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Chapter 40

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Han Yun has not yet linked this matter to Fu Yuan.

Until Fu Yuan took him to move again, Han Yun looked at the house as big as a palace. In the huge space, it was full of royal dignified and elegant furniture. Now, these common furnishings he used to see and never cared about are valuable antiques.

If you take any of them out, they will make a group of experts crazy!

The palace was built in the middle of the mountain.

The yellow glazed tile with double eaves veranda is nine rooms wide and five rooms deep, and each has four double cross four Linghua doors. The whole building specification has reached the level of his Weiyang Palace. There are inner courtyard and high walls outside. There are no flowers in the garden, but swimming pools and even garages. The clear blue water doesn’t look abrupt.

According to the modern calculation method, it covers an area of 70 or 80 mu. Because it was built on the mountain, it was cool in September, and the shadow of the trees was reflected on the surface of the pool. There is no one in such a big palace, but it is clean and spotless.

Han Yun has always known that the national teacher seems to be doing very well, buying a house and a car, but the standard of the palace is still beyond his expectation.

He looked at all kinds of familiar furniture and decorations in the room, with the shadow in his memory. In a moment, he seemed to go back to the past. He was dressed in a yellow robe. As long as he called, someone would some and serve him.

Everything made him feel familiar and comfortable, as if he were in the past.

Han Yun, a little lost, wandered around the room with the subtle ambergris fragrance, and finally leaned on the soft couch, feeling unreal all over.

It’s the modern clothes on him, the mobile phone with Internet in his pocket, and the national teacher in the same modern costume who stands in front of him that pulled him back to reality.

Fu Yuan looked down at him with a smile, “Your Majesty is satisfied?”

Han Yun nodded, but he was concerned about another problem. He picked up the valuable jade and played with it, “Lord Fu, did you steal in my tomb?”

Fu Yuan nodded, “Took some funerary objects out.”

Han Yun’s eyes suddenly brightened, “Then I…” He was just about to say whether he could take something to sell and earn some pocket money. Fu Yuan interrupted him, “These things can’t be taken out in large quantities. They will…”

“Look up the water meter1?”

Fu Yuan said, “Your Majesty, I’m richer than you think so you don’t need to take things from your home.”

Han Yun put down the soft jade in his hand, and talked in the bottom of his heart. He was not willing to take out the things he had used, even if he will net a large amount of money.

Now that there is nothing to worry about, there is no need to do so.

Fu Yuan knows where his mausoleum is, and he can go in and out at will. He can move so many things out of the mausoleum. It can be seen that his ability is against heaven, but Han Yun thinks that after his death… Did the national teacher really bury himself?

Otherwise, how could he be so clear about these details.

Han Yun thinks so, but he doesn’t ask. Some questions can’t be touched, he knows.

However, although the palace is good, there are some inconveniences. It’s a little far away from the city. It takes more time to drive than before, and there is no express delivery. When the express delivery is sent to a collection station at the foot of the mountain, he has to drive down the mountain to get it himself. It takes half an hour to go back and forth.

But the benefits are also obvious. Living standards have improved significantly. Time seems to be slowed down here. Even if you are in a daze in the yard and blowing a breeze, you won’t feel bored.

Han Yun got up in the morning and was ready to go down the mountain to get an express. a paperman who was as tall as half a person, with hands and feet, and his head as big as Tutu sweeping the floor. He was still startled and opened his eyes wide to swear.

But the paperman was more timid than he was. He immediately threw away his broom and pasted himself on the wall without leaving a wrinkle. It was as static as a sticker.

Han Yun: “…”

He went out of the room, and saw two papermen. One was building grass, while the other was cleaning leaves.

These two are very steady, nothing happened, and it looks like they didn’t see the master go out and work on their own.

Han Yun took the express back, and it was the sample magazine sent to him by ShiYin magazine.

The bright yellow cover is a half photo of him, which has a kind of beautiful noble spirit.

The magazine has just been put on sale all over the country, and it is not clear how it will respond. However, the content of ShiYin has always been interesting and its sales volume has always been very high.

As soon as Han Yun got on his Weibo, he saw a lot of mentions @-ing him.

Modern magazines are seamless with the Internet. Fewer and fewer people buy paper magazines. More and more people begin to buy e-journals. Fashion magazines also have e-journals. The sales volume of ShiYin is also the first in fashion magazines.

The content of the magazine is very rich. There are often star interviews, skin care and beauty knowledge, jewelry appreciation, jewelry collocation, cheap brand substitutes, shopping guide and so on. There are many well-known clothes and beauty bloggers who serialize articles and tutorials on it. The content is diverse and professional. Therefore, in the circle of fashion magazines, “ShiYin” is recognized as the “old brand big brother”, and its status cannot be shaken.

The number of its official Weibo fans is also quite large.

【 ShiYin Shion: The cover character of the September issue, the amber youth in autumn sunshine~ Han Yun! 】

Han Yun went in and had a look. There are nine pictures in the Weibo. The one in the middle has typesetting. It’s the cover of this month’s issue.

Under the bright yellow background, Han Yun’s hair is slightly curled, he wears a warm camel colored sweater. A simple half body photo of his side face, no unnecessary action, clean and clear eyes full of juvenile flavor, and his temperament has a kind of casual laziness, which gives people a very comfortable feeling.

As early as he participated in the competition, the judges commented that he was born with a good color. It’s hard to find anyone better looking than him in the entertainment industry. The key point is his temperament. Some stars are handsome, but it’s a pity that they are only 1.7 meters tall, so they can’t beat him at all.

Han Yun is not the same with 1.84 meters height. His temperament is also unique self-restraint.

“Wow, his eyes are amber. So beautiful, like gems!”

“I don’t know this model very well, but he’s so handsome. Does anyone know him?”

“Well… It’s like the model in “T-Typhoon”?”

“The one who quit?”

“Yes!! That’s him!! We carry treasure!!! I’ll give you a beautiful picture of the golden age!!” Some fans lost a hard photo taken during his participation.

“Real people are more handsome than photos! Everyone who has seen the program knows! He’s a good-looking man, but he quit the competition. Wow, I thought he didn’t want to be a model. It’s great to see him again!”

“He’s very handsome, there is a kind of unspeakable temperament, like a little prince.”

He was deeply impressed by the audience who had caught up with the show. They knew that Han Yun was a man of his own way and a super-rich second generation who played with tickets, but he was still very strong. Even if he didn’t powder him, they couldn’t have a bad impression on him.

His withdrawal was unexpected and unreasonable for many people.

The simple sentence “It’s not fun, I want to go home” and then retired cleanly, which is really impressive. It is too free and easy.As soon as he retired, “T-Typhoon” was immediately torn out and forced to sing cool.

In response to his “not fun”, the audience keenly sensed something.

It turns out that he doesn’t want to follow the routine of the program group. Such a real character really appeals to the fans.

Comments gradually increased, and they were all friendly. Han Yun also forwarded the post.

Since his first selfie, Han Yun has never sent any more photos, because he always feels that he is a bit of a betrayer. Although others praise him and the praise is quite useful. This time, he didn’t send out the photos. The nine pictures are still very handsome, so he would forward them with peace of mind.

However, what is popular content is the same as that of popularity. The purchase amount of electronic publications can be seen on major websites. With an accurate number, it has already exceeded 100,000 purchases.

The price of electronic journals is half of that of paper journals. The price is not high, but the content is rich. Many old readers of ShiYin gradually like to buy e-journals. They can read them synchronously on Kdle and IAD, mobile phones, computers and other ports.

People are just habitually buying, and some of them bought for the cover, “Male models are really handsome. It’s rare to see such handsome Asian male models, like European and American male models. I’m going to the newsstand to buy a copy. I want a poster!”

Soon, the number of likes on Weibo broke 5,000, the number of comments was 2,000-3,000, the number of forwarding was 2,000-3,000, and most of them were transferred from Han Yun.

Generally speaking, when ShiYin releases a new issue notice, and the popularity is thousands of comments. Unless the cover is a legitimate top traffic, it is impossible to break 10,000, Even the ordinary first-line actresses cannot do it.

But at noon, the popularity of ShiYin’s Weibo suddenly rose, and even became popular!

—The reason is that a certain teen idol reposted ShiYin’s official Weibo account, reminding everyone that there is his own interview content on this page.

But the fans are fried.

Zuo Yufei is the one who made the online drama fire. At that time, he played a campus male god in the play and won a lot of fans by taking advantage of this trend. And for the immediate National Day prime time, the first movie starring him is about to be released-a literary romance film called “Meeting You, Meeting Love”.

The original work is an ancient romance novel of Jinjiang.com, which was once popular all over the country.

As early as more than a month ago, this teen idol tweeted that he wanted to take the cover of ShiYin. However, this tweet was quickly deleted by him, and the content was changed into something else, 【Go to the magazine~ ShiYin Shion [picture] 】 with a selfie take in a car.

But Zuo Yufei’s fans thought that he was going to be on the cover of the magazine. This was their first magazine cover, and fans were ready to pay for it.

As a result…

“??? Who is the cover of the issue? What’s going on?”

“Who robbed us of Feifei’s cover!! Where did the pheasant come from?!”

“Distressed for Feifei! My God, it’s too cheap!”

“Who are these 18-line! I don’t know him! Which internet celebrity is it? Is the level of ShiYin like this now?”

“Click in and there’s no certification, a million fans! Are you kidding?? Hitting our idols in the face??”

In an instant, the style of criticism changed.

In the backstage of a variety show, Zuo Yufei  didn’t respond. He was playing games soundly with headphones on. The assistant beside him helped him with rhythm by landing on the trumpet. He sprayed under the microblog of ShiYin, then under the microblog of Han Yun, and finally on QQ. he issued an announcement in the habitual water army group.

His assistant point into Han Yun’s Weibo, indignant, “Brother, this is that internet celebrity! I don’t know what Ruan Xingbei thinks. Their level is getting lower and lower… “

When Zuo Yufei heard this, he was not worried nor anxious, “Let me shoot the cover, and I didn’t earn any money. This internet celebrity doesn’t know how much he has posted to the magazine.”

At the beginning, he was really mad. With his fame and traffic, the agent who went to the magazine of ShiYin took the initiative to fight for him, and there’s even no reward at all!

It was also his first time to appear in a magazine. He was not happy to hear that he had no salary. The agent comforted him and said, “It’s good to be in a magazine. The exposure is very strong. You’ll be in a movie soon. It’s certainly good. If only you could be on the cover! I’ve already won it for you. The editor of ShiYin hasn’t replied to me yet, but the cover is mostly yours.”

It’s just because the agent said so that Zuo Yufei sent a post that hinted that he was going to shoot the cover of a fashion magazine. Unexpectedly, the person on the cover was not him at all!

“ShiYin” editor replied, “Sorry, we have found a model in the September issue. This time we have to interview Feifei first.”

At this time, a large number of water army are rampant under the official Weibo of Shiyin and Han Yun.

Zuo Yufei is also sure that the other side is not well-known, simply can’t fight with himself. So he just bought water army and suggest fans to tear him.

As a result, a large number of abusive and sarcastic comments poured in, “A wild model with only one million followers actually flew with us to grab traffic? What about bullying!”

“Eyes so big and the double eyelids are cut! The nose is so stiff, it must be whole! The skin is so smooth, the microdermabrasion is too much! It is more than ten grades worse than our Feifei!!”

“It’s said that unknown models take money to post the cover of magazines. How much did Han Yun give ShiYin?”

Unknown passers-by, thought it was an internet celebrity who snatched Zuo Yufei’s cover shot, “But…I alone think this male model is much more handsome than Zuo Yufei?”

“I also think that before Zuo Yufei disappeared, wasn’t he just a Taobao model? The temperament is too bad.”

“What do you like to say? Who knows if it was robbed by others? Maybe the magazine can’t look up to you at all.”

People who speak for him are soon drowned in Zuo Yufei’s brain powder speech.

There are also people who sprayed his forwarded national treasure home that went home.

The content forwarded by Han Yun is, [[doubt] is a spittoon]. Most netizens think that the spittoon is too expensive. Even if it’s an antique, the price of 500 million yuan is really shocking.

The netizens who sprayed him spoke in a tone of extreme contempt, “I haven’t seen the world before, and a small internet celebrity is just a small internet celebrity.”

“What do you know? It’s an antique! The emperor used it! Archaeologists have never seen such a good porcelain in their life!”

Han Yun doesn’t have so many fans, and seems to have little fighting power. Everyone is very civilized and doesn’t swear, which makes the other party feel more elated. He thinks that his one million fans have moisture.

The navy who sprayed him mainly started from three aspects. One was to imply that he was using money to post to the magazine; the other was to imply that he had plastic surgery; the third was to imply that he had no appreciation level, no knowledge, and no understanding of national treasures.

Han Yun didn’t know at the beginning, and happily showed the photo to Fu Yuan. Then he opened the magazine and said, “These pages are all mine!”

It was his crisis PR that contacted him, that he knew it.

“Mr. Han, did you offend Zuo Yufei?”

“Left… what? I don’t know. Why”

At the other end of the phone, he can understand, “It’s okay, Mr. Han. We’ll handle it properly. Everything is directed and performed by Zuo Yufei. Don’t open Weibo, don’t read comments, and don’t reply! We’ll take care of it!”

“But… Your PR fee may not be enough. The other party has nine million fans and bought the water army. We want to completely crush the possibility…”

“How much?” Han Yun doesn’t know what the situation is, but it sounds like a man surnamed Zuo is asking for trouble. He is worried about how to spend the money in his bag, so the public relations department calls.

The other party said, “Maybe we need to add another one or two million. We have a plan to deal with it. We will publish a video of you and also contact ShiYin. As soon as they clarify, they can say everything else How much did you pay for the cover of the magazine?”

It’s no wonder that other people think so. When shooting a cover for a magazine, they all know that they usually only pay for the carriage. If a model or artist takes the initiative to ask for the magazine, they have to pay for it. Generally, they can’t get any money for the little flowers and fresh meat. Only the top traffic can get the corresponding reward.

Han Yun was at a loss, “What post… I didn’t post any? They gave me 5,000 yuan.”

The other party was also taken aback, and then said, “Okay, this is easy to handle, and an additional public relations fee of one million will definitely be enough.” The other party once again urged, “Don’t read the comments, and don’t reply, it will cause heart to feel discomfort.”

The more the other side said that, the more curious Han Yun was. After he hung up, he first transferred the additional public relations fee of one million yuan, and then opened his Weibo without believing in evil.

Tens of thousands of comments flooded him.

There was a “buzz” in his head.

Han Yun has never seen so many people scold him since he was young.

And one by one, he didn’t have plastic surgery! He didn’t do it! But he really despised his spittoon!!

He stares at the screen for a long time. It is obvious that he has never experienced the feeling of being spurted by so many people. Han Yun immediately forgets all the words that PR calls to warn him, and directly spurts on a large scale.

“The spittoon used by the emperor is a mosquito repellent incense plate in our house!”

There are many insects in the mountains. He doesn’t use a spittoon, so he lights mosquito repellent incense outside. Let alone, it really works. There are no mosquitoes.

Han Yun picks up two and replies. In the end, he’s really angry. He’s so angry that he puts his cell phone away and lies on the soft couch.

From his point of view, you can see Fu Yuan looking at the computer on the book case. Han Yun knows what company he’s busy working on and making money recently. He’s so angry that he can’t speak at the moment, and he doesn’t call him because of the pain in his chest.

It’s not that he can’t stand the blow, tens of thousands of comments scold him, no one can really stand it. Not to mention that Han Yun hasn’t suffered such great grievances since he was a child. It’s all slander!

When Fu Yuan caught a glimpse of him lying motionless on the soft couch, he thought he was asleep. He went to get ready to carry him to the bed. As a result, as soon as he bent down, he saw Han Yun’s eyes were a little red.

