basil and fried in olive oil. It tasted dull. Han Yun didn’t like to eat it, so he ate it slowly. He even wanted to go upstairs and take out a can of Lao Ganma1 from the suitcase to have dinner.

Lao Ganma is a good thing.

He doesn’t talk while eating, while the players beside him chatter on and on. It’s not the first time for him to have dinner together, but it’s the first time for him to sit together and talk genially like this.

Even the program group couldn’t help whispering, “Now they are so harmonious. How can we expect for them to start tearing from tomorrow?”

If you don’t tear it up, this form of reality show will be meaningless, and the copyright will be bought for nothing.

While thinking about this, the program group looked at the long table and found that there was a person who was always away from the topic and seemed not interested in what other players said.

He is more elegant than those who eat corn with knives and forks. He is so elegant that he has no affectation at all. Several cameras can’t help but pull closer to him and shoot him, to take a close-up of his pleasing meal.

As the program team knows that Han Yun is a rich man and a second-generation rich person. In the past few shows, he often drives different luxury cars, the expensive ones are 30 million or 40 million, and the cheap ones are several million. However, even if he doesn’t drive a luxury car and just eats at the table, you can see that his family background is extraordinary and his upbringing is very good.

It’s not that they haven’t heard the rumor that Han Yun is a rich second generation, but many people don’t believe it.

At the end of a meal, Hu Shuang brought him a banana milkshake, but she didn’t talk to him, as if she thought he was really a fag.

Somehow, Han Yun was relieved.

Jijiji, it’s better for a girl to dress in cool clothes. When she comes to your room and says she wants to sleep with you, she can’t do anything, OK?

Han Yun doesn’t want to be doubted whether he can do it.

When he returned to his room, Fu Yuan was gone. Han Yun was carrying the banana milkshake, took off his clothes and drained the water. The pool on the terrace was constant temperature. It was not so cold, but it was also not too hot. It was a very comfortable temperature.

Han Yun can’t swim. He is a dry duck. He paddles back and forth in the swimming pool. He leaned on the edge of the pool and looks up at the starry night.

The next morning, the program team began to knock at six o’clock. Han Yun always got up early. When the program team came in, he was already awake and was washing his face.

He’s wearing a baby antenna band on his head.

The cameraman walked into his transparent bathroom with the camera and shoot him while he’s washing his face. Next to him was a little girl. It was the one who helped Han Yun carry his luggage yesterday. She was a director who had just joined the program group.

Han Yun is a little uncomfortable. He lowers his head and flushes the bubbles on his face. A plain face that is clean enough to have no pores appears under the camera.

The little girl looked up at him and said, “Han Yun, your headband is on the wrong side.”

Han Yun looked at himself in the mirror, “It’s not worn backwards.”

“On the contrary, the one with pink love here is positive.”

Han Yun said, “…the love is too much.”

Breakfast was made by nutritionists and cooks. After eating, they began to keep fit according to the indicators. In the afternoon, the excellent show director guide the judges that came to the villa for the show.

The day passed quickly.

When Han Yun didn’t know about it, some rumors about him beating people backstage, acting in the competition, and judges’ partiality rose quietly. However, Han Yun’s million was not given in vain, and the scandal didn’t start at all.

At night, Han Yun slept alone, and Fu Yuan didn’t come that day.

He tossed and turned, even a little bit unaccustomed, as if… Back to the time when he rented a house, the most difficult thing for him to accept was not embarrassment, but loneliness. He couldn’t stand being alone.

Han Yun went to sleep in the middle of the night with a quilt between his hands.

The next day, the minibus drove to the door of the villa, and the program team raided in at six o’clock. When the contestants saw that they were going out, they were surprised and were at a loss, “It’s not two days before recording. Why are we going out to shoot today?”

The program team didn’t answer. The players didn’t sleep well and were sleepy. Some of them didn’t even have time to eat breakfast. Han Yun took a few packages of snacks while getting on the bus.

Stuttering did not sleep well, he yawned and leaned on Han Yun’s shoulder. Han Yun silently pushed him away. He unpacked the Oreo and ate it with milk.

He likes to eat these snacks very much. There are many flavors, many of which he has never eaten, which can satisfy his appetite.

The minibus drove for a while. As soon as it arrived at the destination, the players knew, “Is it modeling today? Or a complete change of look?”

In front of the contestants, there is a very famous styling salon. Teacher Yin, a fashion designer, has a cooperative relationship with this salon. His private studio is not far away from here. Artists often come to Mr. Yin to do tailor-made work. They take their clothes and come to this salon to do their hair.

Teacher Yin was in the salon. When he saw the contestants, he said with a smile, “You all know, today, some of you will have long hair cut short, straight hair will be curled, and short hair will be lengthened…”

A girl touched her long hair and said, “No, I can’t cut my hair which has been kept for ten years.”

Some players are eager to try. After all, such a salon, if not to participate in the competition, is very difficult to make an appointment, and the price is outrageous.

Now the program team is fully contracted!

The contestants sat down in front of the mirror in turn. The stylists had seen their pictures in advance and conceived their shapes in advance.

Han Yun took a sip of the scented tea in front of him.

A designer came up behind him, and Teacher Yin also came up. They saw him in the mirror and were discussing something in a low voice.

Finally, Teacher Yin told Han Yun, “We want to have your hair curled.”

Han Yun subconsciously thought of the Teddy dog peeing in the elevator and almost choked on it, “… Perm roll?”

The designer showed him a picture, “Curly hair like this.”

French short curly hair2.

Han Yun was extremely resistant, and Teacher Yin said, “You have to believe my professional vision. Your clean temperament and romantic and elegant curly hair are very suitable for you. Or do you want to shave moxigan3?”

He turned his head and found the stuttering beside him crying, saying he didn’t want moxigan.

The designer showed him what moxigan was.

Han Yun said, “I don’t want to have a haircut. I want to have long hair.”

Designer, “If it’s too long, it’s hard to clean the hair after the haircut. The shampoo can’t wash it clean, and it’s hard to comb it.”

One person, one sentence to promote. Anyway, Teacher Yin plans to communicate, and Han Yun was soon convinced.

He thought Han Yun had sweet features early in the morning, but his temperament was too strong. He had to have curly hair to neutralize this kind of outgoing temperament.

Perming is a long process. After stuttering’s moxigan finished blowing, he went to the temporary studio to take a few photos. He came back to look in the mirror and looked sad.

Han Yun looks at his new style and is not used to it. He has a baby face and with such a hairstyle… He’s starting to worry about his haircut.

Stuttering was sitting next to him, he asked him in a low voice, “I forgot yesterday, to… to ask you. That, that day, the one who came to the bar to, to picked you up… Is that handsome guy your, your man?”

The light was very dim that day. Even so, they could see that the man was very tall and handsome.

Stutterer’s eyes was bright, then he said, “He looks, looks good, isn’t he, isn’t he looks like a donkey?”

“Donkey, what donkey?” Han Yun has a blank face.

Translation Note:

1. Lao Ganma (干妈) – a brand of chili sauces made in China.

2. Something like this I guess?

3. Lol! Imagine HY having this hairstyle… Hahahaha.

Rillevo: Is Teacher Yin a Mr. or Ms.? I’m quite confused lol. Please help, I’ll edit it right away. 😊

Chapter 28

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

Han Yun has always wanted to secretly touch his horn, but Fu Yuan has been avoiding. Leading him not to dare, fearing that something would happen if he touched it.

Usually he only dares to think about it. Now that he drank too much, so he has the courage to touch the tiger’s ass1.

Han Yun touched it, and immediately felt the sudden decrease of the air pressure in Fu Yuan. His eyes drooped, and his thick long eyelashes cast a shadow at the moment. There was a kind of dangerous evil spirit in his body. Han Yun’s eyes were a little dazzled, and even saw a huge ferocious animal shadow behind the national teacher. Just a breath, he found that it was just an illusion.

The animal’s shadow disappeared.

Fu Yuan didn’t speak, but just covered Han Yun with his seat belt.

This almost embrace posture became closer and closer. Han Yun, although drunk, was not confused. He instantly realized the danger, and immediately took back his hand, put it behind his back, and pretends nothing had happened.

Fu Yuan’s breath was getting closer and closer to him. His breath was hitting on his face. Han Yun could not help holding his breath and his eyes were flashing, “Lord Fu…”

They are very close. Fu Yuan presses down his head while Han Yun’s eyes are closed. He feels that the tip of his nose touches his cheek. Han Yun trembles a little then Fu Yuan slowly moves down and his lips move to Han Yun’s neck. Then…

Holding his Adam’s apple, he took a bite.

Han Yun’s whole body became stiff and his heart felt electrified. Then he was relieved. He touched his Adam’s apple. It was okay, it was still there.

The wine fumed his eyes red, and he was looking at Fu Yuan accusingly, “You deceived the monarch!”

Fu Yuan reached out his hand and touched his Adam’s apple. His eyes narrowed and gazed at him deeply, “Your Majesty, don’t be so rash next time… Or I really will eat people.”

Han Yun’s face changed when he heard that. He silently grasped his seat belt, thinking that the national teacher was a monster, and he didn’t know what kind of monster he was – monsters all wanted to eat people, and the national teacher was no exception.

Along the way, Han Yun didn’t speak any more. After a while, he secretly reached out and touched his Adam’s apple, and then looked in the side mirror. There was a circle of shallow teeth marks on his Adam’s apple.

What a dog!

The car pulled into the underground garage of the villa and stopped. Han Yun untied his seat belt but Fu Yuan quickly opened the door on his side and bent over to hold him.

Han Yun took off and cried in a panic, “I can walk! You put me down!”

Fu Yuan was not moved at all. He threw him directly to the bed. When Han Yun was dizzy, Fu Yuan stretched out his hand to tear open his clothes. Han Yun was so scared that he quickly woke up and opened his eyes, “Don’t, don’t eat me…” He scowled, “I’m not good.”

Fu Yuan looked at him deeply, then lowered his head and bit his nose.

Han Yun shook, “Don’t eat from my face, ok…”

Fu Yuan’s long, well-defined fingers pinched his chin and rubbed it a few times, as if he was thinking about where to start. Then he buried his head and began to bite his neck. Han Yun was so scared that he admitted his mistake and said with a slight shiver, “I won’t touch your horn next time. Xuanzhu, I was wrong, wrong…”

Fu Yuan slowly gnawed to the position of his clavicle. Then he stopped, touched his cheek and said in a low voice, “Be obedient.”

“En, I’m obedient, obedient…” Han Yun always knew that Fu Yuan was terrible, but he had never been punished like this. He rubbed his neck with his hand and felt it wet. He was discontented, “Lord Fu, how can you drool so much…” He said, with his voice fading.

Han Yun sat up and did not dare to let Fu Yuan take him to bath, so he went directly into the bathroom.

After drinking a little wine, he slept till dawn.

When he got up the next day, he thought of it again, and still felt strange! Fu Yuan looked very abnormal last night. He said he wanted to eat people. As a result, he bit himself a few times and left a few teeth marks on himself. Isn’t this tricking a child?

But Han Yun didn’t dare to be careless. He had a hard time for several days. Finally, he got the program group’s notice and asked him to move into the villa.

He never had this kind of travel experience. Last time he moved, he only took away the important things. The rest of the things were left in the original residence and discarded together with the past of the original owner. This time, it was different. He had to pack big and small bags.

Because there are many recording rules for the program group. First, they are not allowed to use mobile phones or the Internet to communicate with each other. Second, they are not allowed to go out freely. Third, they live together with men and women. In the villa, teachers will come to class when they are not shooting, and they can also swim and keep fit… Now, Han Yun’s home also has a small swimming pool, but there is no water in it, so he hasn’t tried it once.

Gregarious life, it sounds very interesting – the most attractive thing for him is to live with men and women.

Han Yun is going to have a look and come back if it’s not fun.

He picked up things blindly, including useful and useless snacks. They were all stuffed into the suitcase, and told Fu Yuan, “Lord Fu, when I’m not at home, you remember to feed the dog, the dog…” Han Yun looked around, but he didn’t find it. He said, “This stupid dog! I don’t know where he’s gone. Anyway, if you remember to feed him, he’ll go home.”

Fu Yuan gave a hum. Han Yun looked up at his smaller and smaller horn and wanted to ask if it would be gone soon, but he didn’t dare to ask.

Up to now, Han Yun still feels numb at the thought of the consequences last time he touched Fu Yuan’s horn.

Even if the tooth marks are gone.

Fu Yuan drove Han Yun to the villa which was decorated by the program team only a few months ago. The staff helped him move down two suitcases and said, “Ten contestants have arrived.”

Han Yun looked up, and sure enough, he saw several contestants lying down beside the swimming pool on the roof, looking down at himself. As soon as he looked over, several players waved to him.

Fu Yuan was wearing a hoodie and didn’t get out of the car. Han Yun was about to go in but he looked back at him and saw that Fu Yuan was staring at himself through the window.

After hesitating, Han Yun turns around, walks to the car and knocks on the window.

The window rolled down. Han Yun was facing the villa with his back. The swimmers in the swimming pool looked down, but they could not see who Han Yun was talking to.

Han Yun put his hands on the window frame and blinked. He seemed reluctant, “Xuanzhu, I’m gone. Don’t miss me too much.” Leaving a word behind, he planned to leave, but his hand was caught by the man.

Fu Yuan took his palm and gave him a kiss on the back of his hand. Han Yun immediately pulled his hand back, turned and ran inside.

When he went in, there were a lot of suitcases in the empty space on the first floor, and Han Yun’s suitcases were also placed there. The staff said, “Sit here first, the room hasn’t divided yet. Before six o’clock, all the players will come up and start recording. Now you can change into swimsuits and go swimming upstairs.”