Han Yun rubbed his eyes and opened his arms to him. Even his voice was a bit rasped, “You take me to bed. My heart hurts and I can’t walk.”

Heart pain and walking, the two are not related, but he said it like it’s so natural.

Translation Note:

1. Look up the water meter (查水表) – (Internet slang) (of the police) to ask to be let in on the pretext of checking the water meter / to barge into people’s home on false pretences

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Chapter 39

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

Fu Yuan knows what Han Yun is doing these days, who he’s going out with and what he’s playing with.

His Majesty likes women, of course, because in his growing up experience, all the women around him treated him very well. His mother’s concubines, maids, and even the queen were very nice to the helpless ninth prince. After the death of Han Yun’s mother and concubine, Han Yun was raised by his aunt.

One or two of the women around him are so good. Of course, he likes women.

However, until he ascended the throne at the age of 12, the closest person to Han Yun gradually became the national teacher.

Fu Yuan knew him very well, often connived at his mistakes and was reluctant to scold him. He gazed at Han Yun’s face for a long time, and his eyes were so heavy that Han Yun did not dare to look at him.

“I’m afraid Your Majesty can’t afford the salary I want.” Fu Yuan raised his hand and rubbed his gentle curly hair. “This ten million, Your Majesty, keep your own flowers.”

Is this a dislike of more money?

Han Yun opened his mouth, his face a little red, “I will try to earn your salary!”

He’s a little bit ashamed, speaking of it… Fu Yuan didn’t have a lot of salary, but Lord Fu was so rich. He just took a little money in his pocket and didn’t cover it, how could he be attracted?

Since this is not the reason, why is Fu Yuan unhappy? He was a little confused – he didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

Hearing what he said, Fu Yuan’s expression softened a bit, “Your Majesty is obedient, minister is very pleased.”

“I see…” Han Yun is listless.

Fu Yuan looked at him and said, “Your Majesty likes that woman very much?”

“Which one? Oh, you mean… Guoguo. ” Han Yun seems to understand why Fu Yuan is suddenly unhappy. He told himself not to let go, but he went out on a date with a girl.

But if he doesn’t go out with Guoguo, Han Yun has no other friends to make an appointment with. Fu Yuan is not at home, and no one wants to play with him. He doesn’t know the model friends in WeChat, so he is bored and lonely.

Fu Yuan gave a faint hum.

Han Yun explained with a little guilty, “I didn’t do anything with her. Besides, I don’t think I can do anything…” His head lowered, his voice gradually lowered, “Didn’t you forbidden…”

When it comes to this problem, Han Yun feels embarrassed. He scratched his clothes unconsciously with his fingers. He is still a virgin and has not given away his first kiss. Is he going to be alone…

No way!

Han Yun raised his head and said in a pitiful tone, “Well, it doesn’t matter. Do you agree with me to make a girlfriend?” There are always people in the circle of friends who show their love. When Han Yun looks at it, he feels that his heart is tied and his eyes are greedy.

“I don’t agree.”

“…Oh, so can I secretly date?”

Fu Yuan’s face was quiet, “Your Majesty can have a try.”

“… Don’t try.” Han Yun felt a little unhappy and did not practice any more. When he looked down and saw that Fu Yuan’s words were still written on the rice paper, he was even more unhappy. He put down his brush and left.

As a result, Fu Yuan didn’t pay any attention to him. He didn’t know who he was talking to. He didn’t use Chinese.

He refused to pay attention to himself, and Han Yun had to pace up and down the room, constantly making noises. Fu Yuan was wearing a white household clothes. The clothes were shining in the sunset. The profile of his side face was very deep, with a layer of peaceful light. He looked back at Han Yun but continued to talk on the phone.

“Lord Fu, I’m hungry!” Han Yun shouts from the sofa, glancing at his reaction.

This time, Fu Yuan finally paid attention to him, straightened up and went to him, “What do you want to eat?”

Han Yun looked at him with clear amber eyes, “Go and buy me fried chicken.”

Fu Yuan’s voice was calm, “It’s not healthy to eat fried chicken for dinner. Your Majesty, change it for something else.”

He finally agreed to talk to him. His attitude seemed ordinary, but Han Yun was still uncomfortable, it’s too cold.

He slightly frowned, angry like, “I want to eat fried chicken, if you won’t buy for me, then I’ll order take out!”

Fu Yuan didn’t speak. His eyes were as deep as an ancient well. He looked at Han Yun for several seconds, then turned and left.

Han Yun’s sense of crisis came up and subconsciously seized him, “Wait a minute!”

About a few seconds of stalemate, the two did not speak. Han Yun couldn’t help it.

“…Why do you ignore me?” Han Yun was a little aggrieved. He took his hand and looked at him pitifully. “I’ll listen to you, Xuanzhu. Just don’t do that.”

Fu Yuan turned back. His little majesty was looking at him pitifully, and his heart softened. Fu Yuan knew that although this temperament was not good, can’t he still get used to it? He can’t blame himself.

He raised his other hand and rubbed it on Han Yun’s head twice, “Good boy.” Then he bowed his head, arched the tip of his nose into Han Yun’s hair, and gently touched his ear with his lips..

It’s itchy.

“Hey, don’t kiss me,” Han Yun’s head tilted slightly and murmured, “It’s strange.”

Fu Yuan laughed and said, “Do you still want to eat fried chicken?”

“…Don’t eat anymore, the family dog ​​has lost some fried chicken.” He couldn’t find a shadow of the dog for several days, so he didn’t know where he went.

The next morning, when Han Yun was brushing his Weibo, he suddenly found a hot search.

The national treasure has finally come home.

Han Yun is very concerned about the hot search list. Because he was pushed up by fans, but he was in the middle of the stream. After he went up, his fans rose up to hundreds of thousands, and so many people like him and pay attention to him. Of course, he is happy, so he has to brush every day to see if he is on today.

The reason why this post attracted him was that he was familiar with the national treasure displayed in the video of the official Weibo page of Imperial Palace Museum.

Eh, isn’t this… his spittoon1?

Even if there are gold-plated flower patterns on it, it can’t change the fact that it is his spittoon.

He looked strangely at this second shot video. In the video, his spittoon was polished, and under the high-definition camera, even every detail was shot to the right place. A rich documentary style male voice said, “Expert identification, this national treasure is a precious cultural relic more than 1000 years ago. It is well preserved and the appearance can be called perfect!”

“Two days ago, the lost cultural relics were auctioned at Sotheby’s auction house in the UK, and the final transaction price was 80 million US dollars. The mysterious overseas Chinese buyer sent the cultural relics back to the motherland! And donated to the Bureau of Cultural Relics! Now the cultural relics are stored in the Imperial Palace Museum! Before that, the administration of Bureau of Cultural Relics contacted Sotheby’s auction house, hoping to stop the auction, but it was eventually rejected by Sotheby’s auction house.”

An old white-haired expert burst in tears in the video and says that he has never seen such a well-preserved cultural relic of the great Wei Dynasty, “Thank you very much for these Chinese who have tried to help the motherland recover cultural relics. Thank you for your efforts…”

This post was sent this morning. It’s only two hours later, but it’s quickly ranked the first in hot search. It’s over 50,000 likes and comments are still increasing. Many of the comments are in praise of this mysterious overseas Chinese businessman who “does good without leaving a name”.

“Can spend 500 million to buy cultural relics back to the motherland! This rich businessman has a big future!”

“Five hundred million yuan to buy a spittoon [laugh and cry] the emperor’s saliva is really valuable.”

That’s it!

It really is valuable!

“A cultural relic more than 1000 years ago, this cultural relic has not been oxidized! It is still so well preserved, and the appearance is so perfect. It is not unusual for the price to be sold at such a price. Even the bowls Qianlong used for eating were sold for more than 200 million yuan…”

“Qianlong’s bowl is valuable, but the buyer did not return the cultural relics to the original owner. I don’t know who the buyer is this time, what a good man!”

It can be seen that people have a kind of feeling about “recovering” the cultural relics lost overseas, so everyone likes this post one after another, but after a while, it is forwarded to hundreds of thousands.

Weibo’s traffic is large, and the Weibo that draws cars can forward millions, let alone such positive energy content.

However, there is no lack of some top-notch talents, “Spent 500 million to buy a spittoon! What the hell! If you spend this money, why don’t you donate it to our poor people, or invest in national defense, and buy the emperor’s spitting porcelain? It’s a shame to buy it back!”

There are many experts, and there are also many professionals who accept them, “It’s someone else’s business how to spend their money! I am ashamed to point fingers at you! Have you ever done anything for your country?”

Han Yun brush for a while, not knowing what he should be feeling. Seeing his spittoon being sought after and praised by so many people… His mood is very complex and hard to say. Why don’t netizens come and have a look! The owner of saliva is here! Real person! Alive! And you’re holding his spittoon?!

He doesn’t know how his spittoon went abroad… Is it so valuable?

Han Yun did not know that the spittoon was originally in his mausoleum. After such a long time, it should be oxidized, and it should not be as smooth as before. But the spittoon was taken out by Fu Yuan. He picked up a burial object in the corner. First, he took out the cultural relic and hung it at Sotheby’s auction house, and then he spent 80 million US dollars to buy it.

Naturally, this is to attract attention.

After attracting attention, the cultural relics are sent to the Bureau of Cultural Relics. Of course, it is not free. Fu Yuan is going for a legal identity. It’s easier to pretend to be an overseas Chinese, and then get his nationality on this basis, so that he can successfully change from a black household to a top rich man on the record of the government, who has the property and assets comparable to the richest man. It takes a week for the assets to be listed at the top wealthy people who have properties all over the world.

Where did such a character come from? The staff know that there are many anonymous and hidden rich people in the world, and those rich people who are known to the public now are nothing in front of this person! The staff who handled the identity for Fu Yuan asked curiously, “What does Mr. Fu intends to do in the country?”


“I don’t know which industry is it?”


Han Yun was shocked by the price of his spittoon, as if he had found a new way to make money. He immediately called the national teacher and asked, “Lord Fu, do you know where my imperial mausoleum is? So… Can I steal in my own grave? Is it against the law?”

Translation Note:

1. Spittoon

Chapter 38

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

“But you can’t drink, can you?” Guoguo hasn’t forgotten that Han Yun was drinking milk in the bar last time. He didn’t even drink when he was asked to drink, he refused it.

Han Yun waved, “I don’t need to drink. Don’t you like that painting? I’ll give it to you!”

Guoguo laughed, “Han Yun, don’t say you can win the first prize. Even if you do, you can’t give it to me. Do you know how much the painting is worth?”

“Why not?” He heard people nearby say that this painting is worth more than 10 million yuan – but in Han Yun’s opinion, it is not worth so much. It is not that he is not good at painting. He must be better than himself. But he has seen many good calligraphy and paintings. If such ink treasures are worth more than 10 million yuan, wouldn’t he make five million yuan by painting them himself?

He has a new understanding of the price here, but at the same time he feels incredible, “Guoguo, you wait. I’ll show you the first prize.”

She obviously didn’t believe that Han Yun said he wanted to win the first prize, but she was very happy. She said with a smile, “If you want to participate, go and play. If you really win the first prize, I can’t ask you for nothing. My father likes to collect these. If you really win the first prize and you don’t want this painting. Then I’ll buy it according to the market price.”

“No, no, no. I’ll gift it to you.”

“Then you go to the competition. I wish you the best.” She really didn’t think Han Yun would win the first prize, so she just said it. However, she did like Cao Qin’s painting.

Her father loves collecting calligraphy and paintings. The most famous Chinese painting master in modern times is Mr. Cao. However, Mr. Cao never sells his paintings. Instead, he gives them to his friends. Many people like his paintings. A few years ago, the 20 million worth painting of flower and bird were sold by friends of the old man. After tax, more than 10 million were donated to the disaster area.

Her father always wanted to collect one, but he didn’t have the chance to see it. Now she can see it here. How can she not be moved?

No matter who gets the first prize, she wants to ask if the other party has the meaning of giving up.

The self-confidence of Han Yun naturally makes some people who, like them, take part in the club activities for the first time feel overwhelmed.

“The 18-line internet celebrity also want to be number one? Does he have an ability? A fool is dreaming!”

When Han Yun heard this, he raised his head and looked at who is the 18-line celebrity was. He didn’t realize that they were talking about himself. However, few people recognized him. The scene was full of rich people. Others don’t pay attention to the model competition, so they didn’t know him.

He didn’t see the internet celebrity, but Han Yun heard others talking in a low voice.

“I don’t think it’s going to work this time… I’ve heard that the person who used this painting as the prize is Cao Xuan. It’s Cao Qin’s grandson and a founding member of the club. It’s said that he planned this activity. He took Mr. Cao’s ink to make it a prize. Naturally, he has the ability to take it back!”

“This club is really strange; how do you do these arty activities?”

“You don’t know that there were a series of accidents at the top speed racing festival at the beginning of this year. Several luxury cars were smashed and two of them died. Now some members of AA club are still lying in the hospital! Since then, the monthly activities have changed.”

“Do the rich second generation really understand this?”

Someone sneered, “What do you think is the rich second generation? I have learned everything since I was a child. I have excellent talents and skills. I am proficient in several languages. It’s no exaggeration to say that this club is the second generation of elite and rich people. It’s different from other elite clubs. If you want to come in, you can’t just have money, but you have to have the foundation and quality.”

Some people said, “AA club is also called 50 million club, not only because it requires 50 million proof of assets to join, but also because the members of this sportscar club are all young and rich second generation. It’s not good to just have 50 million worth luxury cars, you have to have a recommender to join!”

“Why do you want to join? I don’t get paid, and I have to take part in the activities myself. It’s a waste of time. Do you really think they all like drag racing? The second generation of rich people cherish their lives! It’s just gathering the rich in the name of the club to make friends. As soon as this platform is built, all the people who join the association will be super rich. The more people you know, the more resources you will have.”

“So, in fact, many members of the club buy a sportscar at home, and they usually don’t drive out, let alone drag racing. Who’s willing to die playing drag racing? It’s the second generation of the local rich who doesn’t know how to find that kind of stimulation.”

The whole canal is more than 30 meters long. Han Yun sat down with a futon at random. In front of the futon, he put some snacks, cakes, fruit cakes and a cup of hot tea. Han Yun turned around and asked the fruit sitting behind him, “Do you want to eat the biscuits?”

“If I don’t eat it, I’ll lose weight. You can eat it.”

“You are not fat, why do you want to lose weight?” Han Yun began to eat without hesitation. He took a sip of hot tea and slowly began to eat peach crisp.

Guoguo stares at him and laughed, “You are a model. You have to keep fit. How can you eat like this?”

Han Yun also laughed, “I don’t look fat.”

Even among so many people, Han Yun is also very handsome. He is not only handsome, but also naturally noble. Even if he eats well, he can’t hide his bearing. Many people who doesn’t know him, comments on him secretly, “Who is that? Which one is he from?”

More than half of the more than 100 people volunteered to take part in the activities. The river was long and the people were scattered. As soon as Han Yun tilted his head, he saw that the wine cup floated down from the upper stream with the sound of Guqin. It floated very slowly, like a soft leaf, and then stopped spinning.

The man sitting next to Hanyun took a look at it by the neck and recognized it, “That’s Cheng Yangshuo, the son of the boss of Koenigsegg’s exclusive domestic agent.”

Koenigsegg is a super sports car manufactured from Sweden. The super cars produced by Koenigsegg can only be bought for 20 million at least.

“It seems that he founded this 50 million club with the support of his father.”

The second generation of the rich, who had received a foreign education since childhood, grew up tall and big. He was about 30 years old and with a gentle temperament. He stood up and wrote a word in front of everyone.

There is a bit of scholarly flavor in the air, which is the unique smell of excellent pen, ink, paper and inkstone.

Cheng Yangshuo only wrote four big characters on rice paper, which is the theme of today’s activity “Qushui Liuqi”. His writing posture is also good-looking. He raised his wrist in a short time, and quickly closed his pen: “I’m sorry.”

Before his words came out, someone began to clap, “Good words!”

The invitation was sent out casually. Among the people who came in today, some even borrowed their sportscar, just to fish in troubled waters and see how the super-rich second generation cultivate their sentiment. They took a picture and sent a circle of friends to show off. They took part in the activities of an elite club.

Someone is already secretly videotaping and taking pictures.

But more people have different ideas. They can’t join the club if they apply according to the normal steps. But if they can take this opportunity today to catch up with one of the members and get a recommendation, they can enter the club and get to know more rich people.

At this time, two models highlighted his words. The four words were a bit of style and a little bit of meaning. Most of the people here didn’t understand it. The layman looked at it as a good word, and the person who wrote it was the founder of the club. There was a lot of praise, “Well written, good words!”

Han Yun looked at the word from a distance. In his opinion, he really can’t afford the praise of “good” because it’s too general to say… It’s even ugly. He was puzzled and asked Guoguo, who was sitting behind him, “Why do you hold him up and say that he writes well? Those people don’t know calligraphy at all.”

Guoguo is influenced by her family and knows more than ordinary people. She first “Shhh” and said, “Don’t speak so loud.” Then he went on carefully and said, “I have been practicing calligraphy for more than ten years. It seems that It’s not bad, is it?”

She is also a layman, “Forget it, don’t ask me. I was forced to practice calligraphy by my father when I was a child. Fishing for three days and dry nets for two days1, the dog crawling characters gradually became more normal and I can read them. Then I didn’t want to write anymore so my dad let me go. So ah, I don’t know how to write.”

“Han Yun, do you know that?”

“Just a little bit,” Han Yun said. “He doesn’t write very well.”

Guoguo, “You have a good character, haha.”

His voice was not loud, but he was still heard by the man sitting next to him. Han Yun noticed that this is the man who just sneered at a certain 18-line internet celebrity just now. He was in his thirties and had a moustache on his lips. His girlfriend was sitting on the futon beside him. Both of them chose to participate in this activity.

At this time, the man showed his disdainful eyes again. He glanced at Han Yun and turned his head. The moustache above his lips seemed a bit funny, “Conceited.”

Han Yun saw that he was talking to him. He was puzzled, “He’s talking about me?”

Guoguo shook her head quickly, “No, no. Don’t think about it. Eat pastry.” There are so many people. She doesn’t want to let Han Yun cause any trouble, but the invitation letter is really casual. Everyone has come. Some female models she knows are taking photos with their mobile phones excitedly.

Before he knew it, Han Yun finished eating the pastry, and the cup was coming here soon. During this period, he stayed for many times. Several people chose to drink, while others performed.

He also heard a sentence, “This kind of occasion, where does this internet celebrity come from? He is the only one in the audience. It’s a shame!”

Moustache’s girlfriend said, “That is, anyone can get in. Just now, he said that he would win the first prize? How dare you say Cheng Yangshuo’s handwriting is not good? Haha, he’s dead.”

Moustache said, “The forest is big. There are all kinds of birds.”

Han Yun confirmed that he was really talking about himself, but he didn’t get angry. He just thought it was funny. It was indeed a big forest.

Guoguo squinted at him and immediately grabbed him, “Han Yun, don’t be so impulsive.”

“Here comes the cup!” The moustache man blurted out a cry, and the cup suddenly stopped, just circling between him and his girlfriend.

Moustache asked his girlfriend to go, “Honey, play a zither. Haven’t you learned it?”

Zither is a very simple instrument with only five notes. You can learn it in two classes, but it is not easy to play it well. Moustache’s girlfriend, who seems to have studied for a few years, can play without wearing fake armor. She uses her finger pulp to play a song “Yunshui Zen heart”, which has won a lot of applause.

Moustache clapped, “It’s so good! Honey, that’s great!”

Soon, the cup was put down again and slowly flowed to Han Yun. After a few seconds, Han Yun reached out to pick up the wine cup and put it on the small plate for snacks.

He stood up. He was 1.84 meters tall and the shoes he wore today had a bottom of three centimeters, making the whole person was close to 1.88 meter. When everyone was sitting, they all looked up at him, “Wow, so tall. He looks like a male model, tall, handsome and fair.”

“He looks like that who, a male model, is he the same person…?”

The man in charge of the competition asked, “Sir, would you drink or…”

“I’ll write.” Han Yun strode towards the high platform with the base decorated with flower windows, and imitated beams, buckets, cornices, and even mountain flowers.

Although Han Yun is not the best among his brothers and is not proficient in all the six arts of the gentleman, “ritual, music, shooting, imperialism, calligraphy and mathematics”, but among them, “calligraphy” is the one he can win the most.

He started with regular script, and extended to seal script, official script and cursive script. He could write anything. He was an emperor to read memorials, and he had to write nonsense all day long, which had never been abandoned for many years.

Han Yun went up, and everyone looked at him. He naturally began to hold a wolf’s hair with ink. His writing posture is elegant and gentle, with such a gentle skin, he has a natural aristocracy – not like the temperament that an ordinary rich family can cultivate.

Seeing him write is pleasing to the eye. No matter whether it is an expert or a layman, they all know at the moment that this is a real-deal. Although some doesn’t know how well he writes, but he is a rare beautiful man with brilliant temperament.

This alone is enough to make people look sideways.

Soon, he finished writing, signed in the lower right corner and stood up.

It’s the same four characters of “Qushui Liuqi”, but the font used is quite different from that of Cheng Yangshuo. His characters are wild and uninhibited. At first glance, it gives people a kind of impact that the writer must be very crazy, and there is a kind of free and easy mood beyond the form. This is not consistent with Han Yun’s writing posture and his own temperament.


“It’s cursive, isn’t it?”

“It seems okay?”

Most of the laymen on the scene doesn’t know calligraphy, so they can only rely on their feelings. But even if they only rely on their feelings, everyone can see that the word is not uncouth.

Zhang Huaijin, a great calligrapher, once said, “The mysterious meaning comes from the appearance of things. The deep reason lies in the dark. It’s beyond the ordinary sense to say, and beyond the wisdom of the world to measure.” That is to say, it is difficult for ordinary people to sympathize with each other and understand the profound truth and the profound artistic conception.

Therefore, the specific level of Han Yun cannot be figured out by a group of laymen.

“The same four words. How about Cheng Yangshuo’s writing?”

“It can’t be compared with Cheng Yangshuo’s words! What’s written here? I have to identify it carefully! What Cheng Yangshuo wrote can be recognized as “Qushui Liuqi” at a glance. How can it be compared with that?”

The laymen don’t know, but those who have practiced have a clear mind. Cheng Yangshuo scrutinized the words. He was really startled and immediately stood up.

As soon as he stood up, people thought that he was dissatisfied with the fact that he wrote the same four words as him. Immediately, many people mocked Han Yun’s words without understanding and pretending to understand them, “What kind of broken words do you dare to write?”

“That’s it. What the hell… This–”


“Good words!” These voices were immediately overshadowed by Cheng Yangshuo’s cheering voice, “Well written!”

A group of people who don’t know calligraphy look at each other. The people who just ridiculed the loudest are now suffering the most, as if they were burning.

“Yes, it’s a good word,” echoed the voices from different directions.

“Well, it’s really a good word.”

Sitting in the distance, Guoguo is also shocked. Han Yun’s handwriting is so good? So fierce! She raised her thumb high and mouthed great voicelessly.

As for the moustache who just ridiculed Han Yun, he was now ashamed.

Just as Han Yun was about to return to his position, Cheng Yangshuo stopped him, “I don’t know… This Sir, I’d like to exchange ink with you. I like your painting very much. If you are willing to exchange it with me, I’d also give you an inkstone from Longwei mountain.”

The inkstone is call Sheyan.  It usually takes five to one billion years of geological change to form. This kind of inkstone is praised by the literati of the past dynasties and is a royal gift.

Han Yun turned to see his appreciation and waved his hand, “If you like it, you can take it home, even the Sheyan.”

Cheng Yangshuo looked at the calligraphy with scorching eyes, and then at the extraordinary Han Yun. He wanted to get to know him now and invite him to join the club. However, the activity was still going on. He had to give up for a while and planned to talk about it later.

When the cup reached the end of the canal, they started the second round, “If it stays in front of you again, if you play Guqin in the first round, you can’t play Guqin in the second round. As for friends who choose to drink in the first round, you can still drink in the second round.”

The cup floats slowly, basically everyone will go through the second round. It’s said that Cao Xuan, the painter of today’s first prize painting’s, Cao Qin, grandson, painted flowers and birds for more than ten minutes with great posture. No matter if you understood or not, they all said that he painted well.

In this round, many people chose to drink, and the moustache guy had chosen to drink.

When the cup stopped in front of Han Yun, he stood up again.

Someone said, “Why? He won’t drink?”

“But he can’t write anymore. The rule says no.”

Han Yun said, “I’ll paint.”

Calligraphy is a cultural treasure that combines literature, painting, philosophy, and even performance art.

It is said that people who are good at calligraphy will certainly be able to paint a little, while people who are good at painting and will not be too bad at calligraphy.

But no one could have imagined that this handsome man, who looks like a certain male model, could draw a vivid picture with a few strokes and write a poem on the paper.

The essence of calligraphy and painting is inseparable. Whether he paints well or not can be seen at a single glance.

No one spoke this time, and no one mocked him. They just whispered, “He’s so talented. A really talented man…”

“The writing is good, the drawing is good, and the person is handsome! Since he can come to participate in the activities, he is also a rich second generation… Isn’t it a bit unreasonable?”

Someone compares his paintings with Cao Xuan’s in a low voice. Cao Xuan’s face is as deep as water. He doesn’t say anything, but his dignified face has already represented who wins and who loses.

Han Yun sat down and Guoguo whispered excitedly, “How can you be so powerful?”

Han Yun said, “I’m not that good. I just learned a little. Someone… Is much better than me.”

“Who is better than you?”

“My family,” he said with a smile.

Han Yun looked at the mountains and water, and suddenly showed his hand like this. Guoguo was shocked to see this Han Yun. She was astonished. How could a male model come to participate in this kind of elite club? He not only took part in it, but he also pretended to be so compelling! It’s just showing off!

Guoguo didn’t believe that he could win the first prize. Now she really wanted to believe it. She immediately sent a message to her father and asked him to transfer the money.

In the third round, everyone thought that Han Yun had to drink this time. Unexpectedly, he stood up again. This time, he did not draw or write. He played the zither.

Guqin, also known as Yaoqin, has a wide range, deep timbre, heavy and distant after tone. It is also a traditional musical instrument that many people don’t understand, but whether he plays well or not can be heard by everyone.

If you can’t take the lead in such an excellent performance, it would be tricky.

Han Yun got the first prize as he expected. A painting worth ten million yuan was rolled in the box. Han Yun gave it to Guoguo, “Here you go.”

Guoguo saw that he really wanted to give it away, but she never expected it, “You are crazy!”

Han Yun wondered, “Don’t you like this painting?”

“More than 10 million, how can you feel like you don’t need money? You can’t give it away. You black sheep!”

“You don’t want it?”

“Yes! But I have to give you money. You give me account number, and I’ll transfer it to you. Just now I took pictures. My father asked someone to evaluate it and said that it’s 15 million. If I take it, it looks like I’ll take advantage of you. I’ll give you 15 million, okay? Then you give up the painting to me. “

Han Yun didn’t care. He put the painting in her arms and said, “How much will you give me?”

Guoguo insisted, “I won’t take advantage of you. My family taught me since young to not take advantage of others. If you give me the painting, I will naturally give you money. If you don’t tell me the account number, I’ll still ask.”

She insisted on it so Han Yun also have no way, “Then, let’s forget the odds. Say no more.”

When the painting was let out, Han Yun instantly gained 10 million.

He sincerely felt that the price of calligraphy and painting was really high. He seemed to have found a new way to make money. He wanted to go home quickly and make calligraphy and painting. He also wanted to sell calligraphy and painting!

At the end of the Qushui Liuqi activity, there is another small luxury car show, including Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Ferrari and other luxury cars, with a total of six cars, each worth ten of millions, each equipped with two models.

There is even a Koenigsegg which is a limited model in the world, and only five cars have been produced in the world, making supercar enthusiasts a feast for their eyes.

“There are only five cars in the world? I was on the lawn just now and I saw one exactly the same, but it seems to be silver. Who’s the car owner? Cheng Yangshuo?”

“It must be his!”

It’s no wonder that people think so. The one who asked Han Yun for calligraphy just now was called Cheng Yangshuo, and his father was the exclusive domestic agent of Koenigsegg.

This club, founded by Cheng Yangshuo, with the support of his father, has attracted more than 400 like-minded members of the rich second generation the country for four years.

These members themselves are equivalent to an intangible asset, causing everyone to want to join the 50 million club.

However, this club cannot be easily entered even if it wants to. One has to be recommended by its members. After submitting various information applications, it has to get the consent of all members before one can enter.

Now, this rare opportunity is in front of Han Yun.

“Mr. Han, you gave me a piece of calligraphy and you don’t want my inkstone, Sheyan. I’m sure I can’t ask for your calligraphy for nothing. Would you like to join the club?”

Han Yun asked, “Do you play like this every time?” If they all play like this, then it’s really boring.

“No, it’s not. Last month, we held a drag racing meeting, and the next month’s activity is still undecided. It’s definitely good for you to join the club.” Many people can’t ask for it. But Han Yun’s face is sparse and ordinary, he doesn’t seem to be excited about it.

Cheng Yangshuo said, “I’ll take liberties to ask, is the car with license plate number of the three nines on the lawn outside yours?”

“En, it’s mine.”

Cheng Yangshuo was a little surprised to see him. The limited model, which only produced five cars, he managed to get was through his father’s relationship. He didn’t expect that there was someone with the same model in front of him.

His attitude became gentler, and urged Han Yun. Han Yun hesitated, “Isn’t there any more applications to fill out?”

“No, it’s for outsiders. So, would you like to join our club?”

Han Yun thought about it and said, “Then add it.”

His tone is so common that he seems to only adding a friend on WeChat. It’s not fake and Cheng Yangshuo can hear it. Han Yun is obviously used to seeing good things in his talk. This kind of noble spirit is not raised by ordinary rich families. It makes people feel that he can’t be touched. They have more guesses about him. When they go home, they will ask where is there a Han family with deep cultural heritage.

At the end of the activity, it was evening. Han Yun had dinner with Guoguo and then sent her home. Guoguo happily hugged the painting, “My father loves these things most. I told him that I bought them for 10 million, but he couldn’t believe it. Thank you, Han Yun. If you take this painting to auction, you can sell it for 20 million yuan. As a result, you sold it to me for 10 million yuan… Really, I’ve taken a huge advantage.”

There’s no need to doubt the authenticity of the painting. It’s Cao Xuan’s work. There’s no need to think about it, it must be authentic.

Han Yun doesn’t think that Guoguo has taken advantage of himself. First, this painting is currency in his eyes. If he hadn’t been lazy when he was studying in Taiyuan academy, he can still draw it to this level. Second, it’s because Fu Yuan’s paintings are much better than this. Han Yun naively thought that if he cheated Fu Yuan into painting one, and then sold it, wouldn’t he get 100 million yuan?

He ignored the issue of the painter’s fame. The price of painting and calligraphy is linked to the painter’s fame. He also thought that he had found a way to make money.

Han Yun went home and bought a set of pens, ink, paper and inkstone online, intending to make a fortune.

When Fu Yuan came home the next day, he saw his majesty lying on the desk, attentively practicing calligraphy.