Han Yun can’t swim. When he just looked up from downstairs, he saw several female models in bikini. They were in good shape. Han Yun didn’t know where to look.

He didn’t like to go up.

In the open kitchen next to him, there is a female contestant working on a juicer. There are apples and watermelons in the basket. Han Yun looks at her and seems to know her face, but he can’t name her. As he pondered over the name of the other side, the player took the initiative to chat up, “Han Yun, what juice do you want to drink? Apple juice or watermelon juice? There are cucumbers and milk in the fridge. You can make milkshakes.”

Han Yun immediately said happily, “Thank you. I’d like to have a watermelon milkshake.”

Before recording and confiscating his mobile phone, Han Yun took out his mobile phone and went online to find out the name of the female model who gave him the milkshake.

The girl’s name is Hu Shuang.

She is not that fair-skinned, but has sexy honey color and good figure. Her appearance is not the pretty girl that Han Yun’s type.

But she’s also attractive.

Han Yun drank the watermelon milkshake made by others, sat down to chat with Hu Shuang, and waited for an hour. When all the players arrived, the staff set up cameras around the room, and Lin Meng came in. Then all the players began to record from the door.

The street lights of the villa light up the pebbles in the front yard.

“Wow, it’s so big here…”

Everyone seemed to be a master of drama. One moment, there’s someone swimming on the roof of the building earlier. Now they entered the house, as if they had come in for the first time, and said, “The villa is so beautiful!”

“Are we going to live in a house like this?”

The first floor of the villa is very wide, with a long T-stage and a long sofa. There is a whole wall with a big TV. There are some pictures of legendary supermodels on the wall. Everyone screams, “Ah! This is my goddess!”

“Wow, the pool is huge!”

One by one it became genuine.

Han Yun was a little bit painful. Lin Meng shows them around the villa, “This is the fitness area. From tomorrow on, you will get up at 7 o’clock and exercise at 8 o’clock. The nutritionist will match your diet according to your amount of exercise. As a model, the secret of keeping fit is more than diet…”

After a tour, Lin Meng took everyone’s mobile phone and said the rule, “Once we find that you use a mobile phone, you are eliminated directly.” And then she said what people care most about.


“This weekend, you will make the next recording. Only 13 of the 14 people will be left. There are six male models and eight female models. There are only two double beds and five single beds…”

The players quickly calculated in their hearts that only nine people had a bed to sleep, and the remaining five people could only sleep on the sofa and lay on the floor.

“There’s a private suite on the roof with a garden and terrace, a red wine cabinet and a private swimming pool – the only area of the villa that’s not monitored.”

“The player who got the best hard photo last week can stay in the suite until Thursday.”

Thursday is commentary recording day, and the best hard photos are also released on that day.

Hearing this, they turned their heads and looked at Han Yun.

Han Yun began to lose his mind when everyone began to act. When Lin Meng spoke, he was also wandering outside the sky. When he looked at himself, he was also at a loss, “Why?”

Lin Meng smiled, “Congratulations, Han Yun. Before Thursday, you can live in the terrace suite on the top floor.”

Han Yun nodded, his attitude was sparse and ordinary. He didn’t seem to be surprised and excited at all.

Standing next to him, stutterer said, “Wait, I’ll come here… May I, I have a look?”

Han Yun gave an “En”.

As soon as the room opened, everyone rushed to grab the bed. Han Yun leisurely picked up his suitcase and planned to lift it to the top floor. Next to him came a little girl, who was a member of the program group to help him but Han Yun said, “I’ll do it myself. How can I let you work hard?”

The girl blushed but helped him carry the small box.

The box is light and full of snacks.

The players snatched beds while Han Yun entered his own room. The room was really big, but it couldn’t compare with home, it was just fine. The bathroom had a transparent glass door, the terrace was covered by vegetation, and there was a small constant temperature swimming pool.

Han Yun’s door was open, and he was opening the suitcase to put things. Then he rushed to several competitors. They stood outside the door and asked, “Can we come in and have a look?”

Several people came in to see it, which was much more real than their previous reaction when recording. They looked envious, “I must take the best hard photo next week. I also want to live in this room. The private swimming pool is great!”

Han Yun hung a few clothes in the open closet. He was a little lazy and didn’t want to continue to clean up.

Stutterer said, “They are cooking. I’ll call you when they’re ready.”

As soon as he left, Hu Shuang, the female model who made milkshakes for Han Yun, went to the door of the suite again and poked her head, “I want to see this room.”

Han Yun nodded, “Come in.”

Hu Shuang pursed her lips and laughed. When she came in, she kicked the door closed. She changed into a dress and it’s an oversized boyfriend’s shirt. It looks like she doesn’t have pants.

Han Yun began to sort out his wardrobe one by one. Hu Shuang sat down on the pool side of his terrace, unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her black bra.

She sat with a hair dryer and said, “It’s very comfortable here, I want to swim with you here.” She looked at Han Yun with burning eyes, “Can I sleep with you in the evening?”

Because there is no monitoring in this room, she has no scruples in speaking thus showing her ambition.

Han Yun hasn’t noticed this female model before. If she hadn’t made his milkshake today, he still didn’t know her name, but this request…

If the request came from stutterer, he will kick him out immediately even if he doesn’t want to.

Han Yun was a little embarrassed, but he couldn’t control it. Hu Shuang looked at him and said, “Is the milkshake good? I’ll give you another drink later.”

He didn’t know how to answer but nodded and said it was good to drink. Then said while scratching his head, “I don’t like sleeping in the same bed with people. I don’t sleep very well.”

That’s a rejection.

Hu Shuang said nothing but stood up, “What else do you want to drink? Do you want a banana milkshake?”

Han Yun said, “En. Thank you.”

She went to the door, “You are really gay.”

Han Yun opened his mouth. This time, he didn’t deny it. He carried the fag’s pot bitterly.

When Hu Shuang left, Han Yun immediately locked the door. He patted his chest and regretted that he had missed a good opportunity to lose his virginity.

As soon as he turned around, he suddenly ran into a strong body. Han Yun’s nose hurt, and he quickly distinguished who it was from the smell.

It’s Lord Fu, who left in the afternoon…

Damn it… He appeared again.

Han Yun touched his nose. Before saying, “Why are you here again?” Fu Yuan grabbed his arm, and Han Yun frowned. “You want a milkshake?”

Translation Note:

1. Touch the tiger’s ass (摸老虎屁股) – Offend an influential person

Chapter 27

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

Three days before the vote, the number of votes was public. Three days after the vote, the program team will hide the number of votes the contestants got and revealed the number of votes during the recording on Thursday.

The contestant with the first number of votes can be promoted directly, the second and third can be scored according to a certain weight.

Luo Yusen seems to have a hunch that he will be eliminated. Standing in the second row, he has been staring at Han Yun’s back with a gloomy look. Han Yun’s hair grew longer, and he has a small braid in the back of his head. He doesn’t care about the bangs on his forehead.

He was stared at by Luo Yusen uncomfortably, and he turned his head and said, “Don’t stare at my hair, it will fall off.”

He doesn’t worry about being eliminated. He doesn’t lack the prize money for the game, so promotion is dispensable for him, but before he is eliminated, he wants to step on Luo Yusen.

Standing next to Han Yun, Mengmeng is beating drums in her heart. Her strength is not strong. Among a group of 1.78-meter models, she is just 1.7-meter. She has come to the present by her luck and experience.

Lin Meng called the contestants up one by one. This time, he entered the 14 in 20 and had to eliminate six people. In fact, in the comment stage, he could almost see who the show crew wanted to keep and who wanted to eliminate.

If the judges said: “You’re getting worse every week, I don’t know if I should let you stay.” “This picture is really bad. It looks like a robot…” This is almost equivalent to putting you in the danger zone.

“Han Yun.” Lin Meng sits on the sofa on one side of the jury seat and shouts.

“Have you been to the university you studied in Beijing and the three scenic spots you photographed last week?”

Han Yun shook his head and recalled, “I was very busy during the University.”

“Busy studying?”

“In class and working part-time, I have been a model for three years…”

Lin Meng laughs, “I remember you. As soon as I saw you as the host, I felt like I had seen you somewhere. You look unforgettable. Later, I remembered that you were the male model on the cover of a romance magazine. I forgot about that book. I only remember that the model was very handsome.”

On one side of the huge screen, the cover photo of Han Yun’s former youth-pain novels is timely displayed.

On a sunny and hot summer day, beside the roadside fence, there are beautiful Japanese teenagers riding bicycles and wearing earphones.

The photo is full of aestheticism, and the beautiful boy is also very handsome. But if you look at all the photos he has taken, it’s the same feeling. So he can only shoot the cover of this kind of love journal, which leads to the original owner standing still for three years.

Guan Mengyuan looks at the photo and then looks back at Han Yun. For some reason, Han Yun, who is a few years older, has a stronger sense of youth than in the photo. On the surface, his appearance has not changed with his age, but his temperament is very different.

“The picture of you reminds me of the senior I secretly fell in love with in high school, but I can’t remember what the senior looks like. It’s like a picture you took when you were 18, right?”

Han Yun can’t remember. The memory in his mind is erratic.

Guan Mengyuan said, “Let’s take a look at the hard photos you took last week and compare them.”

The slide on the screen shows the hard photo Han Yun took in the Forbidden City.

Song Lin said, “A group of three hard photos have been put on the official website. We only choose the one we think is the best one for you.”

The Chinese Singaporean show director sitting on the second left shook his head, “How did you choose this one? I think the other one is better.” His full name is hard to read, so everyone calls him the abbreviation teacher.

“Both of them are good. Hugo prefers this one, because this one was taken by him. I heard that it took only two minutes for the photographer to take it?”

Still very persistent, not willing to give in. When shooting last week, he was the guiding judge at Prince Gong’s Mansion, so he also watched Han Yun’s shooting. After the photographer took the photos, he also helped the photographer choose the photos. He liked Han Yun’s stage presence very much, liked his walking temperament, and liked him personally.

If this group of models only show their back in front of him, then he will recognize Han Yun at a glance. He likes the introverted temperament in such a frenzy, which makes him stand out from all the players.

Because of his insistence, Guan Mengyuan looked helpless, “I also think that the photo in Harmony Garden is very good, but Hugo insisted, so I gave in. Now teacher, you are the same… Forget it. Let’s put out all three hard photos. Otherwise, without waiting for comments, the three of us will quarrel.”

Guan Mengyuan turned her head, “Teacher Yin, we all have our own opinions. Which one of the three photos is better? You choose. Now you are the only one who has not expressed your opinions.”

Teacher Yin in her mouth is a designer who seems to be out of touch between the aesthetic and fashion circles among the judges and who makes high-end customization for the stars in the entertainment circle. He mocks himself that his aesthetic is superficial and only likes the good-looking ones. He thinks that as long as the face is beautiful, it’s high-end. No matter how ugly the design is, as long as the good-looking people wear it, it’s fashionable.

The judge that the audience likes to tease most is Teacher Yin. The reason is that every time Teacher Yin comments, he likes to rate the faces of the players in the photos first, and he also likes to ask the players, “How much do you rate yourself for this photo?”

A lot of players estimate very conservatively, “It’s a little bit at seven…”

Teacher Yin always shook his head, “I give you six points, this picture is not my appetite.”

In fact, it’s the appearance of the player that doesn’t suit him.

Once he asked Han Yun, “How many points do you give yourself?”


Teacher Yin would say with appreciation, “I think it’s very good too.”

The two men are like singing double reeds1. The two men are like singing double reeds. The players behind didn’t even have the strength to complain.

Some audiences like her very much, “Teacher Yin is pure and unpretentious. I’m Yan Gou2, too!”

Some people hate her and thinks it’s weird that he asks the players to score.

This time, seeing the four judges arguing about which photo is better on the spot, the atmosphere of the rest of the players suddenly became strange. They all knew that most of the best hard photos of this week were taken away by Han Yun.

Hard photos were selected.

Han Yun wears a moonwhite gown, which is not obvious in his literati costume. The hard photo is an indoor scene, and the yellow light penetrates through the window lattice. The long table Han Yun sits on is not an antique of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, but an imitation of the old furniture after modern production. This courtyard is also a very small courtyard in the Forbidden City, and many props in it are brought by the program team.

For example, Han Yun’s brush, penholder and Xuan paper on the desk are all props borrowed from the crew.

Although it is a prop, the effect is not bad.

The judges spoke highly of it, “It restored a real sense of antiquity and brought us into that dynasty. When I saw this hard photo a few days ago, I was very surprised. I dreamed about this young man in the photo at night…. If I don’t compare the hard photos of other players, I will think it’s due to the props.”

In fact, it’s the credit of the master photographer.

—In this shooting, everyone felt a sense of disharmony, but after all, it’s not still shooting, and the disharmony was harmless.

Guan Mengyuan: “Compared with the one you shot when you were 18 years old, now your temperament has been honed and shaped, and you have a unique style.”

Behind, the players numbly listen, “OK! We know it looks good! We know he’s excellent! Can you stop boasting like that!”

The commentary was recorded for more than four hours, and John law was eliminated, so was Mengmeng.

Mengmeng cried miserably. She was popular and people comforted her, saying that she would be invited to dinner after the recording.

At the end of the recording, Lin Meng announced, “Congratulations to the 14 remaining contestants who can continue to compete in the “T-Typhoon” competition. From next week, you will move to the villa of the program group. This week, you need to pack your bags and meet the new schedule.”

After that, the players discussed where to eat.

“Eat at a buffet, buffet is more convenient…”

“I know a private restaurant with very good craftsmanship. It’s only over 400 yuan per head. I’ll be calling to ask if there are any vacancies left.”

Han Yun didn’t plan to go. Mengmeng asked him to go, “Brother Yun, thank you for helping me that day. Come on, it’s my treat.”

Stutterer also said, “After eat… eating, let’s do… do big health care…”

“…Big health care?”

Stuttered up to his ear, he secretly told Han Yun what big health care was.

“Well don’t, must not, won’t do…”

Han Yun’s face turned green when he heard this, “I’ll spend money to let men do me?”

“You just like, let… let your family do it?”

Han Yun didn’t respond to this. He stammered slowly. What do you mean that he only likes to let his family do it?

Stuttering said, “Green’s a green, more, more cool.” He said, it’s a pity to pat Han Yun on the shoulder, “forget it, I won’t take you.”

Han Yun was livid, “I’m not a fag.” Not only is he not, but he is still a virgin!

Who will believe it?

Stuttering didn’t believe it, but he didn’t argue with him. He spoke slowly, and couldn’t argue with him.

In the evening, Han Yun sent a text message to Fu Yuan, saying that he would go out for dinner and go home later.

Fu Yuan is sometimes busy, and Han Yun doesn’t know what he’s busy with. He seems to be doing all kinds of fake cards and identities for himself.

After dinner, a group of people quarreled about going to the bar. In the modeling industry, they often had to get together to expand their contacts. Han Yun didn’t want to go, but several girls stood beside his car, competing to take his car, and said, “Let’s make a guess!” Passersby looked at him with envy and jealousy.

Han Yun had a sense of satisfaction and finally went to the bar with them, but he never touched the wine and only drank juice.

What he doesn’t know is that the juices here are also alcoholic. They tasted the same as fruit juice, and got drunk accidentally.

When a girl chats with him, he will chat with others patiently. Once he gets to the point where she wants to sleep, Han Yun refuses to talk again.

He unconsciously drank too much, and he didn’t even know that was drunk. He thought it was too lively so he was too excited and his mind was a little dizzy.

Stutterer was next to him, seeing he has been talking with girls, when they struck up a conversation, he was reasonable. But if a girl was so bold and attempted to kiss him secretly, he would cover his face and hide, and would refuse to go alone with them.

Stutter said, “Do you dare to say that you are not gay?”

Han Yun’s body is soft, leaning on the deck, his eyes were a bit drunk and confused, “Of course I dare to say it! I’m not!”

He was still a little sober.

At this time, the game of Truth or Dare began to play next to him, and Mengmeng came over and pulled Han Yun over.

They want to play, but they don’t dare to play very open. The dares are at most finding a stranger to ask for a phone call.

The truth is very fierce, ask questions like when’s the first time.

Upon hearing this question, Han Yun felt danger. Fortunately, they didn’t ask him! Otherwise, the fact that he is still a virgin will be exposed.

Han Yun is lucky. It didn’t turn to him after several games.

Turning to him, Han Yun thought that he would rather ask a stranger for a phone call than answer this question for the first time, “I choose… dare.”

“In this way, you can call a contact in your mobile phone to confess that you like him. Let’s choose the contact. You can open the phone’s address book and use the speakerphone when you call.”

In Han Yun’s mobile phone, there are not many contacts, such as Fu Yuan, Agent, Guo Guo, as well as several models he knows, and the phone number of his family.

He is willing to gamble and opened his address book.

A female model saw the “Ai Qing” he had named for Fu Yuan and said with a smile, “What is this Ai Qing? Another name or real name? Hahaha… Han Yun, you don’t have a throne to inherit in your family. Hahaha, that’s it.”

Someone called him directly.

Han Yun also thinks the game is nothing. Anyway, the other party is Fu Yuan, and Fu Yuan knows that he is playing outside, so he will send a text message to him to explain.

The phone was connected, maybe it was a bit noisy that Fu Yuan noticed something. He did not speak, did not call Han Yun.

Han Yun said, “Hello”, in a drunken tone. “Xuanzhu, can you hear me?”

“I like you,” Han Yun said without any obstinacy.

Clearly knowing the other is mostly playing a game, Fu Yuan is silent for a while. Then replied, “I also like you. Stop drinking. I’ll come and pick you up.”

Han Yun turned off the speakerphone and motioned them to continue playing. He took his mobile phone and walked away, “I only drank… It’s just juice.”

“There’s still alcohol in the juice of the bar.”

“I didn’t even drink it. You know if you didn’t drink it?” Han Yun laughed a few times and said, “Then how are you going to pick me up? You have… on your head you can’t see people.”

Han Yun said, “You wait for me. I’ll finish later. I’ll come back by myself.”

He never thought that Fu Yuan would come.

When Fu Yuan really appeared, the dim light of the bar became gloomier and became a kind of black and white depressing tone. The models who played the dice game at the entire table stopped and looked at the tall man, who was wearing a slightly strange beret, but didn’t detract him at all.

After staying in this circle for a long time, everyone has seen what a handsome guy is, and they had to admit that the man who pulled Han Yun up with one hand, hugged him and said, “I’ll take you home.” was the best one.

At first, everyone would make fun of this situation, but they don’t know how the atmosphere was suddenly depressed. These players who competed with Han Yun didn’t dare to say a word, nor even dared to look at the man again. The pressure on him was too heavy.

When Han Yun saw him, he was confused, “Where’s the horn?” Fu Yuan didn’t say a word. Fu Yuan said nothing, and almost hugged him away with a deep face. Han Yun didn’t mean not to leave either. His steps were swaying, and his mouth was still asking, “Where’s the horn…?”

Fu Yuan put him in the car with a gloomy face. The little emperor loves to play. He knew that in this world of more entertainment, he would naturally play more crazily.

Han Yun sat in the co-pilot’s seat, but he couldn’t find anyone. When Fu Yuan came up from the driver’s seat, he grabbed Fu Yuan’s arm and looked at him with amber eyes. His cheeks flushed, “I want horns…”

Fu Yuan went over and buckled his seat belt very close to him, “Your Majesty, be good. Don’t make trouble.”

At last, Han Yun found the hat on his head and stared at it for a few seconds. Suddenly, he touched it with his hand across the hat, and then he began to laugh. His eyes were as bright as stars, “Lord Fu, Lord Fu… you have hidden your horn here.”

Translation Note:

1. Singing double reeds (唱双簧) – two actors, one performing in form, one raping with a voice, one in one, to fake the truth; the figurative action of the two sides seems to have nothing to do on the surface, in fact, according to the secret agreement, mutual cooperation: two of them, one willing to fight, one willing to be beaten, singing is a double reed.

2. Yan Gou (颜狗) – face con

Chapter 26

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

He then asked Fu Yuan in turn, “Lord Fu, it’s agreed that you will sleep on your side and I sleep with mine. How come you are holding me?”

Fu Yuan didn’t say that Han Yun was leaning on him. Instead, he laughed. He put his hand under the quilt and rubbed it on his stomach. He said, “Your Majesty smells good, the minister was tempted to sleep by your side. It is chen’s1 my fault.”

“Still itching?” He looks at Han Yun.

Han Yun is a bit awkward. He didn’t itch. Lord Fu lifted his pajamas directly and scratched them. His whole body was numb. Han Yun took his hand away, “It doesn’t itch anymore.”

He lay down again. His face on his pillow, avoiding Fu Yuan’s arm, “I’ll sleep a little longer.”

He closed his eyes, but after a while, he still felt that someone was looking at him. He frowned and slightly opened his eyes. Fu Yuan was watching him. He doesn’t know if he was under the illusion that the black horns on Fu Yuan’s head had become smaller.

Han Yun rolled in his quilt, “Lord Fu, what are you looking at?”

Fu Yuan suddenly pressed down and got close, “Looking at Your Majesty.”

Han Yun opened his eyes and pulled up the quilt to cover his face.

Fu Yuan began to laugh and rubbed his head across the quilt.

Han Yun thought that the quilt was too hot and stuffy.

The commentary will be recorded a week later, because the hard photos they took today on the theme of “Ancient and Modern: Intertwined” will be put on the official website after the pictures are revised, so that the audience can vote.

It will also take time.

Han Yun had nothing to do and didn’t even need to go out for the whole week. He had “cooks” at home. Han Yun also hoarded snacks at home, so he didn’t even need to order takeout.

The next day, the revised hard photos were hung on the official website. Each player had a set of three pictures, divided into three scenes.

Han Yun glanced at it a little bit. He doesn’t know whether it’s the photographer’s skill or the reason for revising the picture. The effect of hard photos is OK. Modern makeup and hair with ancient costumes really have a sense of “Ancient and Modern: Intertwined“.

Han Yun’s photos are even more brilliant, with a strong ancient flavor. Even though his hair is not long and very modern, his appearance is very good. Three hard photos showed that his temperament is quiet and elegant. When a layman looks at the model competition and looks at the beauty of the contestants, Han Yun wins from the aspect of appearance.

Not to mention the show’s love for him.

Brushing the following comments, there were very few scolding at a glance, but they were all scolding him, “You heart arsonist” or something.

In fact, even though it’s open voting on the Internet, it’s actually possible to manipulate the voting results internally. Hard photos are also the internal choice and revision of the program group. Which contestant should be eliminated will be controlled all the way from the beginning.

The negative film of Luo Yusen’s is not good. It’s obvious that he’s going to be eliminated.

Every channel starts to publicize, one mobile phone number can vote. Han Yun took two mobile phones and voted for himself.

Chi Dong knew that he was resting and called him, “Have you moved? Where have you moved?”

“What’s the matter with you?” Han Yun was bored and ignored his question.

Chi Dong didn’t quite accept his attitude, but he forbeared, “The company has registered a Weibo for you. I’ve sent your account number and password in Wechat. You can log in later and take a selfie.” He paused. “What… What’s the matter with you and Luo Yusen?”

“You beat him?”

“Yes.” Han Yun is upright and vigorous.

“You, why are you so impulsive?!” Chi Dong simply hated the fact that iron didn’t become steel2. “Do you know how much impact it will have on you when you hit people in front of so many people? If it goes out, you can’t compete in this competition!”

Chi Dong is very clear about these things in the circle, “If you record next week, one of you will be eliminated. I saw the hard photos on the official website of the program group. It’s obvious that they want to keep you. The photo of Luo Yusen can’t be printed at all. What’s with your impulse! It will cause very bad counter-effects!”

Han Yun is still very leisurely and doesn’t take it seriously, “Oh.”

“Don’t take it seriously. If he doesn’t give up…” He sneered like a smile, ” When the time comes, the other party will invite a wave of water army, and netizens’ mouthful of saliva can spray you to death.”

“Just in case, we need to invite public relations now, but the company’s public relations resources… Both of you are contract models of the company, which is difficult to do. Moreover, the company may not be willing to do PR for you for free. It’s necessary to ask PR for you. PR….”

“It costs money?” While watching TV, he went back to Chi Dong’s words.

“Yes,” Chi Dong sighed, “if you didn’t become impulsive, why would you encounter such a thing? Forget it, I’ll go to the public relations department of the company first…”

“How much is it?” Han Yun interrupted him.

Chi Dong certainly doesn’t think he can hire public relations, “Let’s divide the crisis into different degrees. Now the program is hot. Once you are used by someone who wants to do something, it will ferment very much. Remove the hot search, delete the comments and invite a water navy… At least a million.” So Chi Dong thinks that the company is unlikely to do crisis public relations for Han Yun free of charge.

Moreover, if Han Yun gets hot, signing a contract with a public relations company should be put on the agenda as soon as possible.

“Oh, a million. I think… Then do so ba.” He said in a hundred-dollar tone.

Chi Dong: “…???”

Han Yun is so cool. Are you scared? Dad has plenty of money!

Chi Dong thought his brain was broken, “Are you kidding?”

“I’ll lie to you for that money?”

Is Han Yun crazy or is he crazy? Chi Dong is a little confused, “Where are you going to get a million?”

Han Yun said indifferently, “I’ll give money to you, you go to do it. I want Luo Yusen ruined.”

His tone of understatement makes Chi Dong even more full of black question marks. He didn’t know that this was not an illusion until the money arrived.

—Han Yun has turned over.

Chi Dong took a deep breath.

Where did he get so much money? Is it…? No, even if there is a gold master, it is impossible to come up with one million so easily.

When Chi Dong got the money, he immediately found a very professional crisis public relations company for him and made an appointment to sign a contract.

He didn’t eat any kickbacks. He’s not stupid. Since Han Yun can easily take out the money, it means there must be someone behind him. Chi Dong knows something about his family. From his food, clothing, behavior, words and deeds before Han Yun, he can see that his family is not very good.

And Han Yun used to have an inferiority complex. When Chi Dong signed him, he always cheered him up, “Be confident. Look in the mirror. Who can match you?”

As for later, Han Yun was a little bit too frustrated. Chi Dong hinted that he would go to dinner and cocktail party several times, but Han Yun refused to go.

Obviously, this kind of dinner is to accompany someone to sleep.

Chi Dong later signed a large number of new models and left him aside.

Who is to blame if you don’t work hard, but refuse to take a shortcut?

Chi Dong told him in the evening, “Come out tomorrow afternoon to sign a contract with the public relations company. Their process is to help you solve problems. If there is no big problem, the signing fee of one million a year is certainly enough. If there is a big crisis, one million is not enough, then they will contact you to add funds.”

“Where do you live now? I’ll come and pick you up?”

Han Yun said in a he can do whatever he wants with money tone, “I don’t need you, I have my own car. I’ll drive.”

Chi Dong’s heart is full of mixed feelings. It was great. It was great to have money. He even has a car. If he had a house and a car, he could understate and get a million. What kind of big boss did he follow?