When he came to Han Yun’s back, he found that on the huge rice paper, there were dense words of “money”. Fu Yuan glimpsed that under this rice paper, there was another rice paper with the word “Xuanzhu”. The handwriting was like casual graffiti, and the ink had been dried up. It was estimated that it was written last night.

He seems to be able to imagine that Han Yun naturally drew his name when he was bored.

It shows that Han Yun missed him.

Fu Yuan, with eyes full of smiles, said in low voice, “Your Majesty has regressed.”

“I haven’t written for a long time,” Han Yun is going to give him the pen, “Otherwise you write?”

Fu Yuan pressed his back and held his hand in the palm of his hand. He taught him to write hand in hand as he did thousands of years ago.

A tall, fiery body was covered on his back, and their hands were touched together. Another word “money” appeared on the paper. It was not the same level as Han Yun’s words. Han Yun himself knew that his mind was not on the calligraphy because he was bewildered… Lord Fu has a good figure and is very masculine. When he is pressed down from behind, Han Yun can feel that there is something touching his tailbone, the size is amazing.

It’s not that Han Yun hasn’t seen it before. Fu Yuan changed his clothes in front of him more than once, but never faced him. However, even with his back to him, Han Yun occasionally caught a glimpse of something looming.

Thinking of this, he immediately felt a little uncomfortable and coughed, “Xuanzhu, have you been upset recently? Have a drink of… Chrysanthemum tea?”

Fu Yuan found that his ears were slightly red, and teased him, “I’m angry with Your Majesty.”

His voice was close to Han Yun’s ear. Han Yun had already noticed that something was wrong. He broke away from Fu Yuan’s arms and changed the topic, “I won’t write anymore, my hands hurt.”

He changed the topic very naturally, “I made 10 million yuan in those days when you were away!”

“I won the first prize in the competition. It’s a painting by a calligrapher and painter. It’s sold for 10 million yuan!” The corner of his mouth was high, and his face was written with ‘I had money’. “But ah, the level of that painter and calligrapher is really average, far worse than you.”

Fu Yuan looked at him without saying anything. In his dark eyes, he was as hot as if he could only accommodate Han Yun alone. There was a strong aggressiveness inside.

Han Yun was a little flustered. He was always afraid of Fu Yuan. Only when Fu Yuan was good to him did he dare to be so wild. If Fu Yuan showed a little bit of his nature, Han Yun would withdraw into his tortoise shell. Now Fu Yuan makes Han Yun instinctively feel a sense of crisis, a sense of great thing will be coming.

Why did Fu Yuan suddenly do this… Has his words offended him?

Han Yun couldn’t help but step back. Suddenly, there was an inspiration, “Then what, Lord Fu, I have not paid you a salary for a long time!”

He remembered that he once said to Fu Yuan, “Don’t forget each other if you became wealthy.”

“You’re welcome. I have money now. How much do you want?” Han Yun is extremely rich, “I’ll give you a year’s salary at one go!”

Translation Note:

1. Fishing for three days and dry nets for two days (三天打鱼两天晒网) – lit. “go fishing for three days and dry nets for two”. Metaphorically do things “no perseverance, often interrupted, cannot be long-term persistence (lack of perseverance)”

Rillevo: I… cannot… How naïve! Naïve! Naïve!

Chapter 37

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

Fu Yuan could understand his meaning naturally. His eyes were full of smiles, and he said in a low voice, “Yes, Your Majesty is very sticky recently.”

Han Yun stares at him eagerly, “Yes, I’m clinging to you, and I’m a little poor at the same time…” It’s shameful to ask the national teacher for pocket money. The first time he was cheeky, the second time he was not so embarrassed. So he speaks in a euphemistic and implicit way, hoping that Fu Yuan can understand his own difficulties.

Although Fu Yuan understood, he wanted him to say a few more good words. There was a burning light in his dark eyes, “The minister also like Your Majesty.”

Han Yun saw that he didn’t understand. He couldn’t help wondering if he was teasing himself. He said so many good things, so why didn’t he give money! He pursed his lips slightly, and his voice was very small, “I like you too, Lord Fu. I’m a little short of money recently. Can I…”

Fu Yuan chuckled lowly, “Your Majesty is really likable.”

Han Yun nodded, and his words became more and more straightforward, “I know, but I’m poor.”

“Well,” Fu Yuan looked at him, “How much does Your Majesty want?”

Han Yun thought, of course, the more, the better. But he still said, “Ai Qing, look at it. It’s a little bit of it.”

Fu Yuan gave him a card, which was more than the money he gave last time. It was five million yuan. He knew that with the degree of profligacy of Han Yun, his money would soon be spent again, and he would have to take care of it himself.

This way of giving a little at a time is very common in Chinese education, and many parents do.

Han Yun was very happy when he got the card. He sincerely took his hand and said, “Lord Fu, I really like you more and more.”

Fu Yuan’s eyes are very warm. When he looks at him, he is always warm, “Your Majesty can play, but you have to play limitedly. Be good.”

Han Yun put the card under the pillow and said yes.

Fu Yuan added, “I have to go out these days. Your majesty is at home alone. If you miss me, please call me.” If there is no accident, he will be able to change his new identity in the next few days.

As soon as Han Yun heard that he was going out and will not be at home for several days, his joy of getting pocket money was weakened, so he answered glumly.

Fu Yuan rubbed his head, “When I’m not here, Your Majesty has to be obedient and remember what I said.” With that, he smoothed down a string of beads on his hand, put them on Han Yun’s wrist, and told him, “Don’t take this off even in the shower.”

Han Yun raised his hand and looked at the beads. They were dark, like the horns on Fu Yuan’s head, with natural spiral lines. The material was not like wood but it’s very hard, with a faint golden glow in the dark.

And after wearing it, there is a sense of clarity that cannot be said.

“It’s not your horn, is it?” Han Yun’s intuition is that this is not an ordinary product. He is used to seeing good things, but he can’t see what it is made of. It must be something that money can’t buy.

Fu Yuan said no, “It’s one that can warden off evil spirits can protect your peace and happiness.”

He said, so Han Yun naturally put it on well.

Originally, as a puppet emperor, he was used to Fu Yuan’s words all the time, but he was at the age of rebellion. His consideration of Fu Yuan’s “limit” was different from that of Fu Yuan.

Han Yun went out for a few days. Guoguo is a girl from a wealthy family and knows many models. She took Han Yun to a party in a sportscar club.

Guoguo said, “Some of my friends who make car models and gave me an invitation letter. I am embarrassed to come by myself.” Although she is a girl from a rich family, she doesn’t have tens of millions of luxury cars. Even if she has an invitation, if she doesn’t drive a sportscar that day, she can’t get in.

Among Guoguo’s friends, Han Yun happened to have a sportscar. Guoguo saw it in the program. She called Han Yun and asked him if it was his car, so she asked him out directly.

The venue of the event is in a closed Bailu Park. You need to verify the invitation letter and record the vehicle license plate number to enter the park.

Guoguo told Han Yun in the car, “This club is not the top one. It seems that the top one needs 100 million yuan to apply. And this AA club only needs 50 million asset certificates, plus a 10 million kind of sportscar to apply for membership. Now the whole club has only 400 members in China. It seems that there are only 50 or 60 members in Beijing.” She turned and said, “Well, do you want to apply for membership?”

“What do you do to apply for membership?”

“In fact, joining the club is to expand the network of people. We hold regular activities. Sometimes the activities are not open to the public, but sometimes we send out invitation letters just like this one. In this case, I heard that in the competition is usually held, and there are more people and more people. The invitation letter for this event says, “Qushui Liuqi1“. I don’t know if it means literally.”

“After all, the members here are either wealthy or an elite. It’s no harm to know more.” Guoguo knows that Han Yun is not an ordinary person, he should be a model only because of interest, but she was very smart and did not inquire about his family situation.

Han Yun asked, “What are the regular activities?”

“Well I’m not sure. It’s said that a group of people are driving out to get together, playing cards, and drinking?”

Han Yun answered, not particularly interested.

Guoguo asked him, “Are you still a model?”

“En, but I didn’t take on any work. I’ve been at home alone these two days. No one cares, so I came out to play.”

The park is not open to the public on weekdays and is not well-known. However, it is very large, full of trees, lush and verdant, and even some wild egrets stay at the top of the trees for a short time.

Along the route, Han Yun parked his car on the lawn, which is wide with lakes and bridges. As soon as his car stopped, a model in a short skirt opened the door for him and told him, “Sir, the event is over there.”

She pointed to the direction of the bridge and looked at the woman who got out of the co driver’s seat.

Looking around, there are dozens of sportscars on the wide lawn. At first glance, they are cool. Han Yun doesn’t know much about cars, so he doesn’t study them. However, it seems that his is still the best of all.

There are open-air cafes on the lawn, red wine, desserts and seafood on the table, but no one goes there. Everyone’s direction is the same, and the crowd is walking in the direction of the bridge.

At the end of the bridge, which is about 20 meters long, is a triangular glass house which looks very gorgeous. The outer glass reflects diamond-like light in the sun.

Guoguo immediately took out her mobile phone to take a selfie with fancy, “That building is really beautiful, Han Yun, you help me take a few pictures. I want to send a circle of friends, haha.”

Han Yun stood and took pictures of her. Guoguo said, “You squat and patted me. It makes me look taller.”

When they took photos, a man and a woman passed by and said, “Now any 18-line internet celebrities can participate in the activities of a sportscar club. What qualities do they…”

Han Yun didn’t think much after hearing that. He didn’t take his seat according to the number. He felt that the 18-line celebrity they’re talking was far from himself.

Some of the people who came here today had female companions, some didn’t, dozens of luxury cars, less than 100 people in total.

The cone-shaped glass house built in the middle of the lake is small from a distance, but it becomes very big when you approach it. There are more than 100 people in it, and you can hear the sound of playing Guqin.

The outside of the glass house is very modern, but the inside is an antique teahouse, which is divided into two sides by a narrow river. The river is about 30 meters long, winding more than ten bends, and it is flowing slowly. The sound of gurgling water and the sound of Guqin are blowing in his ears.

The water in the canal is drained from the lake outside.

On both sides of the canal, there are dozens of futons. In the farthest distance, a young girl in a Han suit is playing the Guqin. There is also a high desk on one side, on which there is a desk. On the desk are four treasures of the study, and there are many silk and bamboo instruments, such as Guzheng, Guqin, Huqin and so on.

Han Yun and Guoguo didn’t come early, so they found a seat in the back. Guoguo also felt very novel. It was her first time to take part in such an activity. Before, she just heard that it was different from their ordinary way of playing. It’s not drag racing. The rich play with more style and elegance. Now it seems that it really is different.

She was surprised and said in a low voice, “It’s really like Qushui Liuqi. I don’t know what to play, so let’s just have a look.” As she spoke, she looked over her head and saw some familiar people.

Later, someone stood up and introduced the activity, “When you received the invitation, you should see the word “Qushui Liuqi” on the invitation. Qushui Liuqi is an ancient traditional custom. When the wine is in front of someone, they will perform a piece of improvisation.”

“We have prepared four treasures of study and traditional silk and bamboo instrumental music here today. There are many kinds. If it doesn’t matter, sing a song or drink up the bottle.” He then pointed to a thin jade white wine bottle and said with a smile, “It’s not much, but it’s full of puree. It’s a good thing.”

“Anyone can participate. There are no restrictions on registration. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to register but just watch on the sidelines. But it’s also a competition. Since it’s a competition, there must be a winner. Today’s winner is provided by Mr. Cao. It’s a work of Mr. Cao Qin, a great master of contemporary Chinese painting.”

After that, he carefully opened a painting, which is a landscape painting with ink splashing and freehand brushwork. People who don’t understand it can’t see anything. They only know that the painter is Cao Qin, and Cao Qin is the most famous one among the contemporary masters of traditional Chinese painting. He is the honorary chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, and he is the best at painting flowers, birds, fish and insects. Two years ago, a painting of flowers and birds was sold for a sky-high price of 20 million.

For Contemporary Chinese painting masters, this price is already a sky-high price.

Some people who took part in the activity for the first time were shocked when they saw this picture. Han Yun heard the man and woman he met on the bridge say, “Is it true that the sportscar club usually plays such a big game? The first prize is actually Cao Qin’s painting. It’s worth more than 10 million at least!”

“It’s so great, but it’s not easy to win the prize…”

And it’s not worth the money. It’s more important to win the first prize than anything else! Besides, the painter is Cao Qin, and the person who provided the first prize is Mr. Cao, who is a member of this sportscar club. If you think about it, this person must have something to do with this master of traditional Chinese painting, probably a relative.

The first prize is so, then the second prize and the third prize are not bad. They are all first-class good things.

“If you sign up, just go to the futon beside the river and take a seat.”

More than half of the people sat down, no matter if it’s for the publicity or the priceless first prize.

Han Yun is not as enthusiastic as other people when he sees these. He has been learning these since he was a child. He is bored with playing and others are full of interest because this kind of activity is rare. However, Han Yun feels bored and secretly takes out his mobile phone to brush his Weibo.

But Guoguo liked the landscape painting very much and shook her head regretfully, “But I can only play the piano. Forget it, I’d better not participate. Even if I can kill that bottle of wine, I won’t get the first prize. I’d better have a look.”

“But it’s good to see Mr. Cao’s real work so closely.” She was just curious. She wanted to come in and see what’s different about the AA sportscar club. She didn’t expect that Han Yun, who was dragged by her, actually signed up and said that he wanted to participate in it and will be doing his best.

Translation Note:

1. Qushui Liuqi (曲水流觞) – Lit. Curved water flow; Explanation: Ancient folk customs, every year in March of the lunar calendar next to the curved water set up a wine glass, flow to who in front of, who take down to drink, can remove unlucky.

Chapter 36

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In fact, if a model of his level wants to appear on the cover of ShiYin, he usually has to pay for it, otherwise there is no way.

The sale of ShiYin is very large. Taking a cover is equivalent to advertising for models. Many artists’ studios and agents want to grab a cover for their own artists just to seek some exposure and popularity.

Han Yun was specially invited to shoot by the magazine. He not only didn’t post it upside down, but also got some reward from the magazine.

It’s rare.

With a little spare money in his hand, it’s useless for Han Yun to hold it. He wants to save a little more, otherwise how can he go strolling?

The next day, Guoguo texted him. Han Yun thought she was going to ask himself to go out. Unexpectedly, she asked, “Didn’t you shoot for the cover of the ShiYin magazine that day?”

Han Yun replied, “How did you know?”

Guoguo replied, “I have a friend who went to ShiYin magazine that day. He saw you by chance. He wanted to know… Well, who’s the one with a black suit next to you?”

Han Yun didn’t know how to reply.

It must be Fu Yuan.

Guoguo soon sent a message, “Is he a model, too? I don’t mean anything else. My friend is a producer. If he is a model or an insider, this may be a good opportunity…”

Han Yun had to say, “He’s not a model. I’ll ask him.”

Guoguo then sent a message asking him to come out another day to play. Han Yun was a bit shy, but he was also a playful man. After thinking about it, he agreed first, but he still said that he was busy recently and would come out after he’s not busy.

There’s only a little money in his pocket. Han Yun can’t even afford to add gasoline.

He has to find a new job to earn a little, or… Ask Lord Fu for more?

This… I’m sorry to lose.

Unfortunately, Han Yun heard the bad news before the money was settled.

His “father” died on the operating table.

It took several days for Han Yun to learn this from his stepmother.

Aunt Cui, the stepmother of the original owner, actually took the 500,000 yuan Han Yun gave to her father for treatment. Every operation for patients with gastric cancer risks a lot. Aunt Cui never called Han Yun when she got the money. First, her husband would die at any time. At most, it was the difference between early death and late death. At that time, Han Yun was competing and couldn’t get in touch with her. Second, she was selfish and worried that Han Yun would come back to rob her son of the inheritance.