The reason why he hasn’t changed his face with Chi Dong all the time is that after Han Yun received part of his memory, he found that Chi Dong was not very bad for the original owner. He had the resources to help him fight for it and kept helping him arrange work.

The next day, Han Yun received his message in advance and drove to his destination on time.

The signing place is in the office building of the public relations company.

Chi Dong and a staff member of the public relations company stood downstairs and waited for a while. He impatiently sent a message to Han Yun, “When will you arrive?”


Then, an arrogant silver Koenigsegg supercar was thrown in front of Chi Dong.

When Han Yun got out of the car wearing sunglasses, Chi Dong thought he had recognized the wrong person. He wiped his glasses and looked again. Isn’t this Han Yun!

He was shocked and looked up at Han Yun – he was totally different.

Han Yun is wearing clothes that he doesn’t know but are very expensive at first glance. The car he drove is also very expensive at first sight. He looks up and down at Han Yun and finds that after he gets rich overnight, he didn’t have the tackiness of the nouveau riche he imagined.

He thought that the first thing Han Yun did when he got money was to replace his pile of fakes with big brands that let people see the logo at a glance. Unexpectedly, he didn’t even know the clothes he was wearing!

Chi Dong’s mood is complicated, and even a little unreasonable.

Not only Chi Dong was surprised, but the female director of the PR company was also surprised. After contacting their company, Chi Dong also sent the information of the PR object, so they knew that the other party was actually a model who was not very popular, but was already a bit well-known and have some fans.

She didn’t expect him to be such a second-generation rich man.

“Hello, Mr. Han.” The director shook hands with him and introduced herself.

“Han Yun, let’s go. Let’s go upstairs and sign the contract.” Chi Dong’s attitude has also changed to a certain extent. He can’t be called a dogleg, but his smiling face is very eager.

Han Yun was not surprised by this change.

When they went upstairs, they heard voices discussing Han Yun before they walked up to a room, “Which one will you vote for? I think this Han Yun looks the best, but is the real person like this? The picture is refined. The real person must not be so handsome. How can he be flawless…”

“When someone comes, you will know?”

“… Cough, cough.” As soon as the director went in, the voices stopped.

Han Yun went into the conference room to sign the contract, and they whispered outside: “The real man is also super handsome, his white skin is better than snow!”

The signing of the contract went smoothly, and Han Yun knew nothing about it, so he signed it casually. As soon as he left, there was a heated discussion in this seemingly small public relations company, “It’s so lavish. He signed without saying a word.”

“Of course, our business level is the top in the whole entertainment industry. Does the rich and the second generation still need to blink their eyes?”

The female employee held her face and said, “This male model is more handsome than any star I’ve ever seen! What’s more, he’s very big and in good shape!”

Compared with male artists, male models usually have less advantages in body shape and general appearance than those who are in line with the public’s aesthetic taste. However, Han Yun obviously refreshes their understanding.

“Asian male models have always been the kind with one eyelid and shallow outline. The more Oriental they look, the more popular they seem to be… Can he compete with European and American male models?”

Accompanying Han Yun downstairs, Chi Dong had a lot of questions to ask. He considered the words and said for a while, “Your car is very cool.”

Han Yun said thank you.

“Your car?”

Han Yun gave a low-key hum.

“That’s expensive…” Chi Dong observed his expression, “Who bought it for you?”

Han Yun squinted and spat out a few words, “A heart-tinged arsonist3.”



Translation Note:

1. Chen (臣) – I, your servant (used in addressing the sovereign)

2. Iron didn’t become steel (恨铁不成钢) – to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (idiom)

3. Heart-tinged arsonist (芳心纵火犯) – As an online catchphrase, this word generally refers to boys who make girls fascinated and tempted. The original words are “I am the one who set fire in the woman’s heart.”

Chapter 25

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Fu Yuan didn’t even ask but just transferred a sum of money to him. It’s not much, but it’s a huge sum of money for Han Yun. He soon paid for the damage to the clothes.

After the car ran for a day, the gas meter bottomed out, and Han Yun immediately drove to the gas station to add up to 500 yuan of oil.

He didn’t think it was wrong to ask Fu Yuan for pocket money. Although he was still a little embarrassed, he was Fu Yuan’s immediate boss, so he had to give him everything he wanted! If you don’t give it, you’re deceiving the monarch!

And today, he taught Luo Yusen a lesson in front of so many people today. It can be regarded as revenge because he kicked him hard. Han Yun didn’t like him since long time ago. Every time he saw this man, he always felt that the soles of his feet were stabbed with needles.

Driving home, he looked up and saw the full moon in the sky. He remembered that today was the fifteenth. The moon was different from what he had seen before. The modern moon seemed to be covered with a layer of gray gauze, but it was not as bright as in ancient times, and there was a kind of scarlet light.

As soon as he got home, Han Yun saw the national teacher sitting in the living room on the first floor. Fu Yuan didn’t like to turn on the lights, he didn’t like light. The room was very dark, but it showed the dim night light outside. It was not as dark as before.

Han Yun was about to turn on the switch when he heard Fu Yuan say, “Don’t turn on the lights.”

Han Yun noticed that there was something wrong with the atmosphere and said, “Oh”. He didn’t turn on the light when he heard him. He followed a little light in the night and walked towards the direction where he was sitting.

Fu Yuan also wore his black and gilded robe, which seemed to be the result of his magic power. Every time Han Yun saw him put on his pajamas, the robe he took off disappeared.

He was curious more than once, so as soon as he sat down beside Fu Yuan, he reached out and touched the corner of his robe.

Han Yun stealthily touched it twice and noticed that Fu Yuan leaned against the sofa, closed his eyes and said nothing. As if he was suppressing some deep pain.

“Xuanzhu?” Han Yun felt strange and pushed him down. “Are you sleepy waiting for me? Let’s go upstairs and sleep.”

Fu Yuan still did not move. He sat down like a wounded beast. Han Yun lacks patience, but for the sake of national teacher, he still bears his own temper, “Are you unhappy or sick? Do monsters get sick?” He stretched out his hand to explore Fu Yuan’s forehead to confirm whether he was sick, but it was seized by Fu Yuan.

Fu Yuan’s palm is very hot. He doesn’t use much strength, but he firmly holds Han Yun’s hand and won’t let him pull it away.

Han Yun began to feel a burning sensation in his hand, which gradually spread to his whole arm. The alarm bell in his heart was loud, and he felt bad immediately. He carefully said, “Hey, Xuanzhu?”

Fu Yuan murmured, but his eyes still didn’t open. He grabbed his hand and put it in his heart.

Han Yun said in his heart: It’s gay-like ah…

“Your Majesty, the minister hurts here.” Fu Yuan’s voice was so low that he didn’t have any emotion. His robe was windless and the corners of the robe swept to Han Yun’s arm.

Han Yun: “….”

He summoned his courage and said, “Then… I’ll rub it for you?”

Fu Yuan groaned in agreement. Han Yun kneaded awkwardly and said, “I saw the news on TV. Some young people stay up late, their heart speeds up, they feel sick, and finally they die suddenly. Do you always stay up? Don’t stay up late. Let’s see. Don’t talk about us, you monsters still having heart problems… “

As Han Yun was talking, his voice suddenly stopped.

After rubbing it twice, Han Yun’s sluggish actions suddenly discovered something wrong, too wrong! How come Lord Fu doesn’t have a heartbeat!

He stopped and felt it for about ten seconds. This time, he finally confirmed that Fu Yuan really didn’t have a heartbeat!

The touch of the hand is still the warm feeling of the skin, but there is no heartbeat, which is really strange.

It’s reasonable to say that even monsters, as long as they are living objects, should have a heartbeat. The national master is a kind of unknown animal. If you cultivate into a human form, one naturally has to breathe, eat, and heartbeat like human beings.

Han Yun held his breath and asked him in a soft voice, “Why? Does your heart hurt?”

Fu Yuan didn’t answer but breathed quietly, as if he had calmed down. Then he opened his eyes to see Han Yun.

Even if the living room with no lights is so black, Han Yun still noticed the scarlet color of Fu Yuan’s eyes that slowly retreated into black. There are too many secrets in his body that he can’t understand, which he can’t pry into. Han Yun saw it, but didn’t ask, just said: “Does your heart still hurt? Otherwise… Go and have an X-ray to see what’s wrong…”

“No,” Fu Yuan looked at him and softened the tight lines on his face, “Much better.”

“Don’t stay up late, you have to go to bed at night,” Han Yun looked back at him with a straight face. “I’ll rub it for you again?”

Fu Yuan said, “Does Your Majesty’s foot still hurt?”

“I’m fine. Compared with your heart disease…” I felt that I could save him. Han Yun rubbed him for two minutes, but his patience was limited. He was tired all day, and was sweating a lot. He wanted to take a bath, so he stopped and said, “Xuanzhu, would you like to go to bed now?”

“In Your Majesty’s bed?” Fu Yuan’s arms circled behind him, and Han Yun was taken into his arms.

“You want to warm my bed again, right?” Letting him hold was a little uncomfortable. Han Yun touched his stove-like temperature, thinking that if it was winter, Fu Yuan, this natural heater would be good for him to warm the bed. He is very happy.

“Does Your Majesty agree?”

Han Yun pondered for a few seconds. When he touched his heart, he sighed and solemnly declared, “Yes, but!” He stressed, “You warm your sleeping corner. Don’t warm my sleeping place, you are too hot.”

Anyway, his bed is very big, and he doesn’t turn over when he sleeps. The national teacher is also a regular person. If they don’t touch each other, it doesn’t matter.

Fu Yuan didn’t speak. He just held him, as if melting him into his body and fill his missing heart.

Han Yun watched TV for a while taking a bath. The TV was connected to the Internet. He started the last competition and opened the bullet screen to watch it.

At this time, Han Yun feels that many people seem to know him. The barrage is all over the screen. Han Yun sees a lot of content related to him. They called for him and said they like him. Of course, there are also curses. However, these cursed sunspots can’t find a suitable place to attack him. They can’t say that he is ugly and has no temperament so they kept on saying that he’s too pretending, Lei Gong can’t even stand it that thunder might strike him!

Han Yun saw a report and gave it a sneer. He soaked in the bathtub for an hour until his fingers were wrinkled. He didn’t finish the report.

After taking a bath, he took the mobile phone he bought for Fu Yuan, turned on the video, and said angrily, “Ai Qing, come on, help me report these people full of feces! Fill in the reason for reporting. This one is deleted the fastest!”

Fu Yuan looks much better now. If Han Yun opens the curtain, he will see that the full moon in the sky has been covered by dark clouds.

There is a dim yellow wall lamp in the bedroom. Han Yun’s head is wrapped with a pink dry hair towel. He leans on his big bed, which is very soft and covered with all kinds of pillows. His fingers mechanically click on the mobile phone screen.

He and Fu Yuan leaned side by side. Fu Yuan was patient and helped him report one by one.

He was sleepy before long. It was too late. As soon as Han Yun put aside his mobile phone, he leaned against Fu Yuan and went to sleep.

Fu Yuan held him in his arms and gently pulled the quilt.

Han Yun was fast asleep, and his slight breath seemed to have some sweet smell.

Fu Yuan lowered his head to smell it. He somewhat wanted to kiss him, but he stopped. Holding Han Yun’s hand, he touched the position of his heart again. There was no heartbeat, empty, as if missing the most important component.

If Han Yun takes him to take an X-ray, modern medicine will find a cognition beyond their common sense – this person has nothing on his left chest where he should have a heart, and there is no wound on the surface of his skin. It’s like that after his heart was removed, the skin on his chest grows well again, and there is no scar at all.

When Han Yun got up in the morning, he found himself sleeping in Fu Yuan’s arms.

Fu Yuan’s big arm just fits the curve of his back neck, so it’s very comfortable to sleep. When Han Yun found that he had his face on his side, his cheek was in his shoulder socket, and his arm was still holding Fu Yuan’s waist, he was totally stupefied.

The curtains were still drawn in the room, and the sunlight penetrated through the gap of the shade, the light and shadow were thinly reflected on the floor.

Han Yun’s first reaction was chagrin. He took it for granted that it was Fu Yuan’s fault. Otherwise, how could he be like this.

He sat up angrily, just trying to scold him, “Lord Fu, you are overstepping the rules like this!” However, he found that Fu Yuan was still sleeping, and his handsome face was completely in his eyes.

Han Yun can’t scold another word.

Fu Yuan had a long-standing pressure on him, which often made people dare not look at him. Han Yun sometimes dares to see him, sometimes he doesn’t dare. He is always afraid of Fu Yuan. When he first ascended the throne, he heard that the crown prince, who died one day after he was on the throne, was killed by the national teacher.

Not only that, Han Yun also felt that this was mostly true, because the servant who told him about it soon disappeared, as if he had never existed.

Han Yun knew this, but he didn’t dare to offend him anymore, and he honestly became a puppet.

Looking at Fu Yuan sleeping like this without any aggression, Han Yun watched him, and his anger disappeared immediately.

He had a strange idea in my heart. A man so kind and has such a wonderful life like Lord Fu, if he was a virtuous woman, then he would definitely marry him.

Han Yun thought about it this way but soon gave up this terrible idea. He could feel the sound of Fu Yuan’s breathing, which was very smooth and even, so he moved very lightly, put his hand into the quilt and went to Fu Yuan’s side.

He wanted to feel Fu Yuan and see if his heart was beating. He wanted to know if what happened last night was just an illusion.

His hand was stretched out when Fu Yuan suddenly opened his eyes, “What does your majesty wants to do?”

Han Yun jerked back his hand and scratched his stomach. His eyes were flickering, “My belly itches.”



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Chapter 24

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When she said this, it was obviously going to be cut off. Han Yun seemed to wake up and almost jumped up, “Don’t talk nonsense! What… there is no…”

All three looked up at him.

Even the cameraman brother turned his head and looked at him. With Han Yun’s tongue-tied reaction, it is estimated that he was sleepwalking when he drove this morning. Saying that he had no appointment last night… Who believes that!

Han Yun: “…” He really didn’t have any appointment!

Although there is no scientific basis, it is said that he has killed other girls in bed.

Then, the cameraman brother, carrying the camera, followed this group of contestant downstairs with them bringing the big and small bags. The clothes were very heavy and could not be stuffed in the bags. They had to be folded neatly and wrapped in plastic cloth.

In addition to clothing, a medium-sized cosmetic case with a complete set of tools is also available. The eyeshadow palette and makeup brushes have all kinds of high gloss blushes. Meng Meng said, “I used to make my own flat make-up, and I also made a make-up video. So I counted as a half professional makeup artist.”

She is also a well-known beauty blogger. If she updates frequently and diligently, she will become a big influencer.

“Han Yun, where did you park your car?”

“I forgot. I’ll look for…” He took out a key to a Ferrari.

After several people got on the bus, got in the car, Han Yun sat in the driver’s seat. Tiantian asked, “Are you still awake?”

Han Yun turned back with his eyes wide open, “I don’t seem to look awake?”

“Or I’ll drive?”

Han Yun said that every time he drove on the road, he had Fu Yuan’s guidance. Several times he almost had an accident, but Fu Yuan saved his life. Now Chen Tiantian says she’ll drive, which Han Yun couldn’t ask for more.

After they changed their positions, Han Yun rubbed his eyes and said, “Driving is very tiring. When we get to the next destination, let’s change seats. Let me sober up first…”

He yawned.

Chen Tiantian doesn’t know how to drive his car very well. As soon as she gets on the car, she regrets it. She asks him how to operate this and how to operate that. Fortunately, cars were almost the same. Soon she started the engine.

She started the car a little unskillfully. The cameraman sat in the co-pilot seat while Han Yun and the other girls were in the back seat. He was sandwiched between them. He felt like he was hugging his left and right side but he sat upright and kept his hands in order. He would never accidentally touch the other.

This four-seater sports car is a new Ferrari GTC4S1, which was launched at the end of last year. It’s a top top-fitted and happens to be a four-seater. Several people pretended not knowing the car, and they tacitly didn’t ask questions about it. It is easy to be ridiculed by netizens.

They all thought in their hearts… They didn’t know who had spread the rumors, saying that Han Yun wears fakes all day and is a fake rich second generation.

Take a look! Where does this look like a fake? At first glance, it looks like a wealthy person.

As soon as they left the parking lot, they were by a follow-up vehicle of the program group.

In the car, the contestants all wanted the camera and began to work hard to find topics. Tiantian used the navigation to search, “Badaling in the Great Wall is our farthest destination. Badaling is also close to the Ming Tombs. The rest of the scenic spots are relatively close to each other. It’s less than one kilometer from the Yuanmingyuan2 to the Summer Palace. It’s only ten minutes’ walk and it takes an hour to drive from the Forbidden City to the Summer Palace… From here, the distance to the Forbidden City is the closest. It takes about an hour to drive, so we’ll go to the Forbidden City first?”

“Most of the contestants’ destination is also Forbidden City. They have already left by car. If so… we’ll have to wait for them!”

Meng Meng: “I’ll send a message to ask.”

She is very popular and has good personality. She has exchanged contact information with all the players and can talk with anyone.

After asking, Meng Meng said, “It seems that Min Min’s group is going to the Forbidden City, and… When it’s over, they will all go… Forget it, shall we go to the Summer Palace first? There are two scenic spots, at least one of which is the shooting point of the program group.”

“Let’s go.”

Once the destination is set, the car became a little quiet. After all, it’s normal for a novice variety artist not to find topics. Among them, Meng Meng is the smartest. She opens her make-up box and begins to introduce her cosmetics to the audience in the car.

“As you know, I’m an amateur beauty blogger. I have no other skills. I can do a little bit of magic with makeup.”

She began to introduce her make-up remover, “The two most important points of skin care are make-up remover and sunscreen and nothing else! Before I put on makeup, I use cleanser first, and then use makeup primer. These two things are all the same. I have a few here. What I most often use is CB isolation.”

Just like a beauty blogger, she began to sell her cosmetics. Before introducing some of her cosmetics, she said to the camera, “You can’t see it just by talking, so let’s try it. Who can we try it on…”

She turned to look at Han Yun, who was sandwiched between two girls, holding his cheek and didn’t know what he was thinking. He looked like he was asleep with his eyes open.

“It’s decided! Let’s try it on Yunbao’s face,” she suddenly said while approaching. “You don’t have makeup, do you?”

As soon as Han Yun recovered, he saw Meng Meng studying his face very closely. She studied it for a few seconds and said, “Definitely no makeup.”

The cameraman pulled a close-up at this time.

“Did you put on sunscreen?” She asked.

“…No.” Where does Han Yun have this awareness? When he washes his face with facial cleanser in the morning, he just thinks it’s fun to rub bubbles on his face.

“You don’t wear sunscreen! You’re still not a model!” Meng Meng said exaggeratedly. She gets a wet tissue and wiped her hands, “Then I’ll first put on sunscreen then makeup on Yunbao, his skin is really good. I think I can save some makeup…”

If Han Yun wants to say anything else, her hand will come up.

Suddenly surrounded by several girls, one of which was still so close that perfume smells surround him, Han Yun, who had not touched a woman for eight hundred years, was unable to adapt. He could only sit aggrievedly and and let Meng Meng apply makeup on him.

The car ran out of gas. Tiantian drove the car to the gas station then got off the car to buy water, “When are shooting later, there must be no time to eat. What do you want to buy?”

Being a model, you must control your diet. Meng Meng said, “Just mineral water.”

Only Han Yun, who was distracted when Meng Meng concentrated on applying earth-colored eyeshadow for him, replied on what he wants, “I want mineral water, two bottles of milk, and I also want to have a cucumber Lays, matcha-flavored Pocky…”

Meng Meng was surprised, “Aren’t you afraid of getting fat?”

When brushing his eyelashes, Meng Meng sighed again, “Where does this eyelash need to be brushed… There is no need to apply eyeliner. The eyelashes are thicker as if it has an eyeliner, and it’s more similar to those on dolls than us girls.”

But in order to show her eyeliner, she still experimented with Han Yun’s eyes. She didn’t know if she stabs him and causes his physiological tears to flow. Meng Meng panicked while Han Yun immediately lowered his eyes and said, “It’s okay.” Then he closed his eyes, “The last time the makeup artist drew eyeliner on me made me cry. I was a little uncomfortable and blinking wildly. It has nothing to do with you.”

Meng Meng said, “Okay, then we won’t draw eyeliner.”

Han Yun gave a hum, and then raised his head. A pair of watery deer-like eyes fell under the lens. His eyelashes were long and thick, and his skin was like snow-white brocade. It seemed that people’s hearts were about to melt into water.

Finally, after giving him powder, Han Yun took off the straw and began to drink milk while still eating potato chips. He asked others if they wanted to eat, but the girls refused to eat. Meng Meng said, “I have to calculate the calories every day when I eat! I’m afraid of getting fat! How nice of you!”

Only the cameraman ate a piece shyly.

It was already eleven o’clock when they got to the Summer Palace.

They met the program team waiting in the Summer Palace. Guan Mengyuan was also there. The program team set up a temporary steel frame canopy in the Harmony Garden in the Summer Palace, which was divided to make it easy for models to get makeup and change clothes.

Han Yun slowed his hands, leaving him a set of eunuch clothes of the Qing Dynasty.

This dress is equipped with a red-topped eunuch hat, and a purple satin clothes sewn with a crane pattern. In fact, this dress is not ugly, but it is easy for the players to associate this dress with the treacherous eunuchs in a play. Maybe because of the dignity of men, they didn’t choose it.

Han Yun once sneaked out of the palace through the eunuch’s clothes, but that was when he was very young. He changed his clothes and went out without a hat.

The Summer Palace is the Royal Garden of the Qing Dynasty. It is the most complete preserved imperial palace so far. There are many tourists. Only part of the scenes to be filmed were temporarily surrounded by the program group, and many tourists stopped to watch, thinking they were filming.

“Why are they filming here?”

“No, it’s not. It seems to be that very popular show. I saw their staffs’ shirts, it says T-Typhoon.”

“What? They are not filming? Look over there, there is a eunuch… Hey, the eunuch is so handsome!”

“That’s a male model, not a eunuch.” Some people who have watched the program said.

Tourists began to take photos, videos and tweet.

The girls who changed their clothes came out with a pair of flowerpots. Their makeup and hairstyles were modern, while their clothes and scenes were antique.

The Summer Palace is very large, and the scenes shot by the program team are in Jiqing Pavillion, where Shen Congwen once lived. East of Jiqing Pavillion is a section of mountain climbing veranda. In this remote garden, there are no tourists. Time seems to return in the past. Standing here in ancient clothes, it’s like crossing through time.

But in such an elegant place, with modern equipment and clothes, everything seems so out of place.

The photographer stands at the bottom of the veranda, and the model stands at the top. Guan Mengyuan first asks the female models to shoot. As he thought in the beginning, the hair was stubborn. So much that there was even a blower below to create a breeze effect.

Meng Meng is the first one to go up. She was born in Pingmo. She used to take product photos for Taobao Hanfu stores, but this time it’s totally different.

Meng Meng is the first one to go up. She was born in Pingmo. She used to take product photos for Taobao stores in Hanfu3, but this time it’s totally different.

When she was shooting, Guan Mengyuan was next to her as a guide, “You have a strong ability to show your clothes, but don’t exaggerate your actions. Do you know what your problems are? The expression is too deliberate, and… This is what you should do. You know that your hairstyle is too loud, but you should try to weaken it.”

The shooting time was very short because there was a group of contestants waiting behind. One contestant took five or six minutes then the photographer will call to stop.

“What about Han Yun?” Guan Mengyuan asked.

Chen Tiantian said, “He seems to be feeding the fish over there, and I will look for him with Meng Meng.”

They walked over and noticed Han Yun who was leaning on the veranda. He wore a purple silk and satin costume with an official hat beside him. People like them who didn’t study ancient costumes would definitely not recognize that they were actually the clothes worn by the eunuch if they hadn’t heard others say before.

Chen Tiantian wants to call “Yun Gonggong”, but her voice can’t help but stop. Han Yun is full of immortality. He doesn’t look like a eunuch, but a son of a noble family.

Meng Meng said, “I can’t tell that it is him. He was eating potato chips in the car just now. No wonder I heard that the ancient court ladies and eunuchs form a pair of food4. If the eunuchs were like this, I would be happy to change too!”

Han Yun is looking down at a small fish swimming in a pool of lotus flowers. He also buys a bag of fish food and feeds the fish lazily. His posture is very casual, but it’s different from other people’s casual look.

Guan Mengyuan also saw him and beckoned him over, “Your shooting will start now.”

Han Yun stood up and walked over. He held his hat in his hand, but he didn’t wear it. Guan Mengyuan asked him, “Why don’t you wear the hat?”

Han Yun replied, “It’s… too much like a eunuch.”

Guan Mengyuan said with a smile, “OK, then. Don’t wear it.” She didn’t give any extra guidance, because she felt that Han Yun was strangely suitable for this theme. Like others, he had modern make-up and hairstyle, but his sense of incompatibility was almost nonexistent.

He didn’t have his hair tied today. His hair was slightly long on the side of his face and was gently blown up by the blower. His side face is drooping, his jaw is beautiful, his curve is graceful, and his posture looks like a grove of bamboos. The photographer took only two minutes to shoot and said, “I got it. OK.”

He looked down at the photos in the camera and said with admiration, “He really has aura. To tell you the truth, it’s very difficult to shoot this time. If you ask a supermodel to shoot it, he may not be able to pose well.”

“Yes, I’m not sure I can do it well.” Guan Mengyuan said, “He does have aura. I’ve seen him before, and anyone with outstanding and stable personal style can be very popular.”

After shooting, they didn’t change their clothes, so they drove to the next destination, Prince Gong’s residence. Sure enough, this is the right place. They waited for the previous group to finish shooting before they started shooting. It was almost four o’clock after finishing, so they drove to the Forbidden City.

They’re lucky, none of the three scenic spots they chose is wrong.

The guide teacher in the Forbidden City is Song Lin. There is a group of contestants shooting. This is also the last stop of the group of contestants. When they see them coming, they deliberately shoot slowly to waste time.

Han Yun saw Luo Yusen inside. He hadn’t started shooting yet, and walked towards them while drinking water. However, he was cold, poorly popular, and did not talk to Han Yun, so he snorted coldly when passing by Han Yun.

Meng Meng couldn’t see it, so she directly mocked, “Playing this method, thinking that if you don’t leave time for your opponent to shoot, you can get the first place? If you don’t take care of yourself, you think you are Marshal Tianpeng5.”

Luo Yusen heard it, stopped in his footsteps, and then left without scolding her back.

Han Yun and the three girls had no choice but to change their clothes in the steel canopy next to them. The changing room was also separated. He took off the little eunuch’s costume inside, put his clothes on the chair, and changed them. It is the moonwhite dress that stuttering snatched for him.

This dress is really suitable for him. As soon as he wears it out, Song Lin turns to see him and his eyes can’t turn away.

He glanced at the time, realized that it was nearing the deadline, and immediately called to stop the shoot.