There is not much inheritance, just a small house in their hometown. This is the place where Han Yun’s biological parents lived for several years after they got married. Later, when they divorced, this small two-bedroom house was empty, and now it is very old.

At that time, when Han Yun’s father was in urgent need of money to cure his illness, his family’s savings were all empty, so she came up with the idea of selling the old house. Aunt Cui inquired, “We are in a hurry to sell it. We can only sell it for 500,000 yuan, but it’s enough to cure your illness.”

Han Yun’s father didn’t say yes or no. He lay quietly on the hospital bed with a shadow of death in his face. Even if the sun came into the room outside the window, he couldn’t dispel the breath of dying.

At that time, he was very reluctant to divorce but Han Yun’s mother insisted on going, and finally he couldn’t put it off. Han Yun’s mother left his house and son to him, who was a father. He didn’t take anything and left with the rich man. Later, she never contacted her family again.

To the old house, his heart has been reluctant to give up, as if still looking forward to the good old days in the past.

“Lao Han, your house is old too. You haven’t lived in it for so many years. Don’t be reluctant to sell it! Life matters!”

When people are dying, they will desperately want to live. Han Yun’s father finally gave up after thinking about it for a long time and said, “Sell it.”

When Aunt Cui was going to sell her house, she suddenly heard that the house was going to be demolished next year. If she demolished it, she could not only make a loss of one or two million yuan, but also get a house for nothing!

This kind of time, the house cannot be sold at a low price! But her husband’s illness must be cured. Aunt Cui had to call Han Yun again and again, and even stimulate him with words. She insisted that he take out 500,000 yuan, but secretly told Han Yun’s father, “The house is too old to sell. The intermediary is trying to help us find the seller.”

Because of the fear of Han Yun’s sudden return, Aunt Cui didn’t dare to contact Han Yun at all. In front of her husband, she just said vaguely, “Your son is busy working. He’s making money for you.”

At that time, Fu Yuan caught a Yin Cha and asked. He knew that Father Han’s life would not be long, and he would die in two months, so he readily gave money in the name of Han Yun.

If Han Yun didn’t give the money at that time, and the Cui family didn’t have the money to treat Father Han, when finally, Father Han died, the account would only be counted on Han Yun. Han Yun was simple, and he didn’t understand this kind of philistine calculation, and trouble would follow.

On the contrary, it’s not the same for a half million yuan. It can avoid trouble to the greatest extent. It’s not necessary to play filial son sincerely, and it’s not necessary to squeeze out tears in front of a strange hospital bed. Because Han Yun’s own son gave the money, even if he didn’t go home to see his father for two months, it’s not unreasonable. If Father Han died of illness, the Cui family would not dare to contact Han Yun because of the house demolition, fearing that he would come back to fight for his son’s property.

Now that the first seven days are almost over, and things can’t be kept secret, Aunt Cui calls Han Yun and cries, “Han Yun, your father died on the operating table.”

Han Yun didn’t know that there were so many twists and turns in it, and he didn’t know that he was confused and avoided a series of big troubles. When he heard the news, he didn’t think so much, “Do I have to come back?”

The other end of the phone quickly said, “Auntie knows that you are busy with work. If you don’t have time to come back for the funeral, you don’t have to come back specially.”

“That’s… not so good. I’d better… ” Han Yun naturally has no feelings for the father of the original owner. When he first got on the body of the corpse, the feelings left by the original owner had the greatest impact on him, but with the passage of time, these things gradually could not affect him.

“Beijing is so far back, don’t come back! I mean- it’s thousands of dollars for a round-trip air ticket. It’s not easy for you to collect the 500,000 yuan. Do you have to pay people back? Forget it, just… You don’t have to come back. It’s not easy for you to work and earn money.”

She didn’t watch TV and didn’t know the current situation of Han Yun. She thought he was the one who borrowed 500,000 yuan to give his father an operation.

She is not close to Han Yun at all and plans not to contact him anymore.

Although Han Yun thought her attitude was a little strange, he didn’t think much about it. After all, it was a person who had nothing to do with him.

The one at other end of the phone seemed to be relieved, “You are busy with your work. It’s good for you to settle down in Beijing. Your father is gone and there’s no need to come back in the future.” Don’t contact me in the future, it’s the implication. You go on yours and I’ve been mine. Don’t come to us.

When the phone hung up, Han Yun quickly put the matter behind him. He didn’t pay much attention to it, and didn’t know there were so many twists and tricks in it.

But even if he knew, he would only feel puzzled.

Just as Han Yun hesitated about how to earn some pocket money to go out to play, Teacher Yin contacted him and said, “Han Yun, it’s like this… At the end of next month, I’m going to see the fashion week in New York. I want to find a model to wear the clothes I designed for street photography. As for the reward, although it’s not much, I’ll pay you for your air ticket, hotel and transportation. How about it? Would you like to do it?”

Just at the end of next month, “T-Typhoon” is coming to an end, because the audience rating is going down all the way, and they are all scolding that it’s fake. The program team plans to finish recording early, double broadcasting a week, and stop the loss in time.

Ms. Yin told him, “I don’t mix in the fashion circle very much, but when I do design this year, I always feel that I have a bottleneck and no inspiration. I’m going to see the fashion week, just to learn and find inspiration.”

Although she is a well-known designer, she graduated under the hands of an old tailor. She has never been to a fashion school. Compared with novel designs, she is better at doing some delicate sewing work. Stars line up to find her to make dresses, just for this uniqueness.

In order to design and make a dress by hand, it often takes three months or even half a year.

In this way, in fact, there are few designs that can be done a year, but the progress is minimal.

Han Yun was very interested when he heard it. He said he would like to take a plane long ago, and he also wanted to go overseas to have a look.

Teacher Yin laughed a few times, “I knew you would like to. In two days, you will come to me to take measurement. I have some men’s clothes here. I have to cut them according to your figure. They will be shipped to New York at that time. These are unique designs.”

Although this is a good thing, Han Yun still hasn’t found a quick way to earn pocket money. He’s embarrassed. The reason why he didn’t asked Fu Yuan for money is simple. Now that he’s so old, it’s not appropriate for him to ask for money from his housekeeper, and he has no face.

But now there is no other way, so in the evening, as soon as Fu Yuan comes back, Han Yun waves him to come, and he says, “Darling.”

In his mind, this name is similar to “Ai Qing”, which means cordial, but “dear” is obviously more fashionable. As a trendsetter, Han Yun must follow the trend.

Fu Yuan saw that his face was full of smile, and he also used such a call. He knew that he must have something to ask.

He went over and sat down beside the bed, with a smile on his lips, and said softly, “What does Your Majesty want to say to me?”

Han Yun coughed. Deep in his amber eyes, there were two lights flashed, “Did you find that? I feel strange recently.”

“How strange?” Fu Yuan is willing to hear it in detail.

Han Yun made a very serious appearance, sitting cross-legged on the bed, “Unlike you, I’m poor.” He focused on the last sentence, the first sentence, just to make Fu Yuan happy. If you want pocket money, you must have a good attitude of asking for pocket money.

Han Yun looked at him, “I don’t know if Ai Qing has noticed?”

Chapter 35

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Han Yun doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with his natural action. He won’t wear it. In the morning, Fu Yuan serves to change clothes for him. But Fu Yuan is taller than himself. Han Yun is already very tall, reaching the average height of a male model but Fu Yuan is even taller. When he leans slightly, his face gets too close.

It looked like they are kissing.

The door was opened, and the magazine staff who saw this scene from outside were shocked.

There are many gay in the circle, especially many, but everyone is very secretive about it. No matter where or in which country, homosexuality is a taboo topic. People talk about it in private, but there are very few male models who come out in public, unless they are covered by such big men as Carl Lagerfeld, the big shot.

They’ve never seen anything so blatant!

At least close the door!

He hasn’t seen such Fu Yuan for a long time. Han Yun still has no resistance to his beauty. All the men want excellent appearance, and he is no exception. His dream was to have three thousand concubines in the harem. Unfortunately, he only accepted three concubines in the end, and he didn’t touch these three women. And these three beautiful concubines Han Yun always thinks that they are too afraid of himself. Every time they see him, they shiver, as if he is a monster, and they all avoided him.

However, although his imperial concubines are very beautiful, they are still very inferior to Fu Yuan in terms of their appearance. Although the national teacher is not very kind compared with women, Han Yun always thinks that Lord Fu terribly good-looking. He is very pleasing to the eye, capable and a good helper in governing the country. It’s a pity. He’s a tall and strong man.

With the development of modern information, even if Han Yun has seen all kinds of beauties on the Internet or pictorial, none of them are as amazing as him.

While Fu Yuan was tying his tie, Han Yun just looked up at his hair. The horn on Fu Yuan’s head did go down, but Han Yun was surprised that the horn was gone. How long were the pieces of hair will hide the horns?

He raised his hand curiously and stopped in the air, “Can I touch it?”

Fu Yuan nodded. Han Yun reached out and touched it. He found that it was no different from normal people. The two pieces of hair that were originally horns were not wigs.

It’s amazing.

Fu Yuan quickly tied his tie, looked down at him and said, “Let’s go home after shooting.”

When they left, the magazine informed Han Yun, “We’ll send you a sample magazine next month before it’s published in September. Please leave your address, Mr. Han.”

In this industry, everyone likes to give themselves an English name, and they also like to introduce themselves by speaking English names. It seems that if they don’t take an alphabetic name, they are out of fashion. Later, after mixing in circles for a long time, English names gradually replaced big names – Han Yun has met many such people.

But he didn’t have this habit.

As soon as Han Yun left, they began to talk about it in full swing. Originally, Han Yun was an ordinary male model with little reputation. At most, he was better-looking than a celebrity, but the one that just came to pick him up is different.

It’s no longer good-looking in the ordinary sense. In other words, his aura is too amazing.

How amazing is it? An assistant said with exaggeration, “When I saw him, I was a little out of breath. How could I feel that he had a terrible murderous spirit? I don’t dare to see more after a look! Otherwise, I feel like I’m going to be killed!”

“That Han Yun is gay. Again, why are there so many gay! Do good-looking male models only like men?”

Han Yun doesn’t know yet that he’s branded as a fag.

Back in the car, Fu Yuan’s horn came back again. Han Yun didn’t see it clearly, so he tugged his arm and asked him to do it again, “Come on, I want to see carefully how your hair grows!”

Fu Yuan started the car and looked at him helplessly, “Your Majesty, don’t play too much.”

However, Fu Yuan performed once, but Han Yun still didn’t understand it. He pulled him and said he wanted to watch it again, but this time, Fu Yuan didn’t follow his will and asked him to be obedient.

It’s a pity that Han Yun can’t touch the horn just to see what was interesting.

He finished his work and got paid successfully. He didn’t have much money, but it was better than having no money. In addition, Fu Yuan was able to show up in front of people. Han Yun had a good rest at home that day, then he took Fu Yuan to drive out the next morning.

Because the destination is Happy Valley, Han Yun no longer wears a suit and tie. First, it’s too hot. Second, Fu Yuan also wears a suit. He will be robbed of the limelight, this… he still has self-knowledge.

Since Fu Yuan is not afraid of heat, let him go.

In summer vacation, whether it’s weekdays or weekends, places like amusement parks are always the most crowded. Fu Yuan stopped the car, Han Yun touched his sunglasses and put them on the bridge of his nose, “The sun is big, this one protects from the light.”

After getting out of the car, Han Yun also opened an umbrella. He was afraid of cold and heat. Now, science has popularized the importance of sun protection. He wears sunglasses everywhere he goes.

The umbrella is not big and it’s crowded for two men. Fu Yuan was a little higher. He reached out and took his umbrella. Most of his shoulders were exposed in the fierce sunlight, but he held it steadily for him.

Two tall and handsome men like this are the center of other people’s sight wherever they go,

Fortunately, there are umbrellas and sunglasses, which will not cause onlookers. It’s just that people keep looking back at these two male models.

When Han Yun went to the gate of the park, he saw a long line of people outside the ticket office with umbrellas. He didn’t want to go in, “When you get the tickets, it’ll be noon.”

Looking around, the dark crowd is very terrible, the sun is hot. Han Yun can only see the heads, even the door can’t be found, a bit hoodwinked. If he only come alone, he would be scared to run seeing so many people.

“I bought an e-ticket. Let’s go.” Fu Yuan held an umbrella for him with one hand, put the other hand on his back, and pushed him slowly and firmly.

Han Yun had to sigh, “Lord Fu’s ability to plan ahead is very strong.”

After successfully entering the park, Han Yun didn’t dare to play that kind of screaming rides. After riding a few rounds on the gentle carousel, Han Yun felt bored. He thought that there was no fun for such a fake horse, the real horse could at least jolt, so he turned to wait in line with the pendulum ride.

This seems to be one of the most terrible rides in the whole park. When the big pendulum swings high, the screech pierces the eardrum. Han Yun looks up and feels a little scared, and felt like retreating.

In front of the line are several groups of high school girls, are eager to try the appearance, said, “Fun is fun. But there are too many people playing and the queue is terribly crowded.”

Seeing that he was so afraid, Fu Yuan asked him if he wanted to go out now.

Han Yun insisted that he would not.

He took off his sunglasses, even his umbrella and shoes are taken off.

Looking for two positions to sit down, Fu Yuan first helped him to press down the shoulder of safety restraint, and then buckled his seat belt. After careful confirmation, he sat down again. Han Yun’s heart beat so hard that he was scared to death. At the same time, he was looking forward to it, because he had never played such a thing.

“Will this stop suddenly in midair?” Han Yun thought a little more, “Will I fall?”

His legs were shaking a little, his hands holding the pressure shoulder from the buckle down, his voice trembled slightly and said, “Xuanzhu, if anything happens, you have to hold on to me.”

Fu Yuan is a big demon. Maybe he can fly so his safety is guaranteed.

After listening to Han Yun’s words, Fu Yuan looked at him in the gap between his shoulders, then stretched out his left hand and grasped his right hand.

He said something, Han Yun did not hear clearly, can only distinguish his mouth talking as, “Your Majesty don’t be afraid.”

This at least provided him with a little peace of mind.

As soon as the pendulum started, Han Yun did not dare to go look out. When they slowly reached high altitude, he looked down and thought it was okay. He could bear it and even shook his legs for fun. But soon, before he could react, he leaned back and went away. Between the twists and turns, there was a terrible sense of weightlessness. There were mixed screams in his ears as men and women were shouting.

Han Yun had given himself a death order, “No matter how… Cannot shout!” As a result, he immediately cried out in fear. He grabbed Fu Yuan’s hand and even pinched his fingers into Fu Yuan’s palm. He regretted it to death.

He’s going down!

He’ll never court death again!

Han Yun didn’t dare to open his eyes during the whole process. After that, Han Yun took his seat belt out of his face and put on his shoes in a daze. His eyes were half narrowed and he went out from the exit. His brain was so dizzy that he was stabbed by the fierce light of the sun. As soon as he went out, he couldn’t differentiate the southeast and northwest. Everything was double shadow. The only thing he could catch was Fu Yuan beside him.

Han Yun couldn’t find an empty bench to sit on. He couldn’t hold on any longer. As soon as he tilted his head, he closed his eyes and fell on him. The surging vomit made him feel like he was dying. He hugged him feebly and said, “Xuanzhu, don’t you feel dizzy?”

Fu Yuan held an umbrella in one hand to cover the dusky sun and heat wave. His other hand firmly pressed the back of Han Yun’s head. His voice rang out in his ear, “I’m okay. Your Majesty, please rest on me for a while.”

Han Yun hung his head, leaned on his shoulder and swore, “I’ll never ride it again. It’s terrible.”