Because several players in the same group deliberately delayed the shooting, he just started shooting a few minutes ago. He was also planning to delay a little more time, so he’s still not into the state at all.

As soon as he heard Song Lin’s words, his face immediately changed, “Mr. Song, I only took two minutes…”

“What about two minutes? It’s almost six o’clock now. If you continue shooting, what will the other players do?”

Song Lin ignored him and waved, “Han Yun, come and shoot.”

After shooting, they have to go back to the TV station. The original time is 6:30. But in fact, the shooting will finish before 6:30 and there was no problem driving back.

Song Lin’s partiality is too obvious. As soon as he looks at Han Yun’s moonwhite gown, he took the initiative to say, “Shoot indoors.”

The photography team moved all the props inside.

At this moment, the sun has not yet set, and the hazy dusk has penetrated into the room. Han Yun is sitting on the table, relaxed, with a brush in his hand. His beautiful lips are slightly curved.

After shooting, it began to rain.

They changed the casual clothes they wore when they came and folded the clothes. Han Yun couldn’t fold the clothes, so he randomly folded them and stuffed them in his pockets.

In the dressing room next door, Meng Meng suddenly yelled.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s over, it’s over… My clothes…”

Han Yun walked over and asked aloud, “What’s the matter?”

Her voice was at a loss, as if she was about to cry, “The clothes… were cut. Who did it…?”

She was talking about the costumes of the cast of Old Shadows of Qing Palace. The most expensive one was a set of palace costumes worn by the leading actress, Princess De, which was cut out with scissors.

With this framing method, Han Yun immediately thought of Luo Yusen…

He bowed his head and checked the eunuch clothes he had just taken off in the dressing room. Sure enough…

“What to do?” Meng Meng stamped her feet anxiously. “Lin Meng said that the clothes should be returned intact. This is borrowed from the crew. What should I do? Will I get eliminated?”

“No,” Han Yun comforted her, “You put on the clothes first, and we’ll go back to the TV station first. My clothes have also been cut. If I’m not wrong, it should be Luo Yusen.”

Meng Meng immediately thought, “It’s him, I just scolded him… But who would’ve thought he’s so bad! No!” She was so angry that she went out and gritted her teeth, “I’ll tear his clothes too!”

She’s about to do and she couldn’t be stopped at all. Chen Tiantian grabbed her and said, “If Luo Yusen cut our clothes, we can tell the program team than if we retaliate in public. After all, we are still not sure. What if they really eliminate you for this reason?”

She added, “Don’t panic. I’ll check which studio makes the costumes of the crew. I’ll ask about the compensation. Of course, the clothes can’t be cut by ourselves. There are so many staff here. When four of us were shooting, they were the only one who came here. Someone must have seen him coming. They have to ask him!”

Meng Meng calmed down a little, but still said in disgust, “I will not let him go!”

Han Yun is much calmer than her. He drives several people back in his car. The cameraman also gives an idea, “You report this to the director first, and the director will deal with it.”

“As already said, the director asked us to take the clothes back to the TV station first. The compensation should be unavoidable, but it is not necessarily for us to compensate.” Chen Tiantian said after receiving the message. “I asked my friend… The costumes of the cast of Old Shadows of Qing Palace are very well made, and they are the best in the industry. The cost of your one may be several thousand, and Han Yun’s one is not cheap. The two pieces add up to more than 10,000.”

Meng Meng thinks it’s a little expensive. She still has tears on her face, “It must be that Luo Yusen!” All her money was spent on cosmetics, and she didn’t think she should pay for it. She didn’t cut the clothes herself!

She hated Luo Yusen.

Han Yun, who was driving, suddenly asked, “How much is the guard suit of Luo Yusen?”

“Maybe… It’s not cheap.” She looked at Han Yun and said, “What do you want to do with this?”

Han Yun doesn’t say a word with a smile. Even if he withdraws from the competition, he will beat Luo Yusen! He even bullied girls, he’s not human.

After several people drove back to the TV station, Han Yun carried his clothes in his hand and quickly found out that the camera was still on, and several judges and hosts were still there. The contestants were queuing up to return their clothes. There was a special person to check whether the clothes were damaged.

The program team is preparing to start recording today’s concluding summary. As a result, Han Yun goes in with a murderous attitude and throws his clothes on the ground. He pulled Luo Yusen’s shirt collar with one hand, and the surrounding players jumped away quickly. Luo Yusen shouted, “What are you doing?!”

“Hit you.” Han Yun sneered and dragged Luo Yusen a few steps with all his strength. Then he threw him to the ground with brute force and kicked him on his stomach. Finally, he succeeded in knocking him down.

He didn’t stop but kicked harder. He was still counting how many times he kicked.

He patted his palms, a little bit happy, “Meng Meng, cut!”

Meng Meng hesitatingly look at Han Yun. With one last grind of her teeth, she takes out a pair of scissors and begins to cut the two sets of costumes that Luo is going to return to the program team after shooting.

“This… What is this?!”

The director knows that Han Yun and Meng Meng’s clothes were cut when they were shooting in the Forbidden City, and they both seem to suspect that it was Luo Yusen. He knew what had happened, but he didn’t expect Han Yun to be so impulsive.

“Han Yun!” The director called out to him, “If there are conflicts that can be resolved, we should resolve it peacefully. How can you mess up like this? These clothes must be returned to the crew!”

Meng Meng has already cut two sets of clothes to pieces. At this time, she is also afraid that the program team will directly eliminate her. She feels aggrieved. It’s not her fault, but she still says, “Director, I cut the clothes. Don’t just scold Han Yun. What’s more, our clothes are not cheap… ” She almost verbally scolded, swearing, but stopped in time, “Our clothes were all cut by him and we were so angry. That’s why…”

The staff were afraid that they would fight and quickly separated Luo Yusen from Han Yun.

Han Yun can feel the hatred in the gaze of Luo Yusen. Perhaps he didn’t expect his handling method to be so high-profile. Luo Yusen relied on the lack of evidence, mostly thinking that he would calm down like the last time.

How can he know that Han Yun is not that kind of character at all?

The director was also upset, “The clothes are broken into dregs, what do you think we should do?”

Han Yun had no expression on his face as he stood with his arms in his arms, “I cut his clothes, I’ll pay for it; I beat him, kicked him a few feet, and I’ll pay a thousand for one kick. So, he damaged my and Meng Meng’s clothes, and the money was taken as my medical expenses.”

His tone was not heavy, but was loud.

Meng Meng tearfully said, “Yun Ge, you are so handsome! You are so handsome ah!”

The director has lost his temper. He’s a prick!

How did he not discover before… this Han Yun!

With such contradictions, it seems that one or two of the three must be eliminated.

Out of such a big situation, the filming barely finished. The director said to Han Yun, “The clothes are damaged. I also told Director Zeng. The price of the clothes is not cheap. The four sets of clothes totals 21,000. Meng Meng’s clothes are the most expensive. It costs 7,000 yuan. Do you really want to compensate for her?”

Han Yun hummed without any waves, and his face was full of money.

Director: “You go home first. I’ll send you the account number later.”

“Next time, don’t be so reckless. How does it feel like to hit people in public?”

Han Yuns thought, “En, my feet hurt.”

It’s getting late. Han Yun takes the elevator to get down, and the director sends a message, asking him to transfer the money to this account.

Han Yun is about to transfer money, but he suddenly remembered something.

Although… He is now a rich man. He drives a luxury car and lives in a luxury house. It seems very beautiful on the surface but in fact… He has no money in his pocket.

The money is Fu Yuan’s.

His Alipay account has no balance.

Han Yun scratched his head and didn’t know what to do for a moment, so he had to send a text message to Fu Yuan: “Lord Fu, can you… give me some pocket money?”



Translation Note:

  1. Ferrari GTC4S
  2. Yuanmingyuan (圓明園) – Yuanmingyuan, the Old Summer Palace, destroyed by the British and French army in 1860
  3. Hanfu (漢服) – traditional Han Chinese dress21615c5919fb06e61f69a8aaddd85509
  4. Ancient court ladies and eunuchs form a pair of food (古代宫女太监对食) – refers to the palace woman and the eunuch formed a famous husband and wife, that is, the eunuch with the finger for the palace woman to solve sexual problems, the eunuch also meets the psychological needs.
  5. Marshal Tianpeng (天蓬元帅) – It is a title given to Zhu Bajie. He is one of the three helpers of Tang Sanzang and a major character of the 16th century novel Journey to the West. Zhu Bajie is a complex and developed character in the novel. He looks like a terrible monster, part human and part pig, who often gets himself and his companions into trouble through his laziness, gluttony, and propensity for lusting after pretty women. He is jealous of Sun Wukong and always tries to bring him down.

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Chapter 23

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“I don’t need it!” Han Yun pulled the quilt back with a straight face, but his ears were red. He was not shy, but because he was found doing it secretly by Fu Yuan on the spot and he also raised the quilt. He lost his face!

Fu Yuan showed a smile in his eyes. He sat beside the bed, “Your Majesty, don’t feel embarrassed. It’s very normal.”

He knows! He knows it’s normal! He didn’t feel embarrassed, but he didn’t want to talk to Fu Yuan any more.

Han Yun caught a glimpse of the underwear he had just thrown away, forced him to put it on without expression, and turned his face, “Lord Fu, I really don’t need you to wait on me, you go down…”

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before. Why does Your Majesty need to hide?”

Han Yun immediately thought of the time when he goes out of the palace to visit the kiln. As a result, he had forgotten the time was caught in the brothel! Why mention it!

“I didn’t!” Han Yun denied. He didn’t understand why the topic was still going on. His mind was faded and his physical reaction went down slowly.

He rolled up the quilt to sit up, “I’m hungry, I’m going to get up to eat.”

He glanced at Fu Yuan, “If you want to serve me, then serve me to eat.”

Fu Yuan stopped him with one arm and didn’t let him get up, “Your Majesty has grown up. This kind of thing can’t be held back.”

Han Yun was very angry, “You don’t let me touch women! Take Dr. Zhu’s chicken hair as an arrow1!”

Fu Yuan gave him a glance.

It was this look that made Han Yun dumb for a moment, and he didn’t dare to get angry with him. The whole person looked like frost beaten eggplant and said dejectedly, “En, just don’t touch, don’t touch my… You still… You go on continue, continue ah…”

Fu Yuan reaches out his hand and presses him back to bed. He plays slowly and carefully. Han Yun holds his head on his side and presses his face on the pillow. He closes his lips tightly, but it’s hard to stop him from moaning.

For a long time, Han Yun’s mind was blank, and he had only one idea – Lord Fu was quite good at playing.

After eating at home, Han Yun drove to the TV station. He woke up early in the morning, so even if he was delayed at home, he was not late. It was only 8:30 when he arrived and the recording had just started.

The production group made clear the rules before the filming started, “The still photos taken will be placed on the official website and social media platforms such as Weibo, and the audience is invited to interact, vote, and like.”

“This will most likely determine if you will stay.”

Then, the host, Lin Meng, first announced the theme of this week’s shooting: “Ancient and Modern: Intertwined.”

“This can be said to be the most difficult phase of the competition so far.” She took out a map, “That’s your mission today.”

Twenty contestants whispered, “Map? Huh? Isn’t this the map of Beijing?”

“Yeah… What does Ancient and Modern: Intertwined means?”

Lin Meng didn’t give them time to continue to talk and quickly said, “Yes, this is a map of the urban area of Beijing. It’s taken from the travel agency and circled in red on it are the famous scenic spots in the city.”

“Today you will be divided into five groups of four.” She looked around and said, “This time, there is no program team to help you. take the transportation by yourself, put on your own makeup, and wear clothes on your back…”

When she said that, the players were all depressed. Regarding the traffic situation in Beijing, they looked up to feel the hot weather…

“You will go to all the attractions then meet the requirements for shooting.”

“Every scenic spot will have a staff of our program team, a judge and a photographer waiting. Today, you must brush to three scenic spots and complete three groups of shooting. There is no need to overcomplete, because there is no bonus, but if you don’t complete, there will be a reduction.”

“Since the theme is Ancient and Modern: Intertwined, what kind of scenic spot is the most suitable?” She took the map and said, “All the spots circled above are famous scenic spots in Beijing but some of them do not have our staff. If you choose the wrong one, you may go for nothing.”

“My God, isn’t it embarrassing…”

“Is the program going to make trouble…” It’s not like an ordinary model show any more. It’s more like a variety show, or the elements of a reality show, starting to warm up.

Lin Meng said with a smile, “You can discuss with the four of you in which scenic spot to go first and which to go next. You can also exchange information with other groups to achieve win-win cooperation…”

“When you arrived and you find that someone got there first, then wait on the spot. Wait for the player who arrived before you to finish shooting. Or if you don’t want to wait, you can go to the next shooting spot.”

“What about clothes?” A player asked.

The staff pushed out two sets of costumes. When the contestants saw the shapes of the costumes, they immediately understood why the shooting theme was called “Ancient and Modern: Intertwined”. There are different expressions on everyone, some are happy while some are worried.

Lin Meng said, “Here are the costumes borrowed from the cast of “Old Shadows of Qing Palace”; On this side are the costumes borrowed from the cast of “Dreaming Big in Jiangshan”. Each contestant can choose one of the two sets of costumes, a total of two sets.”

The two plays are directed by the same director. “Old Shadows of the Qing Palace” is the director’s last drama. It is very popular but the evaluation says that it is moronic. And “Dreaming Big in Jiangshan” is another drama of the director which will broadcast soon.

Lending the clothes to the “T-Typhoon” program group is also a disguised means of publicity.

These clothes are very good and cost a lot of money to make, which means that the clothes cannot be damaged, let alone be lost.

“If we only have clothes, no make-up artist, no wig, and no headdress, wouldn’t it be nondescript to take pictures with this kind of style?” the contestant asked.

“Is that the mix and match effect? It’s too contradictory, especially if you have to make up yourself. These clothes look so cumbersome, I can’t wear them…”

Lin Meng nodded with a smile, “The photographers and retouchers in the program group are very powerful. What they want is this kind of effect.”

When she gave the order, the players rushed to grab the clothes.

Since you have to take it with you, you definitely can’t choose the particularly heavy one. Portability is the first prerequisite.

But because women’s clothing and men’s clothing are mixed together, a male model snatched the women’s clothing. Feeling wronged, he reached out to grasp again but the good-looking men’s clothing are gone.

From the beginning of the competition up to now, Han Yun, who has been in a state of muddle in the process of grabbing clothes, has been watching others openly grab clothes. His action is rather tardy, and he seems to be very reluctant to squeeze with others.

Compared with other players, he seems to be in a special state, as if immersed in other things.

If there is a barrage after it is broadcasted on the Internet, the barrage must be calling him, “Yunbao! Don’t stand up and sleep! Ah, you wake up! You go grab the clothes!”

“Hahaha, I got it!” One of the female models jumped up with joy. “It’s like the one Concubine Li wore in the Old Shadows of Qing Palace!”

The crowd is almost finished.

Han Yun just picked up the last little eunuch’s clothes from the hanger of the Old Shadows of the Qing Palace, and then turned to look at the hanger of Dreaming Big in Jiangshan, which had been robbed.

Stutterer said, “I know you, you take slow action.” He stutteringly said while carrying a moonwhite gown, “You don’t, don’t like this color, do you? I will give it to you. You, you grab it.”

He speaks slowly, but his moves are not at all.

He handed the clothes to Han Yun. Han Yun nodded and said, “Thank you very much.”

Old shadow of the Qing Palace is a complete Miyagi drama2, while Dreaming Big in Jiangshan is a TV drama set in Qing Dynasty. It’s mixed with a lot of elements, so there are palace costumes and knights’ shirts.

Then came the announcement of the groupings.

In Han Yun’s group, all the other three are girls. This grouping is normal when the number of male and female models is not balanced.

Han Yun only knew Chen Tiantian, and he can’t remember the rest.

“It’s not too late,” Lin Meng said, looking at his watch. “It’s 9:10 Beijing time. You’ve got all your clothes. Now you can go to the scenic spots for shooting. You can take the subway or taxi at will. But please note that before 6:30 pm, you must return your clothes to the TV station.”

“How do we get there?”

“How to go is not a problem, the problem is where should we go?” The girl who talked is called Meng Meng. She is a professional model, just over 1.7 meters tall.

Chen Tiantian took a map of scenic spots in Beijing and studied it, “According to our theme, I think the correct scenic spots must be the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, and Prince Gong’s Mansion…”

“These four places. Even if they are not all right, there must be at least in those three, right?”

Meng Meng nodded, “That’s right. It’s very reasonable. Other groups must think the same way. We have to get there before them. Otherwise, we have to wait for others to finish shooting, wasting our time!”

“My idea is, let’s go to the farthest place first, and then go back all the way, which will definitely save most of our time and energy.”

Meng Meng: “In fact, Beijing’s traffic seems give us enough time for a day, but in fact, we are on the road half of the time when we take a taxi? And… There’s another important question, what about the cameraman? Where does the cameraman sit? If we take a taxi, we can only take a seven-seater commercial vehicle.”

Other groups obviously also found this problem, “There are only four of us, but with the photographer, there are five of us. Normal taxis are definitely not good.”

“We can drive our own car too.” Another girl, who Han Yun didn’t know, suddenly spoke. She had a sharp short hair and a slightly heroic baby face. She was also a strong opponent among all the players in “T-Typhoon”.

Meng Meng thought it was feasible and nodded, “Shall we go to the car rental market now? Let me see the navigation…”

“Didn’t Han Yun have a car? I saw him driving this morning.”

In the whole process, he did not participate in the discussion as if the wandering. Then Han Yun suddenly heard his name, “Ah?”, showing his confused face, “Which car did I drive today?”

Most of the cars in his garage have only two seats.

Chen Tiantian looked at him strangely, “Haven’t you waken up yet? Did you anything last night?”



Translation Note:

  1. Take Dr. Zhu’s chicken hair as an arrow (拿朱太医的鸡毛当令箭) – There is the intention of falsifying power or abusing it to deceive others; Originally “Take the chicken hair as an arrow” (拿着鸡毛当令箭)
  2. Miyagi Drama (宫斗剧) – refers to the ancient Chinese feudal dynasty as the background, the queen of the palace princess or female officials and other female characters as the main body of the story, with the characters emotional entanglement or political power rolling as the main line of the drama series. Or called “Palace Fighting Drama”

Chapter 22

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Fu Yuan saw that he was so good that he was almost confused and nodded. But his reason is still there and in the end he did not agree. He said, “When Your Majesty also grow a horn, this is fair.” He was afraid that he couldn’t hold on to it and show his true form. Although Han Yun is not afraid of his long-horned figure, he is not sure if he showed up his original form.

He will not only show his true form, but also do things that might frighten him.

Han Yun looked at him steadily. The more Fu Yuan was hiding, the more he wanted to touch him. In fact, Han Yun knew in his heart what might happen if he touched him.

He sighed faintly, “You don’t need to touch it…”

Fu Yuan stretched out his hand and gently rubbed his hair. He didn’t care about the staghorn on his head. His voice fell into the air, “I owe Xiao Jiu.”

He suddenly changed his name and claimed himself. Han Yun didn’t respond. He raised his head and looked at Fu Yuan in a daze. He didn’t understand why he suddenly… called himself this way. This name is something that can be defined by the following crimes.

Only his mother concubine and father emperor call him that, that is to say, only close relatives can call him that, but Fu Yuan… Han Yun thought about it, they are dependent on each other in modern times, and they can be regarded as relatives who share happiness and hardships.

Han Yun thought it out awkwardly, and heard Fu Yuan say, “This oath must be fulfilled.”

It means not to touch now, but to give later. Moreover, he changed his address just to swear that Han Yun could easily figure it out by himself. He changed his address again and didn’t know what to say. He pondered for a long time and looked at Fu Yuan, “Do you owe me?”

“Not yet.” He raised the corner of his lip.

Han Yun is happy.

These days, he also found a few strange things. His family dog often disappeared, do not know where he run to, but sometimes Han Yun can see his dog bowl prepared every day while the dog food disappears.

Another thing is that he found an invisible man cooking for himself every day. He didn’t think it was a ghost, because when he was a ghost, he couldn’t touch anything.

This must be a chef with superb craftsmanship. He may be an immortal. Even the emperor, who has tasted all kinds of delicacies in the world, thinks it’s delicious. He was curious. At first, he thought it was Fu Yuan’s magic. But as soon as he got close, the familiar cold feeling entangled him.

Han Yun responded, his brain crashed immediately, and then ran away in fright, crying and shouting, “Xuanzhu! There are ghosts at home! This is the house of evil!”

He bumped his head into Fu Yuan’s arms, grabbed his sleeve, and trembled, “Xuanzhu, there’s a ghost in the room. Go quickly… go… and catch…”

“Don’t be afraid, Your Majesty.” Fu Yuan knew that he would find out about it sooner or later, and explained the whole story clearly.

He heard Fu Yuan say that the cook of this family had been killed by others. He died miserably. He refused to leave and could not claim his life. However, his soul would soon dissipate. If he had not been captured by himself, he would have disappeared.

Han Yun asked, “Then if one has no grudges, we will capture them?”

Isn’t it a little overbearing?

“Does Your Majesty think his cooking is not good? If you don’t like it, we’ll let him go.”

“But…” Delicious. It is very delicious, but the thought that it is made by a ghost chef, his stomach feels empty. He felt that the ingredients were not coming from the right way.

He said, “Lord Fu, we’d better let people go and ask for their lives. I’d rather have takeout! Starve to death! I don’t want to eat the food made by ghosts!”

He said so firmly that Fu Yuan realized that something was wrong. It’s not difficult to recruit an aunt to cook, but the problem lies in himself. He can’t see people with his appearance. There are still some tricks outside the villa. Every time he orders takeout, he has to go out to get it.

“I’ll think of another way. First I’ll aggrieve your majesty to eat…” He said, seeing that Han Yun was ordering fried chicken, he asked himself, “What kind of hamburger do you want? Would you like a coke or…”

It’s not like being wronged at all. He’s afraid Han Yun been thinking about fried chicken for a long time.

He didn’t have the sense to manage his body as a model.

After eating fried chicken for several days, Han Yun couldn’t stand it. He ordered a Chinese takeout, but it was hard to swallow. His taste was too bad. He was too miserable before, but he could tolerate it. Now, the taste is nourished by the national teacher—

Finally, Han Yun dumped the takeout in the garbage can mercilessly, turned to Fu Yuan and said, “Please bring our chef back. I will pay him salary and give him money to burn paper every month.” He would rather eat something made by a dead man than a vomit inducing meal.

Fu Yuan knew that he couldn’t do it. He often pretended to forget what he said. He said with a smile, “Don’t worry, your majesty. I have promised him rich benefits.”

In the twinkling of an eye, he’s ready to record the elimination match of the top 14.

After the previous games were broadcasted on TV, if there were too many short-lived drafts, the first season after the revision of “T Typhoon” was also very popular.

Seeing more of the drafts of singing, trainees, and men’s and women’s teams, the model draft contest has set off a new upsurge. It’s hard for the general public to appreciate some unconventional faces in the fashion circle.

For example, Chen Tiantian’s French teeth, many people expressed their displeasure, “I don’t know what’s beautiful about it. Every time people commented, they praised her for the beauty of the teeth. What’s so good about it? Isn’t it just the front teeth! That’s it, so so.”

“Wow, that Luo Yusen is so arrogant. Every time the judges comment on him, every time they spray on him, he shows that he is unconvinced and stubborn, and he still holds his fist. It’s too arrogant. What’s wrong with what the judges say? I really want to hit him!”

“No one looks good. Is this the model draft?”

“Upstairs. If you don’t like it, go to the beauty pageant. Besides, who says there’s no good-looking one? Do you see the little brother who is about to fall asleep? Any frame we cut is wallpaper!”

Han Yun is born with a certain advantage in participating in TV talent shows. He really has a beautiful face that can attract the attention of the audience no matter what competition he participates in. As long as he doesn’t die in the show, his strength is not particularly bad, or his character problems are exposed, he can generally attract fans.

For the sake of audience rating and topic, there is no doubt that the program group will let him come to the end.

Han Yun doesn’t surf the Internet very much but he likes watching TV. He doesn’t know anything about his small fire.

Many fans who accidentally liked him after watching the show asked about his Weibo, “Yunbao has no Weibo. I searched but I didn’t find it. I also sent private messages to other players, and they didn’t reply to me…”

Before recording the top 14 knockout round, Han Yun was still at home. He had just woken up, and there was a certain normal physiological reaction on his body. He had just sneaked his hand under the quilt and Chi Dong’s phone number rang.

“Han Yun!” He said excitedly. “You’re going to turn red!”

 Han Yun responded coldly, “Oh…” He reached out and touched it. He didn’t know if he should solve it.

Because he does it several times a week, Han Yun often doesn’t care. No matter how, soon it will go down.

But sometimes it’s hard to avoid thinking, after all he is young and energetic… Han Yun didn’t see the national teacher in the room. He thought that he would go downstairs to supervise the breakfast, so he did it twice.

“Aren’t you so happy? I discovered you with the wise eyes and knowing beads, and now your pearl is finally uncovered in dust!” He lowered his voice, “I also asked your director group, this time there is no inner curtain, as long as you kill other players, you will win. According to your attention, I will apply to the company to invest some money in your marketing and hype, and strive to make you popular all over the country at once, and endorsements are softened.”

This kind of hype in the entertainment circle is also applicable to the model circle. However, it’s too easy to backfire. If it’s just black and red, it’s not a bonus item for the brand when choosing models. On the contrary, it will affect the prospect of their career. So even if it’s hype, it must be a positive image.

Chi Dong: “But you’re quite a jerk. Your appearance in the program is totally different from usual. You’re finally smart this time. You know how to get powder.”

Han Yun muted his mobile phone and leaves it beside him. He can’t hear Chi Dong’s voice, and Chi Dong can’t hear his voice.

But Chi Dong didn’t know and continued, “You have to register a Weibo. How can you get out of touch with this social platform? It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to take care of it. I’ll take care of it…”

“The top 14 is a barrier. Reality TV will attract more viewers. Your rich second-generation image must be maintained, don’t let it collapse! And don’t take your fake clothes… I will apply to the company as soon as possible, and sponsor some clothes for you. After participating in the competition, I will return them to the company, and the damage will be compensated.”

Han Yun touched it for a few minutes, but he was almost in that state. He was afraid of making a sound, so he turned on his mobile phone with his other hand and found that the call was still going on. He heard Chi Dong talking for a few minutes.

Han Yun: “Have you finished?”

Chi Dong was interrupted by him and forgot what he was going to say.

“I’ll hang up when I finish. Bye.” He cut off the phone, left his cell phone aside, and called Lord Fu several times. When he didn’t hear any response, he was relieved. He took off his underwear in the quilt, bent his knees, and made room inside the quilt.

He is the son of heaven, but now he has to do it on his own. Han Yun often wants to cry when he thinks about it.

He closed his eyes, thought nothing in his heart, followed his body’s instinct, and his throat could not help gasping.

At this time, Han Yun suddenly heard Fu Yuan’s voice, “Your Majesty just called this minister?”