The sequelae of playing with the pendulum, some people only have to rest for ten minutes, and some people have no energy for a day, Han Yun is such. He leaned against Fu Yuan for a long time. This scene should have been eye-catching, but strangely, the umbrella in Fu Yuan’s hand seemed to provide a kind of shelter, and people around him passed them indifferently as if they could not see them.

Han Yun naturally didn’t know about this. After a long rest, his vision was not so blurry, but his head was still dizzy and his expression was wanton, “I want to eat ice-cream.” He noticed that there was an ice-cream stand over there. “Buy two ice-creams, then we’ll go home. I feel terrible…”

Fu Yuan caressed his hair.

Han Yun is very playful, but he often pays for his playfulness. Fu Yuan seldom stops him. He just lets him play under his own wings. No matter how ridiculous he is, he indulges him.

It was a hot day. They went out from the amusement park eating ice cream, and then got on the car. The cream of sea salt ice cream was melted by the sun and seeped from the bottom. Han Yun quickly picked it up with his mouth, and the melted ice cream “ticked” on Han Yun’s chin as it drips.

“Paper, give me paper quickly.” Han Yun asked for the paper while he sucked the last ice cream into his mouth and crunched the cone.

The drop on his chin seemed to slide to his white neck. Han Yun was wondering about the paper. He bowed his head and called, “Xuanzhu”. Then he saw Fu Yuan suddenly approaching. His dark eyes were staring at him. Han Yun was stunned and Fu Yuan tilted his head to kiss him.

To be exact, it was licking from his neck to his chin, rolling the thick and sweet sea salt ice cream into his mouth with the tip of his tongue and licking it clean.

He doesn’t know what the original shape of Fu Yuan is. He always drools like a hungry wolf. Han Yun felt that his chin was wet, which was a suspicious water mark.

Chapter 34

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Usually, Fu Yuan doesn’t show up in his robes, but he is tall and straight. When he changes into a tailored suit, he looks very strong and sexy. In addition, his long hair is tied up, and there are two black horns on his head. When facing himself with his naturally cold face, he would let go of his restraint and become more relaxed.

Han Yun was stunned. Fuck, does the suit makes one more handsome? Then he’s going to buy one too!

He couldn’t help but look more. Fu Yuan just looked at him. Han Yun turned his head slightly, pulled the curtain back and asked him, “Did you go out in this suit today? You still have horns on your head.”

Fu Yuan explains, “It can be taken back.”

“Can you take it?” Han Yun tilted his head again and looked at him, “Why is the horn still there? You hide one and let me see.”

Fu Yuan was strangely silent, and Han Yun urged him, “Take it quickly!”

He wants to take Fu Yuan out to play.

Fu Yuan replied briefly, “But it’s not stable yet.”

“Oh,” Han Yun understood and nodded, “That’s better than not being able to see people before.” At least if you blow off the hat, you can hide the horns in an instant.

“Does Your Majesty want to go out and play?” Fu Yuan stood outside the shower curtain, only to see Han Yun’s wet curly hair and round shoulders, “I can accompany Your Majesty to go out.”

“Your horns are unstable. How unstable is it? Can you become human for half a day?”

Fu Yuan thought about it and said in a way that Han Yun understood, “It can last 12 hours a week.”

Han Yun nodded, “Every day plus the rest days… We have an hour.”

Fu Yuan laughed, “If Your Majesty wants to play, I can accompany you all day.”

Han Yun said, “I have a job in two days. When the work is over, shall we go to the park? I want to play.”

“Will this minister accompany you to work?”

“I’m going to work for a day. If you accompany me, ten hours won’t be enough!” He thought about the amusement park in his heart. He had never been to the amusement park in this big life yet. He wanted to go there very much.

Fu Yuan answered, “I’ll drive you there.”

Han Yun said that through the shower curtain, he could vaguely see his tall outline, as if there was no sign of walking. He wondered, “Lord Fu, what else can I do for you?”

“…Shouldn’t you go out?”

“This minister will wait on Your Majesty to bathe.”

“I’m done with it, no need.” It’s been too long and his fingers are already wrinkled.

When Han Yun finished, the shower curtain was pulled open. For a moment, Han Yun didn’t know whether to cover or not. He could only look up at him.

Fu Yuan bent down and pulled Han Yun up with both hands and held him in his arms. His black suit was immediately soaked.

“Lord Fu!”

Fu Yuan didn’t answer. He had long legs and walked quickly as he stepped out of the bathroom. Han Yun felt like a big baby and was carried to bed by him.

Han Yun was not in good health in his last life. When he was young, he had been hugged many times. His father, his mother and his concubines are no longer alive, and his brothers all want the throne. If the national teacher had not protected him all the time, he would have been killed.

It can be said that Fu Yuan is the person he trusts most. So, it’s nothing to hold him but Han Yun thinks he’s 18 years old now… How can he hold him like this?

It’s kind of weird.

ShiYin is the most popular fashion magazine in China, and the studio of the magazine is not small. Han Yun wore a suit that day. He saw that Fu Yuan was dressed a bit too handsome that day, and he could bear it. So he can’t help but flip out and put one.

Han Yun’s car drove outside the studio, and the staff noticed him immediately.

Everyone who watched the show knew that he drove more than one luxury car. The staff took him into the building and took the elevator to the 20th floor.

Han Yun usually wears in a literary and elegant way. But when he suddenly wore a formal clothe, he became handsome in a new height. His always lazy eyebrows are tinged with the taste of masculinity. When the editors of several departments of the magazine saw him, they had a very good impression of him at first sight which was even better than the temperament seen on TV. His looks are picturesque. Even wearing a suit, he had the taste of a romantic young man. He truly resemble that of a man in a painting.

Han Yun has no assistant or agent around him. Several editors and deputy editors all know that he has terminated his contract with the model company and is now a freelancer. Originally, because of the termination of Han Yun’s contract, the shooting should have failed. As a result, President Ruan seemed to be particularly fond of this little model, so she just contacted him and insisted on asking him to shoot.

Seeing the real person at the moment, they’ve realized why President Ruan had insisted.

Han Yun knew the process. Before the photographer arrived, the studio was still building props. An editor of the clothing department asked him to follow him and looked at him curiously, “Dear, have you ever taken a cover before?”

Han Yun was a little uncomfortable when she called him that, but he just heard that the editor called everyone ‘Dear’. It seemed to be a kind of address with no other meaning.

“Yes, but it’s a long time ago.”

Han Yun glimpsed at the work card hanging around her neck. The editor’s surname is Zhou.

Editor Zhou took him to the next floor. From the outside, the building is very high and large. But in fact, the magazine does not have so many employees, so it occupies only two floors in the whole office building.

But on these two floors, there are countless trendy men and women. In this kind of environment, everyone is full of big names, no matter what they say, they work very efficiently. Everyone moves very fast. There is a perfume smell on their bodies but they are different from each other. Plus, it is not the fragrance that can be often smelled on the street.

Editor Zhou, like a guide, introduced all the departments of the magazine to him. Mostly just to talk to him. “Dear, this is the tea room, these are the snacks to eat. Here is…”

They were followed by a small assistant, whose job seemed to be to open the door for them.

Editor Zhou took Han Yun into her own clothing department. Then, in front of him, she opened a door. Under the bright light, there was a large sample room. The resources of the whole magazine were here.

Office buildings are designed to be tall. Some items are placed on the top. There is a narrow staircase to climb up and take down the clothes. The bright light above shines on the sea of gorgeous clothes, making these delicate clothes more expensive.

Editor Zhou pointed to a row of long hangers and said, “Dear, this is a new clothing. It’s specially prepared for your shooting.”

After that, she looked at Han Yun, but she didn’t see any surprise or other emotions from Han Yun’s face. Even if the big stars came, they would be fascinated by their large sample clothing exhibition room.

But Han Yun didn’t.

Before the cover shooting of each month, the fashion editor needs to borrow the clothing and accessories for shooting from the public relations of major brands, so as to have more choices on the day of shooting.

Editor Zhou said, “This time, we have George Armani and Mark Jacobs for you.” She said a few brands and immediately asked Han Yun, “Dear, which one do you like here? I think this is a good one,” she said, reaching for one and looking at Han Yun. “What do you think?”

Their September issue is about autumn, so the borrowed clothes include leather jacket, windbreaker, knitted turtleneck and other autumn fashion items. These are all sample clothes, and no one can see them on the street.

Han Yun’s own taste is also a mystery. He doesn’t know which of these clothes is better, so he nodded casually, “All right.”

“All right, dear, is that it?” She cleanly drew out a few pieces and compared them with Han Yun. “Why don’t you try these?”

He took the mouthful of her dear and Han Yun was a bit brainwashed.

Behind the sample room, there is another door. Inside, it seems to be a very high-grade dressing room. In fact, the decoration of the whole magazine is very simple, just the people who shuttle in it are resplendent. The most luxurious place in the whole magazine must be the editor in chief’s office.

Editor Zhou’s assistant helped him hang the matching suit in the changing room and let him in to change.

He changed and went out again. Editor Zhou’s assistant skillfully took photos with his mobile phone and asked him to change into another set.

Several sets were tossed down when they finally decided what to wear.

Editor Zhou told him, “Be careful with your clothes. You can’t get them dirty or damaged. They are all sample clothes.”

ShiYin magazine is aimed at women. After a long time of hard work, they have summed up a set of experience. The cover is the biggest sales driver of every issue, so they often invite some stars to shoot the cover for themselves, not only the stars, but also the fresh meat.

However, it’s very expensive for these fresh meats to appear, so it’s impossible to invite them every month.

Han Yun changes his clothes, and Editor Zhou takes him back to the studio. The photographer has arrived, and the props are all set up. There is a broad-leaved plant on the yellow background cloth, a drawing board on a red maple easel, and a palette on the ground. Someone kneels on the ground to paint the palette.

Editor Zhou sent him to the dressing room. When Han Yun sat down to do his hair, Editor Zhou carefully told the makeup artist what kind of make-up she wanted. She even adjusted a color on the back of her hand with various lipsticks on the dressing table, “I want this kind of pumpkin and maple leaf color, but it shouldn’t be effeminate. So a large number of neutral and naked colors are needed, and the overall make-up is this one.”

The assistant next to Han Yun hangs the suit on the hanger beside him. After shooting, Han Yun can put it on and leave.

When his hair was done, he sat down and began to make up. The makeup artist is a well-dressed woman, she looked down at Han Yun’s face for a few seconds under the light, “Your skin is in good condition, the face is full of collagen.”

Han Yun has heard many times and smiled at this, “My eyes are sensitive and I will cry when there is eyeliner applied.”

“Don’t worry. I have a good technique. I’ll be careful not to hurt you.”

Han Yun closed his eyes, and the makeup artist quickly applied on his face. It was not a grand makeup. After a while, it was over.

At this time, it was almost noon, but no one proposed to have a rest or eat lunch.

Han Yun is a little hungry.

The photographer is specially appointed by the magazine, and Han Yun doesn’t know him, but he seems to be a famous photographer in the circle. Considering that Han Yun didn’t have lunch, he told him, “If the shooting goes well, we can finish at two o’clock, and you can ask your assistant to buy some lunch or get take out from our staff.”

The cover shooting of the magazine doesn’t need much unconventional style. Han Yun is wearing a camel colored turtleneck. Editor Zhou’s eyes are fierce. At first glance, she knows what style he is going, so the clothes selected for him are all about temperament.

The color is very autumn and winter.

The photographer originally expected to shoot for at least two hours. According to his work experience, two hours is the most basic. He didn’t expect that this little-known model has has an extraordinary sense of lens, even the waste film is very good! It was over in almost half an hour, during which time he’s changing his clothes!

At the end of one o’clock shooting, the photographer also sighed, “It’s easy to work with you. Any shot is good for the cover.” On weekdays, when shooting celebrities, it’s horribly pretentious, and they are not on the same channel with himself. They let them go to the left, and stars tend to go to the right. Some big names will play big cards on the scene.

The photographer handed him a business card and exchanged WeChat with each other, “I have worked as a special photographer for many fashion magazines in Beijing and photographed many models. This is the fastest time I have ever shoot. Let’s have a good cooperation.”

“Happy cooperation.” Han Yun thought that he was hungry, and he was in a hurry to eat. Who would take a picture at two o’clock with you? He’s afraid he would be too hungry and faint at two o’clock!

Originally, there was an interview session, but Han Yun was not a big star, so this session was cancelled. When Han Yun went into the dressing room, he changed his clothes without taking off his make-up. When he changed his clothes inside, Han Yun heard some commotion outside, as if he knew who was coming.

Is it the Editor in Chief Ruan who hasn’t shown up all day?

Han Yun put on his suit. His suit is not pure black, but navy blue, with a grey green shirt inside. His tie is a little redder than grey green, like the light brown of withered maple leaves.

He didn’t know how to wear a tie. After several tosses, he gave up.

What a broken tie!

Han Yun directly pushed the dressing room to go out, and the door of the dressing room also opened. The assistant of Editor Zhou blushed and said, “Mr. Han, someone is here looking for you to deliver lunch…”

“En? I didn’t order takeout.” He still had a tie in his hand and didn’t know where to put it. The assistant make way for a little space, behind the door of the dressing room appeared a black suit of tall figure.

As soon as the tall man came in, the whole bright dressing room was darkened by several degrees, and all the colors became dull.

Han Yun followed the crack of the door and saw that many people outside stopped to work and looked here. Each of them was whispering. When these voices came together, they became a little loud. They were talking about which supermodel it was. The aura was terrible. The handsome was a little foul and his legs were too long!

Fu Yuan said, “I’m afraid you’re hungry. I’ve brought you a meal. Is it finished?” He put down his lunch box and came in naturally. He took the tie from Han Yun’s hand and gently lowered his head to tie it for him.

Chapter 33

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Han Yun finally found a thing that made him happier than being an emperor. More and more fans made him feel the joy of stars holding the moon1.

However, he felt that selfie was a bit like selling himself. So he didn’t do it again after his first selfie.

The next day, he drove to the company.

Chi Dong saw that his first reaction was to scold him. He opened his mouth, held back and said, “So you still know how to come to the company?”

Han Yun wants to say that he is here to terminate his contract and pay the penalty. Chi Dong says with dissatisfaction, “Although you have retired from the competition, fortunately you have made a name with the help of the competition. ShiYin magazine calls and says that he wants you to shoot the cover of September magazine for them.” He looked at Han Yun’s fresh young face, full of vigor and vitality. He looked exactly the same as before, and he didn’t have a plastic surgery. Why did he suddenly become so good-looking?

“Congratulations, you have a good start.”

Han Yun seems to be thinking about something, “Shooting the cover…”

“Why, don’t you like it? Now that you’re rich, you’re not going to make progress?”

Han Yun thought he was quite happy, “Can this increase a lot of fans?”

“That’s not it, this is the country’s most popular fashion magazine! Look at how many famous models can’t be photographed. When the new issue came out this August, the cover of the newly released issue became a certain top traffic in the entertainment industry. Now please go. You can be satisfied!”

Nowadays, many domestic fashion magazines began to invite star artists to shoot their covers because most models are low-key. Except for the super models who are very powerful and well-known, who knows the other models?

Han Yun thought about it and decided to terminate his contract after shooting the cover. He doesn’t like to be controlled by others, but he likes the feeling of having fans.

“Okay, I agree. When will it be taken?”

“Shooting starts on the 20th. I’ll email you the specific work requirements.” Chi Dong is not surprised by his decision. This kind of forced cover shooting is a shortcut to improve his reputation, experience, and contacts. Only a fool would refuse.

More than a week before the 20th, Chi Dong continued to take over some jobs for him, such as shopping malls, commercial street auto shows and so on. He just asked Han Yun but Han Yun was not interested. He took a cold glance and said, “I won’t take these.”

The original owner used to take such jobs all the time. After all, Chi Dong is just a small agent with many models. This kind of work is boring and there are many low paid jobs.

That’s why the original owner was not famous for three years.

Chi Dong said, “Your wings are hard? Do you remember the contract with the company? You have no right to refuse all the work arranged by the company!” The contract signed by the original owner is such a clause. Only one elder brother and one elder sister of the company, like Sun Wenyan, have loose terms. Except for the most important work arranged by the company, they can refuse at will.

Han Yun looked at him without any waves, “What if I insist on refusing?”

Chi Dong clearly remembers the terms, “According to the contract, you are in serious breach of the treaty, and you have to pay liquidated damages!” Chi Dong is sure that he doesn’t dare. Han Yun still wants to be in this business. How can he fight against the company? Their company is already at the top of the industry in China.

He didn’t expect that Han Yun would just smile after listening, “How much is the penalty? I’ll pay. I’m going to terminate my contract, too.”

“…What?” Chi Dong thought he didn’t hear clearly.

Han Yun’s tone was not hurried, and he said, “Let’s terminate the contract. Do you have to sign a new contract for termination? How much is the penalty? How do I pay for it? Tell me the price.”

Looking at his overbearing president style, Chi Dong almost thought he was on the wrong set!

He was so surprised that he didn’t say anything for a long time. His tongue seemed to be caught by the cat, “You want to terminate the contract?? You- ” He was very shocked. But on second thought, Han Yun did have the strength to terminate the contract. Today, Han Yun is a rich man, which is different from the past.

Liquidated damages are not difficult for him at all.

Chi Dong couldn’t find a reason to retort for a while, but he was not willing to let him go. He was finally packaged up then he will just leave. Is this fair?!

“You go! And you’ll never have to shoot the cover of ShiYin when you’re gone!” He finally found a decent reason. His voice is several times louder than that of Han Yun.

He felt that Han Yun seemed to be very interested in the cover shooting, and to be honest, the cover of ShiYin is really a good opportunity to raise his status, not everyone can shoot it.

“If I won’t shoot, don’t shoot. Hurry up. I’ll terminate my contract and give you liquidated damages. You don’t want it? You don’t have the right to speak, I’ll go to your boss!” Han Yun decided to terminate the contract and Chi Dong couldn’t stop him.

When he signed the contract, the company evaluated him as a model with more potential, and the penalty was higher than that of ordinary models.

Han Yun didn’t even blink an eye when he paid the money, so he was free again.

Before going out from the elevator, Chi Dong said, “With no company supporting you, where will you go find resources? Other modeling companies don’t have the same situation, only we can hold you in the industry. Wait and you’ll regret it!”

Without the shackles of the contract, he immediately felt a lot more comfortable and relaxed. To be honest, the contract of the company always made him feel as if he was selling himself. If he paid the liquidated damages, he would be redeemed.

After paying the liquidated damages, that Fu Yuan gave last time has been spent. He doesn’t want to feel embarrassed if he were to continue asking him. Han Yun had just come here and has suffered a lot. He knew that there was a lot of money, but he didn’t have the concept of saving money, so he spent it freely.

When he ran out of money, Han Yun became stingy when he refueled his car. He only added 200 yuan of gas and went home.

Without money, one cannot make waves. Fu Yuan is not at home while the dog can not be found, do not know where did it run wild. Han Yun was lying on the sofa at home and browsing his Weibo for a while. The more he looked at it, the more he is interested, especially when he saw his fans increasing.

In a few days, his fans have increased by several hundred thousand, which is the effect of the program. It seems that there are not many fans, but they are all live fans who will praise and sell meng.

Han Yun didn’t know much about it. When Song Lin commented on him, he found out that there were two judges in “T-Typhoon” who paid more attention to him.

In the evening, Song Lin contacted him.

When participating in the competition, Han Yun gradually changed him a bit, so he was released from the blacklist.

Song Lin comes to the point, “Have you terminated your contract?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Ruan Xingbei, the editor in chief of ShiYin, asked me if I know your contact information.” He said, “To be honest, I’m surprised you’ve quit.”

He still remembers… Three years ago, Han Yun was clearly not like this. He was very diligent and the most hardworking among all the new models. He was also blessed with beautiful appearance.

So after three years, when he saw him again for the first time, Song Lin could still remember some of his features.

He doesn’t know what Han Yun has experienced in the past three years and how such a big change has taken place. He felt like an independent adult who has gone out of society has suddenly returned to the greenhouse and is so carefree and ignorant of the world.

Song Lin likes him better now. He is hardworking and beautiful, but he doesn’t have much personality. Song Lin took many photos of him in the competition and wanted to keep in touch with him – Han Yun is a very good seed with great talent.

“The editor in chief of ShiYin found me just to contact you. They want you to shoot the cover of next month’s magazine. They heard that your company has accepted the contract. Today, they suddenly told ShiYin that you have terminated the contract and can’t shoot, so they recommended another model to ShiYin. But Shiyin still want you, so they found me and contacted you.”

Song Lin asked, “Do you want to shoot?”

Han Yun thought about it. At the beginning, he was a little interested. Now he’s okay but less interested yet… He thought of what Chi Dong said when he terminated his contract.

“Without the company! You are nothing! It’s nothing!”

Han Yun said, “Shoot.”

“Well, I’ll just reply to Ruan Xingbei. She is the editor in chief and founder of ShiYin. You’ll have to call her Chief Ruan.”

Han Yun answered, and soon got into a conversation with ShiYin magazine. The other party quickly sent the job request in the form of e-mail. At this time, there are only three days left before shooting. He is now a poor man again and if someone asks him to go out to play, he does not dare to go. Even if Guoguo sends him a message, Han Yun always says that he is busy recently.

“Didn’t you quit? What are you doing?”

“There’s a magazine looking for me to shoot a cover.”

“That’s great!” Guoguo said, “it’s worth celebrating. We’ll come out to play when you’re done.”

Han Yun was embarrassed to say that he had no money. He didn’t have enough money to go out to play, so he just answered twice, “When I’m finished… I can come out if I’m not busy.”

Shooting a cover can also make money.

Guoguo: “I saw the show. You permed your hair like a little prince. I want to see it with my own eyes.”

“Well…” Han Yun is shy and said to his heart that you have never seen my long hair. That’s a prince or the prince of a wealthy country. Girls all over the world wanted to marry him.

At 9 p.m., before Fu Yuan came back, Han Yun went into the bathroom to take a bath. After a while, he heard the door opened.

Maybe the national teacher went home.

Han Yun knows he’s busy, but he doesn’t know what he’s busy with.

He didn’t see Fu Yuan for a day, so he called, “Lord Fu?” Then the bathroom door was pushed open. Han Yun was lying naked in the bathtub with a white leg hanging on the side of the bathtub. As soon as he noticed the sound, he immediately pulled close the curtain, “What are you doing in here?”

“Your Majesty called me.”

Han Yun heard the sound of shoes walking around, and he didn’t think it was right.

His voice came from behind the curtain, “I just heard the door,” he peeped out. “I don’t know if you’re home, just…”

When he saw the Fu Yuan standing outside, his voice stopped.

Today, Fu Yuan didn’t wear his usual black robe, but a waist pinching suit that fits his figure. He is tall and straight. His black trousers covered his long and strong legs. He is more fierce and evil than when he wore the black robe. The appearance of wearing a tie is like one wanted hanging up!

In modern times, suit is one of the most common clothes for professional men. Han Yun saw Fu Yuan wear it for the first time, and Fu Yuan wears it differently.

Translation Note:

1. Stars holding the moon (众星捧月) – lit. all the stars cup themselves around the moon (idiom, from Analects)

Rillevo: Fact check… I’m translating for my own convenience and I’m sharing it to y’all because I empathize with you. I also felt what you’ve felt when a person/group suddenly stops translating the novel I am reading. And for those asking… Yes, it is an edited MTL and I’m using different online translator websites. Still learning other languages tho’. Just sharing my thoughts. Have a great day❣️

Chapter 32

Translator: rillevo

Editor: rillevo

Fu Yuan put on his hat again and looked at him with a pair of smiling eyes. Han Yun also looked at him, “When can your horn become so small?” He made a comparison with his hand. If it could be smaller, he could go out in a baseball cap without looking strange.

“Soon.” Fu Yuan said.

Han Yun nodded, “Oh”. In fact, he really wanted to go out to play. During this time, he learned a lot about modern times. Han Yun wanted to go to the amusement park, the aquarium and airplane.

The airplane is an amazing invention. Since he knew that it could carry people in the sky and shuttle between clouds, he wanted to have a try.

He had never seen clouds at such a near distance.

It must be like cotton candy, maybe it smells sweet.

All these things are what he yearns for, but he dares not go to the plane alone. He still has to wait until the horns of Fu Yuan is taken back and he looks like a normal person before he dares to do these things.

Perhaps because of the absence of the pressure of the game, he slept soundly at night until he was woken up by the phone in the morning.

He left his cell phone on the desk to recharge it. It’s still a little far from the bed. Han Yun doesn’t want to move, but the phone is always noisy. His head is retracted into the quilt, and his hands cover his ears for sound insulation.

The phone is ringing endlessly. Han Yun kicks Fu Yuan in the quilt, “Xuanzhu, let the idiot who called roll away!”

Fu Yuan slept in his bed again last night.

However, the bed at home is very big. Han Yun likes to sleep in the innermost part because it is the safest inside. He ordered Fu Yuan to sleep in the outermost part. Even if they are in the same bed, it seems that there is a galaxy between them, and at least three or four big men can sleep in the middle.

Fortunately, Han Yun has long legs and can reach him.

Fu Yuan got out of bed and answered the phone. Before the other party could say “Thank God, Han Yun! You finally answered the phone,” he uttered the word “roll” coldly.

Chidong: “???”

Just when he wanted to ask “Who are you? I’m looking for Han Yun,” the phone had been hung up.

After the call, no one answered again.

Fu Yuan turned off his cell phone.

When he went back to bed, Han Yun fell asleep again. His face was carefree and his eyelashes were quietly drooping, with traces of some childishness.

Later, Han Yun wakes up and called back. Then Chi Dong blows up his cell phone.

His withdrawal from the competition did not cause much disturbance because the program group completely concealed it. Even the players who had been living under the same roof with Han Yun did not know the truth of the matter.

A contestant saw Han Yun was picked up by a sports car from upstairs last night. He had been gossiping all night about what happened to him. Did he quit the program?

The crew told them, “Something happened to Han Yun’s family. He left but he will come back.”

The players were keen to smell something different, but they didn’t ask questions. Han Yun is so powerful and so handsome. The entertainment industry is not as good as him. How can he withdraw from the competition?

But at this time, everyone expects him not to come back. If he doesn’t compete, he will lose a strong opponent.

At the same time, the director contacted Han Yun’s agency. He went directly to Han Yun’s boss, the current president of OSS Model Management Company in Beijing.

Su is always a strong woman. She has developed such a big model company very well. She is not only one of the best in the industry, but also comparable to some media tycoons in her ability.

Now the chief director of “T-Typhoon” called her because a small player has retired, which makes her very surprised.

The director asked, “Do you know about this?”

Ms. Su did not say it clearly, “I’ll let my secretary ask.”

She manages everything every day but not really every little thing. However, in the competition of “T-Typhoon”, their company is one of the investors, holding 30% of the investment share. Now “T-Typhoon” is popular, even more popular than expected, and has brought them considerable profits. Now, three of the top 13 are models of their company.

Director, “Please, Ms. Su. To tell you the truth, Han Yun is very important to our program. He was supposed to stay in the top three. Who can think that he left last night without a word?”

President Su ordered her secretary to go down and quickly found Chi Dong, the agent of Han Yun. When he heard that Han Yun has retired from the competition, his blood almost came out!

Fortunately, the program group doesn’t care, and plans to persuade Han Yun to go back to participate in the competition again. Last night, it’s as if nothing happened, and even promises to protect him in the top three.

Chi Dong called all morning, only got a strange male voice and a “roll” word.

He was so muddled and impatient that he was constantly contacted by “T-Typhoon”, “This program is going to be broadcasted in the evening, so we must persuade him to come back. If it’s too late, we won’t be able to stop it!”

At eleven o’clock, the phone finally got through.

“Go back to the competition! What’s on your mind?! What’s wrong with you?!”

“You just got water; your whole body got water.”

Chi Dong choked him. He didn’t understand how Han Yun had become so childish now, and he was still the kind of childish that made people just feel funny but couldn’t get angry!

“Don’t you understand what this competition means to you? It means future, it means money…”

“I’m not short of money.”

This time, Chi Dong was so angry that he rolled his eyes and said, “You found a golden master, right! I tell you these things don’t last long. Do you really think those big bosses will love you forever? Dream on! If you don’t have a career and always be a vase, you are only waiting to be abandoned! Do you think it’s so easy for a rich family to enter…”

While he was speaking, Han Yun had been thinking about the meaning of the word “Golden Master”.

Chi Dong is more eloquent. Although he doesn’t know who is behind Han Yun, he must be from a big family if he can buy tens of millions of cars for his little lover.

As he spoke, his mouth was dry. Han Yun suddenly interrupted him with a word, “What do you say? I’m the father of the golden master.”

“He has to listen to me, understand?”

Chi Dong was shocked by his overbearing tone.

“In short, I will definitely not go back to the competition.” It’s impossible to take part in the competition. It’s impossible to take part in the competition in his life. It’s so good to be free and easy. There will still be people calling on me.

When the phone hangs up, Chi Dong can’t persuade him because he doesn’t know where Han Yun lives now. He only knows that he has climbed the great high branch, which is different from what he used to be.

In the evening, the program aired on schedule.

Han Yun suddenly said that he would withdraw from the competition at night and the interview period was edited.

The director group originally estimated that the news of Han Yun’s withdrawal from the competition would cause a certain loss of audience rating, but if they really can’t persuade them to come back, then forget it. It’s not really necessary to have him.

But they did not expect that this withdrawal event would burn themselves like a fever.

Han Yun doesn’t surf the Internet very much. He prefers watching TV and also likes to be on TV. After watching at night, he lost contact for several days and happily stayed at home.

He didn’t know that there was a lot of discussion about him on the Internet. In order not to let his withdrawal affect the program, the program team pushed the whole pot to Han Yun, bought some water army, and began to take rhythm under the official micro blog, mocking him, “You’re too unprofessional, so you can be a model?”

“Speechless. This withdrawal without reason is fortunately tolerated by the program group.”

“I think he is very spoiled. Is it really good for a man to be so spoiled…”

“What’s wrong with the sofa? Can’t sleep on the sofa? I don’t see other players sleeping on the sofa having complaints.”

Not only buying navy in the comments, but also buying some navy in the barrage of the simultaneous broadcast on the Internet. The program group did not mean to blackmail him, so they scolded him gently, and it was purely to clean themselves up.

As soon as the next program is broadcasted, everyone will forget this player. Moreover, although Han Yun has a microblog, he has never sent anything, and even has no certification. With only 100,000 fans, he knows that he can’t lift any water and can’t compete with the program group.

But Han Yun’s one million public relations expenses are not for display.

Moreover, in the previous programs, he actually had a lot of fans. He was tired of watching and selling. The trend of the times has changed a long time ago. They liked Han Yun’s modest super rich second-generation air.

What’s more, it’s hard for the entertainment industry to find out the temperament of a big family like him. At first sight, he is a child from a big family. He hasn’t suffered much. Some small details are not too cute.

His fans can’t find his social media account, so they can’t follow him.

Han Yun’s public relations made a counterattack the next day, pushing the pot back to the program group, “Informed sources revealed that “T-Typhoon” forced the players to tear each other, and the players were angry and withdrew from the competition. I don’t know whether it was true or not?”