“En, it’s OK. I didn’t call you.” Han Yun stopped at a very fast speed, stretched his legs and didn’t look at him, pretending nothing happened.

Fu Yuan smelled a little bit, his sense of smell was very sensitive, not to mention that Han Yun was caught on the spot. He was very guilty. He quietly fumbled in the quilt with one hand for the underwear he had just let go.

Fu Yuan put the breakfast on the table beside him and went to the bed, “Does your majesty want me to serve you?”

Han Yun didn’t know if he found out, “I don’t like to get up. Lord Fu, you go out first, I have something to do…”

His voice was stopped abruptly.

Fu Yuan didn’t care about his face at all, lifted his quilt and revealed the evidence. He said with a smile, “Sure enough, you really want this minister to serve you.”




Chapter 21

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Editor: rillevo

This bed is very spacious, like a small room, even if there’s more people to sleep, it would not be too crowded.

Han Yun wanted to touch his horn secretly at night. The more the national teacher didn’t let him touch it, the more he wanted to touch it. If Fu Yuan was more generous, he would not be so eager.

As the saying goes, what you can’t get is always the best.

As a result, Han Yun slept very peacefully at night, and there was no sign of waking up at all. It seemed that with the national teacher by his side, he could always sleep soundly.

When he got up in the morning, Han Yun noticed that Fu Yuan, who had already got up next to him, was leaning on the head of the bed and reading, and his whole person felt sober instantly.

He immediately sat up, “Lord Fu, why are you in my bed?”

“Your Majesty forgot?” Fu Yuan looked sideways at him in the somewhat dim room.

Han Yun is used to sleeping with the curtain closed. The shade is not very good, but the sunlight outside the window has penetrated in. However, no matter how many times you look at Fu Yuan’s face, it is enough to shock the heavens and earth. In such soft light, his hostility disperses and looks peaceful.

Han Yun scratched his head, then retracted into the quilt, staring at the national teacher without blinking, and slowly said, “Oh… I remember. “

There seems to be something.

He’ll be resting today.

Han Yun was so lazy that he didn’t want to get up. He was thinking that it would be great if a maidservant will bring him breakfast. He lazily nestled in the warm bed, looking at the national teacher and said, “Xuanzhu, are you hungry? “

He was waiting for the teacher to say, “Your Majesty is hungry.”

When Fu Yuan closed the book, the book disappeared. As expected, he asked, “Is Your Majesty hungry?”

Han Yun nodded and gave a hum but he was still stuck in bed and refused to get up. He looked at him eagerly – the intention could not be any more obvious.

Fu Yuan laughed and sat up from the bed, “What would Your Majesty like to eat?”

Han Yun thought about it. He wants to eat too many things. He missed everything he used to have. Now when he reminisces about it, it is so wonderful that it seemed like a dream. He has a lot of eating habits, but thinking about it now, it is really embarrassing. Han Yun sadly said, “Everything you eat is the same.”

The takeout tastes all the same.

Fu Yuan got out of bed.

He pushed open the door to go out, and the whole person turned into a misty black sand and disappeared.

He also came back soon. He caught a famous chef who was wandering around the world not long after he died. This chef was a chef during his lifetime and cooked for the head of state. The craftsmanship is truly handed down. However, he died unjustly and was unwilling to reincarnate.

Even though Han Yun had been a ghost, he still couldn’t see the ghost. After he got on this body, he didn’t even have any sense of this perception.

When Fu Yuan brings in the breakfast, Han Yun thinks it’s a takeout. He doesn’t know that Fu Yuan has tied up a chef to cook for him.

But today’s takeout… Why is it delicious?

Han Yun has been eating takeout for many days, and it is very tasteless. He most often orders Western-style fast food like hamburger, fried chicken, and coke. He has never eaten this kind of food before, but now he likes it.

But eating too much made him fed up.

Han Yun now doesn’t pay attention to the distinction between monarchs and subjects. He ate with Fu Yuan at the dinner table. Although it’s a very simple noodle, it tastes surprisingly delicious. After eating, he wiped his mouth and said, “Lord Fu, can we order this takeout at noon too?”

Fu Yuan said yes.

When Han Yun got free, he began to study the cars in the garage. To be honest, he preferred to let others drive and take his own car, but now… It’s impossible for the national teacher to drive for him. He has horns on his head. If he scares other drivers on the road, it’s not good to cause an accident.

The last time Fu Yuan woke up was more than ten years ago. At that time, he was able to drive a car. However, with the rapid development of modern technology, today’s cars are different from the old ones.

Han Yun found the original owner’s driver’s license and put it in the car. After practicing for several days, he finally found his physical memory.

It’s very easy to drive. Han Yun gradually enjoyed it and took it as a game. But when he gets on the road, he is still a little scared. However, Fu Yuan is in the car. He turns into a cloud of sand like smoke. Han Yun can only hear his voice, but can’t see his body.

With Fu Yuan watching him every time, Han Yun drove on the road safely.

It’s not too long before Han Yun started recording again.

Just after recording the top 30 into top 20 competitors and leaving the TV station building, Han Yun ran into Sun Wenyan who was talking to Luo Yusen.

Luo Yusen at this time was different from the shady bird that Han Yun often saw. He had a smile on his face and was even a little shy.

Han Yun can’t say enough about it. He wants to avoid it. First, he hated Luo Yusen, and second, he hated Sun Wenyan. He was very bored with this pair of dog men that was always lingering.

Sun Wenyan saw him with sharp eyes,”… Ah Yun!”

Han Yun walked away quickly and ignored him.

Sun Wenyan immediately left behind Luo Yusen who was still talking. He ran fast and caught up with Han Yun, “Did you move? I went to your house and no one was there. Your landlord rented the house to others. Where do you live now? Are you out of money? I can lend it to you…”

“Go away, I have plenty of money.” Han Yun is afraid of him touching himself. He doesn’t like people like Sun Wenyan, not to mention that he has a strong desire for himself.

“Where did you find money?” Sun Wenyan frowned and said, “I said, if you have any difficulties, just find me. How is your father illness? I’ll give you half a million now!”

Han Yun gets on the elevator and goes down to the underground parking lot. Sun Wenyan rushes in quickly. At the moment when the elevator door is about to close, Luo Yusen also reaches out to block the elevator door and rushes in.

He looked at Han Yun with unspeakable malice and jealousy.

Sun Wenyan’s eyes are full of Han Yun. He didn’t notice Luo Yusen’s changes at all. He thought that Luo Yusen was going downstairs too.

Sun Wenyan lowered his voice, his hand was about to put on Han Yun’s shoulder but Han Yun avoided him. Sun Wenyan said, “Ah Yun, don’t make trouble. You don’t have a place to live, do you? Come and live in my house. My house is big. Don’t worry about your father’s illness. I’ll transfer the money to them right now.”

“Who gives a damn of your half million!” Now Han Yun is full of confidence and gave him a cold glance. “Take your broken money and roll away. Don’t let me see you again.”

When the elevator arrived, Han Yun went out.

He took out his car keys.

Even though Sun Wenyan made him spray a few times. No matter how he likes him, it is not with this cheap method. He also became a little angry, “Han Yun! You will regret it!”

“Brother Sun, how can you still pay attention to such a heartless person?” Luo Yusen kindly comforted him, and even stepped on Han Yun’s feet.

Sun Wenyan, who never allowed other people to slander Han Yun, scolds, “He is not that kind of person!” With that, he flung his arm, which was hooked by Luo Yusen.

At this moment…

Han Yun drove a royal blue Ferrari past them.

In the parking lot, of course, it’s impossible for the car to drive so fast. Sun Wenyan and Luo Yusen responded at the same time – the driver was Han Yun.

Sun Wenyan’s face showed his skepticism, “That’s…”

“How is that possible?” Luo Yusen was even more shocked than him. Han Yun is a model who is not particularly famous in the company but when it comes to him, many people know that he likes to buy fakes from WeChat businesses, saying that he, “No matter how good he looks, he can’t be better because of his bad temperament. He has no money and he will have no money. What kind of fake does he buy?”

In fact, most people can’t tell whether it’s true or not, and there are more than one model company that wears fake clothes. All the people who work in fashion companies have discerning eyes. In addition, some people deliberately spread rumors behind them.

The same rumor has slowly begun to spread among the competitors.

Such a person, not only full of aura in the competition. He also won the unanimous favor of all the judges, all the players regarded him as a strong opponent, now – actually driving a luxury car?

Luo Yusen is different from Sun Wenyan. Sun Wenyan is a rich second generation who has seen the world before, so he will not be scared. Luo Yusen is not tall. He was suppressed because of offending his seniors when he first entered the industry. If it wasn’t because he liked Sun Wenyan and wanted to stay in the company, He had already changed careers.

Sun Wenyan was stunned in the same place. After a long time, Luo Yusen thought of something like, “He got our judges, Song Lin’s eye, and he was so blue-eyed for him, and the two of them were glaring at the show. Is it possible…”

“Song Lin? You mean Hugo…?”

Song Lin’s English name is more famous than his Chinese name.

Sun Wenyan thought about it and shook his head, “No, it’s impossible. He’s not that kind of person.” If Han Yun were that kind of person, he would have been with him 800 years ago.

“Brother Sun, why don’t you believe it. Just wait and see!”

After a few days, when Han Yun went to record the top 20 and top 14, the rumor could not be suppressed. Even Song Lin heard of it and found him, “Among these players, who have you ever had a conflict with?”

“Luo Yusen. What’s the matter?”

Song Lin shook his head, “Be careful of this person, I will solve this matter.”

Han Yun doesn’t know anything.

Until he heard a model behind his back saying, “I secretly touched it. It’s not a bargain. Who said it’s a fake? He doesn’t look like that kind of person but looks a rich second generation…”

“It’s also strange that he doesn’t have any labels on his clothes. We can’t see anything, but it’s more expensive than the thousands of big brands on me…”

“If there is such a rumor, there must be black history…”

“Someone seen him driving a luxury car to record today. The car is still parked in the underground parking lot. Really, it seems to be Ferrari. I don’t understand anything about it. Anyway, I heard that it’s not an ordinary million…”

Han Yun’s mouth flicked.

The original owner’s mess is coming again.

When Guan Mengyuan announced the theme of this week’s shooting, he stuttered up to Han Yun and said, “Hey, have you heard the rumor?” He touched Han Yun’s clothing material and lowered his head to smell it. Han Yun glared at him, “Don’t get so close.”

“Don’t, don’t be nervous, ah.” He stuttered innocently, “We are both zero. What do you think I will do to you?”

Han Yun turned his head, “We are different.”

Stuttering, “You haven’t done that, have you? Let me tell you… No, being a zero is cool, otherwise, you think… Why are there many zero. Have you ever heard of it?”

Stuttering, “You haven’t done that, have you? Let me tell you… No, being a zero is cool, otherwise, you think… Why, why are there many zero. Have you, have you ever heard of it?”

Han Yun wanted to say that he was not a fag, but Stuttering interrupted him, “Your clothes look very expensive, what brand?”

“I don’t know,” Han Yun said, “The one in my family is the one who prepared it.”

Stuttering said with some envy, “Oh, your man. He is good, good virtuous ah.”

“He is.” Han Yun said so proud.

At this time, Guan Mengyuan’s voice raised, “You don’t need to rob this costume. You have your own identity in Animal Kingdom -” he read a name, “you play a cat, a proud and elegant cat.” Guan Mengyuan read his name one by one, and then called out, “Han Yun,” then he looked over, “you play the deer.”

Han Yun took his clothes and put them on. When he came out, the stylist put on his wig and staghorn, and then made up for him.

In this recording of the Animal Kingdom, some people play cats and wear cat ears; some play cheetahs, all covered with black spots; Han Yun plays deer, wearing antlers, making up like deer, with a light brown nose.

After the recording, the models went into the dressing room and began to remove their make-up, the camera was closed. Guan Mengyuan appeared in the dressing room and said, “It’s hard work today. From next week, the top 14 will enter the reality show mode. The director said that the audience rating of the program has maintained a relatively high level, and the audience rating is rising every week, and there are a lot of network hits.”

He laughed, “You have gradually begun to become famous and have a certain number of fans. Come on, everyone.”

A female model took off her cat ear headband, “Sister Mengyuan, these ears are so cute! What brand? I want to buy one, too.”

Guan Mengyuan said with a smile, “Oh, this — you can take it away if you like. This dress is made for you, and you can’t buy it. It’s useless after you shoot this time, and it won’t be worn by the next person.”


Han Yun also took off the staghorn on his head and looked at it. He found that it was similar to that of the national master, that is, the prop was beige while that of Fu Yuan was black horn.

“Really, up to now, there has been no reward for the competition. However, I can tell you that after the top 14 in every week’s challenge, the best hard photo can get you unexpected rewards.”

The players started screaming and cheering.

After removing his makeup, Han Yun put the clothes in the handbag provided by the program team and carried them away.

Back home while eating supper, Han Yun itched again, “Xuanzhu, I want to touch your horn.”

Since he touched it for the first time, he was never allowed to touch it again.

“Your Majesty, have a good meal.” He really can’t touch his horn casually. The last time Han Yun touched it; he almost made a big deal.

Han Yun mumbled that he’s very stingy, then, as if thinking of something, suddenly stood up.

“What does Your Majesty want to do?”

“I’ll get something in the car!” Han Yun ran downstairs at a fast speed.

When he went upstairs again, he wore the staghorn props on his head. Because he was running, his face was ruddy, his amber eyes were clear, and he panted, “I have antlers, too!” He went directly to Fu Yuan, “If you let me touch yours, you can touch mine. It’s fair.”