The public relations company tried to contact him, but failed to do so, so it began to protect the employer’s reputation subjectively and poured dirty water on the program group.

“It’s so fake. Do you think we audience are idiots? Tiantian is clearly not the kind of human design… “

“It’s boring. I won’t see it.”

“The only good-looking player has been driven away by you. What a fart.”

The dirty water splashed successfully because it was really fake, but it was better than sour, and some viewers still liked to watch it – but the reputation of the program group was completely bad. No matter how much money was spent to hire the water army and delete comments, everyone was mocking the fake program, not only the fake tearing forces, but also the fake rankings.

The audience rating has also dropped a lot, but it has not reached the bottom yet. However, the impact has indeed exceeded the expectations of the program group.

Han Yun didn’t know about it until several days later. He was pulling Fu Yuan around his house looking for the dog.

The person who contacted him was Teacher Yin.

After learning about this incident, he didn’t catch a cold too much. He just thought to himself, calling you black dad to eat your own evil!

Teacher Yin called to ask about his work, “Are you still a model? To tell you the truth, you are suitable for the entertainment industry. I still have some contacts. If you want to film or be a star, I have a way. Han Yun… What do you think?”

Han Yun also likes Teacher Yin. The elder sister often talks about him in the program, never conceals her love for him, and is straightforward.

“I don’t know. Let’s take a break first…”

“Many companies in the industry are asking about you and want to sign you. Do you have a contract now? Then you can’t be a model because you still have a contract. The contract must be overbearing. You have to do whatever the company asks you to do.”

Han Yun also thought of it, but he didn’t care. He said, “I’ll go to the company tomorrow and terminate the contract.” Isn’t it just a penalty? He has plenty of money!

Teacher Yin was also happy for him, “However, you can’t lose your popularity in the competition. Weibo makes a certification, and your fans will go up. No matter what happens in the future, there will be fans to protect you. If something similar happens again, someone will take care of you. You should consider it.”

Han Yun thinks what she said is reasonable. He finally finds the dog and calls the dog back to the house, but the national teacher is no longer there.

While he was talking on the phone, he sat on the sofa, and the dog jumped on him, his head arched in Han Yun’s neck.

Teacher Yin doesn’t know much about the fashion industry, but she knows a lot about the entertainment industry, so some of her suggestions are common marketing techniques are in the entertainment industry. She also said that she can introduce work to Han Yun, who said he doesn’t need it for the time being.

Han Yun was lying on the bed at night, taking a picture of himself with his mobile phone. After sending it out, the comments came quickly.

Although there are not many fans, there are more than 100,000 of them, all of them are concerned with it with suspicion, because there is nothing in this Weibo home page called Han Yun. If it is not for the avatar, it would be like a zombie account.

“My God, it’s really Yunbao!! Yunbao took a selfie!!! Sniff!! Sniff!! I’m bursting in sniffing it!!”

“Boo hoo, truly a treasure ah. I thought it was wrong to pay attention to it!”

“Bao ah! Is your bed an Arhat bed? It looks so big and simple. Mom, it’s bigger than my bedroom!”

Han Yun brushed out hundreds of comments, which are still increasing. He doesn’t know what other people call him. At first, he frowns, but then he slowly stretched out.

“Yunbao” is obviously calling for him. The word “Bao” obviously means treasure. It means that people who call him this way must like him very much and treat him as a treasure.

Han Yun likes this kind of feeling that so many people treat themselves as treasures, and so many people like him. It’s more beautiful than being an emperor.

He was lying on the bed, holding a mobile phone and laughing all the time. No wonder Teacher Yin said that fans are good. It turns out that fans are so cute.

He commented more and more, and his fans got more and more. He kept refreshing.

Just as he was having a good time, Fu Yuan, whom he didn’t know where did he go, came back. At a glance, he saw Han Yun lying on the bed in his underwear, shaking his long white and straight legs. He only wore his coat and underpants. The fabric of his pajamas was soft and smooth, and Han Yun’s legs were so bright and white that people wanted to touch them, especially his two buttocks. When he wears underwear, it is full and round.

Fu Yuan stared at him for a while. Han Yun notices it and turns to look at him. Then he turns his head back. He is completely attracted by social media.

Fu Yuan went to change his pajamas and went back to bed, “Isn’t Your Majesty cold?” He looked at the content on Han Yun’s mobile phone, “What are you so happy about?”

Han Yun said he was not cold, and immediately raised his mobile phone to show off to him, “Lord Fu, you see, I have so many fans! More than 300,000! They all treat me as a treasure.”

Fu Yuan looks down at him, while Han Yun turns his head and continues to indulge in Weibo. Suddenly, Fu Yuan lowers his head and bites the tip of his ear. There is a dangerous desire for control in his voice, “Your Majesty, I’m going to be jealous.”

Han Yun was scared to death, thinking that the national teacher was crazy and wanted to bite off his ear.

Then he reflected that Fu Yuan just bit and held it, and didn’t lower his mouth.

He calmed down in his heart and yelled, “Don’t drip your saliva. Don’t eat it!”

Han Yun didn’t know how attractive his breath was to such an ancient beast like Fu Yuan. He just endured and didn’t eat him.

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Chapter 31

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Editor: rillevo

Fu Yuan’s eyes are very focused. Han Yun feels strange. He hesitates and sticks out his tongue. The tip of his tongue was burnt red. Fu Yuan holds his chin and blows. Han Yun feels comfortable, more comfortable than putting the ice.

The ice cubes are too stimulating, he prefers this gentleness.

Looking at his Fu Yuan, he saw that he was enjoying himself so much, his eyes were narrowed and darkened.

Han Yun closed his eyes. He suddenly feels that his tongue is licked by something soft. He thinks it’s a finger. He suddenly opens his eyes and sees the nearby Fu Yuan. Han Yun’s eyes are terrified, and his body subconsciously hides back. As a result, he “plops” and falls into the water.

He could not swim at all. He was like a draught duck. Even if the pool was only one meter high, Han Yun was frightened and struggled in the water. His head floated and sank twice in the pool.

Fu Yuan picks him up. Han Yun grabbed the life-saving straw, hugged him to death, and choked with his head sideways. They were standing in the pool. The water was only as high as Han Yun’s ribs. He gasped deeply and his clothes were soaked.

Han Yun coughed a few times and looked up at him with disapproval, “Did you lick me?”

Fu Yuan’s face was unchanged as he answered, “No.”

“No?” Han Yun has some doubts. Is it really just a finger?

Fu Yuan shook his head, bent down to hold him out of the water. Both of them has water ticking down. Han Yun peeled off his wet pajamas and saw that Fu Yuan was also half wet. He said, “Lord Fu, do you want to change your clothes?”

“Take the clothes in my closet by yourself.” With that, he took off his underwear and went into the bathroom.

He has a very good figure. He has abdominal muscles but also a lean waist. He has also two back dimples at his lower back and two white buttocks.

The bathroom door is transparent. As soon as Han Yun goes in, Fu Yuan’s hind foot comes in. Han Yun is stunned. Fu Yuan presses the shower gel on his hand and rubs his back.

It’s his first time to let people serve and bathe while standing.

The bathroom is big but the shower is small. The air is damp and ambiguous that Han Yun can’t see it clearly. The shower nozzle flushes out a line of water droplets from the top while there are thick palms on his back, which makes Han Yun itch a little, and a little impetuous.

He secretly scolded Dr. Zhu in his heart. He blamed Dr. Zhu for not letting him touch women. Otherwise, how could he be so unpromising!

At this time, Han Yun found that the tip of his tongue was no longer painful. As soon as he got better, he was hungry again and began to growl.

“Xuanzhu, please buy me some dinner. I didn’t eat earlier.”

Fu Yuan went out of the bathroom, and Han Yun felt better.

Soon, he ate spicy crispy fried chicken. He ate ten chicken legs and wings, ate two egg tarts, and was full.

Han Yun burps. Seeing that it’s late, he goes to wash his mouth and says, “Are you lonely at home? No one’s there to accompany you.”

Fu Yuan followed his words, “Lonely.” In fact, he has something to do every day. His last identity has been dead for more than ten years. Now he has a lot to do if he wants to appear with a new human identity.

Han Yun was also a little happy to hear his reply, and made a thoughtful appearance, “Then Lord Fu will rest here in the evening. Just get up early tomorrow morning, so you can buy me breakfast again.”

The bed in this room is certainly not as big as the one at home. Han Yun drew a clear line and warned him, “Don’t climb on my side in the middle of the night like last time.”

When he laid down, he stretched out his arm and hit Fu Yuan on the shoulder, “Xuanzhu, turn off the light.”

The room was dark, the curtain is not closed tightly so you can see the pool outside the glass door. Several lights in the pool were reflecting the bright in the water ripple.

Han Yun didn’t fall asleep for a while. He turned over and asked Fu Yuan, “Are you asleep?”

“Not yet. Your majesty can’t sleep?” In the dark, his voice is more mellow and deep, which can make people excited.

Han Yun: “A little…” As if he remembered something, he asked, “Do you know what donkey means?”


“It’s not that donkey,” Han Yun recalled. “It’s used to describe a man, maybe…” He put it another way, “In what way are you like a donkey?”

Fu Yuan fell into silence.

Han Yun didn’t answer, “You don’t know?”

“Your Majesty wants to know?”

“Just a little curious. Someone told me about it this afternoon… Come on, I’m not that very curious. It sounds like it’s not a good thing.”

Fu Yuan laughed. His voice of low smile came into Han Yun’s ears. He suddenly felt that his eardrum is itchy. He wants him to talk closer.

Han Yun was a little tired, and his voice was lighter, “What is Ai Qing laughing at?”

Fu Yuan’s voice which sound near was suddenly far away, “I picked up a treasure…”

“What treasure? Are you going to be rich? Ai Qing, your wealth… don’t forget each other…” Han Yun said that and then fell asleep.

In the villa with closed communication and Internet, the only entertainment for everyone is swimming and fitness. In Han Yun’s room, there is a man who nobody knows. He gives him dinner in the evening, breakfast in the morning and chats with him.

This eased the depression of Han Yun, and his mind of quitting the game was put aside.

It seems that there are several groups of players tearing each other. Han Yun is the only player who did not participate in these tearing forces. Not only did he not participate, he did not even know that other people were tearing each other. The program team hinted at Han Yun several times, but did not know whether he was really stupid or pretending to be stupid. As if he really did not know the truth.

However, the fact that he did not participate in the tearing forces has a lot to do with the fact that he lives alone in the penthouse suite.

In order to force Han Yun to participate in the game, the director group also manipulated the results of the review day on Thursday. Originally, Han Yun’s short films could be awarded the best and best of the week, but they also flew away because of the arrangement of the program group.

His short video was only for a few seconds, every frame taken from the screen is an excellent still photo. Whether it is a professionals or laymen, they all saw it as impeccable. Han Yun’s dynamic is more beautiful than static but failed to get the best.

Not only that, the judges said that he ate too much and gained weight. They also made him weigh himself in public.

“Han Yun, compared with the data more than a month ago, you have gained about ten catties, a full ten catties! Starting tomorrow, you will not be allowed to eat after four o’clock. Eat strictly according to the menu assigned by the nutritionist.”

“I also heard the program group say that you eat snacks secretly in your room, don’t you? Those puffed foods are fattening and natural enemies of models! After you go back, throw it all away!”

Han Yun immediately showed a “sky-collapsed” expression.

Teacher Yin was very distressed, and accused the cold-blooded and merciless program group, “Are you really fine like this? He is still young!”

“It’s not a bad habit to eat snacks. Just let him exercise more.”

Han Yun nodded all the time, “Yes, yes, yes.”

The program group is very cold. When they got back in the evening, Han Yun is forced to pack up and went to where one player left. There are still 13 players left, and there are three people without beds.

As soon as Han Yun moved out of the penthouse suite, he immediately fell into a bedless state.

The staff of the directing group, in front of him, mercilessly toss Han Yun’s box of snacks. Han Yun watched his food being thrown into the garbage can outside.

The female staff, who had previously carried his suitcase, secretly stuffed him with a small bag of dried mangoes, “Here, I rescued it. You can hide it. Don’t cry. Just lose weight.”

Han Yun tearfully accepted it, “Thank you.”

He didn’t feel he was fat. Besides, if he was a little fat, he would be a little fat. It doesn’t affect his handsomeness.

Han Yun ate the dried mango, lay down on the sofa to sleep. Then a male model came over. This male model was sent by the show crew and asked him to say a few words to stimulate Han Yun. It’s best to arouse his dissatisfaction and force him to tear other people.

The male model said, “Is the top floor suite comfortable? Is the sofa much harder than that?”

Han Yun nodded and said, “Yes, how did you put up with it before? I think your bed is very hard. It’s not as soft as the sofa.”

Male model: “…”

Han Yun just went to sleep on the sofa, got up uncomfortably and found the staff of the director group, “I want to quit the competition.”

“I’ll pack up and go home now.”

The staff member immediately woke up with fright, “Don’t talk in your sleep!”

“I didn’t talk in my sleep. Can you make up your mind? If you can’t, I’ll just leave directly.” He looks very serious and indifferent. It seems that this decision didn’t waste three seconds of his time, “It’s illegal to go out of this door, right? It will be eliminated, right?”

It’s not too late. It’s only after nine o’clock. The staff quickly contacted the director and said, “Director! Han Yun is going to withdraw!”

The director also yelled out and cursed, “What?!”

Looking at Han Yun who was packing up, the staff said with a sad face, “He wants us to return his mobile phone. Everything is packed up. It seems that he is waiting for someone to pick him up.”

“Keep him! Why did he withdraw from the competition?” The director put on his clothes and went out, “I’ll come there now.”

When Han Yun was waiting for Fu Yuan to drive over, he went into the small dark room where he was interviewed. When he was asked about the reason for his withdrawal from the competition, he said in a serious tone that made the staff feel that he was joking, “It’s not as fun as I thought, I miss home.”

The staff asked him carefully, “Is it because we confiscated your snacks?”

“That’s one of the reasons,” Han Yun said.

Staff member: “…”

He was stunned to hear that. He had worked for many years

with countless program groups. For the first time, he met such a contestant… Such a reason to withdraw from the draft.

It is worthy of being the super-rich second generation who plays with tickets. This spoiled one is not weaned yet! He said that he would withdraw from the competition, and he would without hesitation.

The director came and said, “Don’t you know that you are the most popular player in the audience? You have a bright future. How can you quit now?”

The director knew that he was from OSS model agency, and said, “Surely your agency won’t agree?”

Han Yun didn’t understand his logic, “Others don’t agree to take care of me, can you make decisions for me?”

No matter how persuasive the director is, he can’t keep Han Yun. The director regrets to death! He is very clear what’s the cause of this. Han Yun, a spoiled rich second generation, did not get the first place because of their arrangement this time, and fell to the point of sleeping on the sofa! They were even provoked by the male models they were instructed to do, and the snacks he brought were also thrown away by the program group.

The director watched as he got in the car and left.

Han Yun sat in a comfortable seat, adjusted to a comfortable tilt, and opened the convertible of the sports car. full of darkness. Han Yun grabbed his curly hair, relaxed and at the same time felt a little at a loss. He didn’t know what to do.

Being a supermodel is the original owner’s dream, not his. What else can he do? In this era, where does he go to be an emperor? I’m afraid I’m going to jail!

Fu Yuan asked him, “What is Your Majesty thinking?”

“Thinking…” Han Yun turns his head, and Fu Yuan’s hat was blown off. His long hair is lifted up by the wind. Han Yun immediately forgot what he wanted to say and turned to smile instead. Dazzling Fu Yuan’s eyes.

“Hahaha, Lord Fu, your horn is exposed. Hide it quickly.”

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